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Name Batch Category Description Status
AccioJob W19 Other SaaS AccioJob is a college job board in India where universities sign up to expose their students to the best companies. . Live
AI Insurance W19 Fintech AI Insurance builds cloud-based claims management software for the entire insurance industry. 90% of the industry doesn't have decent software to handle their claims, and we provide it at a subscription price they can afford. . Live
Allure Systems W19 Other SaaS AllureSystems uses A.I. to create stunning apparel images for eCommerce. Allure works with leading fashion retailers to improve conversion rates by creating images that resonate with their clients in a scalable and cost effective way. . Live
Alpaca W19 Fintech API for Free Stock Trading . Live
AmpUp W19 Consumer Airbnb for EV-charging . Live
Askdata W19 Other SaaS Easy data search for employees through Natural Language . Live
Atomic Alchemy W19 Industrial Manufacturing nuclear medicine . Live
Aura Vision W19 Other SaaS Visitor analytics for physical retail stores using existing security cameras. . Live
Avo W19 Other SaaS Prevents human error when implementing analytics . Live
Balto W19 Entertainment Balto lets you create and manage your own fantasy sports games like March Madness Brackets and NFL Survivor Pools. . Live
Basement W19 Entertainment The social network for your close friends. . Live
Bensen W19 Dev Tools Building voice ordering experiences to replace the drive-thru. . Live
Bot Orange W19 Dev Tools Intercom for WeChat, help companies to acquire, engage, retain customers via WeChat. We built a customer management tool for WeChat. It provides a customer support ticket, includes a chatbot, and provides analytics to the business. . Live
Bottomless W19 Consumer Automatic home restocking using weight sensors to figure out the best time to re-order. . Live
Boundary Layer Technologies W19 Industrial High speed container ships using hydrofoils. . Live
Brain Key W19 Healthcare AI + Neuroscience . Live
Brew.com W19 Entertainment Brew helps audio creators monetize and engage with their audience . Live
Career Karma W19 Consumer Helps job training programs find qualified applicants. . Live
CareerTu W19 Education Online school for digital marketing, data analytics and UX/UI. . Live
Catch W19 Fintech Redesigning benefits for the people. A personal benefits platform with you at the center. A way to handle taxes, retirement, time off, health insurance, and student loan refinancing — all in one place. . Live
Centaur Labs W19 Healthcare Labeling medical images at scale . Live
Chaser W19 Other SaaS Your success playbook. Simple, elegant, and delightful workflow tools for Customer Success teams. . Live
Cherry W19 Other SaaS Cherry lets employees choose their own workplace perks. . Live
Cityfurnish W19 Consumer Cityfurnish - Rental Subscriptions for Furniture and Appliance in India. . Live
Convictional W19 Other SaaS Software for manufacturers and brands to sell to any retailer. . Live
COUTURME W19 Consumer We custom design and produce women's formal dresses, starting with the wedding gowns. We can do that without designers and pattern makers, by using our own CAD software. . Live
CredPal W19 Fintech CredPal is a modern credit card company in Africa that allows consumers make purchases and pay in monthly installments across online and offline merchants. . Live
Cuanto W19 Fintech Helping Latin American sellers get paid via WhatsApp and Instagram . Live
DevFlight W19 Dev Tools Getting open-source developers paid. . Live
Dockup W19 Dev Tools On demand staging environments for engineering teams . Live
Dyneti Technologies W19 Other SaaS Reduce payment fraud . Live
Evo.Do W19 Dev Tools QA Bots for Games . Live
Excepgen W19 Healthcare Excepgen produces difficult proteins at scale, quickly. . Live
Flockjay W19 Education online bootcamp to learn tech sales . Live
Friendshop W19 Consumer Unlock deals on premium beauty products when you shop with your friends. . Live
Fuzzbuzz W19 Other SaaS Fuzzing as a Service . Live
Geosite W19 Other SaaS Geosite is an enterprise SaaS platform for spatial data. Through pairing a marketplace with integrated data management and collaboration tools, Geosite enables customers to leverage spatial data for more rapid and accurate planning and operations. . Live
