Companies in Y Combinator W12 Batch

Name Batch Category Description Status
42Floors W12 Real Estate We make it easy to search for office space. . Exited
99dresses W12 Consumer We're creating every women's fantasy by combining the unwanted fashion collections of a potential 30... . Dead
Amiato W12 Other SaaS The BI bridge for unstructured data. We automatically bridge the gap between unstructured data sourc... . Exited
Amplitude W12 Other SaaS Amplitude is the comprehensive product analytics software for web and mobile . Live
Ark W12 Entertainment Ark organizes the world's social information. . Dead
Authy W12 Dev Tools Authy is a Two-Factor Authentication platform for developers . Exited
BarSense W12 Consumer Kid's first smartphone with web-based parental controls. . Dead
BookSolid W12 Other SaaS BookSolid is the opentable for tour operators. . Dead
Brace W12 Other SaaS Backlift allows front-end only developers to build entire websites and deploy them instantly via Dro... . Dead
Carsabi W12 Consumer Carsabi is the search engine for used cars . Exited
Chute W12 Other SaaS Discover the photos and videos people are taking of your brand or products on any major social netwo... . Exited
CircuitHub W12 Industrial Electronics factory automation . Live
CleverDeck W12 Education Collaborate with an artist to commission original artwork you'll live with and love for the rest of ... . Live
CoderWall W12 Other SaaS Assembly is a web collaboration platform that enables users to develop apps, widgets, platforms, and APIs with the help of other users. . Exited
Couple W12 Entertainment App that connects two phones and creates a private timeline to share things with your girlfriend/bo... . Exited
Documents.Me W12 Other SaaS Client-side encryption for your devices and the cloud. . Dead
Exec W12 Consumer Exec is a house cleaning service that users can book from their iPhone or the web in real-time. . Exited
FamilyLeaf W12 Entertainment Help families stay in touch . Exited
FarmLogs W12 Agriculture Software that helps farmers monitor their operations and operate more profitable businesses. . Live
Flutter W12 Dev Tools Flutter combined computer vision technology with the built-in webcams in laptops, iPads, smartphones... . Exited
Fond W12 Other SaaS Rewards and recognition SaaS for HR leaders . Live
GiveSpark W12 Other SaaS Givespark was a celebrity charity fundraising platform . Dead
Glider W12 Other SaaS We filter distracting emails away from your inbox. . Dead
Grouper W12 Consumer We set up drinks between 2 groups of friends: 3 guys and 3 girls. . Dead
Gusto W12 Other SaaS Gusto is a modern, online people platform that helps small businesses take care of their teams. . Live
HackPad W12 Other SaaS A realtime wiki for getting things done. . Exited
Hipmob W12 Other SaaS Customer communication for iOS and Android developers - an in-app support portal and in-app live cha... . Dead
HireArt W12 Other SaaS We simulate the work environment to find out who's best for the job. . Live
iCracked W12 Consumer On-demand smartphone repair in 3 countries and launching smart home installation. Think of us like a... . Exited
Jellyfish Art W12 Consumer Jellyfish Art develops jellyfish aquariums and supplies them with live jellyfish and accessories. . Dead
LendUp W12 Fintech LendUp is a socially responsible company on a mission to redefine financial services for the emergin... . Live
Loom W12 Entertainment Cloud storage for photos and videos (acquired by Dropbox). . Exited
LVL6 W12 Entertainment We make mobile MMOs. . Dead
Make School W12 Education Make School is redesigning college for the 21st century. Students learn liberal arts and computer sc... . Live
Marft W12 Dev Tools Marft creates embeddable machine learning models for application developers. Users submit data by we... . Live
MatterPort W12 Entertainment Turn physical objects and environments into 3D models in seconds. . Live
Medigram W12 Healthcare We are making a HIPAA-compliant, Groupme app for doctors to communicate in the hospital, as an alter... . Live
Medmonk W12 Healthcare A tool for pharmacists to find funding for patients who are unable to pay for their medications. . Live
Midnox W12 Entertainment Makers of Luma - a smart video camera for iOS. . Exited
Minefold W12 Other SaaS Simple multiplayer game servers. . Dead
MyVR W12 Real Estate The open platform for the vacation rental industry. . Live
Optilly W12 Other SaaS InstallMonetizer is a software distribution adnetwork on the windows platform..... Mobile coming soo... . Dead
Per Vices W12 Industrial Per Vices Corporation builds software-defined radio (SDR) products. Our Crimson platform provides th... . Live
Pixelapse W12 Dev Tools Github for designers. We automatically keep track of revisions of Photoshop, Illustrator and other d... . Exited
PlanGrid W12 Real Estate We build mobile applications for the construction industry . Exited
Priceonomics W12 Other SaaS We help companies turn their data into great stories. . Live
Rescale W12 Dev Tools Cloud Big Compute Platform . Live
Ridecell W12 Transport Ridecell is the leading SaaS operating system to launch, operate, and scale autonomous and new mobil... . Live
Roundup W12 Entertainment Modern calendaring, for your phone. . Dead
Screenleap, Inc. W12 Other SaaS One-click screen sharing with installation-free viewing on all devices. Also available as a service ... . Live
SendHub W12 Other SaaS Simple Business SMS. SMBs to Large Enterprise. . Exited
Shoptiques W12 Consumer lets you shop the world's best local boutiques online. . Live
Shopular W12 Consumer Deals, Coupons & Cash Back for your favorite stores. . Exited
SlidePay W12 Fintech Banking and Payment Platform APIs. Exited October 2014. . Exited
Socialcam W12 Entertainment The easiest way to share videos with friends and family. . Exited
SolidStage W12 Dev Tools Sysadmin as a service. We make deploying, configuring, monitoring, and scaling in the cloud simple. . Dead
Swiftype W12 Dev Tools Smart search for the modern team. . Exited
Talkray W12 Entertainment Instantly talk or text to one or a group of friends at once with the touch of a button. No setup nee... . Live
Tap to Learn W12 Entertainment Games For Education . Live
The Muse W12 Other SaaS The Muse is the ultimate career destination offering exciting job opportunities, expert advice, and ... . Live
Tilt W12 Fintech Mobile crowdfunding: The easiest way to collect, fundraise, and sell with your community. . Exited
WireOver W12 Other SaaS Really secure file sending for big files. . Dead
YourMechanic W12 Consumer Car Repairs, Reinvented:a. Mechanic comes to your home or work to fix your carb. Save 20-30% by work... . Live
Zillabyte W12 Dev Tools Palantir for sales people . Dead
Zipio W12 Entertainment Deal search service . Dead