Y Combinator Fintech Companies

Name Batch Category Description Status
Aella Credit W17 Fintech Aella Credit provides Instant loans to Africans who can prove a source of Income either through their employers or individually. We are at the forefront of financial inclusion and empowerment of the underbanked. . Live
Airfordable S16 Fintech Buy your flights for a deposit upfront and pay off the rest in installments before your departure date . Live
Ajaib S18 Fintech The first online wealth manager in Indonesia . Live
Algoriz W16 Fintech Algoriz is an AI based algorithmic trading platform that enables you to build robust algorithms by simply typing your trading ideas in English. . Live
AlphaFlow W16 Fintech AlphaFlow makes investing in real estate as easy as adding stocks to your portfolio. 100% passive with unparalleled diversification. โ€œYou make 1 investment. We build you a diversified real estate portfolio. It's that simple.โ€ . Live
Alpha Vantage S18 Fintech We provide accessible & affordable APIs for financial market data . Live
Arcus S13 Fintech API for payments anywhere in the world . Live
Arthena W17 Fintech Quantitative Investment in Art Assets . Live
Aspire W18 Fintech Reinventing Banking for Small Businesses in SEA . Live
Balanced W11 Fintech Payments for Marketplaces . Dead
Bankjoy W15 Fintech White-label credit union software . Live
Billforward S14 Fintech Subscription billing, rate plan management and analytics as a service. We help you optimise your product rate plans, if you have a subscription based offering we can help! . Live
Buxfer W07 Fintech Buxfer helps you make better spending decisions by making it easy to see all your accounts at one place, understand where your money goes, reduce unwanted spending, and save for future goals. . Live
bxblue S17 Fintech bxblue is a marketplace for people with guaranteed income in Brazil. This market has 42 million people that borrow over U$40 billion yearly (growing 20% YoY). . Live
Cashfree S17 Fintech Next-Gen digital payments provider for India. . Live
Cheddar S14 Fintech The Best Mobile Checking Account . Dead
ClearTax S14 Fintech Intuit of India. . Live
Coin W13 Fintech A mobile wallet that allows you to pay everywhere credit cards are accepted. . Exited
CoinBundle S16 Fintech The easiest way for new investors to build crypto portfolios. . Live
Cover W16 Fintech Cover is an Android and iOS mobile application that allows its users to insure anything by taking a picture of what they need to insure. . Live
CowryWise S18 Fintech CowryWise is a wealth management platform for young Africans. With our platform, they can plan and automate their savings and investments towards meeting their financial goals. . Live
Credy W17 Fintech Credy is a full stack lending company for India. We are a mobile credit line with customisation for specific end use . Live
Dana Cita W18 Fintech Financial services for the unbanked in Indonesia, starting with student loans. . Live
Debteye S11 Fintech Automate credit counseling. . Dead
Direct Match W15 Fintech . Dead
Drip Capital S15 Fintech Drip is a digital trade finance startup. Drip is using technology to re-build core parts of the international trade finance infrastructure and make the underwriting and financing of international B2B transactions seamless for small businesses. . Live
Emburse W16 Fintech Emburse lets businesses issue virtual or physical debit cards to employees. With Emburse, companies can set spending controls on each card and simplify bookkeeping via automatic transaction categorization. . Live
Final W15 Fintech A credit card that drastically reduces payment fraud and gives consumers total control over their merchant relationships. . Exited
Fintual S18 Fintech Roboadvisor for Latin America . Live
Flinto W18 Fintech Pay friends, merchants, and services in Mexico through your phone, even without a bank account. . Live
Flutterwave S16 Fintech One API for any kind of payment across Africa. We partner with banks help large companies like Uber accept Credit Card, ACH, mobile money and cash token payments from across Africa. . Live
FundersClub S12 Fintech Online VC . Live
Future Advisor S10 Fintech The online financial management service for everyone. FutureAdvisor advises and manages all of a customer's financial goals together to help everyone achieve a better financial future. . Exited
