Companies in Y Combinator W10 Batch

Name Batch Category Description Status
500Friends W10 Other SaaS the best loyalty and retention marketing partner for CMOs. . Exited
All Screen W10 Other SaaS Connecting users with engaging video content across the web. Acquired by Zealot Networks for $85... . Exited
Answerly W10 Entertainment Each day we tweet the most entertaining, interesting and informative questions and answers from across the web, Twitter and . Dead
Bitplay W10 Entertainment Effortless Video Meetings - Acquired by Jive Software in 2013 . Exited
Cardpool W10 Consumer Cardpool is a gift card exchange service for individuals to buy, sell and trade their new or pre-owned gift cards. . Exited
Creative Market W10 Dev Tools Marketplace for ready-to-use design assets from independent creators around the world. Acquired by A... . Exited
Crocodoc W10 Dev Tools Embed PDFs, PowerPoints, and other documents into web and mobile apps . Exited
Cue W10 Consumer Cue is a web and mobile app that pulls information from the users’ online accounts to present an overview of their day. . Exited
Data Marketplace W10 Other SaaS Data Marketplace is a hub for buying and selling personalized data online. . Exited
Embedly W10 Dev Tools Embedly helps publishers and consumers manage embed codes from more than hundred websites and APIs. . Exited
Etacts W10 Other SaaS Etacts is a CRM tool enabling users to stay in touch with people in their address book. . Exited
Fabricly W10 Other SaaS Fabricly is an online marketplace enabling designers to submit designs, and customers to pick and buy from apparel collections. . Dead
Fithub W10 Other SaaS Fithub provides streamlined communication, a mobile focused workout and nutrition plan delivery system. . Dead
Gamador W10 Entertainment Gamador develops social games and offers an analytics platform. . Dead
Infoharmoni W10 Other SaaS Inforharmoni is a data visualization company that visualizes real-time social web and aggregates content. . Dead
LaunchHear W10 Other SaaS LaunchHear was a startup attempting to make PR scale in the same way that Google AdWords made advert... . Dead
Mertado W10 Other SaaS Mertado is an online social shopping platform that allows consumers to discover and buy products from communities they frequently visit. . Exited
Movity W10 Real Estate Real estate data visualization. Sold to Trulia Dec 2010: . Exited
Newcope W10 Entertainment Virtual goods commerce . Dead
Newslabs W10 Dev Tools Coming Soon . Dead
Notifo W10 Dev Tools Notifo is a mobile application and platform that allows web sites and services to create mobile notifications. . Dead
Nowmov W10 Entertainment Nowmov solving the video discovery problem. . Dead
Optimizely W10 Dev Tools A/B testing. . Live
OwnLocal W10 Other SaaS OwnLocal automates marketing for over 129,000 SMBs through 3,300 local media partners in North Ameri... . Live
Zencoder W10 Other SaaS Video Encoding API, Open source video player (video.js) . Exited
Zenedy W10 Entertainment Zenedy was started as a means to showcase information about obscure topics from around the web. . Dead