Y Combinator Healthcare Companies

Name Batch Category Description Status
20n W15 Healthcare Using AI to predict biochemistry for manufacturing and therapeutics . Dead
54Gene W19 Healthcare 54gene is a healthcare startup that offers a genetics testing platform. . Live
7cups S13 Healthcare 7 Cups is an emotional support service that matches up people that need support with active listener... . Live
Abalone Bio W20 Healthcare We discover antibody drugs others can't . Live
Able Health W16 Healthcare Able Health gets doctors paid more for higher quality care . Exited
AesculaTech W18 Healthcare Our vision: a product ecosystem that responds to its environment, driven by materials with a mind of... . Live
AgileMD S11 Healthcare Predictive analytics and clinical pathways for hospitals . Live
Airo Health S16 Healthcare Airo is an AI to passively track and manage your mental health. . Dead
AIRx Health W19 Healthcare Remote monitoring for lung disease . Live
Akido Labs W15 Healthcare Akido Labs is a data technology company leading the transformation of healthcare and government inst... . Live
AlemHealth W17 Healthcare AI Radiologist in a Box - We provide a vertically integrated AI radiology solution for hospitals and... . Live
AlgoSurg Inc W18 Healthcare We make software for surgeons to plan bone surgeries in 3D. . Live
Allotrope Medical S18 Healthcare Advancing surgical precision through safe electrical stimulation. . Live
Alphacare S09 Healthcare A Universal mental healthcare system for psychedelic medicine . Live
Altay Therapeutics W20 Healthcare Altay develops therapies to treat chronic liver diseases . Live
Amulyte S13 Healthcare Remote monitoring & activity tracking system for seniors. . Dead
Anchor Health W16 Healthcare Modernizing home health care agencies with software, hardware, and operating systems . Dead
Apero Health S19 Healthcare Modern medical billing. . Live
Apprentice Health S18 Healthcare We deploy sensors and software that increase hospital efficiency. . Live
Aptible S14 Healthcare Security Management and Compliance for Developers . Live
ArchForm W18 Healthcare Replacing orthodontic braces with our clear aligner and software . Live
Arpeggio Bio S19 Healthcare Arpeggio builds technology to watch and learn how drugs work. Our RNA-profiling platform reveals the... . Live
Asher Bio S19 Healthcare We build better immunotherapies . Live
Athelas S16 Healthcare Rapid blood diagnostics through deep learning. We're primarily targeted at bringing new, powerful to... . Live
Atomwise W15 Healthcare Artificial intelligence for drug discovery. . Live
Avro Life Science W18 Healthcare Skin patches for generic drug delivery. . Live
Benchling S12 Healthcare Collaboration & data management platform for life science research . Live
Bikanta S14 Healthcare Nano-diamonds for cancer detection . Dead
BillionToOne S17 Healthcare Prenatal genetic testing for every expecting mother . Live
BioRender W18 Healthcare The Adobe Creative Suite for Life Sciences . Live
BIOS W17 Healthcare At CBAS we are standardizing the hardware & software interface between the body and any bionic devic... . Live
BloomAPI W17 Healthcare BloomAPI helps doctors share clinical data. Today most healthcare data is still sent by fax and mail... . Live
Blueberry Medical W18 Healthcare 24/7 access to pediatricians and at-home medical testing kit . Live
Bodyport S15 Healthcare Preventing heart disease. . Live
Bot MD S18 Healthcare A.I. Clinical Assistant for Doctors . Live
BrainHi S18 Healthcare An automated receptionist for doctor and dentist offices that rescues missed calls and chats with pa... . Live
BrainKey W19 Healthcare Proactive concierge brain health care at your fingertips​ . Live
Brave Care S19 Healthcare Modern healthcare for kids. Pediatric Primary, Urgent & Remote Care. . Live
Breathe Well-being W20 Healthcare A digital well-being program to help people prevent or manage chronic lifestyle diseases (like Predi... . Live
Bumpline S17 Healthcare Captain Tailor is the Uber for tailoring. . Live
Bunkerhill Health W19 Healthcare Solving the last mile problem for AI in radiology. . Live
C16 Biosciences S18 Healthcare Bio-based palm oil alternatives . Live
Caelum Health S17 Healthcare Caelum Health is replacing drugs with software. We use behavioral medicine, delivered digitally, to ... . Dead
Call9 S15 Healthcare Call9 Delivers On-Demand Doctors In Emergency Situations . Dead
