Y Combinator Dev Tools Companies

Name Batch Category Description Status
280 North W08 Dev Tools 280 North is a web software development platform enabling users to build applications through its proprietary tech toolkit, Cappuccino. . Exited
AirPair W14 Dev Tools Instant access to the world's best software experts via video chat and screen sharing. . Dead
Airship W18 Dev Tools Airship is a modern product flagging framework that gives the right people total control over what your customers see and experience. . Live
Algolia W14 Dev Tools With 50 data centers in 15 regions, Algolia offers a developer-friendly and enterprise-grade search API. Designed to make every search interaction meaningful and rewarding, Algolia serves billions of queries weekly for more than 5,000 customers. . Live
Anima App S18 Dev Tools We convert design to code . Live
Appcubator W13 Dev Tools The easiest way to prototype web applications. . Dead
Appjet S07 Dev Tools AppJet is an online programming tool and web-based text editor for building simple web applications. . Exited
Apptimize S13 Dev Tools Apptimize lets mobile teams innovate faster to create an amazing user experience. Our tech lets you instantly update your native Android and iOS apps for A/B testing, feature flagging, and changes without having to go through the App/ Play Stores. . Live
AssemblyAI S17 Dev Tools AssemblyAI builds customized speech-to-text models for customers working with voice data. Our customers use these models to transcribe phone calls, media, and other types of voice data with unparalleled accuracy and speed. . Live
Audobox S13 Dev Tools Audobox is a developer and user friendly tool for in-app feedback. . Dead
Authy W12 Dev Tools Authy is a Two-Factor Authentication platform for developers . Exited
Avametric W14 Dev Tools Simulate clothes on your body. . Live
Berbix S18 Dev Tools Identity verification and fraud deterrence as a service. Berbix makes it easy for companies to collect and instantly verify photo IDs. . Live
BitSample W08 Dev Tools . Dead
Brushes S10 Dev Tools iPad drawing software. . Dead
Chatfuel W16 Dev Tools Platform to easily create chatbots to engage with audiences on messengers. . Live
CircuitLab W13 Dev Tools Browser-based electronics simulations and schematics software. . Live
Clickpass S07 Dev Tools ClickPass offers OpenID, a browser installation that allows users to sign on to multiple web sites with a single credential. . Dead
Clutch S11 Dev Tools An easy to integrate library for native iOS applications designed to help you develop faster and deploy instantly. . Exited
CO2Stats S08 Dev Tools Social and environmental web analytics. Acquired in December 2016. . Dead
CodeStream W18 Dev Tools The knowledge base behind your codebase. . Live
Cognito S14 Dev Tools Frictionless, modern identity verification that starts with just a phone number. . Live
Creative Market W10 Dev Tools Marketplace for ready-to-use design assets from independent creators around the world. Acquired by Autodesk in February 2014. Spun out again in July 2017. . Exited
Credictive S12 Dev Tools Attribution metatags for online content. . Dead
Crocodoc W10 Dev Tools Crocodoc allows developers to embed high-fidelity PDFs, PowerPoints, and other documents into their web and mobile apps. To date we've processed > 1 billion documents for customers including LinkedIn and Dropbox. We were acquired by Box in 2013. . Exited
DataNitro S12 Dev Tools We speed up Excel. . Dead
Deepgram W16 Dev Tools Speech search engine and recorded call analytics for business. . Live
Disqus S07 Dev Tools Add comments to your website. . Exited
Dreamforge S12 Dev Tools Simple 3d modeling software for 3d printers. . Dead
Easel S12 Dev Tools Easel is a visual design tool built for the web. Since the web is viewed in a browser, we believe it should be built in one too. . Exited
Eivod S07 Dev Tools Cloudant provides a distributed database-as-a-service that scales and manages the databases of web and mobile app developers. . Exited
Embedly W10 Dev Tools Embedly helps publishers and consumers manage embed codes from more than hundred websites and APIs. . Exited
EnvKey W18 Dev Tools 1Password for API keys . Live
Federacy S18 Dev Tools The first bug bounty platform built for startups. . Live
Floobits S13 Dev Tools Real-time collaborative editing in the browser with support for Sublime, Vim, and Emacs. Focused right now on remote pair programming. . Live
