Companies in Y Combinator W19 Batch

Name Batch Category Description Status
54Gene W19 Healthcare 54gene is a healthcare startup that offers a genetics testing platform. . Live
AccioJob W19 Other SaaS AccioJob is a college job board in India where universities sign up to expose their students to the ... . Live
Adventurous Co W19 Entertainment Stories through physical locations. . Live
AI Insurance W19 Fintech AI Insurance builds cloud-based claims management software for the property and casualty insurance i... . Live
AIRx Health W19 Healthcare Remote monitoring for lung disease . Live
Allo W19 Entertainment Allo is an app that helps neighboring families meet and help each other out. . Dead
AllSome W19 Other SaaS Connects modern online merchants to virtual warehouses for cross-border e-commerce fulfillment. . Live
Allure Systems W19 Other SaaS AllureSystems uses A.I. to create stunning apparel images for eCommerce. Allure works with leading f... . Live
Alpaca W19 Fintech API for Free Stock Trading . Live
AmpUp W19 Consumer Reservable electric vehicle charging . Live
Askdata W19 Other SaaS Easy data search for employees through Natural Language . Live
Atomic Alchemy W19 Industrial Manufacturing nuclear medicine . Live
Aura Vision W19 Other SaaS Visitor analytics for physical retail stores using existing security cameras. . Live
AuroraQ W19 Industrial Building the first practical, integrated quantum computer. . Live
Avo W19 Other SaaS Ship faster without compromising data quality . Live
AXDRAFT W19 Other SaaS AXDRAFT helps corporations draft, negotiate and approve documents 10x faster . Live
Balto W19 Entertainment Contest automation software targeting the $150B sports betting market . Dead
Basement W19 Entertainment The social network for your close friends. . Live
Basilica W19 Dev Tools Basilica is an API that embeds high-dimensional data like images and text. . Live
Bensen W19 Dev Tools Online and phone ordering for restaurant takeout and delivery . Live
Bottomless W19 Consumer Automatic home restocking using weight sensors to figure out the best time to re-order. . Live
Boundary Layer Technologies W19 Industrial High speed container ships using hydrofoils. . Live
BrainKey W19 Healthcare Proactive concierge brain health care at your fingertips​ . Live
Bunkerhill Health W19 Healthcare Solving the last mile problem for AI in radiology. . Live
Buy Me A Coffee W19 Entertainment Helping creators monetize . Live
Career Karma W19 Consumer Helps job training programs find qualified applicants. . Live
CareerTu W19 Education Online school for digital marketing, data analytics and product design. . Live
Catch W19 Fintech Benefits for independent workers. . Live
Centaur Labs W19 Healthcare Labeling medical images at scale . Live
Chaser W19 Other SaaS Your success playbook. Simple, elegant, and delightful workflow tools for Customer Success teams. . Live
Cherry W19 Other SaaS Cherry lets employees choose their own workplace perks. . Dead
Cityfurnish W19 Consumer Cityfurnish - Rental Subscriptions for Furniture and Appliance in India. . Live
Cocoon W19 Entertainment Bring your most important groups closer together . Live
Community Phone Company W19 Consumer Affordable, friendly, and secure cell phone service with nation-wide coverage. . Live
Comradery W19 Other SaaS White-label Bookface for companies and communities! . Live
Convex W19 Other SaaS Software and services to improve the way commercial service providers work. . Live
Convictional W19 Other SaaS Give retailers a way to source, onboard and integrate with brands. . Live
Cosmic W19 Dev Tools Cosmic is a headless CMS and API toolkit to help teams build modern apps faster, together. . Live
Coursedog W19 Other SaaS Enterprise Resource Planning Software for Higher Education . Live
COUTURME W19 Consumer We custom design and produce women's formal dresses, starting with the wedding gowns. We can do that... . Live
CredPal W19 Fintech CredPal is a modern credit card company in Africa that allows consumers make purchases and pay in mo... . Live
Cuanto W19 Fintech Helping Latin American small businesses and independent entrepreneurs sell via social media. . Live
Datamode W19 Dev Tools Datamode ( is a tool for engineers to instantly diagnose data pipeline failures. . Dead
Deel W19 Other SaaS Payroll for remote teams . Live
Demodesk W19 Other SaaS Intelligent online meeting tool for inside sales & customer success . Live
