Companies in Y Combinator W18 Batch

Name Batch Category Description Status
Aalo W18 Consumer Lego-like furniture for design geeks. We create furniture that's hackable, reusable, and customizabl... . Dead
Aerones W18 Aerospace Robotics for wind turbine maintenance. . Live
AesculaTech W18 Healthcare Our vision: a product ecosystem that responds to its environment, driven by materials with a mind of... . Live
Airship W18 Dev Tools Airship is a modern product flagging framework that gives the right people total control over what your customers see and experience. . Live
AlgoSurg Inc W18 Healthcare We make software for surgeons to plan bone surgeries in 3D. . Live
Anjuna W18 Other SaaS Full-stack hardware-level encryption without changing applications . Live
ArchForm W18 Healthcare Replacing orthodontic braces with our clear aligner and software . Live
Aspire W18 Fintech Simple banking for small businesses . Live
Atrium W18 Other SaaS Modern law firm for startups powered by proprietary technology . Dead
Avro Life Science W18 Healthcare Skin patches for generic drug delivery. . Live
Beanstalk W18 Agriculture Beanstalk provides locally grown produce using low-cost and automated vertical farms. . Live
Bear Flag Robotics W18 Agriculture Bear Flag Robotics is developing autonomous driving technology for farm tractors. Bear Flag allows g... . Live
Ben W18 Fintech The easiest way to learn about, buy, and store cryptocurrency. . Live
Biobot Analytics W18 Government We analyze city sewage to estimate opioid consumption. . Live
BioRender W18 Healthcare The Adobe Creative Suite for Life Sciences . Live
Blueberry Medical W18 Healthcare 24/7 access to pediatricians and at-home medical testing kit . Live
BUMP W18 Consumer The ultimate marketplace for authentic fashion . Live
California Dreamin W18 Consumer Cannabis infused beverages . Live
Callisto W18 Consumer We create tech to combat sexual assault, support survivors, and advance justice. . Live
CaptivateIQ W18 Other SaaS CaptivateIQ makes it easy to pay your sales teams' commissions. . Live
ClearBrain W18 Other SaaS Causal Analytics for Growth Teams . Exited
Closer Sports W18 Healthcare Mobile streaming platform connecting professional athletes with their fans. . Dead
CodeStream W18 Dev Tools CodeStream is a Developer Collaboration Platform designed to radically improve Communication, Integr... . Live
Cognition IP W18 Other SaaS First tech-enabled patent law firm. . Live
CoinTracker W18 Fintech The most trusted cryptocurrency portfolio assistant and tax solution . Live
Correlia Biosystems W18 Healthcare Next generation blood testing to provide 1000x more data to pharma companies . Live
Culture Biosciences W18 Healthcare We grow cells for biotech companies. . Live
Curious Fictions W18 Entertainment Patreon for professional authors. . Live
Dataform W18 Other SaaS Manage data in Snowflake, BigQuery and Redshift . Live
Dear Brightly W18 Healthcare Dear Brightly makes personalized prescription skincare products, accessible to everyone. . Live
Delphia W18 Other SaaS Delphia allows people to co-invest their data alongside their money in order to accelerate their fin... . Live
Draftbit W18 Dev Tools Build mobile apps visually. Source-code included. . Live
Edwin W18 Education Edwin is virtual English tutor - an AI-powered service for learning English as a foreign language. . Exited
EnvKey W18 Dev Tools 1Password for API keys . Live
ErudiFi W18 Fintech Building the back-end of education in Southeast Asia . Live
Evry Health W18 Healthcare Better health insurance for companies with 200-1,000 employees that costs up to 20% less. . Live
Flinto W18 Fintech Digital wallet for Mexico . Live
Fondo W18 Other SaaS Bookkeeping and tax for startups. . Live
Gainful W18 Consumer Personalized protein powder, delivered directly to your doorstep. . Live
Glimpse K12 W18 Education Glimpse eliminates ineffective spending in schools. . Live W18 Other SaaS Unified, intelligent B2C messaging for leading brands of the world . Live
Groww W18 Fintech Investing made simple for everyone in India . Live
Haiku W18 Dev Tools Haiku builds cross-functional collaboration tools for software teams. . Live
Helloverify W18 Other SaaS Helloverify is a background screening platform (Checkr for India). . Live
Hexel W18 Consumer Create a cryptocurrency for your community. . Dead
Heyday Health W18 Dev Tools Elite nutrition coach in your pocket for $5 a day . Dead
Hopper W18 Resources . Dead
Hunter2 W18 Other SaaS Hunter2 trains engineering teams in application security through interactive online labs. Developers... . Exited
Iambiq Technologies W18 Dev Tools Iambiq helps organizations read and process large amounts of text-based data usually handled by humans. . Dead
Jido Maps W18 Entertainment A lightweight API for persistent augmented reality. . Live
Juni Learning W18 Education The best online education program for kids . Live