Flutter W12 Dev Tools Flutter combined computer vision technology with the built-in webcams in laptops, iPads, smartphones and TVs to let users control these devices with gestures, facial expressions, hints and body-language. Flutter became part of Google in Oct 2013. . Exited
Font Awesome S15 Dev Tools Font Awesome makes it easy to add vector icons and social logos to your website. And Pro gives 1,000+ more icons and SVG framework! . Live
GazeHawk S10 Dev Tools Eyetracking using webcams. . Exited
Gigster S15 Dev Tools Gigster does software development & design on demand. Submit a project & get a quote in minutes for any app or website. We assemble a US-based team and manage your entire project. Top talent from MIT, Stanford Caltech, Google, Facebook. . Live
GitLab W15 Dev Tools Git repository management, code reviews, issue tracking, issue boards, activity feeds, wikis and continuous integration. Community driven with more than 1000 contributors. . Live
GitPrime W16 Dev Tools Productivity analytics for software teams . Live
Haiku W18 Dev Tools App builder that unifies design and code . Live
Instabug W16 Dev Tools In-app feedback and bug reporting for mobile apps. We're helping apps squash bugs in their beta apps and engage users in their production apps. If you're building a mobile app, we'd love to talk. . Live
Kimono Labs W14 Dev Tools Create APIs where they don't exist. With kimono you can quickly extract unstructured data from websites and turn it into clean APIs to use in your applications and services. . Exited
Light Table S12 Dev Tools Eve is our way of bringing the power of computation to everyone, not by making everyone a programmer but by finding a better way for us to interact with computers . Dead
Lyrebird S17 Dev Tools Our tech speaks for itself. . Live
Mailgun W11 Dev Tools Email API service. . Exited
Markupwand S12 Dev Tools TBD . Dead
MessageBird S16 Dev Tools MessageBird is an API for sending Text, Voice & Chat messages. We offer the most advanced messaging API, packed with features and customizable parameters for high-volume and demanding message senders. . Live
Message.io W16 Dev Tools Enterprise messaging . Live
Mutiny S18 Dev Tools Mutiny helps companies personalize their website for each visitor, in order to convert customers. . Live
Naytev S14 Dev Tools Naytev optimizes the packaging and distribution of social content, saving teams time and driving more social conversions. . Live
NewCraft W18 Dev Tools Discover, share and build new learning experiences. . Live
Newslabs W10 Dev Tools Coming Soon . Dead
Notifo W10 Dev Tools Notifo is a mobile application and platform that allows web sites and services to create mobile notifications. . Dead
NudgePad S09 Dev Tools Online IDE. We joined Microsoft in 2014. . Dead
Omniref W15 Dev Tools Sticky notes for code. (We're building a community-powered, code-based reference for programmers.) . Dead
OneSignal S11 Dev Tools OneSignal provides a simple interface to push notifications. OneSignal lets content creators focus on quality user engagement instead of complex implementation. Our goal is to democratize push communication for everyone. . Live
Opsolutely S16 Dev Tools Automated deployments for software teams. . Exited
Optimizely W10 Dev Tools A/B testing. . Live
Pagedraw W18 Dev Tools Pagedraw is a platform for productionizing designs into code. Thanks to Pagedraw, no one will ever have to learn HTML or CSS again, even for the most complex apps. . Live
PagerDuty S10 Dev Tools Notify you about server troubles. . Live
Parse S11 Dev Tools Parse is the easiest way to build apps. . Exited
Pixelapse W12 Dev Tools Github for designers. We automatically keep track of revisions of Photoshop, Illustrator and other design files and back them up securely. Designers can collaborate with their team members to get feedback and iterate on their designs. . Exited
Plato Design S18 Dev Tools We provide design services to startups. Plato Design is building the first ML-enabled design firm, and we're excited to work with YC companies on their brand and product design needs. . Live
Playment W17 Dev Tools Mechanical Turk for enterprises. . Live
Plivo S12 Dev Tools APIs for Voice calls and SMS . Live
Povio W14 Dev Tools We build software for the best* startups in the world. We do it faster and cheaper than if they would have built it by themselves. Our speciality is that we can start right away. Search Bookface for testimonials from our clients. *YC . Live
PullRequest S17 Dev Tools Code review as a service - combining static tools with on-demand reviewers for code quality . Live
