Y Combinator Fintech Companies

Name Batch Category Description Status
Abacus S18 Fintech The modern platform for legal and compliance workflows. . Live
Aella W17 Fintech Aella Credit provides Instant loans to Africans who can prove a source of Income either through thei... . Live
AI Insurance W19 Fintech AI Insurance builds cloud-based claims management software for the property and casualty insurance i... . Live
Airfordable S16 Fintech Buy your flights for a deposit upfront and pay off the rest in installments before your departure da... . Live
AirPay S18 Fintech A unified API to help you scale payment and payouts needs . Live
Ajaib S18 Fintech Low-fee investing for Indonesia . Live
Algoriz W16 Fintech Algoriz is an AI based algorithmic trading platform that enables you to build robust algorithms by s... . Dead
Alpaca W19 Fintech API for Free Stock Trading . Live
AlphaFlow W16 Fintech AlphaFlow makes investing in real estate as easy as adding stocks to your portfolio. 100% passive wi... . Live
Alpha Vantage S18 Fintech We build accessible and easy to use APIs for financial market data. . Live
Apto S14 Fintech API platform for partners to issue branded debit and credit cards to their end users. . Live
Apurata S19 Fintech Small loans for the Latin American middle class. Customers access $100-300 loans quickly, safely, an... . Live
Arcus S13 Fintech API for payments anywhere in the world . Live
Arthena W17 Fintech Quantitative Investment in Art Assets . Live
Aspire W18 Fintech Simple banking for small businesses . Live
Axoni W14 Fintech The global leader in blockchain tech for capital markets . Live
Balanced W11 Fintech Payments for Marketplaces . Dead
Bamboo W20 Fintech Bamboo ― the first online brokerage service for Africans and their wealth managers. . Live
Bankjoy W15 Fintech The first end-to-end digital banking solution for credit unions and community banks . Live
Beacons S19 Fintech The best mobile website builder for content creators . Live
Ben W18 Fintech The easiest way to learn about, buy, and store cryptocurrency. . Live
Billforward S14 Fintech Subscription billing, rate plan management and analytics as a service. We help you optimise your pro... . Live
Bitaccess S14 Fintech We make bitcoin simple. . Live
Blair S19 Fintech Financing education through Income Share Agreements . Live
Breezeful W20 Fintech A digital mortgage broker. Get the best mortgage, fast. . Live
Brex W17 Fintech Brex is rebuilding B2B financial products . Live
Buttercoin S13 Fintech Bitcoin Marketplace . Dead
Buxfer W07 Fintech Buxfer helps you make better spending decisions by making it easy to see all your accounts at one pl... . Live
BuyCoins S18 Fintech Cryptocurrency exchange for Africa . Live
bxblue S17 Fintech bxblue is a marketplace for people with guaranteed income in Brazil. This market has 42 million peop... . Live
Cashfree S17 Fintech Next-Gen digital payments provider for India. . Live
Catch W19 Fintech Benefits for independent workers. . Live
Cheddar S14 Fintech The Best Mobile Checking Account . Dead
ClearTax W14 Fintech Intuit of India. . Live
Coco S19 Fintech E-commerce SaaS platform for SMBs in LATAM . Live
Coin W13 Fintech A mobile wallet that allows you to pay everywhere credit cards are accepted. . Exited
Coinbase S12 Fintech Coinbase is a secure platform that makes it easy to buy and sell cryptocurrency . Live
CoinTracker W18 Fintech The most trusted cryptocurrency portfolio assistant and tax solution . Live
Compound S19 Fintech Compound does financial management for people who work at and invest in technology companies. . Live
Covela S19 Fintech The digital insurance broker for SMEs in LATAM . Dead
Cover W16 Fintech The mobile-first insurance platform that makes insurance easy. . Live
Cowrywise S18 Fintech Cowrywise is a wealth management platform for Africa. With our platform, they can plan and automate ... . Live
CredPal W19 Fintech CredPal is a modern credit card company in Africa that allows consumers make purchases and pay in mo... . Live
Credy W17 Fintech Credy is a full stack lending company for India. We are a mobile credit line with customisation for ... . Live
CrowdForce W20 Fintech Crowdforce is an app that allows any local merchant in Africa, starting with Nigeria to become a ban... . Live
Cuanto W19 Fintech Helping Latin American small businesses and independent entrepreneurs sell via social media. . Live
