Companies in Y Combinator S10 Batch

Name Batch Category Description Status
1000Memories S10 Consumer Memorial sites. . Exited
AdGrok S10 Other SaaS Easy SEM software. Acquired by Twitter in 2011. . Exited
AeroFS S10 Other SaaS Secure Enterprise Collaboration. . Exited
AnyList S10 Consumer The best way to create and share a grocery shopping list and organize your recipes. . Live
Brushes S10 Dev Tools iPad drawing software. . Dead
Chartio S10 Other SaaS Chartio is changing how companies work by building the best visualization interface to data. We make... . Live
Chirply S10 Consumer Crowdsourced design marketplace for paper goods. . Dead
Docker S10 Other SaaS App store for server configurations. . Live
Fanvibe S10 Entertainment Fanvibe is a social platform for watching sports and communicating with others who are watching the same game. . Exited
Fridge S10 Entertainment Disposable social networks. . Exited
FutureAdvisor S10 Fintech The online financial management service for everyone. FutureAdvisor advises and manages all of a cus... . Exited
Gantto S10 Other SaaS Better Microsoft Project. . Exited
GazeHawk S10 Dev Tools Eyetracking using webcams. . Exited
Ginza S10 Other SaaS SEO & Content Marketing Analytics. Enterprise-focused SaaS with customers in the US, Japan, and othe... . Live
Habit Labs S10 Entertainment Friends motivate one another: I'll do x if you do y. . Dead
Hipmunk S10 Consumer Hipmunk takes the agony out of searching for flights, accommodations, cars, and more. . Exited
Homejoy S10 Consumer platform for home service professionals . Exited
inDinero S10 Other SaaS Financial dashboard for businesses. . Live
Koduco S10 Entertainment iPad games. . Dead
Leftronic S10 Consumer Business dashboards . Exited
MessageParty S10 Entertainment Local chat. . Dead
Opzi S10 Entertainment Q&A for businesses. . Dead
PadMapper S10 Real Estate Map-based apartment search. . Exited
PagerDuty S10 Dev Tools Notify you about server troubles. . Live S10 Other SaaS New email inbox. . Dead
Presto S10 Other SaaS Tablets on restaurant tables, so guests can order, pay and play games from their seat without waitin... . Live
Pribbit S10 Entertainment Like Twitter but you post others' status. . Dead
Rapportive S10 Other SaaS Add profiles to email. . Exited
Ready For Zero S10 Fintech Help people get out of debt. Simplified personal debt and credit management. Acquired by Avant in 20... . Exited
Recurse Center S10 Education Self-directed programming retreat and lifelong learning community . Live
Simperium S10 Other SaaS Simplenote ( and the Simperium platform for syncing data. Acquired by Automattic (Wor... . Exited
Tapzilla S10 Other SaaS Woot for iOS apps. . Dead
Teevox S10 Entertainment Teevox . Dead
Upbeat S10 Entertainment Upbeat: Building the next generation of Public Relations (PR) . Dead
Whereoscope S10 Entertainment Location-aware smartphone application that enables parents to keep track of their children, without ... . Exited
WorkFlowy S10 Other SaaS WorkFlowy is a better way to manage information. It provides a simple mechanism - zoomable, searchab... . Live