Cambridge Cancer Genomics S17 Healthcare CCG.ai empowers clinicians to make personalised treatment strategies for cancer patients . Live
CareLedger S15 Healthcare CareLedger helps companies save money on healthcare expenses by aligning employee interest with the ... . Dead
CareRev S16 Healthcare A Marketplace for Healthcare professionals to find shifts. . Live
CareSkore W16 Healthcare CareSkore helps healthcare organizations better manage patient populations. . Dead
Carrot Fertility S17 Healthcare Customized fertility benefits for modern companies. . Live
CB Therapeutics S18 Healthcare We produce pure cannabinoids like CBD and THC using yeast and sugar. No plants involved. . Live
Centaur Labs W19 Healthcare Labeling medical images at scale . Live
Circle Medical S15 Healthcare Modern primary care via video and in-person . Live
Circumvent S18 Healthcare Utilizing monogenic disorders to inform and solve highly complex disorders such as neurodegenerative... . Live
Clear Genetics W17 Healthcare Clear Genetics is scaling delivery of Genomic services . Exited
Clipboard Health W17 Healthcare We connect nurses with jobs they love and information they can trust. . Live
Closer Sports W18 Healthcare Mobile streaming platform connecting professional athletes with their fans. . Dead
Cofactor Genomics S15 Healthcare Cofactor is using RNA for early diagnosis of disease. . Live
Collectly W17 Healthcare Automate, accelerate, and increase patient payments with ML . Live
Comprehend W11 Healthcare SaaS to increase speed and quality of clinical trials. . Exited
Correlia Biosystems W18 Healthcare Next generation blood testing to provide 1000x more data to pharma companies . Live
Crohnology S12 Healthcare We turn Patients into Researchers. We empower every patient with tools to contribute towards res... . Exited
CrowdMed W13 Healthcare CrowdMed harnesses the wisdom of crowds to solve difficult medical cases online . Live
Culture Biosciences W18 Healthcare We grow cells for biotech companies. . Live
Curebase S18 Healthcare Distributed clinical trials. . Live
CureSkin S17 Healthcare AI dermatologist for India . Live
Cyberdontics W20 Healthcare Cyberdontics is making robots to automate dentistry - starting with the most expensive, longest, and... . Live
Cytera CellWorks S18 Healthcare Cytera builds machines that automate the growing of human cells for biotech. . Live
Darmiyan S17 Healthcare Early detection of Alzheimer's disease . Live
Data Driven Bioscience S18 Healthcare Cancer Diagnosis 10X faster, 10X cheaper . Live
Dear Brightly W18 Healthcare Dear Brightly makes personalized prescription skincare products, accessible to everyone. . Live
Delee W17 Healthcare A medical device company who created a companion diagnostic test for cancer therapy management. . Live
Demigod S19 Healthcare Life coach in an app. Chart your future. . Live
demonpore S18 Healthcare Building mechanical nanopores for universal biomolecular sensing. . Live
Digi-Prex S19 Healthcare Subscription pharmacy for patients with chronic diseases . Live
Dinesafe S18 Healthcare We crowdsource food poisoning reports and help detect and prevent outbreaks. . Live
DirectShifts S19 Healthcare Marketplace for doctors to find short term shift work at hospitals . Live
Docbot W19 Healthcare Docbot is a tech-enabled service that develops AI for endoscopy. . Live
Dorian therapeutics S18 Healthcare Epigenetic approaches to tackle cellular aging . Live
DoseDr W16 Healthcare Helping diabetes patients use the correct amount of insulin, preventing the $150 billion in annual c... . Dead
DrChrono W11 Healthcare Mission: Building the medical practice of the future. Products: EHR. Medical Billing. Healthcare API... . Live
Dropprint Genomics W20 Healthcare The better way to run single cell genomics . Live
Eclipse Foods W19 Healthcare Beyond Meat of dairy products. Our plant processing technology enables us to create plant-based prod... . Live
Elemeno Health S16 Healthcare Point of care microlearning, as a service . Live
Eligible S12 Healthcare Healthcare Eligibility API . Live
Encellin S19 Healthcare Helping cells survive in the body, starting with Type 1 diabetes. . Live
Encepheal Therapeutics S19 Healthcare EncepHeal develops medications to treat substance abuse, starting with a small molecule for stimulan... . Live
Enflux W16 Healthcare Motion capture clothing for injury prevention . Dead
