Companies in Y Combinator S12 Batch

Name Batch Category Description Status
9gag S12 Entertainment Make the world happier. . Live
Airshared S12 Consumer TBD . Dead
Amicus S12 Other SaaS Tools for nonprofits and political campaigns that win more donors, more members, and more votes. . Dead
Arc S12 Aerospace aerial videography . Dead
Assorted Bits S12 Other SaaS A mobile calendar for all the fun stuff you do with friends. . Dead
BackerKit S12 Other SaaS BackerKit is crowdfunding software that helps project creators manage their 1000 biggest fans. . Live
Benchling S12 Healthcare Collaboration & data management platform for life science research . Live
Binary Thumb S12 Other SaaS Redesigning spreadsheets for the mobile world . Dead
Boosted S12 Consumer Simple, fun, and fast electric vehicles. . Live
Bufferbox S12 Consumer The future of package delivery. We are building a network of automated self-serve kiosks that allow consumers to receive parcels 24/7 from convenient locations. Say goodbye to failed deliveries! Acquired by Google 11/30/2012 . Exited
Canopy Labs S12 Other SaaS Canopy Labs automates customer analytics for small and medium-sized businesses. We are developing a customer data platform which provides product recommendations, propensity models, and marketing funnel analytics. . Exited
Celery S12 Other SaaS Celery is a platform for pre-orders ( Accept pre-orders easily and crowdfund on your own website. . Exited
Clever S12 Education Developing applications for education is a data nightmare. Clever's APIs make building on top of student data easy for developers. . Live
Coco Controller S12 Consumer We're building a tactile gaming controller for mobile phones. . Dead
Coinbase S12 Fintech Buy and sell digital currency 🚀 🌑 . Live
Collections S12 Consumer Finder for the Cloud . Dead
Credictive S12 Dev Tools Attribution metatags for online content. . Dead
Crohnology S12 Healthcare We turn Patients into Researchers. We empower every patient with tools to contribute towards research for their cure. . Exited
DataNitro S12 Dev Tools We speed up Excel. . Dead
Double Robotics S12 Other SaaS Telepresence robots . Live
Dreamforge S12 Dev Tools Simple 3d modeling software for 3d printers. . Dead
Easel S12 Dev Tools Easel is a visual design tool built for the web. Since the web is viewed in a browser, we believe it should be built in one too. . Exited
Eligible S12 Healthcare Healthcare Eligibility API . Live S12 Entertainment - Record your life. Store it forever. . Live
FileStack S12 Other SaaS Acquired by Xenon Ventures. We enable website developers to hook into various online content sources (Dropbox, Facebook, Github, Gmail, et. al) with a single line of javascript. Thinking of dealing with files or Oauth? Talk to us first. . Dead
Flightfox S12 Other SaaS Flightfox is a human-powered travel management service. We use deep technical analysis to maximize savings, convenience and comfort for companies and individuals. We also specialize in optimizing company spending and loyalty benefits. . Live
Framebase S12 Entertainment API for video. . Dead
Fullstack Academy S12 Education Immersive, effective, efficient code education. . Exited
FundersClub S12 Fintech Online VC . Live
GetGoing S12 Consumer We are building a "transparent opaque" airfare and hotel booking site -- we work with a number of top airlines and hotels to offer discounted airfare and hotel rates (think Priceline's Name Your Own Price) without hiding the details of the booking. . Exited
GoScale S12 Other SaaS Server Management as a Service . Dead
Health Sherpa S12 Healthcare Private sector . Live
Hipset S12 Entertainment The best way for artists to release new music and videos. . Dead
Hiptype S12 Other SaaS Hiptype is a marketing and analytics platform for eBooks. We can visualize where in a book readers most often annotate and highlight, and where they lose interest and stop reading. . Dead
Human Dx S12 Healthcare The Human Diagnosis Project. . Live
Imgfave S12 Entertainment A fun image sharing community. . Dead
Instacart S12 Consumer Groceries delivered fast. . Live
Kamcord S12 Entertainment Kamcord is a social media platform allowing its users to post and interact through video content. . Exited
Keychain Logistics S12 Other SaaS Software that connects the supply side of companies that ship product with independent carriers that move product. . Dead
Kippt S12 Other SaaS Kippt is like GitHub for your online information. We help you to build your and your team's professional library of online resources. . Exited
Knowmia S12 Education Pandora meets Yelp for K-12 educational videos. We match each student with the best teachers for their individual learning style to help them grasp key concepts for school. . Exited
LeanMarket S12 Other SaaS Mobile advertising . Dead
Lever S12 Other SaaS Lever is an Applicant Tracking System + Talent CRM. It effortlessly fits the hiring needs of companies today. . Live
Light Table S12 Dev Tools Eve is our way of bringing the power of computation to everyone, not by making everyone a programmer but by finding a better way for us to interact with computers . Dead
Markupwand S12 Dev Tools TBD . Dead
