Companies in Y Combinator S09 Batch

Name Batch Category Description Status
AdThrow S09 Other SaaS AdThrow offers data processing pipeline for real-time ad targeting. . Dead
Alphacare S09 Healthcare A Universal mental healthcare system for psychedelic medicine . Live
Bump S09 Entertainment Bump, Flock, Photoroll (unreleased) => Google Photos . Exited
CarWoo S09 Consumer The best way to buy a new car. . Dead
DailyBooth S09 Entertainment The daily picture taking social network. . Dead
Directed Edge S09 Consumer Product recommendations. . Live
Fanchatter S09 Other SaaS FanChatter aggregates, amplifies and empowers fan content on every screen to promote any interest. . Dead
Flightcaster S09 Consumer FlightCaster offers a service that predicts flight delays, enabling travelers to proactively plan based on the predicted flight delay. . Exited
GraffitiGeo S09 Entertainment We let you know where to go and what to get once you get there. (Acquired by Loopt in 2009) . Exited
HighlightCam S09 Entertainment HighlightCam edits video, automatically! . Dead
Instantq S09 Other SaaS InstantQ allows restaurants to send Just-In-Time promotions to customers to increase foot traffic on slow nights. . Dead
Jobspice S09 Consumer JobSpice offers an online tool that enables users to create web-based and PDF-versioned resumes in various styles. . Dead
Lingt S09 Education Lingt provided a web-based platform for learning languages leveraging gaming mechanics and spaced re... . Exited
Listia S09 Consumer Mobile marketplace for trading used goods. . Live
Lockitron S09 Consumer Lockitron makes electronic locks you can control locally from your phone or remotely through the int... . Exited
Mixpanel S09 Other SaaS Mixpanel is the most advanced analytics platform in the world for mobile & web. . Live
NudgePad S09 Dev Tools Online IDE. We joined Microsoft in 2014. . Dead
Plurchase S09 Entertainment Plurchase is an online social shopping site that allows their customers to chat with others. . Dead
RentHop S09 Real Estate Apartment rental marketplace . Live
RethinkDB S09 Other SaaS The open source database for the realtime web. . Exited
RoboHR S09 Other SaaS RoboHR builds HR software for companies. . Dead
Stackq S09 Dev Tools Coming Soon... . Dead
Stripe S09 Fintech Online payments. . Live
Wakemate S09 Consumer WakeMate is an electronic device that records users' sleep data and sounds within the 20-minute window prior to the set alarm time. . Dead
WePay S09 Fintech Payments for platform businesses. . Exited