Y Combinator Agriculture Companies

Name Batch Category Description Status
Beanstalk W18 Agriculture We grow heirloom produce in automated, indoor farms. . Live
Bear Flag Robotics W18 Agriculture Bear Flag Robotics is developing autonomous driving technology for farm tractors. Bear Flag allows growers to automate and optimize many of their most common tasks. This addresses the farm labor shortage and removes workers from hazardous conditions. . Live
Cowlar W17 Agriculture Fitbit for dairy cows. Farms use cowlar's alerts & recommendations to improve dairy margins by 30%. We charge $3 / month per cow for the service. We are IoT & machine learning experts solving a real problem for dairy farms. . Live
Edyn W14 Agriculture Nest for lawn and garden . Live
Entocycle S17 Agriculture Automated factory to produce insect protein for farm animals. . Live
FarmLogs W12 Agriculture Software that helps farmers monitor their operations and operate more profitable businesses. Also building a next-generation commodity hedging platform. . Live
Iron Ox W16 Agriculture Robotic greenhouses for cheaper, sustainable farming. . Live
Kisan Network W16 Agriculture Tech enabled and fully integrated PAN India agri produce supply chain . Live
Modular Science S17 Agriculture We're improving farming using robots and science. . Live
Ovipost W18 Agriculture Ovipost automates insect production . Live
PickTrace S15 Agriculture Agricultural labor and harvest management solution that delivers workflow and real-time data analytics leading to significant efficiency gains in production costs and harvesting time. . Live
Raptor Maps S16 Agriculture Raptor Maps makes software to manage solar farm construction and maintenance. . Live
Terravion W14 Agriculture Real time Google Earth for agriculture -- imagery collected weekly during the growing season by our aircraft. TerrAvion collects >100x more mapped area in any week/month than the whole electric drone industry combined. . Live
Thrive Agric W19 Agriculture Thrive Agric helps Farmers in Africa access finance, best practices and large produce buyers like Unilever and Nestle. . Live
Thrive Agritech S15 Agriculture We design and manufacture energy efficient LED lighting fixtures for indoor agriculture. Our unique lighting technology grows plants better with less energy. . Live
Trade W17 Agriculture We're building Africa's Commodity Exchange. . Live
Tule Technologies S14 Agriculture On-farm sensors providing remote insights. The only company that can measure crop water use and crop stress over a broad area and prescribe an irrigation quantity for optimal results. . Live
Vinsight W17 Agriculture We are building the world's real-time source of commodities supply through yield forecasts on crops. . Live