Y Combinator Government Companies

Name Batch Category Description Status
Biobot Analytics W18 Government We analyze city sewage to estimate opioid consumption. . Live
DemocracyOS W15 Government Online space for deliberation, policy making and democratic participation. We bring institutions and citizens together. . Live
Elucd S17 Government Polling through mobile ads to enable governments to make better decisions. . Live
GovPredict S14 Government Bloomberg for government data. . Live
Just Appraised S17 Government Just Appraised automates property valuation for local governments. We use machine learning to verify property transactions and provide more accurate valuations. . Live
Meter Feeder W16 Government Meter Feeder enables local government to accept credit card payment, for parking, without upgrading their infrastructure. . Live
Numero W19 Government Modern financial software that powers our democracy. . Live
Outvote S18 Government An app to get Democrats to go vote. . Live
Promise W18 Government Promise helps government agencies better meet the needs of people in the criminal justice system. Our technology supports just & equitable alternatives to incarceration, helps people navigate the criminal justice system, and reduces recidivism rates . Live
Remix W15 Government Helping today’s cities design their transportation future . Live
Rescue Forensics W15 Government Actionable human trafficking intelligence . Exited
RideAlong S17 Government We save lives by giving police and health workers key info to safely interact with those with mental health issues, chemical dependencies, and homelessness. This saves cities millions of dollars by streamlining resources and coordinating care. . Dead
Seneca Systems S16 Government Constituent system-of-record and service request management software for local government. . Exited
Token Transit W17 Government A mobile app to pay for public transportation. We sell a mobile ticketing platform for transit agencies. . Live
Value Voting S17 Government Platform to defeat political extremism through strategic primary voting. We help advocacy leaders identify new voters, vulnerable incumbents, and source candidates. Then we use targeted data to connect strategic voters with centrist candidates. . Dead
VotingWorks W19 Government Non-profit building secure and affordable voting machines for US elections. . Live
Zenysis W16 Government Building powerful data analysis software for developing countries. . Live