Debteye S11 Fintech Automate credit counseling. . Dead
delt.ai W20 Fintech Digital bank for businesses in Latam. . Live
Dharma Labs S17 Fintech Dharma is the easiest place to borrow and lend cryptocurrencies — anywhere in the world, instantly a... . Live
Direct Match W15 Fintech . Dead
Drip Capital S15 Fintech Drip is a digital trade finance startup enabling credit access to small businesses in emerging marke... . Live
Easyplan W20 Fintech Money-market account for the 250M middle-income Indians. . Live
Emburse W16 Fintech Emburse lets businesses issue virtual or physical debit cards to employees. With Emburse, companies... . Exited
Encarte W19 Fintech Encarte is building 1-click checkout for all online stores. . Live
ErudiFi W18 Fintech Building the back-end of education in Southeast Asia . Live
Facio W20 Fintech Facio provides low-priced payroll loans to employees in Brazil. . Live
FamPay S19 Fintech India’s first payments app for teenagers and their families. . Live
Final W15 Fintech A credit card that drastically reduces payment fraud and gives consumers total control over their me... . Exited
Fintual S18 Fintech Wealth manager for Latin America . Live
Flinto W18 Fintech Digital wallet for Mexico . Live
Flutterwave S16 Fintech We help businesses to make and accept payments from anywhere in Africa . Live
Flux S19 Fintech Flux is building the payment network for mobile wallets in Latin America. . Live
Fondeadora W20 Fintech We want to connect every single Mexican to the financial system, through a bank that lives in your p... . Live
FundersClub S12 Fintech Online VC . Live
FutureAdvisor S10 Fintech The online financial management service for everyone. FutureAdvisor advises and manages all of a cus... . Exited
Gaiascope S19 Fintech Gaiascope is an energy quant fund that trades electricity. . Live
GIGI Benefits W20 Fintech GIGI sells insurance + savings accounts to 150 million gig workers in India. We set aside a part of ... . Live
Glassjar W15 Fintech Clean app for check writing . Dead
Globe W19 Fintech coinbase for derivatives . Live
GoCardless S11 Fintech The first global network for recurring payments . Live
goDutch W20 Fintech Group payments product which lets people pay together at any offline or online merchant . Live
Goodcover S17 Fintech Digital Co-op Renters Insurance = half the price, better coverage. . Live
GradJoy S19 Fintech Student loan manager — helping users save money and be debt-free faster. . Live
Grain W20 Fintech Grain transforms the debit card you already have into a credit card by linking it to a line of credi... . Live
GreenTiger S19 Fintech Buy US stocks from India with zero commission. . Live
Groww W18 Fintech Investing made simple for everyone in India . Live
Honeydue S17 Fintech The simplest way for couples to manage money, together . Live
HoverChat W14 Fintech Message without interrupting what you're doing . Dead
Instavest W15 Fintech Instavest allows you to replicate the world's best investments. . Dead
Jenfi W20 Fintech Jenfi lends to small businesses in Asia based on revenue . Live
Jerry, Inc. S17 Fintech Jerry is your personal insurance shopper (car & home). Sign up takes 30 seconds and we shop for you ... . Live
Karat W20 Fintech The Bank for Creators, Streamers, and Influencers . Live
Kash S14 Fintech We are fixing how money works. . Exited
Keeper Tax W19 Fintech Automatic tax write offs for contractors . Live
Kosh W20 Fintech Turn creditworthy blue-collar workers into micro-lenders for their community in India. . Live
Kovi W19 Fintech Rent cars for on-demand drivers in Latin America . Live
Kudi W17 Fintech Making financial services accessible and affordable for all Africans. . Live
Landed W16 Fintech Tools to build financial security for people with essential jobs . Live
Leaky S11 Fintech Online auto and business insurance. (Acquired 2013) . Exited
Ledger Investing W17 Fintech Marketplace for insurance securitization. . Live
Legalist S16 Fintech Tech-enabled legal asset manager . Live
Lendsnap S16 Fintech The Digital Mortgage Company. Lendsnap automatically gathers loan qualifying documents and data to t... . Dead
LendUp W12 Fintech LendUp is a socially responsible company on a mission to redefine financial services for the emergin... . Live
Long Term Stock Exchange S17 Fintech The Long-Term Stock Exchange designs an SEC-regulated national securities exchange that aligns great companies and long-term investors. . Live
