Companies in Y Combinator S15 Batch

Name Batch Category Description Status
80,000 Hours S15 Nonprofit An online guide that tells talented graduates how to maximise the social impact of their careers. . Live
Afrostream S15 Entertainment AFROSTREAM is Netflix for African-American and African content serving the European and African market. Afrostream targets the 15M people of African descent in Europe and 936M Africans in sub-Saharan Africa. . Dead
Airmada S15 Aerospace Autonomous ground stations for drones . Dead
Apollo Health S15 Consumer Apollo Health . Dead
Appcanary S15 Other SaaS Appcanary tracks the dependencies you use in your apps and servers and notifies you whenever you're vulnerable to security vulnerabilities. . Exited
Assembly S15 Other SaaS The most cost effective production monitoring, inventory tracking, and quality control system for manufacturing. We install our sensors in your contract Chinese factory to ensure test compliance, stop warranty fraud, and reduce product liability. . Live
Auro Robotics S15 Transport Autonomous / self driving / driverless shuttles for in-campus travel. . Exited
Bistrobot S15 Other SaaS We make robots that make sandwiches. . Dead
Bitmovin S15 Other SaaS Video Infrastructure for the Web . Live
Blitz Esports S15 Entertainment Blitz breaks down the complex world of esports and offers new perspectives on noteworthy, controversial, or impactful topics of the day. . Exited
BlueCrew S15 Other SaaS BlueCrew is a web based staffing agency. . Exited
Bodyport S15 Healthcare Preventing heart disease. . Live
Branch8 S15 Other SaaS Branch8 helps sellers to list and manage products on e-commerce marketplaces. . Live
Call9 S15 Healthcare Call9 Delivers On-Demand Doctors In Emergency Situations . Dead
CareLedger S15 Healthcare CareLedger helps companies save money on healthcare expenses by aligning employee interest with the company's. . Dead
Chaldal S15 Consumer is an online platform for grocery and delivery based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. . Live
Circle Medical S15 Healthcare Modern primary care . Live
Click & Grow S15 Consumer Click & Grow has developed the only farming technology that allows you to grow organic food locally and more cheaply than with traditional agriculture. . Live
Cloudstitch S15 Other SaaS Power your website with Google Spreadsheets. Acquired by Instabase ( in Q4 2017. . Exited
Cofactor Genomics S15 Cofactor is using RNA for early diagnosis of disease. . Live
Confident Cannabis S15 Consumer Online B2B platform for the legal cannabis industry powered by laboratory testing data . Live
Convox S15 Other SaaS Open-source tools for deploying, managing, and monitoring cloud infrastructure. . Live
Cymmetria S15 Other SaaS Shifting the asymmetry of cyber security. . Live
Drip Capital S15 Fintech Drip is a digital trade finance startup. Drip is using technology to re-build core parts of the international trade finance infrastructure and make the underwriting and financing of international B2B transactions seamless for small businesses. . Live
Eden S15 Other SaaS The Platform for Office Management. Eden provides top office cleaning, IT support, handymen, and supply stocking for companies. . Live
Eight S15 Consumer Eight is a smart mattress cover. If you are cold at night, Eight makes you warm. If you are not sleeping enough, Eight will let you know. And Eight also makes sure you wake up at the right time each morning. . Live
Fetch S15 Consumer Marketplace for self-service truck rental. . Live
Flirtey S15 Aerospace Flirtey is the world’s first commercial drone delivery service and was founded with the vision of revolutionising four industries - humanitarian, courier delivery, fast food and online retail. . Live
Font Awesome S15 Dev Tools Font Awesome makes it easy to add vector icons and social logos to your website. And Pro gives 1,000+ more icons and SVG framework! . Live
Fountain S15 Other SaaS The hiring automation platform built for speed and scale. . Live
Foxpass S15 Other SaaS Making enterprise security practices available for all companies. . Live
Gemnote S15 Other SaaS Premium, customized corporate gifts . Live
Gigster S15 Dev Tools Gigster does software development & design on demand. Submit a project & get a quote in minutes for any app or website. We assemble a US-based team and manage your entire project. Top talent from MIT, Stanford Caltech, Google, Facebook. . Live
GiveCampus S15 Education GiveCampus is the digital fundraising and volunteer management platform for non-profit educational institutions. Trusted by millions of donors and 550+ schools, our mission is to advance the quality, affordability, and accessibility of education. . Live
GO1 S15 Other SaaS A marketplace of onboarding, compliance and professional development training for your staff. . Live
Gravitational S15 Other SaaS Gravitational helps SaaS companies make more money by giving them a turn key "on-premise" offering for their enterprise customers. . Live
