Companies in Y Combinator W14 Batch

Name Batch Category Description Status
42 W14 Other SaaS Analytics for retailers . Live
Abacus W14 Other SaaS Making expense reports obsolete. Abacus is the easiest way for you to reimburse your team, reconcile corporate credit cards, and implement your expense policy. Sign up for a free trial. . Exited
AirHelp W14 Consumer AirHelp helps air passengers get compensation for delayed, cancelled and overbooked flights. Proud to be hated by the world's leading airlines! . Live
AirPair W14 Dev Tools Instant access to the world's best software experts via video chat and screen sharing. . Dead
Algolia W14 Dev Tools With 50 data centers in 15 regions, Algolia offers a developer-friendly and enterprise-grade search API. Designed to make every search interaction meaningful and rewarding, Algolia serves billions of queries weekly for more than 5,000 customers. . Live
Ambition W14 Other SaaS Performance management for the Millennial workforce. Transparency, accountability, motivation around daily activities to drive long-term results. . Live
AptDeco W14 Consumer AptDeco is a peer to peer marketplace for buying and selling furniture. Delivery included! . Live
Avametric W14 Dev Tools Simulate clothes on your body. . Exited
Awesometalk W14 Entertainment Free video calling without the hassle. . Dead
Axoni W14 Fintech Next generation blockchain and distributed ledger technology. . Live
Bellabeat W14 Consumer Fashionable wellness . Live
Boostable W14 Other SaaS Advertising platform tools for marketplace sellers. . Exited
Cambly W14 Entertainment On-demand access to English tutors over video chat. . Live
CareMessage W14 Nonprofit Patient engagement using text messaging . Live
Chargehound W14 Other SaaS Automate your chargeback dispute process. . Live
CodeCombat W14 Education Game that teaches computer science to middle and high school kids. . Live
CodeNow W14 Nonprofit Our mission is to diversify the talent pipeline of students who pursue computer science and technology. We do this by providing free out-of-school computer programming training to students hosted at tech companies. . Live
Cruise W14 Transport Self-driving cars. . Exited
Dating Ring W14 Entertainment In person matchmaking meets group dating. We do the work. You go on dates. . Dead
Drive Pulse W14 Consumer Device tracks & monitors your car . Dead
Edyn W14 Agriculture Nest for lawn and garden . Live
Emailio W14 Other SaaS Mobile email app . Live
Eventjoy W14 Other SaaS Fee-free ticketing, optimized for mobile. . Exited
Flexport W14 Other SaaS Flexport's mission is to make global trade easier for everybody. We are connecting humanity in a seamless web of global trade with our unique blend of software, human expertise, and physical infrastructure. . Live
Framed Data W14 Other SaaS Predicted churn for enterprises. Acquired by Square in March 2016. . Exited
Futureleague W14 Consumer Engineering and Programming for Kids 6-12 with a focus on creativity, teamwork, and design thinking. In private beta, in-person, soon to be online . Dead
GBatteries W14 Resources Enabling li-ion batteries to charge ultra fast without compromising cycle life. . Live
Gobble W14 Consumer Daily meal delivery, personalized to your tastes. . Live
Guesty W14 Real Estate The management platform for the short term rental industry . Live
HoverChat W14 Fintech Message without interrupting what you're doing . Dead
Immunity Project W14 Nonprofit The free HIV vaccine. . Live
Kimono Labs W14 Dev Tools Create APIs where they don't exist. With kimono you can quickly extract unstructured data from websites and turn it into clean APIs to use in your applications and services. . Exited
Liftigniter W14 Other SaaS Machine Learning personalization for dynamic digital properties - predict user impression actions in real-time. 80%+ average improvements in conversion, CTR, and engagement within 7 days. Billions of page views/mo served. . Live
MadeSolid W14 Industrial Functional 3D printing materials. . Dead
Memebox W14 Consumer Full Stack Beauty Ecommerce . Live
MerryMint W14 Other SaaS The best local food & drink delivered for office celebrations . Live
MixerBox W14 Entertainment Unified Music Player . Live
Motionlead W14 Other SaaS Animated mobile ads. . Exited
Move Loot W14 Consumer Move Loot is the most convenient and economical way to buy and sell used furniture online. . Dead
Next Caller W14 Other SaaS Real-time call verification technology . Live
