Y Combinator Education Companies

Name Batch Category Description Status
AnnieCannons S18 Education A custom software development consultancy powered by survivors of human trafficking we have transformed into software engineers. We provide software-development-as-a-service on-demand. . Live
AskMyClass S18 Education The first voice assistant for teachers. . Live
CareerTu W19 Education Online school for digital marketing, data analytics and UX/UI. . Live
Clever S12 Education Developing applications for education is a data nightmare. Clever's APIs make building on top of student data easy for developers. . Live
CleverDeck W12 Education Collaborate with an artist to commission original artwork you'll live with and love for the rest of your life. . Live
Codecademy S11 Education Codecademy teaches the world the skills they need to get the jobs they want. . Live
CodeCombat W14 Education Game that teaches computer science to middle and high school kids. . Live
Edwin W18 Education Edwin is an AI-powered English learning service delivered by chatbots, voice assistants, and humans. It prepares students for standardized tests, such as TOEFL and TOEIC. Edwin provides better outcomes in β…“ the time at β…“ the cost of existing methods. . Dead
Emote S16 Education Emote is a K-12 app that helps schools catch student behavior problems before they start. . Live
ExceptionALLY S18 Education Affordable expertise for special needs parenting. . Dead
Flockjay W19 Education online bootcamp to learn tech sales . Live
Fullstack Academy S12 Education Immersive, effective, efficient code education. . Exited
GiveCampus S15 Education GiveCampus is the digital fundraising and volunteer management platform for non-profit educational institutions. Trusted by millions of donors and 550+ schools, our mission is to advance the quality, affordability, and accessibility of education. . Live
Glimpse K12 W18 Education Glimpse eliminates ineffective spending in schools. . Live
Insight Data Science W11 Education Turning PhDs & engineers into data scientists & data engineers . Live
Jumpcut S16 Education Online courses that feel like movies. . Live
Juni Learning W18 Education The best online education program for kids . Live
Knowmia S12 Education Pandora meets Yelp for K-12 educational videos. We match each student with the best teachers for their individual learning style to help them grasp key concepts for school. . Exited
Kunduz S18 Education Kunduz provides instant answers to students' test prep questions and makes test prep 10x faster and 10x cheaper than any private tutor. . Live
Lambda School S17 Education We train people to be software engineers for free in exchange for a share of their future income . Live
Leada S15 Education Online enterprise training in data science and analytics. Specifically courses in R, Python, SQL, Alteryx that focus on industry application. . Live
LendEDU W16 Education LendEDU is a marketplace for consumer financial products. . Live
Lingt S09 Education Lingt provided a web-based platform for learning languages leveraging gaming mechanics and spaced repetition. It was acquired by dictionary.com at the end of 2010. . Exited
Make School W12 Education Make School is redesigning college for the 21st century. Students learn liberal arts and computer science, pay tuition as a percentage of earnings, and graduate to jobs at YC companies. . Live
Mimir S15 Education A platform for STEM courses featuring automated grading, plagiarism detection and analytics. . Live
Mystery Science S17 Education Fixing STEM education by giving elementary teachers a virtual science expert. . Live
NEXGENT W18 Education NexGenT solves the growing shortage of IT engineers for enterprise companies by providing job ready certified engineers. . Live
Nimble S17 Education A better applicant tracking system for schools . Live
One Month S13 Education One Month's affordable online bootcamps teach people how to code in just one month. Topics include Python, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, and Front-end Development. For a full list of courses, visit https://onemonth.com/courses. . Live
Our World in Data W19 Education Open access research and data visualization on global development . Live
Outschool W16 Education Marketplace of live online classes for kids . Live
Panorama Education S13 Education Data analytics for public schools . Live
Paragon One W17 Education Online college career service. Parents pay $3,000 and our platform automatically connects students with professionals from successful companies who coach them on picking the right career and preparing for interviews. 100% of students get offers. . Live
Pathrise S17 Education YC for your career . Live
Peergrade S17 Education Students grade each other's work to save the teacher’s time and to learn more. . Live
Platzi W15 Education Live streaming classes on design, marketing and code. Learn from industry leaders. . Live
Py S17 Education Py is democratizing access to career opportunities in tech . Exited
Quad S11 Education Quad is where college students get things done. . Live
Quero Education S16 Education Quero is an online marketplace for college programs in Brazil. It helps students search, compare and enroll in programs in over 1200 partner colleges, saving money on tuition. . Live
Recurse Center S10 Education The Recurse Center is a self-directed, community-driven educational retreat for programmers, with an integrated recruiting agency. We believe people learn best when they take control of their own education and are free to explore their interests. . Live
RocketLit S16 Education RocketLit is an adaptive learning and assessment platform. We write articles at 7 different reading levels, serve them to every student in a classroom at their independent reading level, and fluidly adapt the level students receive as they improve. . Live
Skill-lync W19 Education Online engineering college for India. We started by providing Mechanical Engineering courses and will expand to all other engineering domain by next year. Our current monthly revenue is $82,000 and we are profitable. We are growing 15% MoM. . Live
Study Edge S12 Education Supplemental Educational Resources Through Web and Mobile . Live
Tailor-ED W19 Education A K-12 instructional platform, that helps teachers find the most effective educational content for each student. . Live
Tutorspree W11 Education Tutor marketplace. . Exited
Verbling S11 Education Language learning through video chat. . Live
Vidcode S16 Education Vidcode is a cross-disciplinary coding platform for teens to learn JavaScript . Live