Companies in Y Combinator S12 Batch

Name Batch Category Description Status
9gag S12 Entertainment Make the world happier. . Live
Airshared S12 Consumer TBD . Dead
Amicus S12 Other SaaS Helps nonprofits & campaigns win more donors, more members, more votes . Dead
Arc S12 Aerospace aerial videography . Dead
Assorted Bits S12 Other SaaS A mobile calendar for all the fun stuff you do with friends. . Dead
BackerKit S12 Other SaaS BackerKit is crowdfunding software that helps project creators manage their 1000 biggest fans. . Live
Benchling S12 Healthcare Collaboration & data management platform for life science research . Live
Binary Thumb S12 Other SaaS Redesigning spreadsheets for the mobile world . Dead
Boosted S12 Consumer Simple, fun, and fast electric vehicles. . Exited
Bufferbox S12 Consumer The future of package delivery. We are building a network of automated self-serve kiosks that allow ... . Exited
Canopy Labs S12 Other SaaS Canopy Labs automates customer analytics for small and medium-sized businesses. We are developing a ... . Exited
Celery S12 Other SaaS Celery is a platform for pre-orders ( Accept pre-orders easily and crowdfund on y... . Exited
Clever S12 Education Clever is the platform that powers technology in the classroom. . Live
Coco Controller S12 Consumer We're building a tactile gaming controller for mobile phones. . Dead
Coinbase S12 Fintech Coinbase is a secure platform that makes it easy to buy and sell cryptocurrency . Live
Collections S12 Consumer Finder for the Cloud . Dead
Credictive S12 Dev Tools Attribution metatags for online content. . Dead
Crohnology S12 Healthcare We turn Patients into Researchers. We empower every patient with tools to contribute towards res... . Exited
DataNitro S12 Dev Tools We speed up Excel. . Dead
Double Robotics S12 Other SaaS Telepresence robots . Live
Dreamforge S12 Dev Tools Simple 3d modeling software for 3d printers. . Dead
Easel S12 Dev Tools Easel is a visual design tool built for the web. Since the web is viewed in a browser, we believe it... . Exited
Eligible S12 Healthcare Healthcare Eligibility API . Live S12 Entertainment - Record your life. Store it forever. . Dead
FileStack S12 Other SaaS Acquired by Xenon Ventures.We enable website developers to hook into various online content sources ... . Exited
Flightfox S12 Other SaaS We combine tech with human expertise to help your team travel better. . Live
Framebase S12 Entertainment API for video. . Dead
Fullstack Academy S12 Education Immersive, effective, efficient code education. . Exited
FundersClub S12 Fintech Online VC . Live
GetGoing S12 Consumer We are building a "transparent opaque" airfare and hotel booking site -- we work with a number of to... . Exited
GoScale S12 Other SaaS Server Management as a Service . Dead
HealthSherpa S12 Healthcare Private sector . Live
Hipset S12 Entertainment The best way for artists to release new music and videos. . Dead
Hiptype S12 Other SaaS Hiptype is a marketing and analytics platform for eBooks. We can visualize where in a book readers m... . Dead
Human Dx S12 Healthcare The Human Diagnosis Project. . Live
Imgfave S12 Entertainment A fun image sharing community. . Dead
Instacart S12 Consumer The North American leader in online grocery . Live
Kamcord S12 Entertainment Kamcord is a social media platform allowing its users to post and interact through video content. . Exited
Keychain Logistics S12 Other SaaS Software that connects the supply side of companies that ship product with independent carriers that... . Dead
Kippt S12 Other SaaS Kippt is like GitHub for your online information. We help you to build your and your team's professi... . Exited
Knowmia S12 Education Pandora meets Yelp for K-12 educational videos. We match each student with the best teachers for th... . Exited
LeanMarket S12 Other SaaS Mobile advertising . Dead
Lever S12 Other SaaS Lever is a Talent Acquisition Suite that combines ATS + Talent CRM . Live
Light Table S12 Dev Tools Eve is our way of bringing the power of computation to everyone, not by making everyone a programmer... . Dead