DevFlight W19 Dev Tools Getting open-source developers paid. . Live
Docbot W19 Healthcare Docbot is a tech-enabled service that develops AI for endoscopy. . Live
Dockup W19 Dev Tools On demand ephemeral environments to run manual and automated tests. . Live
Docucharm W19 Other SaaS Automate paperwork by turning documents into structured data. . Dead
Doorport W19 Real Estate Acquired by - We make existing apartment access smart. . Exited
Dyneti Technologies W19 Other SaaS Reduce payment fraud . Live
Eatgeek W19 Other SaaS We connect restaurant applications to drive more orders and better experiences. . Live
Eclipse Foods W19 Healthcare Beyond Meat of dairy products. Our plant processing technology enables us to create plant-based prod... . Live
Edyst W19 Education Edyst is a peer-to-peer online learning platform where students learn the most in-demand skills and ... . Live
Elph W19 Dev Tools Acquired by Brex. Building digital payments infrastructure. . Exited
Emi Labs W19 Other SaaS Automating the hiring process for low-skilled jobs . Live
Encarte W19 Fintech Encarte is building 1-click checkout for all online stores. . Live
Evo.Do W19 Dev Tools QA Bots for Games . Live
Excepgen W19 Healthcare Excepgen produces difficult proteins at scale, quickly. . Live
Flockjay W19 Education We retrain jobseekers to get future-proof tech sales jobs . Live
FLOWER CO. W19 Consumer FLOWER CO. sells weed online. Members pay $120/year to get access to prices that are 40-50% less tha... . Live
Frubana Inc W19 Other SaaS Everything store for restaurants and small retailers in Latam . Live
Fuzzbuzz W19 Other SaaS Fuzzing as a Service . Live
Geosite W19 Other SaaS Geosite is an enterprise SaaS platform for spatial data. Through pairing a marketplace with integrat... . Live
Glide W19 Dev Tools Amazing apps from spreadsheets . Live
Globe W19 Fintech coinbase for derivatives . Live
GoLinks W19 Other SaaS Internal, human-readable short links for teams. GoLinks allows companies to increase productivity, b... . Live
Gordian Software W19 Dev Tools Gordian Software provides the only API for travel booking websites to reserve seats and bags. . Live
Green Energy Exchange W19 Resources We deliver affordable renewable energy direct to customers and are creating a business to make green... . Live
Habitat Logistics W19 Other SaaS We Power Delivery for Restaurants . Live W19 Other SaaS Construction software that solves late payments and access to funding. . Live
Hatch W19 Other SaaS Business SMS Messaging Platform for Brick and Mortar Businesses. . Live
Heart Aerospace W19 Aerospace Heart makes electric airplanes with an all-electric range of 250 miles. We have support and grants f... . Live
Herald W19 Other SaaS Herald is the best space for teams to collect, analyze, and collaborate on user feedback. . Live
Inito W19 Healthcare Fertility Clinic on your phone. . Live
InsideSherpa W19 Other SaaS Online courses for large companies to train, and then hire, college students . Live
Instapath Inc. W19 Healthcare We built the world's first automated digital pathology lab. . Live
Intact Therapeutics W19 Healthcare Smart gels for local drug delivery to the gut . Live
InterPrime W19 Other SaaS Cash Management Made Easy . Live
JetPack Aviation W19 Aerospace Flying motorcycles . Live
JuziBot W19 Dev Tools Intercom for WeChat, help companies to acquire, engage, retain customers via WeChat.We built a cust... . Live
Kaiya W19 Other SaaS Kaiya is a mobile platform for guided audio and video courses. We empower creators, coaches, and exp... . Live
Kalshi W19 Entertainment Kalshi is an exchange where people can trade on anything with anyone. It can be on questions from "W... . Live
Keeper Tax W19 Fintech Automatic tax write offs for contractors . Live
Keynua W19 Other SaaS E-signatures with identity verification for Latin America . Live
Kopa W19 Real Estate Find furnished apartments and compatible housemates for 1-12 months . Live
Kovi W19 Fintech Rent cars for on-demand drivers in Latin America . Live
Landed W19 Consumer Marketplace for businesses to hire fast with video. . Live
Latchel W19 Other SaaS 24/7 emergency maintenance department for property managers and landlords. . Live
LEAH Labs W19 Healthcare Curing Cancer in Dogs . Live
Lezzoo W19 Consumer Lezzoo is an on-demand delivery service in Iraq on a mission to build the digital infrastructure of ... . Live
