Companies in Y Combinator S17 Batch

Name Batch Category Description Status
10 By 10 S17 Other SaaS 10by10 is building a unique marketplace in the recruiting agency industry for recruiters to match engineers with jobs. Recruiting agencies have relationships with proven experienced engineers that you can't find in self-service job boards. . Live
70MillionJobs S17 Other SaaS The Internet's first for-profit recruitment platform for people with criminal records. We match ignored talent (from our community of one million+) with jobs that companies can't fill. . Live
Advano S17 Resources Advano's silicon nanoparticles dramatically increase the energy density lithium-ion batteries 30-40% without sacrificing battery life or increasing the battery cost. Better batteries for ioT, consumer electronics, and EVs. . Live
Airthium S17 Resources We make large scale (1MW+) thermodynamic energy storage systems. . Live
And Comfort S17 Consumer And Comfort is a direct to consumer fashion brand for plus-size women. We make plus-size basics and sell then online at . Dead
AssemblyAI S17 Dev Tools AssemblyAI builds customized speech-to-text models for customers working with voice data. Our customers use these models to transcribe phone calls, media, and other types of voice data with unparalleled accuracy and speed. . Live
Audm S17 Entertainment Audm is a subscription service providing mini-audiobooks — word-for-word narrations — of longform articles from The New Yorker, The Atlantic, New York Magazine, POLITICO Magazine, WIRED, and many more publications. . Live
AutoHub S17 Other SaaS We help dealerships appraise vehicle trade-ins more efficiently accurately. AutoHub is the only appraisal tool that incorporates vehicle diagnostic data and cosmetic condition into a streamlined appraisal process. . Live
BillionToOne S17 Healthcare Prenatal genetic testing for every expecting mother . Live
bxblue S17 Fintech bxblue is a marketplace for people with guaranteed income in Brazil. This market has 42 million people that borrow over U$40 billion yearly (growing 20% YoY). . Live
Caelum Health S17 Healthcare Caelum Health is replacing drugs with software. We use behavioral medicine, delivered digitally, to treat diseases where drugs don't work. We're starting with IBS, which affects 20% of the US and costs an additional $6,000 per individual each year. . Dead
Cambridge Cancer Genomics S17 Healthcare CCG empowers clinicians to make personalised treatment strategies for cancer patients. We use blood monitoring to measure the effectiveness of cancer therapies and ML to tailor treatment decisions. . Live
Captain Tailor S17 Healthcare Captain Tailor is the Uber for tailoring. . Live
CarDash S17 Consumer Managed marketplace for automotive services. . Live
Carrot Fertility S17 Healthcare Customized fertility benefits for modern companies. . Live
Cashfree S17 Fintech Next-Gen digital payments provider for India. . Live
CocuSocial S17 Consumer Marketplace for local activities. . Live
Covetly S17 Consumer Collectibles marketplace . Live
CureSkin S17 Healthcare AI dermatologist for India . Live
dahmakan S17 Consumer dahmakan delivers ready-to-eat meals at below restaurant prices to the fast growing middle class in Asia. . Live
Darmiyan S17 Healthcare Early detection of Alzheimer's disease . Live
Dharma Labs S17 Fintech The Protocol for Borrowing and Lending on Blockchains . Live
D-ID S17 Other SaaS Protecting faces from being identified by facial recognition technologies. Helping governments, HLS and corporations to comply with regulations and secure their citizens, agents, employees and customers. . Live S17 Real Estate helps real estate agents manage, share and review property disclosures. . Live
Dropleaf S17 Entertainment Subscription service for all you can play indie PC games. . Dead
Elucd S17 Government Polling through mobile ads to enable governments to make better decisions. . Live
Entocycle S17 Agriculture Automated factory to produce insect protein for farm animals. . Live
Enzyme S17 Healthcare Software that helps life science companies with FDA approval and compliance. Think TurboTax but for companies that need FDA approval. . Live
Escher Reality S17 Entertainment The backend for Augmented Reality. . Exited
Fastpad S17 Other SaaS Hiring Software for India . Live
Fat Llama S17 Consumer Fat Llama is the first fully insured peer-to-peer rental marketplace. The insurance allows us to focus on high end professional equipment such as DJ equipment, photography gear and more. . Live
Feather S17 Consumer Feather is a furniture subscription service for people who aspire to live light. . Live
Flock Safety S17 Real Estate Flock makes wireless security systems for neighborhoods. While only 13% of non-violent crime is solved today, with our wireless license plate reading cameras, our goal is to take that to 100%. . Live
Flowspace S17 Other SaaS On-demand warehousing for business. . Live
Forever Labs S17 Healthcare We bank your stem cells to help you live healthier, longer. . Live
FriendSpot S17 Entertainment FriendSpot is a group messaging app that helps you coordinate with your friends to meet up in the real world. . Live
Gameday S17 Entertainment Play fantasy sports with friends on Facebook Messenger . Live
Gamelynx S17 Entertainment Competitive multiplayer mobile games. . Live
Gem S17 Other SaaS Email automation for recruiters. . Live
