Companies in Y Combinator W13 Batch

Name Batch Category Description Status
Airware W13 Aerospace Airware provides end-to-end solutions that enable enterprises to digitize their business and turn aerial data into actionable business intelligence. . Dead
Appcubator W13 Dev Tools The easiest way to prototype web applications. . Dead
BeatDeck W13 Other SaaS Music, Metrics... Meritocracy. (Upload Music, Connect your Social Media Accounts, Receive Metrics, Perfect Yourself and Predict Success) . Dead
Bitnami W13 Other SaaS The App Store for Server Software . Exited
BuildZoom W13 Consumer BuildZoom is a better way to remodel. We connect homeowners to the most reliable general contractors in their area and make remodeling simpler, cheaper and more predictable. . Live
Cheetah W13 Other SaaS Cheetah is the fastest, easiest, and most affordable way for small business owners to order their supplies with same day or next day delivery. . Live
CircuitLab W13 Dev Tools Browser-based electronics simulations and schematics software. . Live
Coin W13 Fintech A mobile wallet that allows you to pay everywhere credit cards are accepted. . Exited
CrowdMed W13 Healthcare CrowdMed harnesses the wisdom of crowds to solve difficult medical cases online . Live
Etleap W13 Other SaaS ETL for Big Data . Live
Experiment W13 Healthcare funding and collaboration platform for science . Live
Fivetran W13 Other SaaS Data infrastructure as a service . Live
FlightCar W13 Consumer FlightCar is the Airbnb of Car Rentals at Airports. We allow people to rent their car out to other travelers while they are gone, so they get free airport parking and make money. Renters get a cheaper rental. We also provide $1m of insurance. . Exited
Goldbelly W13 Consumer We make the most regionally famous and downright awesome foods from across the country available for delivery to anywhere in these United States. . Live
GrepData W13 Other SaaS Big Data Analytics . Exited
Heap W13 Other SaaS Heap automatically captures every user interaction in your mobile or web app, letting you generate analytics without writing code or waiting for data. . Live
InfluxData W13 Other SaaS InfluxData is building the platform for collecting, storing, visualizing, and processing time series data at scale. . Live
Interana W13 Other SaaS Hadoop for impatient people. . Live
Kalibrr W13 Other SaaS Kalibrr matches people to jobs on the basis of interests, experience and skills and we operate talent marketplaces in Southeast Asia. . Live
Lawdingo W13 Consumer Lawdingo provides virtual paralegal services to law firms. . Live
Logiblock W13 Other SaaS Logiblock engineers electronics and development tools to dramatically accelerate your ideas into physical products. . Dead
Lollipuff W13 Consumer Online Auctions for Authentic (Women's) Designer Goods . Live
Medisas W13 Healthcare Medisas builds workflow & collaboration software for hospitals. . Live
MedXT W13 Healthcare Radiology in the cloud. X-rays, CAT scans, MRI's, and ultrasounds. Acquired by Box in November 2014. . Exited
Meldium W13 Other SaaS Simple password & identity management for teams. Acquired by LogMeIn in August 2014. . Exited
North W13 Entertainment Wearable computing hardware: biosignal gesture recognition . Live
Padlet W13 Other SaaS Easiest way to put stuff on the Internet . Live
PayTango W13 Other SaaS Simple invoicing . Dead
Posmetrics W13 Other SaaS Ultra-short feedback surveys on tablets mounted in businesses. Higher response rates allow more powerful data analytics. . Exited
Prophecy Sciences W13 Other SaaS Predicting workplace performance through neuroscience . Dead
RADAR W13 Other SaaS RADAR is building technology to completely transform the in-store experience for retail employees and customers alike. . Live
RoverRide W13 Consumer A universal urban transit app. Given all transportation options available to you, Rover will give you the optimal route choice *right now*, using real-time data for each transit mode. . Dead
Screenhero W13 Other SaaS Collaborative Screen Sharing — you each get your own mouse, and you're both always in control. Acquired by Slack (Jan '15). . Exited
Semantics3 W13 Other SaaS Data and AI based enterprise solutions for e-commerce marketplaces (catalog generation & enrichment, seller onboarding), logistics companies (HTS/tariff classification, attribute enrichment) and brands (market share & trend reports, price monitoring) . Live
SimplyInsured W13 Healthcare We make it simple to buy health insurance online. Don't get confused by deductibles & coinsurances - we give you straightforward costs for your medical needs. . Live
Strikingly W13 Other SaaS The easiest way to create a beautiful, mobile optimized website. . Live
StyleUp W13 Consumer StyleUp brings effortless joy to getting dressed with daily, weather-appropriate advice tailored to suit your life and style. . Dead
Swapbox W13 Consumer Stop missing deliveries. Ship to Swapbox and pick up at our kiosks. . Dead
Swish W13 Other SaaS Kickstarter for physical products. Shop exclusive product launches. . Dead
Teespring W13 Consumer Retail quality products on-demand. Teespring is a platform that enables anyone to create and sell unique apparel and items that people love, with no cost or risk. . Live
Trainzen W13 Other SaaS Educational assessments made easy. Eliminating paper-based exams in higher ed. . Dead
VaycayHero W13 Consumer VaycayHero is a marketplace of professionally managed vacation rentals. Acquired by RedAwning in March 2017. . Exited
Watsi W13 Nonprofit Watsi is the first global crowdfunding platform for medical treatments. . Live
Wefunder W13 Fintech Kickstarter for equity. We let anyone invest as little as $100 in startups. We connect startups with a "street team" of passionate small investors eager to help evangelize. . Live
Wevorce W13 Consumer Changing divorce for good by making it a way less horrible experience for kids, couples and attorneys. . Live
Zenefits W13 Other SaaS HR for small businesses: onboarding, payroll and benefits. . Live