Y Combinator Agriculture Companies

Name Batch Category Description Status
Beanstalk W18 Agriculture Beanstalk provides locally grown produce using low-cost and automated vertical farms. . Live
Bear Flag Robotics W18 Agriculture Bear Flag Robotics is developing autonomous driving technology for farm tractors. Bear Flag allows g... . Live
Boost Biomes S19 Agriculture Boost Biomes is developing microbial products to sustainably improve food production and shelf-life . Live
Bountiful W17 Agriculture Farm smarter with actionable forecasting . Live
Cowlar W17 Agriculture Fitbit for dairy cows. Farms use cowlar's alerts & recommendations to improve dairy margins by 30%. ... . Dead
Edyn W14 Agriculture Nest for lawn and garden . Dead
Entocycle S17 Agriculture Automated factory to produce insect protein for farm animals. . Live
Enveritas S18 Agriculture We verify global supply chains for issues like child slavery and deforestation. . Live
FarmLogs W12 Agriculture Software that helps farmers monitor their operations and operate more profitable businesses. . Live
Four Growers S18 Agriculture Robotic HarvestingRevolutionizing the way we farm; enabling food to be grown anywhere . Live
Iron Ox W16 Agriculture Robotic greenhouses for cheaper, sustainable farming. . Live
Kisan Network W16 Agriculture Tech enabled and fully integrated PAN India agri produce supply chain . Live
Modular Science S17 Agriculture We're making it easier to do sustainable farming. . Live
Nebullam W19 Agriculture The John Deere for indoor farming. . Live
Ovipost W18 Agriculture Ovipost automates insect production . Live
PickTrace S15 Agriculture Workforce Management for Large Farms . Live
Raptor Maps S16 Agriculture Raptor Maps makes software to manage solar farm construction and maintenance. . Live
Terravion W14 Agriculture Real time Google Earth for agriculture -- imagery collected weekly during the growing season by our ... . Live
Thrive Agric W19 Agriculture Thrive Agric helps Farmers in Africa access finance, best practices and large produce buyers like Un... . Live
Thrive Agritech S15 Agriculture We design and manufacture energy efficient LED lighting fixtures for indoor agriculture. Our unique ... . Live
Trade W17 Agriculture We're building Africa's Commodity Exchange. . Dead
Tule Technologies S14 Agriculture Tule helps farmers make irrigation decisions. Our hardware sensor provides growers with field-scale ... . Live
UrbanKisaan W20 Agriculture Urbankisaan builds vertical farms in India and sells the produce via a subscription based app. . Live