Key Values W18 Other SaaS Helping software developers find teams that share their values. . Live
Lambda Tea W18 Consumer We build self-serve bubble tea dispensers! :D . Dead
Lawyaw W18 Other SaaS Automating document-based workflows . Live
Let's Do This W18 Consumer marketplace for endurance events . Live
Lightout W18 Other SaaS The Platform for Digital OOH Experiences . Live
Look After My Bills W18 Fintech Personal fintech - we optimise your bills, every year, automatically. . Exited
Lucy Goods, Inc W18 Consumer Lucy’s mission is to reduce tobacco-related harm to zero. We provide next-generation nicotine produc... . Live
LUS Brands W18 Consumer Hair care products for curly hair. . Live
Macromoltek W18 Healthcare Computational antibody design . Live
Mayhem W18 Entertainment Mayhem is the easiest way to play with your gaming community. . Live
Medumo W18 Healthcare We manage patient instructions for hospitals . Exited
Meitre W18 Other SaaS Opentable for the world's top restaurants; we help them increase profit as much as 30% by optimizing... . Live
Memora Health W18 Healthcare Memora Health helps healthcare organizations standardize and automate patient communication. . Live
Mighty Buildings W18 Real Estate Affordable & Sustainable Housing with 3DP tech & Robotics . Live
Mind Emulation Foundation W18 Healthcare Mind emulation enables your mind to continue to live on after your body has died. . Live
miru W18 Dev Tools Experience any piece of furniture in AR . Dead
Modern Health W18 Healthcare Modern Health is a mental health benefits platform for employers. We are the only solution to cover ... . Live
mojo W18 Entertainment Create animated social stories . Live
Naborly W18 Real Estate AI powered credit scoring, underwriting, and insurance for the rental real estate industry. . Live
Necto W18 Consumer ISP starter kit . Dead
Nectome W18 Healthcare Building a way to preserve long-term memories. . Live
NewCraft W18 Dev Tools Programmable job applications . Live
Newfront Insurance W18 Fintech Newfront (W18) is the modern insurance brokerage that leverages technology to vastly simplify the bu... . Live
NEXGENT W18 Education β˜… NexGenT is an Online IT Academy Providing "Military Grade" Training For The Next Generation Workforce β˜… . Live
Nutrigene W18 Consumer Personalized liquid supplements based your health data . Dead
Nuvocargo W18 Other SaaS Tech-enabled freight forwarding, customs brokerage, and trade finance between USA and Mexico . Live
Observant W18 Dev Tools Observant makes driver monitoring technology for autonomous vehicle safety drivers. . Live
Observe.AI W18 Other SaaS Observe.AI is on a mission to enable human workforce in a call center to focus on complex, subjectiv... . Live
Obsidian Labs W18 Entertainment Obsidian Labs focus on building blockchain products and developer tools for dApp ecosystem. . Dead
onederful W18 Healthcare Dental Insurance API . Live
One Health W18 Healthcare Precision medicine for dogs that helps people too. We are focused on improving canine cancer care an... . Live
Openland W18 Other SaaS Modern platform for chat communities . Live
OpenSea W18 Entertainment OpenSea is the first and largest marketplace for digital goods. . Live
Orangewood Labs W18 Consumer Orangewood Labs makes beautiful furniture quickly using robots. . Live
OSIMple W18 Real Estate Software for inspectors to automate their paper workflow. . Live
OurMenu W18 Other SaaS OurMenu provides an online food ordering service. . Dead
Ovipost W18 Agriculture Ovipost automates insect production . Live
Pagedraw W18 Dev Tools Pagedraw is a platform for productionizing designs into code. Thanks to Pagedraw, no one will ever ... . Dead
Patchd Medical W18 Healthcare Wearable devices which use Deep Neural Networks to predict and prevent sepsis (the #1 cause of hospi... . Live
Persephone Biosciences W18 Healthcare We are using the gut microbiome to cure cancer. . Live
Playbook W18 Entertainment We make it easy to hang out with college students around you. . Live
Players' Lounge W18 Entertainment Play video games against other people for money . Live
Plexus W18 Entertainment High-performance gloves for VR and AR . Live
Point API W18 Other SaaS Point stores things you send over and over again and helps you re-use them instantly. . Dead
Precious W18 Entertainment AI to curate your baby photos . Live
Promise W18 Government Promise helps government agencies better meet the needs of people in the criminal justice system. Ou... . Live
Proof W18 Other SaaS Proof helps companies increase conversions online using personalization . Live
Proven W18 Consumer Proven is building personalization to e-commerce with technology. We’re launching in September 2018,... . Live
Psylaris W18 Healthcare We use VR to automate mental health techniques for B2C. Our mobile VR app reduces negative mood, anx... . Dead
