Y Combinator Government Companies

Name Batch Category Description Status
Biobot Analytics W18 Government We analyze city sewage to estimate opioid consumption. . Live
DemocracyOS W15 Government Online space for deliberation, policy making and democratic participation. We bring institutions and... . Live
Elucd S17 Government Polling through mobile ads to enable governments to make better decisions. . Live
GovPredict S14 Government Bloomberg for government data. . Live
Just Appraised S17 Government Just Appraised automates property valuation for local governments. We use machine learning to verify... . Live
Lumineye S19 Government X-ray Vision for First Responders . Live
Meter Feeder W16 Government Pay for parking by turning your car off. . Live
Outvote S18 Government An app to get Democrats to go vote. . Live
Promise W18 Government Promise helps government agencies better meet the needs of people in the criminal justice system. Ou... . Live
Ravn W19 Government Ravn is building a heads-up display for soldiers. . Live
Recidiviz S19 Government A platform to help reduce incarceration quickly and permanently . Live
Remix W15 Government We’re building a platform to empower cities to plan the best possible transportation system. . Live
Rescue Forensics W15 Government Actionable human trafficking intelligence . Exited
RideAlong S17 Government We save lives by giving police and health workers key info to safely interact with those with mental... . Dead
Seneca Systems S16 Government Constituent system-of-record and service request management software for local government. . Exited
Token Transit W17 Government Payment processor for transit. . Live
Value Voting S17 Government Platform to defeat political extremism through strategic primary voting. We help advocacy leaders id... . Dead
VotingWorks W19 Government Non-profit building secure and affordable voting machines for US elections. . Live
Zenysis W16 Government Building powerful data analysis software for developing countries. . Live