Companies in Y Combinator W14 Batch

Name Batch Category Description Status
42 W14 Other SaaS Analytics stack for omnichannel retailers and brands . Live
Abacus W14 Other SaaS Making expense reports obsolete. Abacus is the easiest way for you to reimburse your team, reconcile... . Exited
AirHelp W14 Consumer AirHelp helps air passengers get compensation for delayed, cancelled and overbooked flights. Proud t... . Live
AirPair W14 Dev Tools Instant access to the world's best software experts via video chat and screen sharing. . Dead
Algolia W14 Dev Tools Algolia offers a developer-friendly and enterprise-grade search API . Live
Ambition W14 Other SaaS Coaching and gamification software for sales teams. . Live
AptDeco W14 Consumer AptDeco is the easiest way to buy and sell used furniture . Live
Avametric W14 Dev Tools Simulate clothes on your body. . Exited
Awesometalk W14 Entertainment Free video calling without the hassle. . Dead
Axoni W14 Fintech The global leader in blockchain tech for capital markets . Live
Bellabeat W14 Consumer Tech-powered women's wellness. . Live
Boostable W14 Other SaaS Advertising platform tools for marketplace sellers. . Exited
Cambly W14 Entertainment On-demand access to English tutors over video chat. . Live
CareMessage W14 Nonprofit Patient engagement using text messaging . Live
Chargehound W14 Other SaaS Automate your chargeback dispute process. . Live
ClearTax W14 Fintech Intuit of India. . Live
CodeCombat W14 Education Game that teaches computer science to middle and high school kids. . Live
CodeNow W14 Nonprofit Our mission is to diversify the talent pipeline of students who pursue computer science and technolo... . Live
Cruise W14 Transport Self-driving cars. . Exited
Dating Ring W14 Entertainment In person matchmaking meets group dating. We do the work. You go on dates. . Dead
Drive Pulse W14 Consumer Device tracks & monitors your car . Dead
Dyspatch W14 Other SaaS Two products to help everyone email better. - Email Production and Interactive Email Bui... . Live
Edyn W14 Agriculture Nest for lawn and garden . Dead
Emailio W14 Other SaaS Mobile email app . Live
Eventjoy W14 Other SaaS Fee-free ticketing, optimized for mobile. . Exited
Flexport W14 Other SaaS Flexport's mission is to make global trade easier for everybody. We are connecting humanity in a sea... . Live
Framed Data W14 Other SaaS Predicted churn for enterprises. Acquired by Square in March 2016. . Exited
Futureleague W14 Consumer Engineering and Programming for Kids 6-12 with a focus on creativity, teamwork, and design thinking.... . Dead
GBatteries W14 Resources Enabling li-ion batteries to charge ultra fast without compromising cycle life. . Live
Gobble W14 Consumer Daily meal delivery, personalized to your tastes. . Live
Guesty W14 Real Estate The management platform for the short term rental industry . Live
HoverChat W14 Fintech Message without interrupting what you're doing . Dead
Immunity Project W14 Nonprofit The free HIV vaccine. . Live
Kimono Labs W14 Dev Tools Create APIs where they don't exist. With kimono you can quickly extract unstructured data from websi... . Exited
Liftigniter W14 Other SaaS Machine Learning personalization for dynamic digital properties - predict user impression actions in... . Exited
MadeSolid W14 Industrial Functional 3D printing materials. . Dead
MBX W14 Consumer Beauty/Personal Care . Live
MerryMint W14 Other SaaS Team building for remote teams . Live
MixerBox W14 Entertainment Unified Music Player . Live
Motionlead W14 Other SaaS Animated mobile ads. . Exited
Move Loot W14 Consumer Move Loot is the most convenient and economical way to buy and sell used furniture online. . Dead
Next Caller W14 Other SaaS Next Caller creates a positive customer experience through real-time call verification technology. W... . Live
Noora Health W14 Nonprofit Training patients and their families with health skills to improve outcomes and save lives. . Live
One Degree W14 Nonprofit One Degree is a nonprofit organization that makes it easy for low-income and at-risk families to fin... . Live
OpenCurriculum W14 Nonprofit Helping K-12 teachers and school administrators build awesome curriculum. . Live
PiinPoint W14 Other SaaS PiinPoint tells retail businesses where to place their locations to maximize return on investment. . Live
PipelineDB W14 Other SaaS Open-source time-series data analytics extension for PostgreSQL . Dead
Povio W14 Dev Tools Building digital products that create positive impact on-demand. Used by 50+ YC companies. . Live
Pushbullet W14 Consumer Push things to your other things. . Live
Rickshaw W14 Other SaaS Same day local delivery, via API. Currently operating in SF. . Exited
Rocketrip W14 Other SaaS Rocketrip helps companies save money on travel expenses by aligning employee interest with company p... . Live
Shoobs W14 Consumer We help you find and book tickets to great entertainment events that match your taste. . Live
Shopagram W14 Healthcare Next Generation Home Shopping Network . Live
SketchDeck W14 Other SaaS Graphic design on demand for marketing teams . Live
Snapdocs W14 Real Estate Snapdocs powers homeownership. . Live
StackLead W14 Other SaaS Lead intelligence as a service. We want to be your personal lead consultants--email us at founders@s... . Exited
Style Lend W14 Consumer Marketplace for Luxury Fashion Rentals. . Live
Taplytics W14 Dev Tools Make product decisions driven by your customers: Taplytics is an intelligent customer experience clo... . Live
Terravion W14 Agriculture Real time Google Earth for agriculture -- imagery collected weekly during the growing season by our ... . Live
Theorem LP W14 Fintech The mission of Theorem is to make credit safe and available. We use data science, machine learning, ... . Live
Threadable W14 Other SaaS Mailing lists 2.0. Threadable makes group email less noisy and more actionable. . Exited
TrueVault W14 Healthcare TrueVault is the first data security company entirely focused on protecting consumers' Personal Data... . Live
Two Tap W14 Other SaaS Two Tap connects retailers to companies that want to sell their products, in apps or sites, domestic... . Exited
Unbabel W14 Other SaaS AI Powered Translation as a Service . Live
Unicornly W14 Other SaaS makes fundraising more efficient for both angel investors and entrepreneurs. For angels, ... . Dead
Vidpresso W14 Other SaaS Help media companies make quality live video. [Acquired by Facebook] . Exited
Weave W14 Other SaaS Customer Communication and Payments Platform . Live
Whirlscape W14 Entertainment Mobile keyboards + emoji + deep learning. We make Dango. We also made the Minuum keyboard. . Dead W14 Dev Tools Natural Language for Developers -- Wit is an API that makes it easy for developers to create apps t... . Exited
Yumbin W14 Other SaaS App replaces office vending. . Dead
Zesty W14 Other SaaS Zesty serves delicious, healthy meals from the best local restaurants to your office. . Exited
Zidisha W14 Nonprofit Direct P2P lending across the international wealth divide. . Live
Zinc W14 Other SaaS The secret backbone of e-commerce. The Zinc API knows all products for sale on the internet and lets... . Live
ZowPow W14 Consumer Wireless toy game controllers for mobile games. . Dead