Enzyme S17 Healthcare Software that helps life science companies with FDA approval and compliance. Think TurboTax but for ... . Live
Equator Therapeutics W20 Healthcare We are developing a drug to burn calories and increase metabolism without exercise. Our goal is to r... . Live
Eva Center S18 Healthcare Non-invasive and private breast cancer screening in under 10 min . Live
Evry Health W18 Healthcare Better health insurance for companies with 200-1,000 employees that costs up to 20% less. . Live
Excepgen W19 Healthcare Excepgen produces difficult proteins at scale, quickly. . Live
Experiment W13 Healthcare crowdfunding platform for science . Live
Fair Square Medicare W20 Healthcare Fair Square Medicare is a better way for seniors to purchase health insurance. . Live
Felix Biotechnology W20 Healthcare Felix is focused on accelerating the deployment of novel biotherapeutics targeting urgent microbial ... . Live
Forever Labs S17 Healthcare We bank your stem cells to help you live healthier, longer. . Live
Gen1E Lifesciences S19 Healthcare GEn1E is a platform for curing inflammation and age-related diseases . Live
Gerostate Alpha S18 Healthcare Developing novel therapeutics for aging and chronic disease . Live
Ginkgo Bioworks S14 Healthcare Our mission is to make biology easier to engineer. . Live
H1 W20 Healthcare H1 is a global database of every healthcare professional and healthcare organization. . Live
HappiLabs S18 Healthcare Virtual Lab Managers for scientists and biotech, research Labs . Live
Healthlane W20 Healthcare OneMedical for Africa, and profitable . Live
HealthSherpa S12 Healthcare Private sector Healthcare.gov. . Live
Helium Health S17 Healthcare Africa's #1 healthcare technology provider. . Live
Helix Nanotechnologies W17 Healthcare Using AI to cure genetic disease. . Live
HelpNow W20 Healthcare India's most reliable Ambulance service. (uber for ambulances) . Live
HelpWear S17 Healthcare HelpWear is a healthcare platform that engages in developing products for medical technology industry. . Live
Hepatx S18 Healthcare Replacing organ transplant with an infusion . Live
HeyDoctor S18 Healthcare HeyDoctor provides online primary care (like refilling birth control, UTI treatments, labs, and more... . Exited
Hey Healthcare S19 Healthcare Hey Healthcare provides healthcare software designed to automate medical billing. . Live
HistoWiz W16 Healthcare Accelerating Histopathology for Cancer Research . Live
Human Dx S12 Healthcare The Human Diagnosis Project. . Live
iLabService S18 Healthcare Monitoring & Analytics for Lab Services . Live
Indee Labs W17 Healthcare Enabling T cell immunotherapy manufacturing with gene delivery. . Live
Industrial Microbes W15 Healthcare We upgrade methane to chemicals using synthetic biology. . Live
Inito W19 Healthcare Fertility Clinic on your phone. . Live
InnaMed W17 Healthcare Enabling remote optimization of therapy dosing to medical guidelines. . Live
InnoVein W16 Healthcare We cure intractable leg wounds with a replacement valve for veins. . Live
Instapath Inc. W19 Healthcare We built the world's first automated digital pathology lab. . Live
Instrumentl S16 Healthcare Instrumentl automates grant discovery and tracking for nonprofits. . Live
Intact Therapeutics W19 Healthcare Smart gels for local drug delivery to the gut . Live
In Your Corner S14 Healthcare We've transformed traditional therapy into an experience that is affordable, approachable & anonymou... . Dead
iSono Health W16 Healthcare AI-powered platform for Accessible and Personalized Breast Health Monitoring . Live
JetLenses S18 Healthcare Amazon for medical products, starting with contact lenses. . Live
Kenota S16 Healthcare Kenota is revolutionizing the way we test for disease . Live
Kern Systems S19 Healthcare Using DNA to store data. . Live
Kip Health W16 Healthcare Therapy the way it should be: high quality in-person therapy sessions paired with digital support. . Live
Klarismo S15 Healthcare Klarismo turns your body into an interactive experience. We built a fully automated pipeline for qu... . Dead
LabGrid W20 Healthcare LabGrid is supply chain logistics software for biotech . Live
LEAH Labs W19 Healthcare Curing Cancer in Dogs . Live
Legacy S19 Healthcare Legacy is the Fatherhood Company . Live
Lilia W20 Healthcare Egg freezing concierge; web app that helps women explore egg freezing . Live
ListRunner S14 Healthcare Replaces paper patient lists for doctors. . Exited