Glassjar W15 Fintech Clean app for check writing . Dead
GoCardless S11 Fintech Replace credit cards online. . Live
Greenshoe S15 Fintech An App that give people instant lines of credit based on information on their phone . Live
Groww W18 Fintech Simple investing for everyone in India . Live
Happyappy W10 Fintech . Dead
Honeydue S17 Fintech The simplest way for couples to manage money, together . Live
HoverChat W14 Fintech Message without interrupting what you're doing . Dead
Instavest W15 Fintech Instavest allows you to replicate the world's best investments. . Dead
Kash S14 Fintech We are fixing how money works. . Exited
Kudi W17 Fintech Send money, pay bills in Africa. . Live
Landed W16 Fintech Landed helps essential professionals build financial security near the communities they serve. Our flagship product is shared-equity down payment support for public school educators so they can access a traditional mortgage and buy a home. . Live
Leaky S11 Fintech Online auto and business insurance. (Acquired 2013) . Exited
Ledger Investing W17 Fintech Marketplace for insurance securitization. . Live
Legalist S16 Fintech Legalist provides algorithmic litigation financing for small businesses with meritorious lawsuits. . Live
Lendsnap S16 Fintech The Digital Mortgage Company. Lendsnap automatically gathers loan qualifying documents and data to take the pain out of lending. Lendsnap is the only account aggregator enhancing portfolio liquidity with original source documents. . Live
LendUp W12 Fintech LendUp is a socially responsible company on a mission to redefine financial services for the emerging middle class. LendUp builds loans and credit cards paired with educational experiences to help people save money and improve their financial health. . Live
Look After My Bills W18 Fintech Personal fintech - we optimise your bills, every year, automatically. . Live
LotusPay S17 Fintech Recurring payments solution for businesses in India. . Live
MarketBrief S11 Fintech Generate stories from SEC filings. . Dead
Neema W17 Fintech Neema is an app for unbanked workers, which provides a checking account, a debit-card and instant remittance to 90 countries, all for $3 a month. . Live
Newfront Insurance W18 Fintech Newfront (was Abe) is a modern insurance brokerage that leverages technology to vastly simplify the buying process for businesses and the selling process for brokers. . Live
Nova Credit S16 Fintech API for global consumer finance information . Live
OkCredit S18 Fintech Indian SMBs use OkCredit to track credit extended by them to their customers. We are building the biggest and fastest growing credit network in India where $500B of credit is still issued informally and handled on paper! . Live
OneChronos S16 Fintech A financial exchange that reduces costs, increases trading volume, and prevents information leakage via a revolutionary approach to matching buyers with sellers. . Live
Open Invest S15 Fintech Socially responsible investing made easy . Live
Owners Circle S14 Fintech Kickstarter for local businesses . Dead
Oxygen S18 Fintech Oxygen is banking and lending for the gig-economy. We use AI to analyze personal cash flow and credit report data to underwrite freelancers. Free FDIC-insured bank accounts, debit cards, and loans at Avg 27% interest. . Live
Paladin Cyber S17 Fintech Cyber security insurance for small businesses. Experts in Cyber security/compliance for startup needs as well. . Live
Paribus S15 Fintech Get money back when prices drop, effortlessly. Acquired by Capital One in October 2016. . Exited
PAYFAZZ S17 Fintech WeChat Pay for Indonesia . Live
Paystack W16 Fintech Modern payments infrastructure for Africa . Live
PayStack S11 Fintech . Dead
Penny W17 Fintech Penny makes keeping track of your finances as easy as having a conversation. . Exited
Piggy S17 Fintech App for Indians to make investments in mutual funds, manage their investment portfolios, and save for retirement. (Vanguard for India) . Live
Pit.AI W17 Fintech Former Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan Quant, PhD in Machine Learning @ Oxford, paid for by Google, building AI Powered Hedge Fund, committed to charging 0% Management Fees. Return: 40%, Sharpe Ratio: 3.2. . Live