Markupwand S12 Dev Tools TBD . Dead
Mattermark S12 Other SaaS Big Data Meets Startup Investing The best tool for tracking and benchmarking more than 200,000 st... . Exited
Mattermost S12 Other SaaS Open source, self-hosted Slack-alternative . Live
MicroEval S12 Other SaaS Changing the way companies review employee performance with quantitative, short, easy-to-do evaluati... . Dead
Mth Sense S12 Other SaaS We're a mobile on-device profiling and ad-serving platform initially focused on in-app ads. We profi... . Live
Natero S12 Other SaaS Data-driven customer success platform for B2B SaaS. . Exited
NewsBlur S12 Entertainment NewsBlur is an RSS news reader with intelligence. . Live
OctaveWealth S12 Other SaaS The honest 401(k). Helping employees keep more of their retirement savings. . Live
OmniVirt S12 Other SaaS OmniVirt is the leading VR Advertising platform for brands and publishers. We power VR experiences f... . Live
Parallel Universe S12 Other SaaS Helping developers scale their applications with ease. . Dead
Partnered S12 Other SaaS Partnered is a digital platform automating business development partnerships between brands and star... . Dead
Pixate S12 Other SaaS Mobile application prototyping. Now part of Google. . Exited
Plivo S12 Dev Tools APIs for Voice calls and SMS . Live
Profig S12 Other SaaS The phone system for businesses. Manage everything from your company phone system to outbound sales ... . Dead
Rainforest S12 Dev Tools Dead simple testing.The fastest, easiest way to test your website. Say no to manual QA! . Live
ReelSurfer S12 Entertainment Clip and share any video from any website. . Dead
RegistryLove S12 Consumer Cross-store wedding registry. . Dead
Scoutzie S12 Dev Tools Scoutzie is a curated community for the best mobile designers. If your startup is looking for a grea... . Dead
SmartAsset S12 Fintech The easiest way to make and understand important personal finance decisions. . Live
Soylent S12 Consumer Soylent is a simple, nutritious, and affordable food that possesses all the essential ingredients a ... . Live
Sparkboard S12 Other SaaS Sparkboard helps large, unwieldy crowds self-organize into small, focused teams. . Live
Statwing S12 Other SaaS Dead simple statistical analysis software. Like R or SPSS but easy to use. Acquired by Qualtrics ... . Exited
Streem S12 Entertainment Acquired by Box in June 2014. We built: (1) a native win/mac filesystem to access files in the cloud... . Exited
Study Edge S12 Education Educational Resources Through Web and Mobile . Live
Submittable S12 Dev Tools Submittable is the best way for organizations to create, promote, and manage their calls for submiss... . Live
Survata S12 Other SaaS We let brands measure consumer preferences & behavior. . Live
Svbtle S12 Entertainment A publishing platform. . Live
Tastemaker S12 Consumer Interior design marketplace and online retailer . Dead
Testmunk S12 Dev Tools Automating mobile app testing. . Dead
Thread S12 Consumer Thread makes it incredibly easy to dress well. We do this by giving people their own personal stylis... . Live
TomoGuides S12 Entertainment Mobile travel guides done right. Personalized, context-aware, and offline-friendly! . Dead
Vastrm S12 Consumer Mass customized active apparel. We are building a full turn key technology and manufacturing platfor... . Live
Vayable S12 Consumer We're building a marketplace for unique travel experiences (it's AirBnB for the part of your vacatio... . Exited
Viacycle S12 Consumer viaCycle makes simple, inexpensive bicycle sharing systems that allow automated bike rentals using a... . Dead
Virool S12 Other SaaS Virool provides native video advertising experience for the biggest publishers on the web. . Exited
VoiceGem S12 Other SaaS A simple and versatile voice messaging platform. (Acquired by Palantir - Feb 2013) . Exited
Zapier S12 Other SaaS The easiest way to automate your work . Live
Zentail S12 Other SaaS Make commerce simple. Manage all of your sales channels, product information, inventory and orders i... . Live
ZeroMailer S12 Other SaaS Easy mailing lists . Dead