Greenshoe S15 Fintech An App that give people instant lines of credit based on information on their phone . Live
Halolife S15 Consumer Halolife is an online platform to find and plan a burial or cremation service that meets your needs, budget, and location. . Dead
Her S15 Entertainment Social network for women who like women. . Live
Heroic Labs S15 Entertainment Social infrastructure for games and apps. We've built Nakama server. An open-source distributed server for social and realtime games and apps. . Live
Hickory S15 Other SaaS Hickory turns your employees into experts. . Dead
Human Interest S15 Other SaaS Human Interest is a modern 401(k) provider for startups and small businesses. Set up and run your 401(k) entirely online with no paperwork. . Live
InnerSpace S15 Nonprofit A wisdom community for startup founders . Live
Instawork S15 Other SaaS Instawork is the on-demand staffing app for hourly workers and hospitality businesses. . Live
Interviewed S15 Other SaaS Job simulations and assessments. See candidates in action doing the job they applied for whether that's sales, customer support, financial analysis, SEM, engineering, or over 500 other roles. Acquired by in August of 2017. . Exited
Ironclad S15 Other SaaS Contract management platform for legal teams. . Live
jEugene S15 Other SaaS jEugene highlights undefined terms and unused definitions in legal documents. . Dead
Jopwell S15 Other SaaS Jopwell connects Black, Hispanic / Latino, and Native American students and professionals with opportunities at America's leading companies. . Live
Klarismo S15 Healthcare Klarismo turns your body into an interactive experience. We built a fully automated pipeline for quantitative medical image analysis that unlocks the non-diagnostic value in MRI scans and empowers patients to take a fantastic journey into their body . Live
L. S15 Consumer L. makes award-winning personal care products that improve the lives of women worldwide. L.'s products include 100% organic cotton tampons, pads & condoms. For every product sold one is given. Subscribe online or find us at Target, CVS & Whole Foods. . Exited
Leada S15 Education Online enterprise training in data science and analytics. Specifically courses in R, Python, SQL, Alteryx that focus on industry application. . Live
Locent S15 Other SaaS Locent is an automated messaging platform for companies . Dead
Lugg S15 Consumer Move anything, anytime, anywhere . Live
Maderight S15 Other SaaS Global Manufacturing, Simplified . Dead
Markhor S15 Consumer Markhor is a direct to consumer brand that makes and delivers handcrafted shoes in​ ​3 days at half the price of luxury brands. . Live
MicroHealth S15 Healthcare Real-world evidence to inform treatment decisions . Live
Mimir S15 Education A platform for STEM courses featuring automated grading, plagiarism detection and analytics. . Live
Nebia S15 Consumer Nebia is a breakthrough shower system, based on a premium experience, beautiful design, and 70% water savings. . Live
New Story Charity S15 Nonprofit We pioneer solutions to address global homelessness. . Live
Ohm S15 Resources Never jump start your car again. . Dead
Oolu S15 Resources Oolu is the SolarCity for West Africa. We lease solar systems with bright lights and cell charging to some of the 25M households who now spend 2x more on candles and kerosene. . Live
Open Invest S15 Fintech Socially responsible investing made easy . Live
Paribus S15 Fintech Get money back when prices drop, effortlessly. Acquired by Capital One in October 2016. . Exited
PartnerStack S15 Other SaaS PartnerStack lets companies grow through partnerships. . Live
PickTrace S15 Agriculture Agricultural labor and harvest management solution that delivers workflow and real-time data analytics leading to significant efficiency gains in production costs and harvesting time. . Live
Plate IQ S15 Other SaaS Seamless restaurant operations. We are redefining how restaurants operate and buy products at wholesale with intuitive tools and deep data analytics. . Live
PlateJoy S15 Consumer The healthy eating membership that makes weight loss effortless. We create a customized meal plan for you each week with optional, same-day delivery of ingredients from a local grocer without packaging waste. . Live
Pro Player S15 Entertainment Pro Player is an e-learning platform for gamers that want to improve their skills and train for eSports competitions. . Dead
Reach Labs S15 Resources Long-range wireless power enabling the next generation of devices. . Live
RedCarpetUp S15 Fintech We lend to people in India that banks cannot see. . Live
Reduced Energy Microsystems S15 Industrial Building the lowest-power silicon for embedded deep learning and computer vision. . Dead
Roomblocker S15 Consumer Hotel booking for groups and events. . Dead
ROSS Intelligence S15 Other SaaS ROSS is an AI-powered legal research platform that can read and answer complex questions about case law. . Live
