Companies in Y Combinator S16 Batch

Name Batch Category Description Status
Abundance Labs S16 Consumer Abundance Labs incubates and builds alternative currency marketplace businesses. . Live
Airfordable S16 Fintech Buy your flights for a deposit upfront and pay off the rest in installments before your departure date . Live
Airo Health S16 Healthcare Airo is an AI to passively track and manage your mental health. . Dead
ApolloShield S16 Aerospace ApolloShield is a system that detects unwanted drones and drives them away. . Live
Aptonomy S16 Aerospace Aptonomy has developed intelligent security drones that serve as your flying security guards. They tirelessly patrol outside your property around the clock, and actively deter crime by establishing physical presence at the site. . Live
Athelas S16 Healthcare Rapid blood diagnostics through deep learning. We're primarily targeted at bringing new, powerful tools to oncology patients through modern Machine Learning. We are FDA cleared and rapidly scaling our customer base. . Live
BulldozAIR S16 Real Estate Project management platform for construction & maintenance teams. . Live
Burrow S16 Consumer Burrow is an innovative new furniture company reinventing the way people furnish their home. We're changing how people shop for, ship, live with, and move their furniture. . Live
CareRev S16 Healthcare A Marketplace for Healthcare professionals to find shifts. . Live
CoinBundle S16 Fintech The easiest way for new investors to build crypto portfolios. . Live
CoinTent S16 Other SaaS Recover revenue lost to ad blockers . Dead
Coub S16 Entertainment Coub is YouTube for video loops. You can take any video from YouTube, Facebook or upload your own. Trim it to the best part, mix it with other videos or add a soundtrack . Live
CrowdAI S16 Dev Tools Infrstructure and other feature detection from satellite imagery. We use deep learning computer vision algorithms to detect infrastructure, such as roads, buildings, and other features, from satellite imagery. . Live
Curtsy S16 Consumer Curtsy is an app that lets women rent dresses from each other. . Live
Drivezy S16 Consumer India's largest vehicle sharing platform, turning people's vehicles into earning members of the family. . Live
Elemeno Health S16 Healthcare The first personal assistant for frontline healthcare teams. We get nurses, docs, and staff on the same page. Through just-in-time microlearning, we put best practices in their hands, and drive quality and consistency at the point of care. . Live
Emote S16 Education Emote is a K-12 app that helps schools catch student behavior problems before they start. . Live
EventGeek S16 Other SaaS EventGeek in event intelligence. We help companies drive higher event ROI through competitive intelligence, team productivity and sales enablement. . Live
Expo S16 Other SaaS Expo brings together the best of web (development speed, fast iteration cycles, easy deploys, and automatic cross-platform support) and the performance and user experience of native apps. Let's talk if you're planning to build a mobile app. . Live
ExVivo Labs S16 Healthcare ExVivo Labs is developing a non-invasive skin patch for allergy testing, making the process safe, simple and certain. . Live
Fabric S16 Entertainment echoworks is Arun Vijayvergiya and Nikolay Valtchanov, two former Facebook engineers. We make Fabric, an iOS app that automatically and privately catalogs your real-world experiences and interactions. . Exited
Farmstead S16 Consumer An AI-powered digital grocer that delivers in under 60 mins. . Live
Flutterwave S16 Fintech We help businesses to make and accept payments from anywhere in Africa . Live
GoGoGrandparent S16 Consumer GoGoGrandparent is an automated concierge for seniors and their families that allows them to order rides, meals and groceries from a flip phone or landline. . Live
GTRACK Technologies S16 Resources Nanoparticle tracers for reservoir characterization during hydraulic fracturing. . Live
Haywheel S16 Other SaaS Haywheel is an artisan food marketplace for restaurants and specialty food stores. . Dead
Hellobill S16 Other SaaS Hellobill aggregates all your business bills, automatically, every month. . Dead
HiOperator S16 Other SaaS Customer support as a service. We augment your existing team. Plans are pay-as-you-go, scaling up or down as needed based on incoming volume. We are US based, charge on a per *solved* case basis, not per reply, and you only need to train us once. . Live
Hush S16 Consumer Hush is the top social commerce app in the United States. . Exited
Innov8 S16 Real Estate We provide co-working offices to startups, freelancers and SMEs in India. . Exited
Instrumentl S16 Healthcare Instrumentl simplifies the grants process for researchers and nonprofits. . Live
