Companies in Y Combinator W12 Batch

Name Batch Category Description Status
42Floors W12 Real Estate We make it easy to search for office space. . Exited
99dresses W12 Consumer We're creating every women's fantasy by combining the unwanted fashion collections of a potential 30M+ young US women into one massive Infinite Closet that can be accessed on demand. . Dead
Amiato W12 Other SaaS The BI bridge for unstructured data. We automatically bridge the gap between unstructured data sources and the rich world of structured BI tools. Run reports on MongoDB. Tableau on event streams. Excel on logs. . Exited
Amplitude W12 Other SaaS Product Analytics . Live
Ark W12 Entertainment Ark organizes the world's social information. . Dead
Authy W12 Dev Tools Authy is a Two-Factor Authentication platform for developers . Exited
BarSense W12 Consumer Kid's first smartphone with web-based parental controls. . Dead
BookSolid W12 Other SaaS 27Bards is the opentable for tour operators. . Dead
Brace W12 Other SaaS Backlift allows front-end only developers to build entire websites and deploy them instantly via Dropbox. . Dead
Carsabi W12 Consumer We are building an index of every car on the internet to help find your next automotive purchase. . Exited
Chute W12 Other SaaS Discover the photos and videos people are taking of your brand or products on any major social network, get rights to that media, and publish it wherever you see fit, from a billboard to a banner ad. We call this process visual marketing automation. . Exited
CircuitHub W12 Industrial Electronics factory automation . Live
CleverDeck W12 Education Collaborate with an artist to commission original artwork you'll live with and love for the rest of your life. . Live
CoderWall W12 Other SaaS Assembly is a web collaboration platform that enables users to develop apps, widgets, platforms, and APIs with the help of other users. . Exited
Couple W12 Entertainment App that connects two phones and creates a private timeline to share things with your girlfriend/boyfriend. It's somewhere between a Facebook timeline for your relationship, and SMS, so you have a more personal way to communicate. . Exited
Documents.Me W12 Other SaaS Client-side encryption for your devices and the cloud. . Dead
EngageInbox W12 Other SaaS Givespark was a celebrity fundraising platform . Dead
Exec W12 Consumer Exec is a house cleaning service that users can book from their iPhone or the web in real-time. . Exited
FamilyLeaf W12 Entertainment Bring your far-flung family closer together. Stay in touch with your family members' contact information, photos, and updates. . Exited
FarmLogs W12 Agriculture Software that helps farmers monitor their operations and operate more profitable businesses. Also building a next-generation commodity hedging platform. . Live
Flutter W12 Dev Tools Flutter combined computer vision technology with the built-in webcams in laptops, iPads, smartphones and TVs to let users control these devices with gestures, facial expressions, hints and body-language. Flutter became part of Google in Oct 2013. . Exited
Fond W12 Other SaaS Fond provides a SaaS solution for Rewards and Recognitions. . Live
Glider W12 Other SaaS We filter distracting emails away from your inbox. . Dead
Grouper W12 Consumer We set up drinks between 2 groups of friends: 3 guys and 3 girls. . Dead
Gusto W12 Other SaaS Humans aren’t resources. Gusto reimagines payroll, benefits, and HR by automating the most complicated, impersonal business tasks and making them simple and delightful. Get three months free @ . Live
HackPad W12 Other SaaS A realtime wiki for getting things done. . Exited
Hipmob W12 Other SaaS Customer communication for iOS and Android developers - an in-app support portal and in-app live chat; all native code. . Dead
HireArt W12 Other SaaS We simulate the work environment to find out who's best for the job. . Live
iCracked W12 Consumer On-demand smartphone repair in 3 countries and launching smart home installation. Think of us like a white labeled Geek Squad for retailers, Insurance Co's, and Telco's. . Exited
Jellyfish Art W12 Consumer Jellyfish Art develops jellyfish aquariums and supplies them with live jellyfish and accessories. . Dead