Glide W19 Dev Tools Amazing apps from spreadsheets . Live
GoLinks W19 Other SaaS Golinks allows companies to significantly increase productivity, by creating memorable short links for every internal company URL These internal link systems have been a standard for productivity at major companies. . Live
Gordian Software W19 Dev Tools Gordian Software provides the only API for travel booking websites to reserve seats and bags. . Live
Green Energy Exchange W19 Resources We deliver affordable renewable energy direct to customers and are creating a business to make green energy accessible to everyone. . Live
Habitat Logistics W19 Other SaaS We Power Delivery for Restaurants . Live
Handle.com W19 Other SaaS Handle automates the collection process of unpaid construction invoices. . Live
Heart Aerospace W19 Aerospace Heart makes electric airplanes with an all-electric range of 250 miles. We have support and grants from the Swedish government, and LOIs from Scandinavian Airlines (SAS), BRA and Wideroe for 86 planes, worth $1.6B. . Live
Inito W19 Healthcare Fertility Clinic on your phone. . Live
InsideSherpa W19 Other SaaS Online courses for large companies to train, and then hire, college students . Live
InterPrime W19 Other SaaS Cash Management Made Easy . Live
Kalshi W19 Entertainment Kalshi is a prediction market where people can trade on anything with anyone. It can be on questions from "Will Brexit happen by the end of the month?" to "Who will win the Oscars?". . Live
Keeper W19 Fintech Automatic tax write offs for contractors . Live
Latchel W19 Other SaaS 24/7 emergency maintenance department for property managers and landlords. . Live
Lumos W19 Healthcare Lumos is an AI powered search tool for doctors that gives direct answers to clinical questions, using trustworthy sources . Live
Mage W19 Consumer Stock Market for Magic: The Gathering . Live
Maitian.ai W19 Other SaaS We make $1,000 Amazon Go stores. . Live
Memfault W19 Other SaaS Memfault builds developer tools for firmware engineers. . Live
Modern Labor W19 Other SaaS Hire tech talent on demand . Live
Modoo Technology W19 Healthcare Modoo develops safe and non-invasive tech to help mother-to-be to monitor fetal heart rate and movement. Mothers can benefit from safer and enjoyable pregnancy from its online consultation. Modoo is creating an AI system that prevents fetal distress. . Live
Mudrex W19 Fintech Algorithmic trading with NO CODE . Live
MyScoot W19 Consumer AirBnB for home hosted social events - we help you meet new people in your city . Live
Nabis W19 Other SaaS Nabis ships cannabis products for brands to retailers. . Live
NALA W19 Fintech Internet-Free Payments for Africa . Live
Nowports W19 Other SaaS Nowports is a digital Freight Forwarder shipping ocean containers to and from Latin America. . Live
Numero W19 Government Modern financial software that powers our democracy. . Live
Okteto W19 Other SaaS The missing application development platform for Kubernetes . Live
Our World in Data W19 Education Open access research and data visualization on global development . Live
Pachama W19 Resources Marketplace for Carbon Credits. We're bringing online the $80B carbon market, which is growing 50% YoY after the Paris Accord. . Live
PadPiper W19 Real Estate Find furnished apartments and compatible housemates . Live
Portal Entryways W19 Other SaaS Portal Entryways upgrades handicap accessible doors so they can be opened, completely hands-free, by any smartphone. . Live
Positive W19 Consumer Next generation grab & go food brand . Live
Postscript W19 Other SaaS Postscript is Mailchimp for SMS -- A text message marketing automation platform for ecommerce companies. . Live
PreFlight W19 Dev Tools Automated Software Testing . Live
Prometheus W19 Resources We remove CO2 from the air and turn it into gasoline . Live
Pronto W19 Consumer Ride-sharing for second-tier cities in Latin America. . Live
Pulse Active Stations Network W19 Healthcare We are a connected network of smart health kiosks in India. . Live
Rune W19 Entertainment Rune connects mobile gamers on voice chat and finds them teammates . Live
Sapling Intelligence W19 Other SaaS AI writing assistant for businesses. . Live
Saratoga Energy W19 Resources We sell better carbon nanotubes at one-twentieth the price. Carbon nanotubes are used in a variety of markets and applications such as aerospace, batteries, high-strength roads and concrete, as well as carbon fiber. . Live