Noora Health W14 Nonprofit Training patient families with health skills to improve outcomes and save lives. . Live
One Degree W14 Nonprofit One Degree is a nonprofit organization that makes it easy for low-income and at-risk families to find and access the vital services and benefits they need for social and economic mobility. Click "Contribute" to help us scale our work. . Live
OpenCurriculum W14 Nonprofit Helping K-12 teachers and school administrators build awesome curriculum. . Live
Orankl W14 Other SaaS Ecommerce infrastructure as a service. . Live
PiinPoint W14 Other SaaS PiinPoint tells retail businesses where to place their locations to maximize return on investment. . Live
PipelineDB W14 Other SaaS Open-source time-series data analytics extension for PostgreSQL . Live
Povio W14 Dev Tools Povio does product design and software development, or helps you scale your team with dedicated remote engineers. 50+ YC companies used Povio so far. . Live
PushBullet W14 Consumer Push things to your other things. . Live
Rickshaw W14 Other SaaS Same day local delivery, via API. Currently operating in SF. . Exited
Rocketrip W14 Other SaaS Rocketrip helps companies save money on travel expenses by aligning employee interest with company policy. . Live
Sendwithus W14 Other SaaS Turn your email provider into a growth marketing platform. Templates, A/B Tests, Drip Campaigns, Segments, and Analytics for Mailgun, SendGrid, Mandrill, and SparkPost. . Live
Shoobs W14 Consumer We help you find and book tickets to great entertainment events that match your taste. . Live
Shopagram W14 Healthcare Next Generation Home Shopping Network . Live
SketchDeck W14 Other SaaS Design on demand . Live
Snapdocs W14 Real Estate Snapdocs powers homeownership. . Live
StackLead W14 Other SaaS Lead intelligence as a service. We want to be your personal lead consultants--email us at and we'll help you generate and prioritize leads. . Exited
Style Lend W14 Consumer P2P dress rental. . Live
Taplytics W14 Dev Tools Make product decisions driven by your customers: Taplytics is an intelligent customer experience cloud specializing in turning first-time users into lifetime customers through magical moments. . Live
Terravion W14 Agriculture Real time Google Earth for agriculture -- imagery collected weekly during the growing season by our aircraft. TerrAvion collects >100x more mapped area in any week/month than the whole electric drone industry combined. . Live
Theorem LP W14 Fintech The mission of Theorem is to make credit safe and available. We use data science, machine learning, and software engineering to invest in marketplace lending loans. . Live
Threadable W14 Other SaaS Mailing lists 2.0. Threadable makes group email less noisy and more actionable. . Exited
TrueVault W14 Healthcare TrueVault is the first data security company entirely focused on protecting consumers' Personal Data for enterprises . Live
Two Tap W14 Other SaaS Two Tap connects retailers to companies that want to sell their products, in apps or sites, domestic or internationally Two Tap Crossborder is risk-free for retailers and it allows anyone outside of the US to order products from 1000s of US stores . Exited
Unbabel W14 Other SaaS AI Powered Translation as a Service . Live
Unicornly W14 Other SaaS makes fundraising more efficient for both angel investors and entrepreneurs. For angels, brings deal flow and a community of experts. For companies, helps attract investors and lead them efficiently toward a close. . Dead
Vidpresso W14 Other SaaS We help media companies, brands and celebrities create high quality broadcasts for Facebook Live. . Exited
Weave W14 Other SaaS Integrated Customer Communication Platform . Live
Whirlscape W14 Entertainment Mobile keyboards + emoji + deep learning. We make Dango. We also made the Minuum keyboard. . Live W14 Dev Tools Natural Language for Developers -- Wit is an API that makes it easy for developers to create apps that you can talk and text to. It turns speech or text into actionable data. . Exited
Yumbin W14 Other SaaS App replaces office vending. . Dead
Zesty W14 Other SaaS Zesty serves delicious, healthy meals from the best local restaurants to your office. . Exited
Zidisha W14 Nonprofit Direct P2P lending across the international wealth divide. . Live
Zinc W14 Other SaaS The secret backbone of e-commerce. The Zinc API knows all products for sale on the internet and lets you buy them. . Live
ZowPow W14 Consumer Wireless toy game controllers for mobile games. . Dead