Companies in Y Combinator W18 Batch

Name Batch Category Description Status
Aalo W18 Consumer Lego-like furniture for design geeks. We create furniture that's hackable, reusable, and customizable to fit your space perfectly no matter how many times you move. . Live
Aerones W18 Aerospace Industrial Heavy lift drones for hi-pressure cleaning and firefighting. . Live
AesculaTech W18 Healthcare AesculaTech is developing smart materials to enable next generation medical devices . Live
Airship W18 Dev Tools Airship is a modern product flagging framework that gives the right people total control over what your customers see and experience. . Live
AlgoSurg Inc W18 Healthcare We make software for surgeons to plan bone surgeries in 3D. . Live
Anjuna W18 Other SaaS Anjuna creates a software perimeter around applications that provides hardware-grade security for the application, which completely removes the need to secure or patch the host or the VM. . Live
ArchForm W18 Healthcare Replacing orthodontic braces with our clear aligner and software . Live
Aspire W18 Fintech Reinventing Banking for Small Businesses in SEA . Live
Atrium W18 Other SaaS Modern law firm for startups powered by proprietary technology . Live
Avro Life Science W18 Healthcare Skin patches for generic drug delivery. . Live
Beanstalk W18 Agriculture We grow heirloom produce in automated, indoor farms. . Live
Bear Flag Robotics W18 Agriculture Bear Flag Robotics is developing autonomous driving technology for farm tractors. Bear Flag allows growers to automate and optimize many of their most common tasks. This addresses the farm labor shortage and removes workers from hazardous conditions. . Live
Ben W18 Blockchain The easiest way to learn about, buy, and store cryptocurrency. . Live
Biobot Analytics W18 Government We analyze city sewage to estimate opioid consumption. . Live W18 Healthcare The Adobe Creative Suite for Life Sciences . Live
BloomJoy W18 Other SaaS Associated Press for lifestyle content. . Live
Blueberry Medical W18 Healthcare Unlimited pediatrician visits available 24/7 for peace of mind and avoiding unnecessary ER or doctor visits. . Live
BUMP W18 Consumer BUMP is a peer-to-peer streetwear marketplace . Live
California Dreamin W18 Consumer Cannabis infused beverages . Live
Callisto W18 Consumer We create tech to combat sexual assault and harassment. . Live
CaptivateIQ W18 Other SaaS CaptivateIQ makes it easy to pay your sales teams' commissions. . Live
ClearBrain W18 Other SaaS Predict user conversion & churn, without a line of code. . Live
CodeStream W18 Dev Tools The knowledge base behind your codebase. . Live
Cognition IP W18 Other SaaS First tech-enabled patent law firm. . Live
CoinTracker W18 Blockchain Portfolio & tax manager for cryptocurrency . Live
Correlia Biosystems W18 Healthcare Next generation blood testing to provide 1000x more data to pharma companies . Live
Culture Robotics W18 Healthcare We run automated bioreactors as a service. . Live
Curious Fictions W18 Entertainment Patreon for professional authors. . Live
Dana Cita W18 Fintech Financial services for the unbanked in Indonesia, starting with student loans. . Live
Dear Brightly W18 Healthcare DearBrightly makes personalized prescription skincare products, accessible to everyone. . Live
Delphia W18 Other SaaS Delphia builds artificially-intelligent surveys that help people make important decisions. . Live
Draftbit W18 Entertainment Draftbit is a new way to build cross-platform, native iOS and Android apps in minutes instead of months. . Live
Edwin W18 Education Edwin is an AI-powered English learning service delivered by chatbots, voice assistants, and humans. It prepares students for standardized tests, such as TOEFL and TOEIC. Edwin provides better outcomes in β…“ the time at β…“ the cost of existing methods. . Live
EnvKey W18 Dev Tools 1Password for API keys . Live
Evry Health W18 Healthcare Better health insurance for companies with 200-1,000 employees that costs up to 20% less. . Live
Flinto W18 Fintech Pay friends, merchants, and services in Mexico through your phone, even without a bank account. . Live
Gainful W18 Consumer Personalized protein powder, delivered directly to your doorstep. . Live