Iris Automation S16 Aerospace Collision avoidance system for industrial drones. Our mission is to enable the $23bn industrial drone revolution. . Live
Joy S16 Consumer Joy is a tool that helps couples plan their wedding from engagement to honeymoon and everything in between. . Live
Jumpcut S16 Education Online courses that feel like movies. . Live
Legalist S16 Fintech Legalist uses algorithms to fund lawsuits. . Live
Lendsnap S16 Fintech The Digital Mortgage Company. Lendsnap automatically gathers loan qualifying documents and data to take the pain out of lending. Lendsnap is the only account aggregator enhancing portfolio liquidity with original source documents. . Dead
Livement S16 Consumer Livement is a mobile app that sells tickets and concessions for sports stadiums . Live
LocoAI S16 Transport Small, low-cost LIDAR . Dead
Lollicam S16 Entertainment The easiest and funniest video creation app to create beautiful moments with your friends and family. It will connect all the contents from movie, animation, cartoon, game and any you love with your everyday life. . Live
Looklive S16 Consumer Looklive is a community and marketplace for fashion. Users browse the style of celebrities and shop their looks. . Live
Luminostics S16 Healthcare Smartphone adapter for DIY disease testing . Live
Meesho S16 Other SaaS Meesho is the simplest way for Indie sellers in India to setup, manage and grow their business on Facebook and WhatsApp. . Live
MessageBird S16 Dev Tools MessageBird is an API for sending Text, Voice & Chat messages. We offer the most advanced messaging API, packed with features and customizable parameters for high-volume and demanding message senders. . Live
Metapacket S16 Other SaaS Metapacket is the first selective web gateway that stops malware by blocking non-human communication in corporate networks. . Dead
Mindori S16 Other SaaS Mindori builds white-label voice search for e-commerce apps. . Dead
Miso S16 Consumer Instantly book quality home cleanings in South Korea. . Live
Mosaix S16 Consumer Mosaix is building the language AI platform for emerging markets. . Live
Multiply Labs S16 Healthcare At Multiply Labs, we use 3D printers to manufacture polypills - customized pills that contain multiple medications and release them at the right time. . Live
NeoWize S16 Other SaaS NeoWize created a new type of machine learning algorithm and uses it to improve personalization algorithms in e-commerce sites. . Live
New Incentives S16 Nonprofit Cash transfers that save lives. . Live
Nova Credit S16 Fintech API for global consumer finance information . Live
NuCypher S16 Other SaaS The privacy layer of the decentralized web. . Live
Oh My Green S16 Other SaaS We make employees healthy, happy, productive, and retain better through snacks, beverages, catering, and more. . Live
OMG Digital S16 Entertainment Content discovery platform for Africa . Live
OneChronos S16 Fintech A financial exchange that reduces costs, increases trading volume, and prevents information leakage via a revolutionary approach to matching buyers with sellers. . Live
OpenAI S16 Dev Tools OpenAI is a non-profit artificial intelligence (AI) research company. . Live
Opsolutely S16 Dev Tools Automated deployments for software teams. . Exited
Pando S16 Consumer Market network for home services. Hire great contractors recommended by friends and neighbors. . Live
PatientBank S16 Healthcare Get medical records onlineโ€”from any doctor or hospital. . Dead S16 Other SaaS automates manual data entry, increases sales productivity, and provides actionable intelligence across all your management tools. . Live
Polymail S16 Other SaaS Email productivity platform for business. . Live
Prime Lightworks S16 Aerospace Prime Lightworks Inc. manufactures electric propulsion systems for space satellites. We engineer new possibilities in space while drastically reducing cost and waste, by replacing propellant systems with radio frequency resonant cavity thrusters. . Live
Proxy S16 Other SaaS Reinventing identity . Live
Pursuit S16 Entertainment Revlo helps broadcasters on Twitch engage and monetize their fan base. We do this by allowing broadcasters to create interaction opportunities for their fans at scale. . Exited
Quero Education S16 Education Quero is an online marketplace for college programs in Brazil. It helps students search, compare and enroll in programs in over 1200 partner colleges, saving money on tuition. . Live
Raptor Maps S16 Agriculture Raptor Maps makes software to manage solar farm construction and maintenance. . Live
Ready Education S16 Entertainment OOHLALA is building the mobile OS for higher education. We power over 150 institutions in 7 countries to improve student engagement and communication on campus. . Live
Reebeez S16 Aerospace Reebeez creates powerful microengines for UAVs. With a 2hr + flight time, our microengine has a specific energy 8x better than batteries at a third of the cost. Reebeez expands the possibilities and applications of UAVs! . Live