Goosebump S17 Entertainment Find the best electronic music events in a single message. . Dead
Gopher S17 Other SaaS Get things done without leaving your inbox. . Live
Greo S17 Entertainment Greo is a mobile video app for conversations about current events. . Live
Guggy S17 Entertainment Guggy is building the messaging app of the future with real time, NLP-based personalized GIFs . Dead
Guilded S17 Entertainment Guilded connects esports teams. . Live
Gustav S17 Other SaaS The marketplace for staffing agencies. Companies leverage the network of Gustav’s selected staffing agencies to hire, manage and pay the best talent over one single point of contact with a single requisition. . Live
Headstart S17 Other SaaS Headstart uses Machine Learning to help companies decide on who to hire. We save recruiters up to 80% of the time typically spent reviewing applicants, and ensure that companies only hire people that would be a good fit for their culture. . Live
Helium Health S17 Healthcare Electronic medical records for Africa's largest hospitals. . Live
HelpWear S17 Healthcare HelpWear is a healthcare platform that engages in developing products for medical technology industry. . Live
Honeydue S17 Fintech The simplest way for couples to manage money, together . Live
HotelFlex S17 Other SaaS The first fully flexible hotel booking model that lets you check-in and check-out of your room at anytime you want and pay accordingly. . Live
Indivio S17 Other SaaS Customize your digital video ads to be more relevant and improve performance quickly with creative testing and insights. . Live
Jerry, Inc. S17 Fintech Jerry is your personal insurance shopper (car & home). Sign up takes 30 seconds and we shop for you every 6 months to ensure you have the right coverage at the best price. . Live
Just Appraised S17 Government Just Appraised automates property valuation for local governments. We use machine learning to verify property transactions and provide more accurate valuations. . Live
Kestrel Materials S17 Industrial Kestrel Materials makes temperature responsive fabrics for bedding and clothes. Thin when warm and thick when cool, the insulation of the Kestrel fabric changes with temperature to offer unrivaled thermal comfort. . Live
Lambda School S17 Education We train people to be software engineers for free in exchange for a share of their future income . Live
Leon & George S17 Other SaaS Buying and owning indoor potted plants made easy. . Live
LotusPay S17 Fintech Recurring payments solution for businesses in India. . Live
Lyrebird S17 Dev Tools Our tech speaks for itself. . Live
May Mobility S17 Transport May Mobility deploys fleets of autonomous vehicles for central business districts, enterprise campuses, and residential communities. . Live
Meetingbird S17 Other SaaS Automated meeting scheduling for teams . Exited
Modern Fertility S17 Healthcare Modern Fertility is an at-home fertility test for women who aren't ready for kids right now but want to check in on where they stand. . Live
Modular Science S17 Agriculture We're improving farming using robots and science. . Live
muzmatch S17 Entertainment Where 400M single Muslims meet . Live
Mystery Science S17 Education Fixing STEM education by giving elementary teachers a virtual science expert. . Live
Mystro S17 Consumer Mystro is an app that makes rideshare drivers up to 30% more money by automatically accepting the most profitable fares across multiple apps. . Dead
NextDrop S17 Resources NextDrop is the water marketplace for urban India. We connect water buyers with suppliers. . Live
Nimble S17 Education A better applicant tracking system for schools . Live
Oncobox S17 Healthcare Finding the right cancer drug for each patient. . Live
OneLocal S17 Other SaaS OneLocal is a CRM for local businesses. . Live
Opearlo S17 Entertainment Opearlo produces voice apps for Amazon Alexa and Google Home. . Live
Paladin Cyber S17 Fintech Cyber security insurance for small businesses. Experts in Cyber security/compliance for startup needs as well. . Live
Passerine Aircraft S17 Aerospace Passerine Aircraft is building the next generation of drones We are developing autonomous fixed wing aircraft capable of taking-off and landing like birds. . Live
Pathrise S17 Education YC for your career . Live
PAYFAZZ S17 Fintech WeChat Pay for Indonesia . Live
Peergrade S17 Education Students grade each other's work to save the teacher’s time and to learn more. . Live
Percept.AI S17 Other SaaS AI support agent for your business that actually works . Live
Piggy S17 Fintech App for Indians to make investments in mutual funds, manage their investment portfolios, and save for retirement. (Vanguard for India) . Live
Plasticity S17 Other SaaS APIs that help developers create human-like natural language interfaces. . Live
PreDxion Bio S17 Healthcare Fast blood test to save the lives of ER patients . Live
Prelim S17 Fintech Prelim is a mobile-first platform that can power in-person and online retail and commercial product originations for banks. . Live
Prism Labs S17 Consumer Community Development Platform for the Blockchain Economy . Live
PullRequest S17 Dev Tools Code review as a service - combining automation with a network of on-demand reviewers . Live
Py S17 Education Py is democratizing access to career opportunities in tech . Exited
Pyka S17 Aerospace Pilotless, short takeoff and landing electric airplanes large enough to carry humans. We're starting with autonomous crop dusting. . Live