Lively, Inc. W17 Healthcare A modern health savings account (HSA) for employers and individuals. . Live
Loop Genomics W16 Healthcare Novel long-read DNA sequencing technology . Live
Loop Health W20 Healthcare Modern & comprehensive health insurance plan for employees in India . Live
Lucira Health W15 Healthcare Next Generation Disease Testing . Live
Lully W15 Healthcare Lully is developing an under-the-mattress technology that precisely controls sleep stages. We use t... . Live
Luminist Labs W16 Healthcare Diagnostic platform for early detection of liver disease . Live
Luminostics S16 Healthcare Rapid, accurate, and inexpensive at-home diagnostics for infectious diseases . Live
Lumos W19 Healthcare Lumos is an AI powered search tool for doctors that gives direct answers to clinical questions, using trustworthy sources . Live
Lygos W16 Healthcare Lygos engineers yeast to convert sugar into high-value industrial chemicals. . Live
Macromoltek W18 Healthcare Computational antibody design . Live
MDacne W17 Healthcare An app that analyzes your selfie and delivers custom acne treatment. . Live
MedCrypt W19 Healthcare MedCrypt gives medical device vendors cybersecurity features in a few lines of code. . Live
Medigram W12 Healthcare We are making a HIPAA-compliant, Groupme app for doctors to communicate in the hospital, as an alter... . Live
Medinas Health S18 Healthcare Medinas helps hospitals manage their inventory and buy and sell their used equipment. . Live
Medisas W13 Healthcare Medisas builds workflow & collaboration software for hospitals. . Live
Medmonk W12 Healthcare A tool for pharmacists to find funding for patients who are unable to pay for their medications. . Live
Mednet W17 Healthcare Network of doctors helping each other treat cancer . Live
Medumo W18 Healthcare We manage patient instructions for hospitals . Exited
MedXT W13 Healthcare Radiology in the cloud. X-rays, CAT scans, MRI's, and ultrasounds. Acquired by Box in November 2... . Exited
Memora Health W18 Healthcare Memora Health helps healthcare organizations standardize and automate patient communication. . Live
Menten AI W20 Healthcare Menten AI designs protein drugs and enzymes using quantum computing and machine learning. . Live
Meru Health S18 Healthcare An online provider for greater mental health . Live
MetricWire S14 Healthcare Mobile surveys for researchers . Live
MicroHealth S15 Healthcare Digital platform to track and predict disease . Live
Million Marker S19 Healthcare 23andMe for environmental exposures . Live
Mind Emulation Foundation W18 Healthcare Mind emulation enables your mind to continue to live on after your body has died. . Live
Mindset Health S19 Healthcare Mindset Health is replacing drugs with app-based hypnotherapy. We help people improve issues like ir... . Live
Modern Fertility S17 Healthcare Modern Fertility is an at-home fertility test for women who aren't ready for kids right now but want... . Live
Modern Health W18 Healthcare Modern Health is a mental health benefits platform for employers. We are the only solution to cover ... . Live
Modoo Technology W19 Healthcare Modoo develops safe and non-invasive tech to help mother-to-be to monitor fetal heart rate and movem... . Live
Moons W20 Healthcare Moons provides high quality orthodontic treatments in LATAM at accessible prices . Live
Morphle W20 Healthcare Microscopy Automation + Assistive Intelligence . Live
Multiply Labs S16 Healthcare At Multiply Labs, we use 3D printers to manufacture polypills - customized pills that contain multip... . Live
Nectome W18 Healthcare Building a way to preserve long-term memories. . Live
Newman's W20 Healthcare Indonesia's first digital health clinic for men . Live
Nightingale S14 Healthcare App for managing care of autistic students . Dead
NimbleRx W15 Healthcare Full Service Pharmacy . Live
Nonu S19 Healthcare We deliver hair loss medicines for Indian men on a subscription basis. . Live
Notable Labs W15 Healthcare Personalized drug discovery for blood cancer . Live
nplex biosciences W20 Healthcare nplex uses nanotechnology to measure proteins at scale. . Live
NURX W16 Healthcare Nurx is the fastest way to get oral contraceptives and Truvada for PrEP. . Live
Ochre Bio W20 Healthcare Genomic medicines that rejuvenate transplanted livers. . Live
Oncobox S17 Healthcare Finding the right cancer drug for each patient. . Live
One Codex S14 Healthcare Data platform for metagenomics and the microbiome. . Live