Prelim S17 Fintech Prelim is a mobile-first platform that can power in-person and online retail and commercial product originations for financial institutions. . Live
Razorpay W15 Fintech A modern online payment gateway for India . Live
Ready For Zero S10 Fintech Help people get out of debt. Simplified personal debt and credit management. Acquired by Avant in 2015. . Exited
RedCarpetUp S15 Fintech We lend to people in India that banks cannot see. . Live
SafetyWing W18 Fintech A borderless safety net on the internet . Live
Sandbox W17 Fintech Sandbox is a universal adapter for banks. It empowers financial institutions to quickly and safely connect new fintech software to existing systems. . Live
Seed W15 Fintech Mobile banking for small business. . Live
Serica S15 Fintech Financial payment and loan services for the Medical Cannabis and Healthcare industry, using bitcoin blockchain technology. . Dead
SimpleMoney S15 Fintech Portfolio tracking for Indian investments. . Live
Sliced Investing S14 Fintech Crowdfunding for hedge funds . Exited
SlidePay W12 Fintech Banking and Payment Platform APIs. Exited October 2014. . Exited
SmartAsset S12 Fintech The easiest way to make and understand important personal finance decisions. . Live
SmartPath S16 Fintech Financial education and budgeting for hourly and blue collar employees. . Live
Spark Gift W15 Fintech SparkGift makes it easy to send stocks and index funds as gifts to friends and family. . Exited
Standard Treasury S13 Fintech Banking APIs; acquired by Silicon Valley Bank in August 2015 . Exited
STILT W16 Fintech We use technology to extend credit to immigrants. Our first product is a loan for visa holders (F-1, OPT, H-1B, etc). You can get our loans the first day you arrive in the U.S. . Live
Stripe S09 Fintech Online payments. . Live
Surematics S17 Fintech We help commercial insurance brokers structure complicated deals. Brokers use our collaboration platform to negotiate terms, share documents and agree contracts. We enforce these agreements using blockchain technology. . Exited
Tab W15 Fintech Booking and payment platform for travellers abroad โ€“ย cheaper and safer for travellers & tourist businesses. . Live
TextPayMe S05 Fintech TextPayMe is an SMS payment service that allows users to send money to others using text messages. . Exited
Theorem LP W14 Fintech Theorem conducts independent underwriting of consumer loans originated by banks, credit cards companies and other lenders. We utilize this information to manage institutional capital and advise loan securitizations. . Live
Tilt W12 Fintech Mobile crowdfunding: The easiest way to collect, fundraise, and sell with your community. . Exited
Tipjoy W08 Fintech social micropayments . Dead
Titan S18 Fintech Titan is the new BlackRock. We build, manage, and explain investment funds via our mobile app. . Live
Tpaga S17 Fintech Mobile Wallet for Latin America. . Live
Treasury Prime W18 Fintech APIs to automate banking. . Live
Truebill W16 Fintech Truebill is auto-pilot for your personal finances. We let you manage your subscriptions, lower your bills, and stay on top of your financial life. . Live
True Link S13 Fintech Diversified financial services for seniors . Live
TrustEgg W11 Fintech Trust funds. . Dead
Vest W15 Fintech Bringing wider access to financial derivatives. . Exited
Wefunder W13 Fintech Kickstarter for equity. We let anyone invest as little as $100 in startups. We connect startups with a "street team" of passionate small investors eager to help evangelize. . Live
WePay S09 Fintech Payments for platform businesses. . Exited
WorldCover W16 Fintech Funding platform for global insurance, starting with crop insurance in the developing world. . Live
Xendit S15 Fintech Xendit is a mobile wallet designed to serve peer-to-peer payments in Southeast Asia. . Live
Xfers S15 Fintech Xfers makes it possible for people to make and receive payments via Bank transfers via API. We built a proprietary system to allow us to integrate with any banks in a week. Drop us a note if you are interested in Indonesia and Singapore . Live
Zinc Platform W17 Fintech Insurance Distribution Infrastructure . Dead