Glimpse K12 W18 Education Glimpse eliminates ineffective spending in schools. . Live
Groww W18 Fintech Simple investing for everyone in India . Live
Haiku W18 Dev Tools App builder that unifies design and code . Live
HelloVerify W18 Other SaaS Helloverify is an online background screening platform (Checkr for India). . Live
Hexel W18 Blockchain Create a cryptocurrency for your community. . Live
Hopper W18 Resources . Live
Hunter2 W18 Other SaaS Hunter2 trains engineering teams in application security through interactive online labs. Developers get hands-on practice exploiting and patching real web apps written in their tech stack. . Live
Iambiq Technologies W18 AI and ML Iambiq helps organizations read and process large amounts of text-based data usually handled by humans. . Dead
Jido Maps W18 Entertainment A lightweight API for persistent augmented reality. . Live
Juni Learning W18 Education The best online education program for kids . Live
Key Values W18 Other SaaS Helping software developers find teams that share their values. . Live
Lambda Tea W18 Consumer We build self-serve bubble tea dispensers! :D . Live
Lawyaw W18 Other SaaS Lawyaw automatically converts your internal businesses and legal documents into smart templates, saving you time, money, and the embarassement of careless errors. . Live
Leap W18 Nonprofit Private network for women in tech . Live W18 Consumer marketplace for endurance events . Live
Look After My Bills W18 Fintech Personal fintech - we optimise your bills, every year, automatically. . Live
LUS Brands W18 Consumer Hair care products for curly hair. . Live
Macromoltek W18 Healthcare Software for antibody modeling and analysis . Live
Medumo W18 Healthcare We manage patient instructions for hospitals . Live
Meitre W18 Other SaaS Opentable for the world's top restaurants; we help them increase profit as much as 30% by optimizing table allocation, prioritizing high margin bookings at peak hours, and eliminating no-shows using tickets, deposits and credit card guarantees. . Live
Memora Health W18 Healthcare Efficiency software that automates patient follow-up and improves nursing operations in hospitals . Live
Mind Emulation Foundation W18 Healthcare Mind emulation enables your mind to continue to live on after your body has died. . Live
Modern Health W18 Healthcare Modern Health is a benefits platform that helps companies care for their employees' emotional well-being. From career path guidance to emotional health support, we help employees no matter what their goals are. . Live
mojo W18 Entertainment Create stunning Video Stories . Live
Molly W18 Entertainment Molly answers questions about people using AI . Live
Naborly W18 Real Estate AI powered credit scoring, underwriting, and insurance for the real estate industry. . Live
Necto W18 Consumer Internet Service Provider starter Kit . Live
Nectome W18 Healthcare Preserve your brain to bring you back in the future . Live
NewCraft W18 Dev Tools Discover, share and build new learning experiences. . Live
Newfront Insurance W18 Fintech Newfront (was Abe) is a modern insurance brokerage that leverages technology to vastly simplify the buying process for businesses and the selling process for brokers. . Live
NEXGENT W18 Other SaaS NexGenT solves the growing shortage of IT engineers for enterprise companies by providing job ready certified engineers. . Live
Nutrigene W18 Consumer Personalized liquid supplements based your health data . Live W18 Other SaaS Automating Quality Assurance(QA) process in Call Centers, leading to 60% reduction in QA cost and 8X increase in the monitoring coverage. . Live
onederful W18 Healthcare API for dental insurance . Live
One Health W18 Healthcare Precision medicine for dogs that helps people too. We are focused on improving canine cancer care and also run clinical trials leveraging already sick dogs for predictive data, whilst providing cutting edge therapies for dogs in need. . Live
Openland W18 Other SaaS Professional messenger to talk with people outside of your organization . Live
OpenSea W18 Blockchain OpenSea is the first and largest marketplace for digital collectibles, which include gaming items, digital art, and other virtual goods backed by a blockchain. On OpenSea, anyone can buy or sell these items using smart contracts. . Live