Scentbird S15 Consumer Scentbird is Netflix for perfume + a luxury fragrance subscription service that sends you a 30-day supply of a designer fragrance of your choice for $14.95/month. . Live
Scope AR S15 Entertainment Scope AR is the leading provider of User Guided Augmented Reality (AR) Training Solutions. We transform existing classroom manuals or documents into a simple, and intuitive visual instruction, based on a proven concept of “See-It, Do-It, Prove-It”. . Live
Second Measure S15 Other SaaS We help institutional investors leverage consumer spending data. . Live
Serica S15 Fintech Financial payment and loan services for the Medical Cannabis and Healthcare industry, using bitcoin blockchain technology. . Dead
Seva Coffee S15 Consumer We're changing the world of coffee, one personalized cup at a time. . Live
ShapeScale S15 Consumer ShapeScale is a personal 3D scanner and fitness tracker that digitizes your body in photorealistic 3D. Visualize on your phone where exactly you gain muscle or lose mass. Now on pre-order on! 👍 #fitness #health #hardware #IoT . Live
Shotput S15 Other SaaS Shotput (S15) develops AI and robotics to completely automate e-commerce supply chains. . Dead
Shred Video S15 Entertainment Shred Video builds automated video & photo systems that allow adventure tour operators to create and sell cinematic, shareable videos to their customers. . Live
SimpleMoney S15 Fintech Portfolio tracking for Indian investments. . Dead
SnapEDA S15 Dev Tools The Internet's first parts library for circuit board design. Build circuit boards faster with millions of free symbols & footprints. . Live
SourceDNA S15 Dev Tools Bringing transparency to the app stores and helping developers build better apps. Acquired by Apple in 2016. . Exited
Sphere Secure Workspace S15 Other SaaS Sphere Secure Workspace makes it easy for employees to securely use their personal devices at work. . Exited
Stitch S15 Healthcare Care Coordination Platform for Healthcare . Live
StyleBee S15 Consumer marketplace for beauty services delivered at the convenience of clients' location and cheaper than salons' services . Live
SunFarmer S15 Reliable and affordable solar energy in developing countries. . Live
teaBOT S15 Other SaaS teaBOT is a robot that makes a customized cup of grab-and-go tea. Rather than waiting in line for an off-the-shelf product, teaBOT's customers get a made-to-order cup at the touch of a button. . Live
Tenant Turner S15 Real Estate We help property managers eliminate vacancy. With our landlord and software backgrounds, we built a solution for the paying side of the market--a full-service software solution for the leasing workflow that makes our customers money and saves time. . Live
Tesorio S15 Other SaaS Tesorio is a treasury enablement platform that helps every company operate with the foresight of a Fortune 500 finance team. . Live
TetraScience S15 Healthcare Internet-of-Things for Labs . Live
The Ticket Fairy S15 Consumer The Ticket Fairy is a full-stack enterprise marketing solution for events. The platform helps to mitigate the capital risk taken to produce events, increase/analyze their audience, realize post-event audience monetization and improve ad campaign ROI. . Live
Thrive Agritech S15 Agriculture We design and manufacture energy efficient LED lighting fixtures for indoor agriculture. Our unique lighting technology grows plants better with less energy. . Live
Traversal Networks S15 Other SaaS Enterprise Threat Detection: Tuning, Triage, and Analysis by Experts. . Dead
Triplebyte S15 Other SaaS Intelligent technical hiring. . Live
Verge Genomics S15 Healthcare We find drugs to treat brain diseases 1000x more cheaply and quickly . Live
Vernox S15 Real Estate Production planning software for construction teams. Like Asana or Jira, but designed for construction, Vernox streamlines planning, communication and progress tracking of work plans on complex commercial construction projects. . Dead
Vive S15 Consumer . Dead
VOIQ S15 Other SaaS Conversational AI VoiceBots for Sales, Marketing & Service Calls . Live
Wheelys Café S15 Consumer Worlds smallest and friendliest café franchise. "The Bike-Powered Coffee Cart That Could Take On Starbucks" - Fast Company . Live
Willing S15 Consumer The best way to make your legal will. . Live
Xendit S15 Fintech Xendit is a mobile wallet designed to serve peer-to-peer payments in Southeast Asia. . Live
Xfers S15 Fintech Xfers makes it possible for people to make and receive payments via Bank transfers via API. We built a proprietary system to allow us to integrate with any banks in a week. Drop us a note if you are interested in Indonesia and Singapore . Live
Zeplin S15 Dev Tools Zeplin is a connected space for product teams where they can share designs, generate specs, assets and code snippets. . Live
zPREDICTA S15 Healthcare zPREDICTA (formerly Ixchel Scientific) is creating cell-based biological models that predict how drugs will behave in the human body, eliminating the guesswork from drug development. . Live