onederful W18 Healthcare Dental Insurance API . Live
One Health W18 Healthcare Precision medicine for dogs that helps people too. We are focused on improving canine cancer care an... . Live
Ophelia W20 Healthcare Medication & support to beat opioid addiction from home . Live
Osh's Affordable Pharmaceuticals S18 Healthcare Making low cost versions of high cost generic drugs. . Live
Patchd Medical W18 Healthcare Wearable devices which use Deep Neural Networks to predict and prevent sepsis (the #1 cause of hospi... . Live
PatientBank S16 Healthcare Get medical records online—from any doctor or hospital. . Dead
Penta Medical S18 Healthcare Smart hardware for injury recovery. . Live
Perception Biosystems S18 Healthcare Democratizing gene therapy by reinventing its manufacturing and development. . Live
Perlara W16 Healthcare Perlara: n-of-1 for all . Live
Persephone Biosciences W18 Healthcare We are using the gut microbiome to cure cancer. . Live
PhysioHealth W16 Healthcare An enterprise health benefits platform that rewards employees for living healthy and decreases healt... . Dead
PicnicHealth S14 Healthcare PicnicHealth makes medical records useful for patients, doctors, and researchers. . Live
Pine Park Health S18 Healthcare Pine Park Health brings doctors to assisted living communities . Live
PostEra W20 Healthcare Medicinal Chemistry as a Service powered by Machine Learning . Live
PreDxion Bio S17 Healthcare Fast blood test to save the lives of ER patients . Live
Probably Genetic W19 Healthcare We sell direct-to-consumer DNA tests to diagnose rare genetic diseases. . Live
Psylaris W18 Healthcare We use VR to automate mental health techniques for B2C. Our mobile VR app reduces negative mood, anx... . Dead
Pulse W17 Healthcare Electronic Medical Records for India . Dead
Pulse Active Stations Network W19 Healthcare We are a connected network of smart health kiosks in India. . Live
Quartzy S11 Healthcare Marketplace for life science supplies. . Live
Qurasense W16 Healthcare Qurasense Empower women to proactively track their health. . Live
Qventus W15 Healthcare We help hospitals run efficiently by predicting department resource needs and providing front line s... . Live
Radix Labs S18 Healthcare Operating systems for biology labs . Live
Rebellyous Foods S18 Healthcare Rebellyous Foods is a food manufacturing technology and production company with a mission to make al... . Live
Rejuvenation Technologies Inc. S18 Healthcare We extend telomeres to extend the human health span . Live
Reliance Health W17 Healthcare Reliance Health uses technology, insurance and clinical care to make healthcare in Africa cheaper an... . Live
ReSchedule Med W15 Healthcare We help medical residency programs create and manage their schedules, by providing end to end schedu... . Dead
Reverie Labs W18 Healthcare Building a pharma company from scratch, using machine learning. . Live
Rev Genomics S17 Healthcare Rev is a biotechnology company creating better plants. . Live
Ribbon Health S17 Healthcare Accurate & comprehensive data on doctors, insurances, and costs & quality of care via an API . Live
RigPlenish S16 Healthcare On average each Ambulance run is two hours long, 40 minutes is spent on doing paperwork. Our vision ... . Dead
Sage Care S16 Healthcare Get care at home for mom or dad from trusted professionals in their neighborhood. Manage visits thro... . Dead
SannTek Labs S19 Healthcare We make a breathalyzer for cannabis. . Live
Savvy W20 Healthcare Health insurance for startups and remote teams . Live
Sayana W20 Healthcare Mental wellness app, with chat-based sessions and in-app community. . Live
Scanwell Health S18 Healthcare Smartphone-enabled, at-home diagnostics . Live
Science Exchange S11 Healthcare Science Exchange's mission is to enable breakthrough scientific research. We connect researchers and... . Live
Segmed W20 Healthcare High quality data for medical research, starting with AI Radiology. . Live
Semantix S17 Healthcare AI for medical billing . Live
Sequence Bio S19 Healthcare Sequence Bio unlocked Newfoundland's genetic and medical data for drug discovery. . Live
Shasqi W15 Healthcare Targeted oncology drugs with greater efficacy and fewer side effects . Live
Shield Bio S16 Healthcare Bringing 3rd generation, nanopore sequencing to healthcare to solve problems like antibiotic resista... . Dead
Shift Health S19 Healthcare we help doctors get paid faster . Live