Orangewood Labs W18 Consumer Orangewood Labs makes beautiful furniture quickly using robots. . Live
OSIMple W18 Real Estate Software for inspectors to automate their paper workflow. . Live
OurMenu W18 Other SaaS OurMenu provides an online food ordering service. . Live
Ovipost W18 Agriculture Ovipost automates insect production . Live
Pagedraw W18 Dev Tools Pagedraw is a platform for productionizing designs into code. Thanks to Pagedraw, no one will ever have to learn HTML or CSS again, even for the most complex apps. . Live
Patchd Medical W18 Healthcare A wearable patch which uses machine learning to predict and prevent sepsis (the number 1 cause of hospital death) before people end up in hospital. . Live
Persephone Biome W18 Healthcare We are using the gut microbiome to cure cancer. . Live
Piccolo W18 AI and ML tbd . Live
Playbook W18 Entertainment We make it easy to hang out with college students around you. . Live
Players' Lounge W18 Entertainment A marketplace to play video games against other people for money. . Live
PlayingViral W18 Entertainment PlayingViral is building a Salesforce for Southeast Asia . Live
Plexus W18 Entertainment High-performance gloves for VR and AR . Live
Point API W18 Other SaaS Point API is your autocomplete for everything. You can plug us into any communicator and we'll predict what you want to say and help you write it immediately. . Live
Precious W18 Entertainment AI to curate your baby photos . Live
Promise W18 Government Promise helps government agencies better meet the needs of people in the criminal justice system. Our technology supports just & equitable alternatives to incarceration, helps people navigate the criminal justice system, and reduces recidivism rates . Live
Proof W18 Other SaaS Proof Helps You Increase Website Conversions Through Personalized Social Proof. . Live
Proven W18 Consumer Proven is building personalization to e-commerce with technology. We’re launching in September 2018, fresh out of YCombinator, pre-series A with a killer Exec Team. Our mission is to revolutionize CPG that has fallen asleep at the wheel. . Live
Psylaris W18 Healthcare We use VR to automate mental health techniques for B2C. Our mobile VR app reduces negative mood, anxiety, and stress, without the need for a therapist. Using insights from neuroscience and psychology, we improve your mental state and performance. . Live
Pulse W18 Other SaaS We're crowdsourced Gartner so IT executives can learn directly from each other via simple Q&A instead of pay-to-play analyst reports. We're building the future $1T marketplace where enterprise buyers discover and buy technology. . Live
Quantstamp W18 Blockchain Security auditing for blockchain smart contracts . Live
Quit Genius W18 Entertainment A mobile app that delivers personalised therapy to help people quit smoking. . Live
Qulture.Rocks W18 Other SaaS Qulture.Rocks helps mid-sized companies implement 1:1s, goals, feedbacks and performance reviews in a heartbeat, with consumer-grade technology and hands on content that makes the process much easier. Our goal is to build Namely for Latin America. . Live W18 Dev Tools In 2 seconds, boot up an online programming environment for your favorite language. . Live
Reverie Labs W18 Healthcare Building a pharma company from scratch, using machine learning. . Live
Rhythmm W18 Entertainment Read interesting conversations . Live
Runa HR W18 Other SaaS Automating payroll for Latin America. Our software platform includes: payroll, employee management, time tracking and reporting. . Live
SafetyWing W18 Fintech A borderless safety net on the internet . Live
SharpestMinds W18 Other SaaS We connect top students and recent grads to businesses for internships in machine learning that lead to full-time jobs. . Live
Sheerly Genius W18 Consumer The world's first pair of indestructible pantyhose. . Live
Shogun W18 Dev Tools eCommerce Storefront Builder. . Live
Shone W18 Industrial Shone makes existing cargo ships autonomous through retrofit. . Live
Simetrik W18 Consumer UTMs and Google Analytics for revenue and payment recognition, reconciliation and live cashflow generation & planning in LatAm. . Live
