Companies in Y Combinator W11 Batch

Name Batch Category Description Status
Acunote W11 Other SaaS Project management. . Live
AppHarbor W11 Other SaaS .NET Cloud Platform as a Service . Live
Apportable W11 Other SaaS iOS porting . Dead
Assembled W11 Entertainment Pivoted to TenXList, a professional network of top college engineers. . Live
Balanced W11 Fintech Payments for Marketplaces . Dead
Beetailer W11 Other SaaS Facebook stores. . Dead W11 Other SaaS Inside Sales CRM for SMBs . Live
Comprehend W11 Healthcare SaaS to increase speed and quality of clinical trials. . Live
Convore W11 Entertainment Hosted IRC and so much more. . Dead
Custora W11 Other SaaS Custora is a predictive analytics platform for e-commerce marketing teams. We help retailers find high-value customers, and keep them coming back. . Live
DrChrono W11 Healthcare Mission: Building the medical practice of the future. Products: EHR. Medical Billing. Healthcare API. . Live
Earbits W11 Other SaaS Google AdWords for music. Allowing bands and labels to bid for airtime and have their music streamed to qualified audience. Acquired by You42, Inc. in 2015. Contact the founders directly. Founders@ no longer works. . Exited
FitFu W11 Entertainment New projects . Dead
Fivestars W11 Other SaaS Marketing automation for small businesses. . Live
Flotype W11 Other SaaS Third generation of web apps. . Dead
GiftRocket W11 Other SaaS Ecard + money . Live
GOAT W11 Consumer Sneaker Marketplace . Live
HelloSign W11 Other SaaS The #1 eSignature Software for Small and Mid-Market Businesses. . Live
Hotspots W11 Other SaaS Real-time analytics (acq by TWTR, 2012) . Dead
Humble Bundle W11 Entertainment Pay what you want for awesome games and other content while giving to charity. . Exited
Hyperink W11 Entertainment Ebook publisher. . Dead
Inporia W11 Consumer Fashion shopping email list. . Dead
Insight Data Science W11 Education Turning PhDs & engineers into data scientists & data engineers . Live
Instapainting W11 Consumer The most popular custom oil painting service in the world. Work with an artist to get a custom piece of hand-painted artwork in under 3 weeks. . Live
Lanyrd W11 Consumer IMDB of conferences. . Exited
Mailgun W11 Dev Tools Email API service. . Exited
MemSQL W11 Other SaaS ANSI SQL-compliant, distributed, in-memory database for real-time analytics . Live
Mino Games W11 Entertainment Mobile games company . Live
OrderAhead W11 Consumer Order ahead for pickup . Exited
Pebble W11 Consumer Watch that helps you get shit done and limit the mayhem of notifications . Exited
Sendoid W11 Other SaaS High speed peer to peer data transport technology for consumers (Sendoid) and enterprises (Expresso). . Exited
Siasto W11 Other SaaS Siasto is a collaboration tool designed for SMBs who use Google Apps, Dropbox, and Box. . Dead
SimplyListed W11 Consumer Sell your stuff. . Dead
StoryWorth W11 Consumer StoryWorth is the most meaningful gift for your loved ones. StoryWorth makes it easy and fun for them to share stories with their family every week. At the end of the year, they get them all bound in a beautiful hardcover book. . Live
Talkable W11 Other SaaS Online store referrals. . Live
TalkBin W11 Other SaaS Instore feedback. . Exited
TellFi W11 Other SaaS Google Voice for business. . Dead
TrustEgg W11 Fintech Trust funds. . Dead
Tumult W11 Dev Tools Tumult is building the next generation of apps for web design. Our first app is Hype, the HTML5 animation builder for OS X: . Live
Tutorspree W11 Education Tutor marketplace. . Exited
Upverter W11 Dev Tools The future of hardware design. A marketplace for hardware engineering labour, component symbols, footprints, 3d models, access to manufacturing and enterprise grade ECAD for designing electronics, all rolled into one. . Exited
Userfox W11 Other SaaS User retention as a service. Drip email . Dead
Venuetastic W11 Other SaaS Venue marketplace. . Dead
You Got Listings W11 Real Estate Residential rentals database for brokers and landlords. . Live
ZeroCater W11 Other SaaS ZeroCater is the #1 way companies provide family-style meals for their employees. . Live