Rabbet S17 Real Estate Rabbet brings efficiency, accuracy and transparency to construction finance. We use machine learning to parse documents and connect information for reduced administrative burden, verifiable compliance, and faster decision-making for real estate. . Live
Relationship Hero S17 Entertainment Instant professional help for your romantic relationships via phone or live chat. . Live
Releaf S17 Other SaaS We use hardware innovation to sell high quality raw materials to food factories in Africa . Live
Rev Genomics S17 Healthcare Rev is a biotechnology company creating new strains of cannabis. . Live
Ribbon Health S17 Healthcare Ribbon Health provides accurate and comprehensive data on doctors, insurance plans, and costs of care for healthcare enterprises via an API. . Live
RideAlong S17 Government We save lives by giving police and health workers key info to safely interact with those with mental health issues, chemical dependencies, and homelessness. This saves cities millions of dollars by streamlining resources and coordinating care. . Dead
Roofr S17 Consumer Marketplace for roofing providing instant satellite roofing estimates for homeowners. . Live
Routable S17 Other SaaS We're building the simplest way to send and receive business-to-business payments. If you’re thinking “are they a replacement to” then you’re spot on! . Live
SafeButler S17 Fintech One-stop for Insurance Quotes . Live
Sixty S17 Dev Tools Houzz for Websites . Live
Skyways S17 Aerospace Creating a new form of air transportation. . Live
Slik S17 Other SaaS Slik enables the long tail to use email outreach. . Live
Solve S17 Consumer We save travelers hours by meeting them at their arrival gate, expediting the immigration/customs process, and making sure they're safely off in their vehicle. We operate in over 500 airports worldwide and help with departures and connections too. . Exited
Sourceress S17 Other SaaS Sourceress is an AI recruiting platform that's reinventing how people and jobs find each other. Our goal is to create a world where all 7 billion people do fulfilling work, and work for companies that are solving meaningful problems. . Live
Standard Cognition S17 Other SaaS AI-powered checkout for retail . Live
Sunfolding S17 Resources Sunfolding builds next generation infrastructure for solar farms. By replacing mechanical parts with air, we eliminate installation complexity and maintenance headaches, leading to much lower end-to-end project costs over the lifetime of the farm. . Live
Sunu S17 Consumer Sunu develops devices that augments human capacities to empower the disabled. Our first product is a sonar bracelet enabling the blind to feel the obstacles around them and empowering them to move freely. . Live
Surematics S17 Fintech We help commercial insurance brokers structure complicated deals. Brokers use our collaboration platform to negotiate terms, share documents and agree contracts. We enforce these agreements using blockchain technology. . Exited
Templarbit S17 Other SaaS Protecting applications from malicious activity . Live
Tesseract S17 Aerospace Tesseract builds better thrusters for modern satellites . Live
The Artist Union S17 Entertainment Polly is a social polling app for Snapchat and Instagram stories. . Live
Thematic S17 Other SaaS Thematic analyses customer feedback to tell companies how to increase satisfaction and decrease churn. . Live
Totemic S17 Healthcare A hardware device for senior care to allow them to age in place and their loved ones can know they are safe. Using wireless signals and sensor fusion, our system detects activities and falls in a home without the user having to wear anything. . Live
Tpaga S17 Fintech Mobile Wallet for Latin America. . Live
UpCodes S17 Real Estate We're building software to modernize the construction compliance industry. We check architects' 3D models for code violations. You can think of us as building the first linter for the construction industry. . Live
Value Voting S17 Government Platform to defeat political extremism through strategic primary voting. We help advocacy leaders identify new voters, vulnerable incumbents, and source candidates. Then we use targeted data to connect strategic voters with centrist candidates. . Dead
Vanido S17 Entertainment Vanido is your personal AI music teacher, starting with singing. Available for iOS. . Live
VergeSense S17 Real Estate AI-Powered Building Management . Live
VIDA & Co. S17 Consumer Platform for unique products produced on-demand at mass-scale . Exited
WATERFX S17 Resources The world's first 100% sustainable water provider (aka alternative water utility). We use solar desalination to generate fresh water from unusable water, anywhere in the world. . Live
WheelStreet S17 Consumer WheelStreet is a Motorbike rental marketplace that connects motorcycle rental vendors in India with riders. The user can book any motorcycle in 30 cites across India through our platform. User can compare bikes on the basis of location and reviews. . Live
Wildfire S17 Entertainment Wildfire keeps students informed of important events happening on campus, and makes it easy to spread the word quickly when something significant happens. . Live
X3 Builders S17 Real Estate A tech-enabled commercial General Contractor. We can build your office! . Live
Zendar S17 Transport We make high definition radar allowing self-driving cars to see in all weather conditions. . Live