Companies in Y Combinator S18 Batch

Name Batch Category Description Status
Abacus S18 Fintech The modern platform for legal and compliance workflows. . Live
Aesthetic S18 Dev Tools Aesthetic makes quality design accessible to startups. . Live
AirPay S18 Fintech A unified API to help you scale payment and payouts needs . Live
Ajaib S18 Fintech Low-fee investing for Indonesia . Live
á la couch S18 Consumer An online food court. . Live
Allotrope Medical S18 Healthcare Advancing surgical precision through safe electrical stimulation. . Live
Alpha Vantage S18 Fintech We build accessible and easy to use APIs for financial market data. . Live
Anima App S18 Dev Tools Design to Code, Automated. . Live
AnnieCannons S18 Education Creating a World Without Abuse . Live
Apprentice Health S18 Healthcare We deploy sensors and software that increase hospital efficiency. . Live
ARI S18 Transport We do for radar (and other sensors) what computer vision does for cameras . Live
AskMyClass S18 Education Audio learning assistant for teachers and students. . Live
Berbix S18 Dev Tools Instant ID checks: fight fraud, stay compliant . Live
BHRD S18 Other SaaS BHRD ("Be Heard") helps public companies communicate with investors. . Dead
BlueCargo S18 Other SaaS BlueCargo helps marine port terminals streamline container management in the yard area. . Live
Bot MD S18 Healthcare A.I. Clinical Assistant for Doctors . Live
BrainHi S18 Healthcare An automated receptionist for doctor and dentist offices that rescues missed calls and chats with pa... . Live
BuyCoins S18 Fintech Cryptocurrency exchange for Africa . Live
C16 Biosciences S18 Healthcare Bio-based palm oil alternatives . Live
Calii S18 Other SaaS Automating the food supply chain in LATAM . Live
Canary Technologies S18 Other SaaS Modernizing the hospitality tech stack. . Live
CB Therapeutics S18 Healthcare We produce pure cannabinoids like CBD and THC using yeast and sugar. No plants involved. . Live
Circumvent S18 Healthcare Utilizing monogenic disorders to inform and solve highly complex disorders such as neurodegenerative... . Live
College Pulse S18 Entertainment Research and analytics company focused on college students. . Live
Corvus Robotics S18 Aerospace Autonomous drones to help warehouses scan inventory. . Live
Cowrywise S18 Fintech Cowrywise is a wealth management platform for Africa. With our platform, they can plan and automate ... . Live
CSPA S18 Other SaaS The Computer Science Proficiency Assessment (CSPA™) is a comprehensive standardized exam for softwar... . Exited
Culdesac S18 Real Estate We build cities for people, not cars. . Live
Curebase S18 Healthcare Distributed clinical trials. . Live
Cytera CellWorks S18 Healthcare Cytera builds machines that automate the growing of human cells for biotech. . Live
Data Driven Bioscience S18 Healthcare Cancer Diagnosis 10X faster, 10X cheaper . Live S18 Entertainment Now part of . Exited
demonpore S18 Healthcare Building mechanical nanopores for universal biomolecular sensing. . Live
Dinesafe S18 Healthcare We crowdsource food poisoning reports and help detect and prevent outbreaks. . Live
Dorian therapeutics S18 Healthcare Epigenetic approaches to tackle cellular aging . Live
DreamCraft S18 Entertainment A platform lets video game creators to create and monetize games without programming . Live
Duffel S18 Dev Tools APIs for searching, booking and managing flights . Live
Enveritas S18 Agriculture We verify global supply chains for issues like child slavery and deforestation. . Live
Eva Center S18 Healthcare Non-invasive and private breast cancer screening in under 10 min . Live
ExceptionALLY S18 Education Affordable expertise for special needs parenting. . Dead
FameGame S18 Entertainment Live and interactive TV shows for mobile - starting with American Idol meets HQ Trivia . Dead
Federacy S18 Dev Tools Security testing and bug bounty platform. . Live
Fintual S18 Fintech Wealth manager for Latin America . Live
Fixers S18 Consumer Shopify for travel and experiences. . Live
Four Growers S18 Agriculture Robotic HarvestingRevolutionizing the way we farm; enabling food to be grown anywhere . Live