Sixfold Bioscience W18 Healthcare Nanoparticles to deliver cancer cures. . Live
Sketchbox W18 Entertainment Photoshop for AR & VR . Live
Skip W18 Consumer Electric scooters for reliable last-mile transportation. . Live
Slite W18 Other SaaS The note app for teams . Live
Snackpass W18 Consumer Skip the line at restaurants, collect points and send gifts to friends 🎁 . Live
Sourcify W18 Other SaaS Sourcify is the fastest growing sourcing platform that helps hundreds of companies manufacture products around the world. . Live
Sqreen W18 Other SaaS Sqreen revolutionizes the way engineering teams protect their apps & customers against attacks. . Live
Station W18 Other SaaS Station is building the browser for work. It is a native desktop application unifying within a single interface all of the web applications used by an employee at work. . Live
Storyline W18 Dev Tools Create Amazon Alexa apps without coding. . Live
Substack W18 Other SaaS The platform for subscription publishing . Live
Supermedium W18 Entertainment Browser for the VR Internet. Surf thousands of VR apps on the Web without having to install any of them. . Live
Swayable W18 Other SaaS Swayable measures how media content changes minds, so advocacy organizations and brands can dramatically improve ROI. . Live
Tarjimly W18 Entertainment Tarjimly connects refugees and aid workers with realtime translators using Facebook Messenger. We allow bilinguals to volunteer their language skills to help refugees and immigrants struggling to communicate with doctors, lawyers, and NGOs. . Live
tEQuitable W18 Other SaaS tEQuitable helps companies get in front of and prevent harassment. We are an independent, confidential platform to address issues of bias, discrimination, and harassment in the workplace. . Live
The Lobby W18 Consumer 1-on-1 calls with company insiders to help you get hired. . Live
The Podcast App W18 Entertainment The fastest growing podcast player . Live
Tingles W18 Entertainment Tingles is a video platform for relaxation. It's the best place to find content that helps you relax and fall asleep. Our main focus is a video genre called ASMR, the biggest and fastest growing relaxation technique. . Live
Tipe W18 Other SaaS We make it so developers never have to manage text. . Live
Torch Leadership Labs W18 Other SaaS Torch is a virtual coaching platform that matches new managers with experienced coaches for personalized leadership development. . Live
Tradewind BioScience W18 Healthcare Tradewind BioScience is building therapeutics to attack the most deadly human cancers. Our current lead is a humanized antibody that inhibits ovarian cancer growth and metastasis. . Live
Treasury Prime W18 Fintech APIs to automate banking. . Live
Tributi W18 Consumer Automating tax filing preparation for individuals in Latam. Think TurboTax for Latam. . Live
Universe W18 Entertainment Make an awesome websiteβ€”from your phone. . Live
Vathys W18 AI and ML Deep learning processors 10X faster than the TPU . Live
Vena Medical W18 Healthcare Making a tiny camera that goes inside veins and arteries to help physicians navigate around the body . Live
Veriff W18 Dev Tools Stripe for online identity verification . Live
Viaopt W18 Other SaaS Uber pool for corporate trucking fleets . Live
Visor W18 Entertainment Visor helps every gamer improve by analyzing their gameplay in real-time . Live
Voicery W18 AI and ML Automated voice acting and emotive speech synthesis with deep neural networks. . Live
Volley W18 Entertainment Voice-controlled games on Alexa and Google Home . Live
Wing It W18 Consumer Discover weekend getaways near you via Facebook Messenger. Live in the Bay Area. . Live
Worklytics W18 Other SaaS Worklytics is productivity analytics for teams, gathered from data in tools like G Suite, Slack and Office 365. . Live
YouTeam W18 Other SaaS A tech talent sharing platform. One million developers working at software firms are idle or between jobs at any present point in time. YouTeam enables businesses to hire those engineers as full-time contractors. . Live
ZBiotics W18 Healthcare ZBiotics is a synthetic biology company that bioengineers probiotic bacteria for nutraceutical and other applications. . Live
Zyper W18 Other SaaS Recreating social networks for brands. . Live