Mattermark S12 Other SaaS Big Data Meets Startup Investing The best tool for tracking and benchmarking more than 200,000 startups from around the world. . Exited
Mattermost S12 Other SaaS Open source, self-hosted Slack-alternative . Live
MicroEval S12 Other SaaS Changing the way companies review employee performance with quantitative, short, easy-to-do evaluations. . Dead
Mth Sense S12 Other SaaS We're a mobile on-device profiling and ad-serving platform initially focused on in-app ads. We profile the user based on device data but ensure user privacy by keeping the data on-device. . Live
Natero S12 Other SaaS Data-driven customer success platform for B2B SaaS. . Exited
NewsBlur S12 Entertainment NewsBlur is a personal news reader that brings people together to talk about the world. A new sound of an old instrument. . Live
OctaveWealth S12 Other SaaS The honest 401(k). Helping employees keep more of their retirement savings. . Live
OmniVirt S12 Other SaaS OmniVirt is the leading VR Advertising platform for brands and publishers. We power VR experiences for clients like Toyota, Infiniti, Samsung, and Johnnie Walker with publishers like the The New York Times, AOL, Time Inc, Vice Media and more. . Live
Parallel Universe S12 Other SaaS Helping developers scale their applications with ease. . Dead
Partnered S12 Other SaaS Partnered is a digital platform automating business development partnerships between brands and startups. . Dead
Pixate S12 Other SaaS Mobile application prototyping. Now part of Google. . Exited
Plivo S12 Dev Tools APIs for Voice calls and SMS . Live
Profig S12 Other SaaS The phone system for businesses. Manage everything from your company phone system to outbound sales call centers to inbound customer support call centers, all from a single dashboard. . Dead
Rainforest S12 Dev Tools Dead simple testing. The fastest, easiest way to test your website. Say no to manual QA! . Live
ReelSurfer S12 Entertainment Clip and share any video from any website. . Dead
RegistryLove S12 Consumer Cross-store wedding registry. . Dead
Scoutzie S12 Dev Tools Scoutzie is a curated community for the best mobile designers. If your startup is looking for a great designer, let us know and we will work with you to find the best possible match. . Dead
SmartAsset S12 Fintech The easiest way to make and understand important personal finance decisions. . Live
Soylent S12 Consumer Soylent is a simple, nutritious, and affordable food that possesses all the essential ingredients a body needs to be healthy. . Live
Sparkboard S12 Other SaaS Sparkboard helps large, unwieldy crowds self-organize into small, focused teams. . Live
Statwing S12 Other SaaS Dead simple statistical analysis software. Like R or SPSS but easy to use. Acquired by Qualtrics in May 2016. . Exited
Streem S12 Entertainment Acquired by Box in June 2014. We built: (1) a native win/mac filesystem to access files in the cloud directly via native desktop apps with no syncing required; (2) an on-the-fly adaptive bitrate video transcoder for web/mobile streaming. . Exited
Study Edge S12 Education Supplemental Educational Resources Through Web and Mobile . Live
Submittable S12 Dev Tools Submittable is the best way for organizations to create, promote, and manage their calls for submissions, applications and other opportunities. . Live
Survata S12 Other SaaS We let brands measure consumer preferences & behavior. . Live
Svbtle S12 Entertainment Curated blog network . Live
Tastemaker S12 Consumer Interior design marketplace and online retailer . Dead
Testmunk S12 Dev Tools Automating mobile app testing. . Dead
Thread S12 Consumer Thread makes it incredibly easy to dress well. We do this by giving people their own personal stylist, for free. They help you save you time and find things that look amazing on you. Shopping will never be the same again. . Live
TomoGuides S12 Entertainment Mobile travel guides done right. Personalized, context-aware, and offline-friendly! . Dead
Vastrm S12 Consumer Mass customized active apparel. We are building a full turn key technology and manufacturing platform that will allow other retailers and brands to be able to offer customized apparel to their customers. Get your corporate apparel with us :) . Live
Vayable S12 Consumer We're building a marketplace for unique travel experiences (it's AirBnB for the part of your vacation when you're not sleeping). . Exited
Viacycle S12 Consumer viaCycle makes simple, inexpensive bicycle sharing systems that allow automated bike rentals using a mobile phone. Think ZipCar for bikes, but more fun and even easier to use. . Dead
Virool S12 Other SaaS Virool provides native video advertising experience for the biggest publishers on the web. . Exited
VoiceGem S12 Other SaaS A simple and versatile voice messaging platform. (Acquired by Palantir - Feb 2013) . Exited
Zapier S12 Other SaaS Zapier connects thousands of SaaS apps with customizable workflows via an easy to use editor. . Live
Zentail S12 Other SaaS Make commerce simple. Manage all of your sales channels, product information, inventory and orders in one central system. . Live
ZeroMailer S12 Other SaaS Easy mailing lists . Exited