Lumos W19 Healthcare Lumos is an AI powered search tool for doctors that gives direct answers to clinical questions, using trustworthy sources . Live
Mage W19 Consumer The safest way to buy and sell collectibles . Live W19 Other SaaS We make $1,000 Amazon Go stores. . Live
Mars Auto W19 Transport Autonomous trucks for Korean trucking market . Live
MedCrypt W19 Healthcare MedCrypt gives medical device vendors cybersecurity features in a few lines of code. . Live
Memfault W19 Other SaaS Memfault builds developer tools for firmware engineers. . Live
Middesk W19 Other SaaS Background checks on business entities. . Live
Mobot W19 Dev Tools Mobot is a mobile app QA service using mechanical robots. . Live
Modern Labor W19 Other SaaS Employer of Record as a Service . Live
Modoo Technology W19 Healthcare Modoo develops safe and non-invasive tech to help mother-to-be to monitor fetal heart rate and movem... . Live
Mudrex W19 Fintech High yield investments for everyone . Live
MyScoot W19 Consumer Social Experiences where you meet new people & make meaningful connections . Live
Nabis W19 Other SaaS Nabis ships cannabis products for brands to retailers. . Live
NALA W19 Fintech Internet-Free Payments for Africa . Live
NaturAll Club W19 Consumer Frozen beauty products. . Live
Nebullam W19 Agriculture The John Deere for indoor farming. . Live
Nettrons W19 Other SaaS AI candidates sourcing for recruiters . Live
Nowports W19 Other SaaS Nowports is a digital Freight Forwarder shipping ocean containers to and from Latin America. . Live
Okteto W19 Other SaaS The missing application development platform for Kubernetes . Live
Our World in Data W19 Education Research and data to make progress against the world’s largest problems . Live
Overview W19 Other SaaS Computer Vision Platform for Manufacturing . Live
Pachama W19 Resources Marketplace for Forest Carbon Offsetting . Live
Pengram W19 Other SaaS Indoor navigation through augmented reality on your phone. . Live
PerShop W19 Consumer Your personal clothing store! . Dead
Point W19 Fintech Point is re-thinking the way you spend money. . Live
Portal Entryways W19 Other SaaS Portal Entryways upgrades disabled-accessible doors so they can be opened, completely hands-free, by... . Live
Positive W19 Consumer Next generation grab & go food brand . Live
Postscript W19 Other SaaS Postscript is Mailchimp for SMS -- A text message marketing automation platform for ecommerce brands . Live
PreFlight W19 Dev Tools Automated Software Testing . Live
Probably Genetic W19 Healthcare We sell direct-to-consumer DNA tests to diagnose rare genetic diseases. . Live
Prometheus W19 Resources We remove CO2 from the air and turn it into gasoline . Live
Pronto W19 Consumer Ride-sharing for second-tier cities in Latin America. . Live
Pulse Active Stations Network W19 Healthcare We are a connected network of smart health kiosks in India. . Live
Pyxai W19 Other SaaS HR software that screens and ranks job applicants for soft skills and culture fit without relying on... . Live
Qwest W19 Consumer Qwest is a marketplace for social clubs to provide memberships to individuals interested in joining ... . Live
Ravn W19 Government Ravn is building a heads-up display for soldiers. . Live
rct studio W19 Entertainment rct is a creative studio harnessing cutting-edge technology to offer a fully immersive, movie-like e... . Live
Rebank W19 Fintech Banking for high-growth companies . Live
Reelables W19 Industrial Reelables is building ultra-thin flexible Bluetooth trackers that are built into labels that can be affixed to products. . Live
Rune W19 Entertainment Rune connects mobile gamers on voice chat and finds them teammates . Live
Sapling Intelligence W19 Other SaaS AI writing assistant for customer-facing teams. . Live
Saratoga Energy W19 Resources We sell better carbon nanotubes at one-twentieth the price. Carbon nanotubes are used in a variety o... . Live
Schoolable W19 Education Tuition collection service for K-12 private schools in Africa . Live
Searchlight W19 Other SaaS Intelligent referencing software to hire the best teams . Live
Seawise Capital W19 Fintech Trade finance company for Indian exporters . Live
Shef W19 Consumer Airbnb for Home-Cooked Food . Live
Shiok Meats W19 Healthcare Shiok Meats is a cell-based clean shrimp company, the first of its kind. We employ cellular agricult... . Live
Shipper W19 Other SaaS Shipper is a logistics platform that helps freight forwarders to deliver goods easily. . Live
