Companies in Y Combinator S13 Batch

Name Batch Category Description Status
7cups S13 Healthcare 7 Cups is an emotional support service that matches up people that need support with active listeners and therapists. . Live
Amulyte S13 Healthcare Remote monitoring & activity tracking system for seniors. . Dead
Apptimize S13 Dev Tools Apptimize lets mobile teams innovate faster to create an amazing user experience. Our tech lets you instantly update your native Android and iOS apps for A/B testing, feature flagging, and changes without having to go through the App/ Play Stores. . Live
Arcus S13 Fintech API for payments anywhere in the world . Live
Asseta S13 Other SaaS Marketplace for industrial spare parts and capital equipment. . Live
Audobox S13 Dev Tools Audobox is a developer and user friendly tool for in-app feedback. . Dead
BloomThat S13 Consumer Uber for Flowers. . Exited S13 Entertainment Canonical permalinks for songs. . Exited
Buttercoin S13 Fintech Bitcoin Marketplace . Dead
Butter Systems S13 Other SaaS Replacing the paper restaurant menu with an interactive experience at the table. . Dead
Casetext S13 Other SaaS We make the world's laws free and understandable. . Live
CoreOS S13 Other SaaS Enterprise Linux distribution that dramatically improves security and speed of application deployment. . Exited
Cratejoy S13 Other SaaS Cratejoy is the platform for subscriptions . Live
Crowdery S13 Other SaaS [Now Clara, YC S14-] . Dead
Datarank S13 Other SaaS Making sense of social data. (Acquired by SimplyMeasured.) . Exited
DoorDash S13 Consumer Restaurant delivery. . Live
EasyPost S13 Other SaaS Shipping API . Live
Echo Locker S13 Consumer Android lock screen . Exited
Estimote S13 Other SaaS Indoor location API for developers . Live
Floobits S13 Dev Tools Real-time collaborative editing in the browser with support for Sublime, Vim, and Emacs. Focused right now on remote pair programming. . Live
Glio S13 Consumer Amazon Marketplace for Latin America . Dead
GoComm S13 Other SaaS Mobile communications platform for teams working on live events . Dead
Graft Concepts S13 Consumer Graft Concepts makes unique iPhone cases and other mobile accessories . Dead
Hackermeter S13 Other SaaS Replacing resume screening with code challenges. . Exited
Hum S13 Other SaaS A chat program that integrates with email, with presence. . Dead
imHome S13 Entertainment We're creating technology to make families happier with a messaging app for the family . Dead
Ixiplay S13 Consumer Engaging, expressive & Android hackable robot buddy for playful interaction. . Dead
Jerpix S13 Entertainment Digital, asynchronous collectible card game. . Dead
Kivo S13 Other SaaS Git for Documents . Dead
Layer By Layer S13 Consumer Acquired by MakerBot in February 2014. A marketplace for 3D printable products - just like the iTunes app store, but for 3D printing. We don't sell physical products, and we don't sell design files, but rather we sell single prints. . Exited
Le Tote S13 Consumer Subscription service for women's apparel & accessories. . Live
Lob S13 Other SaaS Lob is on a mission to make the world programmable. We offer two core API products: Print & Mail and Address Verification which enable developers to automate the offline world. . Live
LocalOn S13 Other SaaS Web marketing for SMBs & merchants associations. . Dead
Lumoid S13 Consumer We are a try before you buy service for consumer electronics. . Dead
Meta S13 Entertainment Augmented reality glasses. . Dead
One Month S13 Education One Month's affordable online bootcamps teach people how to code in just one month. Topics include Python, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, and Front-end Development. For a full list of courses, visit . Live
Panorama Education S13 Education Data analytics for public schools . Live
RealCrowd S13 Real Estate Crowdinvesting for Real Estate . Live
Reebee S13 Consumer Flyer app. . Live
Senic S13 Consumer Premium Smart Home Devices . Live
SimpleLegal S13 Other SaaS Legal spend, matter, accrual and IP management software for in-house counsel. . Exited
SoundFocus S13 Healthcare We are giving you 20/20 hearing when listening to the devices you already own and love - no hardware required. . Dead
SpoonRocket S13 Consumer Meals Delivered in 10 Minutes . Exited
StackMachine S13 Other SaaS Instant sandboxed server environments . Dead
Standard Treasury S13 Fintech Banking APIs; acquired by Silicon Valley Bank in August 2015 . Exited
StatusPage S13 Dev Tools The best way to communicate with users around downtime. . Exited
Teleborder S13 Other SaaS Dashboard for companies to manage immigration for their employees. . Exited
True Link S13 Fintech Diversified financial services for seniors . Live
URX S13 Dev Tools Mobile ads that users like. Acquired by Pinterest in May 2016. . Exited
Watchsend S13 Dev Tools Videos of your iOS apps . Dead
WebCake S13 Dev Tools Marketing people modify site. . Dead
Webflow S13 Dev Tools Dynamic website builder. . Live
Weilos S13 Healthcare Weight loss coaching. . Exited