Seawise Capital W19 Fintech Trade finance company for Indian exporters . Live
Shiok Meats W19 Healthcare Shiok Meats is a cell-based clean shrimp company, the first of its kind. We employ cellular agriculture to grow crustacean meat by using cells instead of animals. . Live
Skill-lync W19 Education Online engineering college for India. We started by providing Mechanical Engineering courses and will expand to all other engineering domain by next year. Our current monthly revenue is $82,000 and we are profitable. We are growing 15% MoM. . Live
Slapdash W19 Other SaaS Work across all of your cloud apps at desktop speed. . Live
Spiral Genetics W19 Healthcare Large Scale Genomic Data Mining Software . Live
Sunsama W19 Other SaaS Sunsama is daily task list for the top 10% of knowledge workers. YC founders use it with their teams to manage their daily workload. It’s part task list, part calendar, built to complement your existing tooling (Asana/Jira/Google Calendar/etc.). . Live
Superb AI W19 Dev Tools Superb AI uses AI to build annotated training data for tech companies and help them develop machine-learning based features and products faster. . Live
Supernova W19 Dev Tools Supernova automates development of mobile applications by converting designs (in Sketch, Figma etc.) to actual production-ready code for iOS, Android, React Native and Flutter, saving about 30% on each mobile application made. . Live
Taali Foods W19 Consumer Taali Foods is a​ food company that offers products made from Non GMO, whole, and natural ingredients. . Live
Tailor-ED W19 Education A K-12 instructional platform, that helps teachers find the most effective educational content for each student. . Live
Taobotics W19 Industrial Autonomous robots for retails. . Live
Team Mobot W19 Dev Tools Team Mobot is an on-demand mobile app QA service that uses robots to test on actual devices. . Live
Termius W19 Other SaaS Termius is an SSH client that works on desktop and mobile. The reason sysadmins and DevOps love Termius because it syncs data. . Live
The Juggernaut W19 Entertainment A premium publication for South Asian stories . Live
Thrive Agric W19 Agriculture Thrive Agric helps Farmers in Africa access finance, best practices and large produce buyers like Unilever and Nestle. . Live
Travelchime W19 Entertainment Google Docs for planning leisure travel with your friends' recommendations . Live
Traverse Technologies W19 Other SaaS AI driven professional engineering firm . Live
Trestle W19 Other SaaS Internal Bookface for companies and communities! . Live
Trexo Robotics W19 Industrial Wearable robots to help people walk, starting with children with Cerebral Palsy. . Live
Union Apartment W19 Real Estate Furnished Co-living Apartments for International Students, here in the US. . Live
Upsolve W19 Fintech TurboTax for Bankruptcy (nonprofit) . Live
Vectordash W19 Entertainment Netflix for Video Games . Live
Verto FX W19 Fintech Verto is a b2b currency exchange marketplace for illiquid currencies. With Verto businesses can exchange foreign currencies easily and make international payments seamlessly. . Live
Viosera Therapeutics W19 Healthcare We solve drug resistance for cancer and antibiotics . Live
VotingWorks W19 Government Non-profit building secure and affordable voting machines for US elections. . Live
WeatherCheck W19 Fintech WeatherCheck monitors properties for hail damage so that insurance carriers, mortgage companies, and property owners can take action. . Live
Withfriends W19 Entertainment Withfriends runs membership programs for small businesses. . Live
Woody Library W19 Consumer Woody Library is Netflix for physical books in China. Our model for now is just like the Netflix’s DVD subscription but for books. We’ve done more than $66k revenue so far in March.More than 10,000 subscribers. The book market in China is worth $22B. . Live
WorkClout W19 Other SaaS SaaS Software helping manufacturers increase their factory’s operational efficiency. . Live
YourChoice Therapeutics W19 Healthcare YourChoice therapeutics is revolutionizing the contraceptive market by developing a first-in-class non-hormonal unisex contraceptive. . Live
YSplit W19 Fintech YSplit charges roommates their share of the bills separately, once a month. . Live