FREY S18 Consumer FREY is a line of exceptional laundry and clothing care products. FREY is meticulously designed to s... . Live
Gerostate Alpha S18 Healthcare Developing novel therapeutics for aging and chronic disease . Live
Goodly S18 Other SaaS Student loan repayment as an employee benefit. . Live
Grabb-It S18 Other SaaS Grabb-It is a location based Dynamic Digital - OOH advertising platform. We turn rideshare cars into... . Dead
Grow Mobility S18 Consumer Mobility and payments platform for Latin America . Live
HappiLabs S18 Healthcare Virtual Lab Managers for scientists and biotech, research Labs . Live
Hepatx S18 Healthcare Replacing organ transplant with an infusion . Live
HeyDoctor S18 Healthcare HeyDoctor provides online primary care (like refilling birth control, UTI treatments, labs, and more... . Exited
Highrise S18 Entertainment Highrise is a creative virtual world where people can express themselves in unique and authentic way... . Live
Honeylove S18 Consumer Honeylove makes undergarments and apparel for women that enhance body shape and support posture. . Live
hypcloud S18 Real Estate A tech-enabled commercial mortgage broker. hypcloud allows property developers to borrow amounts bet... . Live
iLabService S18 Healthcare Monitoring & Analytics for Lab Services . Live
INKHUNTER S18 Entertainment Augmented Reality mobile app to try and buy tattoos . Dead
Inokyo S18 Other SaaS We bring physical stores to the digital age with cashierless checkout. . Live
Inscribe S18 Other SaaS API to identify fraudulent documents. . Live
Itemsy S18 Other SaaS Turn links saved to read later into a beautiful newsletter: personal, private or internal within you... . Live
Ixora S18 Entertainment We create the digital outdoor environment for a movie. . Live
JetLenses S18 Healthcare Amazon for medical products, starting with contact lenses. . Live
JITX S18 Industrial Automatic circuit board design. . Live
Khatabook S18 Consumer Replace your traditional udhaar bahi khata by new digital KhataBook . Live
Kinside S18 Other SaaS Child care employee benefits . Live
Klarity S18 Other SaaS Automated ASC 606 Contract Review for enterprise SaaS revenue teams. . Live
Kobo360 S18 Other SaaS With Kobo's platform, companies now have easy access to a large pool of trucks with real-time tracki... . Live
Kunduz S18 Education Kunduz provides instant answers to students' test prep questions and makes test prep 10x faster and ... . Live
Leena AI S18 Other SaaS We at Leena AI build a virtual assistant that answers employee's HR questions eg. How do I sign up f... . Live
LemonBox S18 Consumer Customized daily vitamin packs for Chinese consumers. . Live
Levain Games S18 We protect bettors by acting as their fiduciary. . Live S18 Other SaaS An amateur esports platform . Live
Medinas Health S18 Healthcare Medinas helps hospitals manage their inventory and buy and sell their used equipment. . Live
MentalHappy S18 Other SaaS Life skills for emotional well-being. . Live
Meru Health S18 Healthcare An online provider for greater mental health . Live
Modern Treasury S18 Other SaaS Payment operations tools for money movement. . Live
Momentus S18 Aerospace Shuttle service for small satellites . Live
Mutiny S18 Dev Tools Mutiny helps companies personalize their website for each visitor, in order to convert customers. . Live
Mylk Guys S18 Consumer Amazon for Vegans . Dead
Names & Faces S18 Other SaaS Fast, built for purpose, visual lists of the people in your organization. . Live
Nestor S18 Entertainment Intelligent employee coaching tool . Live
numericcal, inc. S18 Dev Tools Distributed AI for Industrial Process Monitoring and Optimization. . Live
OkCredit S18 Fintech Indian SMBs use OkCredit to track credit extended by them to their customers. We are building the bi... . Live
OneGraph S18 Dev Tools A GraphQL API wrapping and connecting all of the internet's APIs.If you're building a product, an ad... . Live
OpenPhone S18 Other SaaS The new phone for business. . Live