Pulse W18 Other SaaS We're crowdsourced Gartner so IT executives can learn directly from each other via simple Q&A instea... . Live
Quantstamp W18 Other SaaS Security auditing for blockchain smart contracts . Live
Quit Genius W18 Entertainment A mobile app that delivers personalised therapy to help people quit smoking. . Live
Qulture.Rocks W18 Other SaaS Qulture.Rocks helps mid-sized companies implement 1:1s, goals, feedbacks and performance reviews in ... . Live W18 Dev Tools In 2 seconds, boot up an online programming environment for your favorite language. . Live
Reverie Labs W18 Healthcare Building a pharma company from scratch, using machine learning. . Live
Rhythmm W18 Entertainment Read interesting conversations . Dead
Runa HR W18 Other SaaS Automating payroll for Latin America. Our software platform includes: payroll, employee management, ... . Live
SafetyWing W18 Fintech Global social safety net for remote workers . Live
SharpestMinds W18 Other SaaS Peer-to-peer mentorships through income-share agreements. . Live
Sheertex W18 Consumer The world's strongest sheer knit. Makers of the world's toughest pantyhose. . Live
Shogun W18 Dev Tools Software for building the next generation of online stores. . Live
Shone W18 Industrial Shone makes existing cargo ships autonomous through retrofit. . Live
Simetrik W18 Consumer Simetrik is a universal reconciliator: software that extracts, cleans, normalizes, filters and recon... . Live
Sixfold Bioscience W18 Healthcare Nanoparticles to deliver cell and gene therapies. . Live
Sketchbox W18 Entertainment Wordpress for AR & VR . Live
Skip W18 Consumer Electric scooters for reliable last-mile transportation. . Live
Slite W18 Other SaaS Documentation workspace for teams. . Live
Snackpass W18 Consumer Skip the line at restaurants, collect points and send gifts to friends 🎁 . Live
Sourcify W18 Other SaaS Sourcify is the fastest growing sourcing platform that helps hundreds of companies manufacture produ... . Live
Sqreen W18 Other SaaS Sqreen is the application security platform for the modern enterprise . Live
Squad W18 Entertainment Squad is a face-to-face messenger for sharing your phone screen with friends . Live
Station W18 Other SaaS Station is building the browser for work. It is a native desktop application unifying within a singl... . Live
Substack W18 Other SaaS A place for independent writing . Live
Super W18 Entertainment Super is an agent-led commerce app for Indonesia . Live
Supermedium W18 Entertainment Building VR utilities. . Live
Swayable W18 Other SaaS Swayable measures how messaging changes public opinion, so marketers and campaigns can dramatically ... . Live
Tarjimly W18 Entertainment Tarjimly connects refugees and aid workers with realtime translators using Facebook Messenger. We al... . Live
tEQuitable W18 Other SaaS tEQuitable's mission is to create work culture that works for everyone . Live
The Podcast App W18 Entertainment Discover podcasts that will make you 1% better, every day . Live
Tingles W18 Entertainment Find content that helps you relax and fall asleep. . Live
Tipe W18 Other SaaS We make it so developers never have to manage text. . Live
Torch W18 Other SaaS Torch is a leadership development platform with integrated coaching, software and feedback to raise high performers to the next level. . Live
Tradewind BioScience W18 Healthcare Tradewind BioScience is building therapeutics to attack the most deadly human cancers. Our current l... . Live
Treasury Prime W18 Fintech A modern banking platform for Banks and Fintechs . Live
Tributi W18 Consumer Tax filing automation for individuals in Latam. . Live
Universe W18 Entertainment Design and build any kind of website. On your iPhone or iPad. . Live
Vanta W18 Other SaaS Automated security and compliance . Live
Vathys W18 Industrial Accelerating machine learning through software . Live
Vena Medical W18 Healthcare Vena Medical is providing physicians with the world's smallest camera capable of going inside veins ... . Live
Veriff W18 Dev Tools Trust is everything, make it bulletproof . Live
Viaopt W18 Other SaaS Uber pool for corporate trucking fleets . Live
Voicery W18 Dev Tools Automated voice acting and emotive speech synthesis with deep neural networks. . Live
Volley W18 Entertainment Voice-controlled entertainment on Alexa and Google Assistant . Live
Wing It W18 Consumer Discover weekend getaways near you via Facebook Messenger. . Live
Worklytics W18 Other SaaS Worklytics is productivity analytics for teams, gathered from data in tools like G Suite, Slack and ... . Live
YouTeam W18 Other SaaS A platform for building offshore development teams. We helped more than 30 YC companies hire great e... . Live
ZBiotics W18 Healthcare ZBiotics makes genetically engineered probiotics. . Live
Zyper W18 Other SaaS Recreating social networks for brands. . Live