LendUp W12 Fintech LendUp is a socially responsible company on a mission to redefine financial services for the emerging middle class. LendUp builds loans and credit cards paired with educational experiences to help people save money and improve their financial health. . Live
Loom W12 Entertainment Cloud storage for photos and videos (acquired by Dropbox). . Exited
LVL6 W12 Entertainment We make mobile MMOs. . Dead
Make School W12 Education Make School is redesigning college for the 21st century. Students learn liberal arts and computer science, pay tuition as a percentage of earnings, and graduate to jobs at YC companies. . Live
Marft W12 Dev Tools Marft creates embeddable machine learning models for application developers. Users submit data by web/API, and receive optimized models implemented in a language of their choice. . Live
MatterPort W12 Entertainment Turn physical objects and environments into 3D models in seconds. . Live
Medigram W12 Healthcare We are making a HIPAA-compliant, Groupme app for doctors to communicate in the hospital, as an alternative to pagers. . Live
Medmonk W12 Healthcare A tool for pharmacists to find funding for patients who are unable to pay for their medications. . Live
Minefold W12 Other SaaS Simple multiplayer game servers. . Dead
MyVR W12 Real Estate The open platform for the vacation rental industry. . Live
Optilly W12 Other SaaS InstallMonetizer is a software distribution adnetwork on the windows platform..... Mobile coming soon :) . Dead
Per Vices W12 Industrial Per Vices Corporation builds software-defined radio (SDR) products. Our Crimson platform provides the flexibility and bandwidth required to support various radio applications used within the infrastructure, defence, and telecommunications industries. . Live
Pixelapse W12 Dev Tools Github for designers. We automatically keep track of revisions of Photoshop, Illustrator and other design files and back them up securely. Designers can collaborate with their team members to get feedback and iterate on their designs. . Exited
PlanGrid W12 Real Estate We build mobile applications for the construction industry . Exited
Priceonomics W12 Other SaaS We help companies turn their data into great stories. . Live
Rescale W12 Dev Tools Cloud Big Compute Platform . Live
Ridecell W12 Transport Ridecell is the leading SaaS operating system to launch, operate, and scale autonomous and new mobility services including carsharing, counterless rentals, ridesharing, and autonomous services. . Live
Roundup W12 Entertainment Event organization, for your phone. . Dead
Screenleap W12 Other SaaS Simple screen sharing. Allow people to view your screen from any device with a browser. Also available as a service through our API for companies that want to add screen sharing to their products. . Live
SendHub W12 Other SaaS Simple Business SMS. SMBs to Large Enterprise. . Exited
Shoptiques W12 Consumer lets you shop the world's best local boutiques online. . Live
Shopular W12 Consumer Deals, Coupons & Cash Back for your favorite stores. . Exited
SlidePay W12 Fintech Banking and Payment Platform APIs. Exited October 2014. . Exited
Socialcam W12 Entertainment The easiest way to share videos with friends and family. . Exited
SolidStage W12 Dev Tools Sysadmin as a service. We make deploying, configuring, monitoring, and scaling in the cloud simple. . Dead
Swiftype W12 Dev Tools Smart search for the modern team. . Exited
Talkray W12 Entertainment Instantly talk or text to one or a group of friends at once with the touch of a button. No setup needed. Fast, simple and free - TiKL turns your phone into the ultimate Push To Talk (PTT) Walkie Talkie with instant messenger capability. . Live
Tap to Learn W12 Entertainment Games For Education . Live
The Muse W12 Other SaaS The Muse is the ultimate career destination offering exciting job opportunities, expert advice, and a peek behind the scenes into fantastic companies and career paths. . Live
Tilt W12 Fintech Mobile crowdfunding: The easiest way to collect, fundraise, and sell with your community. . Exited
WireOver W12 Other SaaS Really secure file sending for big files. . Dead
YourMechanic W12 Consumer Car Repairs, Reinvented: a. Mechanic comes to your home or work to fix your car b. Save 20-30% by working directly with mechanics instead of shops c. Total transparency and money back guarantee . Live
Zillabyte W12 Dev Tools Palantir for sales people . Dead
Zipio W12 Entertainment Deal search service . Dead