Y Combinator Aerospace Companies

Name Batch Category Description Status
Aerones W18 Aerospace Industrial Heavy lift drones for hi-pressure cleaning and firefighting. . Live
Airmada S15 Aerospace Autonomous ground stations for drones . Dead
Airware W13 Aerospace Airware provides end-to-end solutions that enable enterprises to digitize their business and turn aerial data into actionable business intelligence. . Dead
ApolloShield S16 Aerospace ApolloShield is a system that detects unwanted drones and drives them away. . Live
Aptonomy S16 Aerospace Aptonomy has developed intelligent security drones that serve as your flying security guards. They tirelessly patrol outside your property around the clock, and actively deter crime by establishing physical presence at the site. . Live
Arc S12 Aerospace aerial videography . Dead
Astranis W16 Aerospace We're building small, low-cost, geostationary telecommunications satellites. Astranis satellites will help bring online the 4 billion people who are without internet access. . Live
Bagaveev Corporation W15 Aerospace Launch small satellites . Live
Boom W16 Aerospace Mainstream supersonic passenger airplanes . Live
Corvus Robotics S18 Aerospace Autonomous drones to help warehouses scan inventory. . Live
DroneBase W15 Aerospace At DroneBase, we provide fast, affordable, and reliable data from the air so our customers can make better-informed, real-time decisions about their most critical assets. . Live
Flirtey S15 Aerospace Flirtey is the world’s first commercial drone delivery service and was founded with the vision of revolutionising four industries - humanitarian, courier delivery, fast food and online retail. . Live
Heart Aerospace W19 Aerospace Heart makes electric airplanes with an all-electric range of 250 miles. We have support and grants from the Swedish government, and LOIs from Scandinavian Airlines (SAS), BRA and Wideroe for 86 planes, worth $1.6B. . Live
Iris Automation S16 Aerospace Collision avoidance system for industrial drones. Our mission is to enable the $23bn industrial drone revolution. . Live
Momentus S18 Aerospace Shuttle service for small satellites . Live
Paladin Drones S18 Aerospace We deploy autonomous drones to 911 calls. Our software gives first responders a live overhead view of a scene before they arrive. . Live
Passerine Aircraft S17 Aerospace Passerine Aircraft is building the next generation of drones We are developing autonomous fixed wing aircraft capable of taking-off and landing like birds. . Live
Prime Lightworks S16 Aerospace Prime Lightworks Inc. manufactures electric propulsion systems for space satellites. We engineer new possibilities in space while drastically reducing cost and waste, by replacing propellant systems with radio frequency resonant cavity thrusters. . Live
Pyka S17 Aerospace Pilotless, short takeoff and landing electric airplanes large enough to carry humans. We're starting with autonomous crop dusting. . Live
Reebeez S16 Aerospace Reebeez creates powerful microengines for UAVs. With a 2hr + flight time, our microengine has a specific energy 8x better than batteries at a third of the cost. Reebeez expands the possibilities and applications of UAVs! . Live
Relativity Space W16 Aerospace Relativity is creating a revolutionary autonomous platform to build the future of humanity in space. We are 3D printing entire rockets. We disrupt 60 years of aerospace tradition. Relativity's long-term goal is to print the first rocket made on Mars. . Live
Skyways S17 Aerospace Creating a new form of air transportation. . Live
Sterblue S18 Aerospace Software for drones to inspect power lines and wind turbines . Live
Tesseract S17 Aerospace Tesseract builds better thrusters for modern satellites . Live
Volans-i W17 Aerospace Autonomous Aerial Delivery Solutions. . Live
Wright Electric W17 Aerospace Boeing for electric planes . Live