Y Combinator Industrial Companies

Name Batch Category Description Status
Alchemy S14 Industrial Thin, transparent films for automobile windshields to prevent stone chips, block solar infrared heat, and prevent frost. . Live
AON3D W17 Industrial Industrial 3D printers for manufacturing . Live
Arylla W17 Industrial A platform that combines anti-counterfeiting and customer engagement. We make invisible ink that is applied to luxury products so that authenticity can be verified by taking a photo with your smartphone. . Live
Beep S14 Industrial Cellular networks for IoT. . Dead
CircuitHub W12 Industrial Electronics factory automation . Live
Gecko Robotics W16 Industrial We develop robots for industrial inspections. . Live
JITX S18 Industrial Automatic circuit board design. . Live
Kestrel Materials S17 Industrial Kestrel Materials makes temperature responsive fabrics for bedding and clothes. Thin when warm and thick when cool, the insulation of the Kestrel fabric changes with temperature to offer unrivaled thermal comfort. . Live
MadeSolid W14 Industrial Functional 3D printing materials. . Dead
Mason W16 Industrial Mason is infrastructure for mobile deployment. Build your own Android device and operating system without a hardware team or modifying source code. . Live
Octopart W07 Industrial Octopart is a search engine for electronic components . Exited
OpenTrons W16 Industrial We are building the PC of life-science labs -- a $3K liquid handling robot connected to the 'app store' or 'github' of protocols, Mix.Bio, where scientists can download experiments to run on their OT-One. . Live
Per Vices W12 Industrial Per Vices Corporation builds software-defined radio (SDR) products. Our Crimson platform provides the flexibility and bandwidth required to support various radio applications used within the infrastructure, defence, and telecommunications industries. . Live
Reduced Energy Microsystems S15 Industrial Building the lowest-power silicon for embedded deep learning and computer vision. . Live
Rigetti Computing S14 Industrial Quantum coherent supercomputing. . Live
Robby Technologies S16 Industrial We are building a fleet of autonomous mobile robots that travel on sidewalks and deliver things to your doorstep, at low cost and high efficiency. . Live
Shone W18 Industrial Shone makes existing cargo ships autonomous through retrofit. . Live
Sinovia Technologies W17 Industrial Flexible printed OLED displays. . Live
View3 W07 Industrial View 3, an active clad-alignment splicer with the world's highest fiber image magnification rate, is the most dependable fusion splicer. . Dead
Voodoo Manufacturing W17 Industrial AWS for manufacturing. Our robotic 3D printing factory can make 1-10k plastic parts in less than 2 weeks, at injection molding prices. . Live