Look After My Bills W18 Fintech Personal fintech - we optimise your bills, every year, automatically. . Exited
LotusPay S17 Fintech Recurring payments solution for businesses in India. . Live
MarketBrief S11 Fintech Generate stories from SEC filings. . Dead
Miso S16 Fintech Instantly book 50+ quality home services in South Korea. . Live
Mudrex W19 Fintech High yield investments for everyone . Live
Multis S19 Fintech Multis is a bank to help companies use crypto and earn interest up to 10% p.a. . Live
NALA W19 Fintech Internet-Free Payments for Africa . Live
Neema W17 Fintech Neema is an app for unbanked workers, which provides a checking account, a debit-card and instant re... . Live
Newfront Insurance W18 Fintech Newfront (W18) is the modern insurance brokerage that leverages technology to vastly simplify the bu... . Live
Nexu W20 Fintech Financing platform for LatAm car dealerships. . Live
Nova Credit S16 Fintech API for global consumer credit information . Live
OkCredit S18 Fintech Indian SMBs use OkCredit to track credit extended by them to their customers. We are building the bi... . Live
OneChronos S16 Fintech A financial exchange that reduces costs, increases trading volume, and prevents information leakage ... . Live
OpenInvest S15 Fintech Technology-enabled asset manager providing ESG-focused investments. . Live
Owners Circle S14 Fintech Kickstarter for local businesses . Dead
Oxygen S18 Fintech Oxygen is banking and lending for the gig-economy. We use AI to analyze personal cash flow and credi... . Live
Paladin Cyber S17 Fintech Cyber security insurance for small businesses. Experts in Cyber security/compliance for startup need... . Live
Paribus S15 Fintech Get money back when prices drop, effortlessly. Acquired by Capital One in October 2016. . Exited
PAYFAZZ S17 Fintech WeChat Pay for Indonesia . Live
PayMongo S19 Fintech Modern online payments for the Philippines . Live
Paystack W16 Fintech Modern payments infrastructure for Africa . Live
Penny W17 Fintech Penny makes keeping track of your finances as easy as having a conversation. . Exited
Piggy S17 Fintech App for Indians to make investments in mutual funds, manage their investment portfolios, and save fo... . Live
Pit.AI W17 Fintech Pit.AI Technologies aims at solving intelligence for investment management. . Live
Point W19 Fintech Point is re-thinking the way you spend money. . Live
Prayas Analytics S15 Fintech A/B testing for brick-and-mortar stores. . Dead
Prelim S17 Fintech Prelim is simplifying the go-to-market digital originations process for banks, helping banks help pe... . Live
Prodigal S18 Fintech Collection Intelligence Software . Live
Proof Trading S19 Fintech Institutional equities broker-dealer . Live
Razorpay W15 Fintech A full stack payment platform for India . Live
Ready For Zero S10 Fintech Help people get out of debt. Simplified personal debt and credit management. Acquired by Avant in 20... . Exited
RealtyBits S18 Fintech Blockchain platform for private offerings . Live
Rebank W19 Fintech Banking for high-growth companies . Live
RedCarpetUp S15 Fintech We lend to people in India that banks cannot see. . Live
Refund Giant W20 Fintech Fast, easy VAT (tax) refunds for tourists . Live
Request Network W17 Fintech Request Network is a decentralized network for payment requests. Sort of Paypal 2.0 . Live
Sable S19 Fintech Mobile bank for credit-worthy, new-to-America internationals offering credit cards, checking and sav... . Live
SafeButler S17 Fintech Your chief servant for shopping insurance . Live
SafetyWing W18 Fintech Global social safety net for remote workers . Live
Saida S15 Fintech An App that give people instant lines of credit based on information on their phone . Live
Sandbox W17 Fintech Sandbox is a universal adapter that enables banks to quickly connect new fintech software with exist... . Live
ScholarMe S19 Fintech Helping students apply for all their educational financing with one simple form. . Live
Seawise Capital W19 Fintech Trade finance company for Indian exporters . Live
Seed W15 Fintech Mobile banking for small business. . Exited
Serica S15 Fintech Financial payment and loan services for the Medical Cannabis and Healthcare industry, using bitcoin ... . Dead
SFOX S14 Fintech Crypto-currency trading platform. . Live
Sliced Investing S14 Fintech Crowdfunding for hedge funds . Exited
SlidePay W12 Fintech Banking and Payment Platform APIs. Exited October 2014. . Exited
