Companies in Y Combinator W11 Batch

Name Batch Category Description Status
Acunote W11 Other SaaS Acunote provides online project management and scrum software for enterprises. . Live
AppHarbor W11 Other SaaS .NET Cloud Platform as a Service . Live
Apportable W11 Other SaaS iOS porting . Exited
Assembled W11 Entertainment Pivoted to TenXList, a professional network of top college engineers. . Live
Balanced W11 Fintech Payments for Marketplaces . Dead
Beetailer W11 Other SaaS Facebook stores. . Dead
Close W11 Other SaaS Inside Sales and Sales Automation CRM for SMBs . Live
Comprehend W11 Healthcare SaaS to increase speed and quality of clinical trials. . Exited
Convore W11 Entertainment Hosted IRC and so much more. . Dead
Custora W11 Other SaaS Custora is a predictive analytics platform for e-commerce marketing teams. We help retailers find hi... . Exited
DrChrono W11 Healthcare Mission: Building the medical practice of the future. Products: EHR. Medical Billing. Healthcare API... . Live
Earbits W11 Other SaaS Google AdWords for music. Allowing bands and labels to bid for airtime and have their music streame... . Exited
FitFu W11 Entertainment New projects . Dead
Fivestars W11 Other SaaS Marketing automation for small businesses. . Live
Flotype W11 Other SaaS Third generation of web apps. . Dead
GOAT Group W11 Consumer GOAT Group represents the leading platforms for authentic sneakers, apparel, and accessories. . Live
HelloSign W11 Other SaaS The #1 eSignature Software for Small and Mid-Market Businesses. . Exited
Hotspots W11 Other SaaS Real-time analytics (acq by TWTR, 2012) . Dead
Humble Bundle W11 Entertainment Pay what you want for awesome games and other content while giving to charity. . Exited
Hyperink W11 Entertainment Ebook publisher. . Dead
Inporia W11 Consumer Fashion shopping email list. . Dead
Insight Data Science W11 Education Turning PhDs & engineers into data scientists & data engineers . Live
Instapainting W11 Consumer The most popular custom oil painting service in the world. Work with an artist to get a custom piece... . Live
Lanyrd W11 Consumer IMDB of conferences. . Exited
Mailgun W11 Dev Tools Email API service. . Exited
MemSQL W11 Other SaaS The Cloud-Native, Operational Database Built for Speed and Scale . Live
Mino Games W11 Entertainment Mobile games company . Live
OrderAhead W11 Consumer Order ahead for pickup . Exited
Pebble W11 Consumer Watch that helps you get shit done and limit the mayhem of notifications . Exited
Sendoid W11 Other SaaS High speed peer to peer data transport technology for consumers (Sendoid) and enterprises (Expresso)... . Exited
Siasto W11 Other SaaS Siasto is a collaboration tool designed for SMBs who use Google Apps, Dropbox, and Box. . Dead
SimplyListed W11 Consumer Sell your stuff. . Dead
StoryWorth W11 Consumer Record your family stories and print them in beautiful keepsake books. . Live
Talkable W11 Other SaaS Online store referrals. . Live
TalkBin W11 Other SaaS Instore feedback. . Exited
TellFi W11 Other SaaS Google Voice for business. . Dead
Tremendous W11 Other SaaS Helping businesses reward and incentivize anyone in the world, easily and instantly, with gift cards... . Live
TrustEgg W11 Fintech Trust funds. . Dead
Tumult W11 Dev Tools Tumult is building the next generation of apps for web design. Our first app is Hype, the HTML5 anim... . Live
Tutorspree W11 Education Tutor marketplace. . Exited
Upverter W11 Dev Tools The future of hardware design. A marketplace for hardware engineering labour, component symbols, foo... . Exited
Userfox W11 Other SaaS User retention as a service. Drip email . Dead
Venuetastic W11 Other SaaS Venue marketplace. . Dead
You Got Listings W11 Real Estate Residential rentals database for brokers and landlords. . Live
ZeroCater W11 Other SaaS ZeroCater is the #1 way companies provide family-style meals for their employees. . Live