Quilt Data W16 Dev Tools Quilt Is creating Docker for data. Large enterprises in banking and clean energy use Quilt to deploy, version, and audit their data. Just as Docker containers are the standard unit of compute, Quilt packages will become the standard unit of data. . Live
Rainforest S12 Dev Tools Dead simple testing. The fastest, easiest way to test your website. Say no to manual QA! . Live
ReadMe W15 Dev Tools ReadMe provides every company the ability to quickly and easily create beautiful documentation, and build loyal and productive developer communities. . Live
Real Artists W16 Dev Tools We make a fast and native issue tracker for software projects. . Dead
Repl.it W18 Dev Tools In 2 seconds, boot up an online programming environment for your favorite language. . Live
Rescale W12 Dev Tools Cloud Big Compute Platform . Live
RevenueCat S18 Dev Tools RevenueCat is a simple API for managing in-app subscriptions. . Live
Roost S14 Dev Tools Web push notifications. . Dead
RunKit S16 Dev Tools . Exited
Scale S16 Dev Tools Scale is an API for ground truth data for AI. . Live
Scaphold.io W17 Dev Tools The Universal API . Dead
Scoutzie S12 Dev Tools Scoutzie is a curated community for the best mobile designers. If your startup is looking for a great designer, let us know and we will work with you to find the best possible match. . Dead
SendBird W16 Dev Tools SendBird is the chat API for mobile apps and websites. Helps build 1on1 messaging and group chat quickly. Customers include Reddit, Nexon, GO-JEK, Gamevil, Traveloka, Healthline and LG. Backed by Shasta Ventures, August Capital, and Y Combinator. . Live
Shogun W18 Dev Tools eCommerce Storefront Builder. . Live
Sixty S17 Dev Tools Google for Freelancers and Agencies . Live
SnapEDA S15 Dev Tools The Internet's first parts library for circuit board design. Build circuit boards faster with millions of free symbols & footprints. . Live
SolidStage W12 Dev Tools Sysadmin as a service. We make deploying, configuring, monitoring, and scaling in the cloud simple. . Dead
SourceDNA S15 Dev Tools Bringing transparency to the app stores and helping developers build better apps. Acquired by Apple in 2016. . Exited
Stackq S09 Dev Tools Coming Soon... . Dead
StatusPage S13 Dev Tools The best way to communicate with users around downtime. . Exited
Storyline W18 Dev Tools Create Amazon Alexa apps without coding. . Live
Submittable S12 Dev Tools Submittable is the best way for organizations to create, promote, and manage their calls for submissions, applications and other opportunities. . Live
Swiftype W12 Dev Tools Smart search for the modern team. . Exited
Taplytics W14 Dev Tools We make your native mobile interface completely dynamic. So you can react to your analytics and optimize your native mobile app in real-time. . Live
Testmunk S12 Dev Tools Automating mobile app testing. . Dead
Toybox S18 Dev Tools Create & share website edits. . Live
Treeline W15 Dev Tools The Sails Company was founded by the original author and maintainers of the Sails framework. In addition to free and open-source software, The Sails Company offers a full-service web & mobile studio and professional support for the tools we maintain. . Live
Trigger W08 Dev Tools Better PhoneGap. . Dead
Tumult W11 Dev Tools Tumult is building the next generation of apps for web design. Our first app is Hype, the HTML5 animation builder for OS X: http://tumult.com/hype/ . Live
UpLabs W16 Dev Tools UpLabs is a place where designers & developers come to share, discover and interact with the resources they need to build sites and apps. . Live
Upverter W11 Dev Tools The future of hardware design. A marketplace for hardware engineering labour, component symbols, footprints, 3d models, access to manufacturing and enterprise grade ECAD for designing electronics, all rolled into one. . Exited
URX S13 Dev Tools Mobile ads that users like. Acquired by Pinterest in May 2016. . Exited
Veriff W18 Dev Tools Stripe for online identity verification . Live
Watchsend S13 Dev Tools Videos of your iOS apps . Dead
WebCake S13 Dev Tools Marketing people modify site. . Dead
Webflow S13 Dev Tools Dynamic website builder. . Live
Yhat W15 Dev Tools End-to-end data science lifecycle management platform. . Exited
Zeplin S15 Dev Tools Zeplin is the best way for UI designers & frontend developers to work together. We take design files and generate resources that developers need. . Live
Zillabyte W12 Dev Tools Palantir for sales people . Dead