SmartAsset S12 Fintech The easiest way to make and understand important personal finance decisions. . Live
SmartPath S16 Fintech Financial advising for the middle class . Live
Spark Gift W15 Fintech SparkGift makes it easy to send stocks and index funds as gifts to friends and family. . Exited
Sparkswap S18 Fintech Trade cryptocurrency without depositing funds on an exchange. . Live
Spenny W20 Fintech Acorns for India. Every time you swipe you make a digital transaction, we round up the amount to the... . Live
Standard Treasury S13 Fintech Banking APIs; acquired by Silicon Valley Bank in August 2015 . Exited
Stark Bank W20 Fintech Bank for tech companies in Brazil . Live
Stilt W16 Fintech We use technology to extend credit to immigrants. Our first product is a loan for visa holders (F-1,... . Live
Stripe S09 Fintech Online payments. . Live
Surematics S17 Fintech We help commercial insurance brokers structure complicated deals. Brokers use our collaboration p... . Exited
Swipe W20 Fintech Brex for Africa. First credit card for African SMBs. . Live
Tab W15 Fintech Booking and payment platform for travellers abroad – cheaper and safer for travellers & tourist busi... . Live
TaxProper S19 Fintech taxProper saves homeowners money on their property taxes. We do this by accurately valuing real esta... . Live
TextPayMe S05 Fintech TextPayMe is an SMS payment service that allows users to send money to others using text messages. . Exited
Theorem LP W14 Fintech The mission of Theorem is to make credit safe and available. We use data science, machine learning, ... . Live
Tienda Dólar W20 Fintech Tienda Dólar is a digital foreign exchange platform which allows users to convert ARS into USD and t... . Live
Tilt W12 Fintech Mobile crowdfunding: The easiest way to collect, fundraise, and sell with your community. . Exited
Tinker S14 Fintech Digital Currency Market Making . Dead
Tipjoy W08 Fintech social micropayments . Dead
Titan S18 Fintech Titan is the new BlackRock. We build, manage, and explain investment funds. . Live
tpaga S17 Fintech Mobile Wallet for Latin America. . Live
Tranqui Finanzas S19 Fintech Debt Consolidation & Investment Planning through payroll (deducted from salary) for Latin America em... . Live
Treasury Prime W18 Fintech A modern banking platform for Banks and Fintechs . Live
Truebill W16 Fintech Truebill is auto-pilot for your personal finances. We let you manage your subscriptions, lower your... . Live
True Link S13 Fintech Financial services for older adults, people with disabilities, and people in recovery. . Live
TrustEgg W11 Fintech Trust funds. . Dead
Upflow W20 Fintech Better cash collection for B2B businesses. . Live
Upsolve W19 Fintech TurboTax for Bankruptcy (nonprofit) . Live
Valiu S19 Fintech The first USD bank for LatAm. . Live
Verto FX W19 Fintech Cross-border b2b payments and FX marketplace. . Live
Vest W15 Fintech Bringing wider access to financial derivatives. . Exited
Vouch S19 Fintech Vouch provides insurance and risk management tools for start-ups. . Live
Wallets W19 Fintech Wallets is a modern digital banking app for Africans. . Live
WeatherCheck W19 Fintech WeatherCheck monitors properties for hail damage so that insurance carriers, mortgage companies, and... . Live
Wefunder W13 Fintech Kickstarter for equity. We let anyone invest as little as $100 in startups. We connect startups wi... . Live
WePay S09 Fintech Payments for platform businesses. . Exited
WorldCover W16 Fintech Funding platform for global insurance, starting with crop insurance in the developing world. . Live
Xendit S15 Fintech Xendit is a mobile wallet designed to serve peer-to-peer payments in Southeast Asia. . Live
Xfers S15 Fintech Xfers makes it possible for people to make and receive payments via Bank transfers via API. We built... . Exited
yBANQ W20 Fintech yBANQ is building a Bill.com for India to simplify collections and reconciliation for large B2B busi... . Live
yearend W20 Fintech Optimize your equity and taxes in real-time. . Live
YSplit W19 Fintech We splits expenses automatically for housemates so that they only pay their share. . Live
ZeFi W20 Fintech ZeFi is a global borderless USD account that enables people to send, receive and earn yields up to 7... . Live
Zinc Platform W17 Fintech Insurance Distribution Infrastructure . Dead
Zippi S19 Fintech Neo-bank for gig workers in Latin America. . Live