OpenWrench S18 Other SaaS We help retailers and restaurant chains manage repairs and maintenance across all their locations. . Live
Optic S18 Dev Tools Automated API Change Management . Live
Osh's Affordable Pharmaceuticals S18 Healthcare Making low cost versions of high cost generic drugs. . Live
Outvote S18 Government An app to get Democrats to go vote. . Live
Oxygen S18 Fintech Oxygen is banking and lending for the gig-economy. We use AI to analyze personal cash flow and credi... . Live
Paladin Drones S18 Aerospace We deploy autonomous drones to 911 calls. Our software gives first responders a live overhead view o... . Live
Papa S18 Consumer Papa connects older adults and families to college students for companionship, transportation, and a... . Live
Passenger AI S18 Transport Software for robotaxi operations. . Dead
Penta Medical S18 Healthcare Smart hardware for injury recovery. . Live
Perception Biosystems S18 Healthcare Democratizing gene therapy by reinventing its manufacturing and development. . Live
Phiar S18 Transport We are developing a revolutionary AI-powered augmented reality navigation software solution for driv... . Live
Pine Park Health S18 Healthcare Pine Park Health brings doctors to assisted living communities . Live
Prodigal S18 Fintech Collection Intelligence Software . Live
Public Recreation S18 Consumer A new type gym, 100% outdoors, offering unlimited fitness classes for $60/month. . Live
Radix Labs S18 Healthcare Operating systems for biology labs . Live
Rain Neuromorphics S18 Industrial We build artificial intelligence processors inspired by the brain. . Live
RealtyBits S18 Fintech Blockchain platform for private offerings . Live
Rebellyous Foods S18 Healthcare Rebellyous Foods is a food manufacturing technology and production company with a mission to make al... . Live
Regology S18 Other SaaS Regulatory compliance powered by AI . Live
Rejuvenation Technologies Inc. S18 Healthcare We extend telomeres to extend the human health span . Live
RevenueCat S18 Dev Tools RevenueCat is a simple API for managing in-app subscriptions. . Live
Satchel S18 Entertainment Make more informed decisions about SaaS . Live
Savvy S18 Other SaaS All the interactions across your work apps in one place . Live
Scanwell Health S18 Healthcare Smartphone-enabled, at-home diagnostics . Live
Shelf Engine S18 Other SaaS Shelf Engine replaces the grocery buyer and guarantees sales for the grocery store. . Live
ShopWith S18 Other SaaS ShopWith is mobile QVC for GenZ. . Live
SkydropX S18 Other SaaS Logistic Management System for E-commerce & Retail in Mexico. . Live
Snark AI S18 Other SaaS Cloud for AI. . Live
Sparkswap S18 Fintech Trade cryptocurrency without depositing funds on an exchange. . Live
SPATE S18 Other SaaS Trends prediction for marketers . Live
Spero Foods S18 Healthcare dairy reinvented from plants . Live
Stem Sugar S18 Healthcare Cambridge Glycoscience makes sugar substitutes that actually work in food. . Live
Sterblue S18 Aerospace Software for drones to inspect power lines and wind turbines . Live
Synkrino Biotherapeutics S18 Healthcare Synkrino Bio's AIDE Engine discovers and develops novel drug targets directly from the immune system... . Live
Synthetic Minds S18 Other SaaS Program synthesis for provably correct code . Live
Tall Poppy S18 Other SaaS Protecting your employees against online harassment . Live
Tenderd S18 Real Estate Tenderd is a heavy equipment rental marketplace for Middle East and Africa. . Live
The Buttermilk Company S18 Consumer Instant, fresh ethnic food that actually taste homemade. We're disrupting the ethnic food market by ... . Dead
The Good Food Institute S18 Healthcare Creating a sustainable, healthy, and just food system . Live
Titan S18 Fintech Titan is the new BlackRock. We build, manage, and explain investment funds. . Live
Toybox S18 Dev Tools Gather feedback and report bugs on your website. . Live
Ubits S18 Other SaaS Effective reskilling and upskilling for employees in Latam . Live
Vimcal S18 Healthcare Superhuman for Calendar . Live
ZiffyHomes S18 Real Estate ZiffyHomes is managed corporate housing for white collar employees in India. . Live