RigPlenish S16 Healthcare On average each Ambulance run is two hours long, 40 minutes is spent on doing paperwork. Our vision is to reduce those 40 minutes to 4 minutes. . Dead
Robby Technologies S16 Industrial We are building a fleet of autonomous mobile robots that travel on sidewalks and deliver things to your doorstep, at low cost and high efficiency. . Live
RocketLit S16 Education RocketLit is an adaptive learning and assessment platform. We write articles at 7 different reading levels, serve them to every student in a classroom at their independent reading level, and fluidly adapt the level students receive as they improve. . Live
Rose Rocket S16 Other SaaS Rose Rocket is ERP software for trucking companies. . Live
RunKit S16 Dev Tools . Exited
Sage Care S16 Healthcare Get care at home for mom or dad from trusted professionals in their neighborhood. Manage visits through text and email. . Dead
Saleswhale S16 Other SaaS Saleswhale is an automated sales assistant that follows up with your stale and cold leads, engaging them in two-way conversation - before handing off hot leads to your sales team. . Live
Scale S16 Dev Tools Ground truth data for building AI . Live
Scanate S16 Other SaaS API for Invoice Financing . Dead
Selfycart S16 Other SaaS Selfycart - let's grocery shoppers scan items and checkout on their phone without waiting in checkout line. . Dead
Seneca Systems S16 Government Constituent system-of-record and service request management software for local government. . Exited
Shield Diagnostics S16 Healthcare Fighting antibiotic resistance with genomics. . Live
SimpleCitizen S16 Consumer From signup to citizenship, only SimpleCitizen guides applicants through the entire immigration process, providing a truly comprehensive solution that's fast, accurate, and affordable. . Live
SkyLights S16 Entertainment VR on planes as inflight entertainment . Live
SmartSite S16 Real Estate Smartsite is a hardware device to protect workers from health risks on the construction site. It is a connected sensor unit that detects noise, fine airborne particles and UV. We make construction safer and save companies money. . Dead
Squire Technologies S16 Consumer OpenTable for barbershops . Live
Starcity S16 Real Estate Starcity builds a new real estate product between hotel and housing, known as coliving. Our mission is to make great cities accessible to everyone. . Live
Starsky Robotics S16 Transport Driverless Trucks, for real. . Live
Suiteness S16 Consumer Get exclusive access to the best suites at luxury hotels. . Live
Sway Finance S16 Other SaaS Sway is bringing AI to the accounting industry . Dead
Symple S16 Other SaaS Last mile logistics for delivery & service teams. We bring real-time collaboration to distributed job workflows, across scheduling, routing, live tracking, work orders, invoices and payments. . Live
Synvivia S16 Healthcare Synvivia develops engineered organisms that safely and effectively treat disease. . Live
Techmate S16 Consumer A technology concierge for your home. We provide on-demand support for all your internet-connected devices. . Exited
The Athletic S16 Entertainment Subscription sports media. . Live
The Flex Company S16 Consumer FLEX is a new product that replaces tampons. . Live
Ubiq S16 Other SaaS Screen-sharing for enterprise conference rooms . Live
Upgraded S16 Consumer Upgraded helps retailers and carriers sell devices on Upgrade Plans. . Live
Validere S16 Resources Validere makes a handheld device that provides instant testing of liquid products to large industries. Validere brings lab testing to the field by replacing the need for trained technicians to conduct analytical testing. . Live
Vetcove S16 Healthcare Vetcove is the largest B2B marketplace for the animal health supply chain. Veterinary hospitals can compare prices and what's in stock across vendors, and buy their pharmaceuticals, biologics, equipment, and supplies from one website. . Live
Vidcode S16 Education Vidcode is a cross-disciplinary coding platform for teens to learn JavaScript . Live S16 Nonprofit uses technology to simplify political engagement, increase voter turnout, and strengthen American democracy. . Live
Wallarm S16 Other SaaS Application and API security for the modern web . Live
Whyd S16 Consumer We make a beautiful, great sounding, voice-controlled speaker. . Live
Women Who Code S16 Nonprofit WWCode is a non profit with a set of programs that helps mid-career engineers get promoted. . Live
WorkRamp S16 Other SaaS WorkRamp builds training software for companies like McAfee, Intercom, and PayPal. . Live
Xberts S16 Consumer is a cross-border marketplace for Chinese hardware products. . Dead
Yoshi S16 Consumer Gas delivered to your car so you never have to go to the gas station again. . Live