Y Combinator Aerospace Companies

Name Batch Category Description Status
Aerones W18 Aerospace Robotics for wind turbine maintenance. . Live
Airmada S15 Aerospace Autonomous ground stations for drones . Dead
Airware W13 Aerospace Airware provides end-to-end solutions that enable enterprises to digitize their business and turn ae... . Exited
ApolloShield S16 Aerospace ApolloShield is a system that detects unwanted drones and drives them away. . Live
Arc S12 Aerospace aerial videography . Dead
Astranis W16 Aerospace We're building small, low-cost, geostationary telecommunications satellites. Astranis satellites wi... . Live
Avion W20 Aerospace A drone delivery network which is live in Africa delivering medical supplies. . Live
Bagaveev Corporation W15 Aerospace Launch small satellites . Live
Boom W16 Aerospace Mainstream supersonic passenger airplanes . Live
Corvus Robotics S18 Aerospace Autonomous drones to help warehouses scan inventory. . Live
DroneBase W15 Aerospace Dronebase saves businesses time, money, and lives by visualizing and analyzing their assets in our a... . Live
EPIC AEROSPACE S19 Aerospace A network of space-tugs that move satellites in space. . Live
Exosonic, Inc. W20 Aerospace Developing the world's first quiet supersonic passenger jets that can fly supersonic overland withou... . Live
Flirtey S15 Aerospace Flirtey is the world’s first commercial drone delivery service and was founded with the vision of re... . Live
Heart Aerospace W19 Aerospace Heart makes electric airplanes with an all-electric range of 250 miles. We have support and grants f... . Live
Iris Automation S16 Aerospace Collision avoidance system for industrial drones. Our mission is to enable the $23bn industrial dron... . Live
JetPack Aviation W19 Aerospace Flying motorcycles . Live
Lucid Drone Technologies S19 Aerospace We build industrial drones that clean buildings. We lease our drones to the more than 124,000 exteri... . Live
Momentus S18 Aerospace Shuttle service for small satellites . Live
NavTrac S16 Aerospace Digitizing Container Logistics . Live
Paladin Drones S18 Aerospace We deploy autonomous drones to 911 calls. Our software gives first responders a live overhead view o... . Live
Passerine Aircraft S17 Aerospace Passerine Aircraft is building the next generation of drones We are developing autonomous fixed win... . Dead
Prime Lightworks S16 Aerospace Prime Lightworks Inc. manufactures electric propulsion systems for space satellites. We engineer new... . Live
Pyka S17 Aerospace Pilotless, short takeoff and landing electric airplanes for urban transportation. We've deployed our... . Live
Reebeez S16 Aerospace Reebeez creates powerful microengines for UAVs. With a 2hr + flight time, our microengine has a spec... . Live
Relativity Space W16 Aerospace Relativity is creating a revolutionary autonomous platform to build the future of humanity in space.... . Live
Skyways S17 Aerospace Creating a new form of air transportation. . Live
Sterblue S18 Aerospace Software for drones to inspect power lines and wind turbines . Live
Talyn Air W20 Aerospace Long range, battery electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft. . Live
Tesseract S17 Aerospace Tesseract builds better thrusters for modern satellites . Live
ThereCraft S17 Aerospace Delivering the goods πŸ›ΈπŸ“¦ drone plane air freight. (@ycombinator) . Live
Volansi W17 Aerospace Autonomous Aerial Delivery Solutions. . Live
Wright Electric W17 Aerospace Boeing for electric planes . Live