Companies in Y Combinator S14 Batch

Name Batch Category Description Status
Alchemy S14 Industrial Thin, transparent films for automobile windshields to prevent stone chips, block solar infrared heat... . Live
Aptible S14 Healthcare Security Management and Compliance for Developers . Live
Apto S14 Fintech API platform for partners to issue branded debit and credit cards to their end users. . Live
Backpack S14 Consumer Marketplace to get stuff from overseas . Live
Bannerman S14 Other SaaS Providing Security Guards for Every Business . Live
Bayes Impact S14 Nonprofit Tech nonprofit building the future of public services. . Live
Beep S14 Industrial Cellular networks for IoT. . Dead
Bikanta S14 Healthcare Nano-diamonds for cancer detection . Dead
Billforward S14 Fintech Subscription billing, rate plan management and analytics as a service. We help you optimise your pro... . Live
Bitaccess S14 Fintech We make bitcoin simple. . Live
Blockspring S14 Other SaaS Blockspring automates data collection by connecting your favorite tools to APIs. . Exited
Blockstack S14 Dev Tools Blockstack is software for a user owned internet. It’s the easiest way to build Web 3 apps. . Live
Carlypso S14 Consumer Used car marketplace . Exited
Checkr S14 Other SaaS We're modernizing how background checks are done. . Live
Cheddar S14 Fintech The Best Mobile Checking Account . Dead
Clara Labs S14 Other SaaS Clara is a human-in-the-loop assistant that helps automate repetitive tasks. . Exited
Cognito S14 Dev Tools Frictionless, modern identity verification that starts with just a phone number. . Live
Craft Coffee S14 Consumer Better coffee for less money . Exited
Doblet S14 Other SaaS Doblet solves the phone battery problem. We're building the first truly mobile power network, with ... . Dead
Fixed S14 Consumer iPhone app to fight your parking tickets. . Dead
Flaviar S14 Consumer Try-at-home service for fine spirits . Live
Flynn S14 Other SaaS Flynn is an open source Platform as a Service (PaaS) . Live
Flytenow S14 Consumer Ride sharing for small planes . Dead
Front S14 Other SaaS Collaborative Inbox for Companies . Live
Ginkgo Bioworks S14 Healthcare Our mission is to make biology easier to engineer. . Live
GovPredict S14 Government Bloomberg for government data. . Live
Greentoe S14 Consumer "Name Your Price" for products . Live
HauteDay S14 Consumer Gaming Meets Women's Shopping. . Dead
Helion S14 Resources Breaking the Fusion Barrier . Live
Hive S14 Other SaaS Customer data and email platform used by thousands of brands to personalize and automate their marke... . Live
Hublo S14 Other SaaS Hublo is making data-driven marketing simpler. It's a super simple tool, allowing marketers to set-u... . Dead
Hyperpad S14 Entertainment Create, Share, Play Mobile Games on the iPad. . Live
Impraise S14 Other SaaS Platform to manage the performance, development and engagement of employees. . Live
In Your Corner S14 Healthcare We've transformed traditional therapy into an experience that is affordable, approachable & anonymou... . Dead
Kash S14 Fintech We are fixing how money works. . Exited
Lawn Love S14 Consumer Modern, on-demand lawn care service. Get a quote in two minutes. . Live
ListRunner S14 Healthcare Replaces paper patient lists for doctors. . Exited
MetricWire S14 Healthcare Mobile surveys for researchers . Live
MTailor S14 Consumer Get measured by your phone in under 30 seconds for perfect fitting custom clothing . Live
Naytev S14 Dev Tools Naytev optimizes the packaging and distribution of social content, saving teams time and driving mor... . Live S14 Other SaaS A self-healing platform to enrich and fix server alerts automatically . Dead
Nightingale S14 Healthcare App for managing care of autistic students . Dead
Oklo S14 Resources Emission free, always on power. . Live
One Codex S14 Healthcare Data platform for metagenomics and the microbiome. . Live
Owners Circle S14 Fintech Kickstarter for local businesses . Dead
Paid S14 Other SaaS Autopilot for Accounts Receivable . Live
Parenthoods S14 Entertainment Communities for expecting and new parents. . Dead
Payable S14 Other SaaS Simple payments and tax compliance for your contract workforce. . Exited
Permutive S14 Other SaaS Platform for real-time personalization . Live
PersistIQ S14 Other SaaS PersistIQ is sales engagement software that's easy to use. . Live
PicnicHealth S14 Healthcare PicnicHealth makes medical records useful for patients, doctors, and researchers. . Live
Product Hunt S14 Entertainment Hacker News for Products . Exited
Protocol Labs S14 Other SaaS IPFS -- new hypermedia distribution protocol to replace HTTP (git + bittorrent) Filecoin -- crypt... . Live
Ravti S14 Real Estate Software to track, manage, and procure HVAC for commercial real estate. . Live
Replenish S14 Other SaaS Keurig machine for smoothies. . Live
Rigetti Computing S14 Industrial Quantum coherent supercomputing. . Live
Roomstorm S14 Consumer Real time B2B hotel room marketplace for various industries specializing in hotel and airline guest ... . Live
Roost S14 Dev Tools Web push notifications. . Dead
SalesSift S14 Other SaaS Intelligent Lead Sourcing . Dead
SFOX S14 Fintech Crypto-currency trading platform. . Live
ShipBob S14 Other SaaS Providing Amazon level logistics to e-commerce businesses. . Live
Shout S14 Consumer Real-Time Classifieds . Dead
Sliced Investing S14 Fintech Crowdfunding for hedge funds . Exited
SpotAngels S14 Consumer Waze for parking . Live
SpringWit S14 Healthcare Brain health and awareness . Dead
TAXA Biotechnologies S14 Healthcare We enable cheaper, faster, and better genetic engineering of plants. We offer our platform both as a... . Dead
Tenjin S14 Other SaaS Mobile marketing analytics and infrastructure . Live
Think Gaming S14 Other SaaS We provide market data on the mobile games business to developers, investors, and sales teams. . Live
Tinker S14 Fintech Digital Currency Market Making . Dead
Tule Technologies S14 Agriculture Tule helps farmers make irrigation decisions. Our hardware sensor provides growers with field-scale ... . Live
uBiome S14 Healthcare Using Big Data and crowdscience to unlock the secrets of the human microbiome . Dead
Unwind Me S14 Consumer Homejoy for massage . Exited
UserGems S14 Other SaaS AI-powered sales solution based on your best customers . Live
VizeraLabs S14 Other SaaS Fabric projector furniture sales . Dead
Weave S14 Consumer AI-assisted professional networking. . Dead
Whirl S14 Other SaaS Pay instantly with your fingerprint. . Dead S14 Entertainment Quora/Cosmo for women . Live
Zen99 S14 Other SaaS Tax and insurance tools for independent contractors . Dead
Zenamins S14 Consumer Personalized health company doing customized vitamin packs on subscription and creating a platform f... . Dead
Zip Phone S14 Entertainment Whatsapp for voice . Exited
Zoomer S14 Consumer Outsourced, high volume food delivery. . Dead