Simmer W19 Consumer We do reviews for dishes. Our app helps users find the very best dishes for delivery. Our vision is ... . Dead
Skill-lync W19 Education Online engineering college for India. Learn technical skills & get recruited . Live
Slapdash W19 Other SaaS Work at the speed of thought. . Live W19 Consumer The Operating System of Sleep . Live
Sorting Robotics W19 Other SaaS We create automation technology for the cannabis industry. . Live
Spiral Genetics W19 Healthcare Large Scale Genomic Data Mining Software . Live
Spire Law W19 Other SaaS Tech enabled business and employment litigation law firm . Live
Sublime Black W19 Other SaaS Automating Cyber Security Incident Response Through Artificial Intelligence . Live
Sunsama W19 Other SaaS Sunsama is daily task list for the top 10% of knowledge workers. YC founders use it with their teams... . Live
Superb AI W19 Dev Tools Superb AI provides Machine Learning Data Platform to companies and help them develop machine-learnin... . Live
Supernova W19 Dev Tools Supernova automates development of mobile applications by converting designs (in Sketch, Figma etc.)... . Live
Switchboard W19 Other SaaS Truck Freight Marketplace . Live
Taali Inc W19 Consumer Taali is creating popcorn 2.0 from popped water lily seeds . Live
Tailor-ED W19 Education A K-12 instructional platform, that helps teachers find the most effective educational content for e... . Live
Taobotics W19 Industrial Autonomous robots for retails. . Live
Termius W19 Other SaaS Termius is an SSH client that works on desktop and mobile. The reason sysadmins and DevOps love Term... . Live
The Juggernaut W19 Entertainment A premium publication for South Asian stories . Live
Thrive Agric W19 Agriculture Thrive Agric helps Farmers in Africa access finance, best practices and large produce buyers like Un... . Live
Traverse Technologies W19 Other SaaS AI driven professional engineering firm . Live
Trexo Robotics W19 Industrial Wearable robots to help people walk, starting with children with Cerebral Palsy. . Live
Truora W19 Other SaaS Truora provides safe and reliable background checks and fraud prevention tools for Latin America. . Live
Ultralight W19 Dev Tools The Future of Cross-Platform Desktop Apps . Live
Unicorn W19 Consumer Fixing commuting with electric scooters. . Dead
Union Apartment W19 Real Estate Furnished Co-living Apartments for International Students, here in the US. . Live
Upsolve W19 Fintech TurboTax for Bankruptcy (nonprofit) . Live
Vectordash W19 Entertainment Play high-end PC games on your laptop by streaming them. . Live
Verto FX W19 Fintech Cross-border b2b payments and FX marketplace. . Live
Viosera Therapeutics W19 Healthcare We solve drug resistance for cancer and antibiotics . Live
Visly W19 Other SaaS Build React components visually . Live
Volk Wireless W19 Consumer Volk Fi is a startup company that is making distributed network smartphone. . Live
VotingWorks W19 Government Non-profit building secure and affordable voting machines for US elections. . Live
Wallets W19 Fintech Wallets is a modern digital banking app for Africans. . Live
Wanderlog W19 Entertainment Google Docs for planning leisure travel with your friends' recommendations . Live
WeatherCheck W19 Fintech WeatherCheck monitors properties for hail damage so that insurance carriers, mortgage companies, and... . Live
Windsor W19 Dev Tools One place for all your user data . Live
Windwalk Games W19 Entertainment Enemy on Board is an online, multiplayer game that combines the deception of Mafia with the action-p... . Live
Withfriends W19 Entertainment Withfriends runs membership programs for small businesses. . Live
Woody Library W19 Consumer Woody Library is Netflix for physical books in China. . Live
WorkClout W19 Other SaaS SaaS tool helping industrial labor perform to their highest potential by centralizing on-the-job emp... . Live
XGenomes W19 Healthcare XGenomes is building the sequencing technology of the future. The technology will be low-cost and si... . Live
YourChoice Therapeutics W19 Healthcare YourChoice therapeutics is revolutionizing the contraceptive market by developing a first-in-class n... . Live
YSplit W19 Fintech We splits expenses automatically for housemates so that they only pay their share. . Live
ZeroDown W19 Real Estate ZeroDown is creating a new pathway to homeownership by letting customers choose the home of their dr... . Live