Shift Labs W15 Healthcare Makers of simple, affordable medical devices for low resource healthcare settings. Our award-winning... . Live
Shiok Meats W19 Healthcare Shiok Meats is a cell-based clean shrimp company, the first of its kind. We employ cellular agricult... . Live
Shiru S19 Healthcare Shiru leverages ML to create proteins to feed the world sustainably. . Live
Shopagram W14 Healthcare Next Generation Home Shopping Network . Live
Sigma Genetics W17 Healthcare Sigma Genetics is a biotechnology company that is building non-invasive electromagnetic devices that... . Live
Simple Strips W20 Healthcare Low-cost blood glucose test strips scanned with a smartphone camera instead of a dedicated monitor. . Live
SimplyInsured W13 Healthcare We sell health insurance to small businesses 100% online. . Live
Sixfold Bioscience W18 Healthcare Nanoparticles to deliver cell and gene therapies. . Live
Sling Health S19 Healthcare Tech-enabled remote clinical care teams for healthcare organizations. . Live
Solugen W17 Healthcare We make ultra-pure hydrogen peroxide from plants. . Live
SoundFocus S13 Healthcare We are giving you 20/20 hearing when listening to the devices you already own and love - no hardware... . Dead
Spero Foods S18 Healthcare dairy reinvented from plants . Live
Spinal Singularity W16 Healthcare Devices to improve the quality of life for people with Spinal Cord Injury and Disease. . Live
Spiral Genetics W19 Healthcare Large Scale Genomic Data Mining Software . Live
Spire W15 Healthcare Realtime mindfulness and chronic disease sensor platform . Live
SpringWit S14 Healthcare Brain health and awareness . Dead
Standard Cyborg W15 Healthcare Buid, test and deploy perception applications . Live
Stem Sugar S18 Healthcare Cambridge Glycoscience makes sugar substitutes that actually work in food. . Live
Stitch Health S15 Healthcare Care Coordination Platform for Healthcare . Dead
Synapsica Healthcare W20 Healthcare AI-enabled automation of diagnostic radiology workflow and reporting. . Live
Synkrino Biotherapeutics S18 Healthcare Synkrino Bio's AIDE Engine discovers and develops novel drug targets directly from the immune system... . Live
Synvivia S16 Healthcare Synvivia builds protein switches to control engineered organisms. . Live
Tambua Health W20 Healthcare We are developing a device – " called T-Sense", that uses sound to take a picture of the lungs, like... . Live
TAXA Biotechnologies S14 Healthcare We enable cheaper, faster, and better genetic engineering of plants. We offer our platform both as a... . Dead
Tempo W15 Healthcare Live home fitness training powered by computer vision . Live
TetraScience S15 Healthcare Life Sciences Data Integration Platform . Live
The Good Food Institute S18 Healthcare Creating a sustainable, healthy, and just food system . Live
Totemic S17 Healthcare A hardware device for senior care to allow them to age in place and their loved ones can know they a... . Live
TRAC W16 Healthcare An end to end timing solution for any scale athletic event. . Dead
TradeUp S19 Healthcare We fund trade school students using income-share agreements. . Live
Tradewind BioScience W18 Healthcare Tradewind BioScience is building therapeutics to attack the most deadly human cancers. Our current l... . Live
Transcriptic W15 Healthcare The robotic cloud laboratory for the life sciences. . Live
TrendMD W16 Healthcare Article recommendations for doctors. . Live
Truepill S17 Healthcare B2B Pharmacy-as-a-service . Live
TrueVault W14 Healthcare TrueVault is the first data security company entirely focused on protecting consumers' Personal Data... . Live
uBiome S14 Healthcare Using Big Data and crowdscience to unlock the secrets of the human microbiome . Dead
Unima W16 Healthcare Fast and low-cost diagnostics for real time disease surveillance . Live
Vena Medical W18 Healthcare Vena Medical is providing physicians with the world's smallest camera capable of going inside veins ... . Live
Verge Genomics S15 Healthcare We find drugs to treat brain diseases 1000x more cheaply and quickly . Live
Vetcove S16 Healthcare Vetcove is the largest B2B marketplace for the animal health supply chain. Veterinary hospitals can ... . Live
VetPronto W15 Healthcare On demand veterinary house calls. . Exited
Vimcal S18 Healthcare Superhuman for Calendar . Live
Viosera Therapeutics W19 Healthcare We solve drug resistance for cancer and antibiotics . Live
Vitau S19 Healthcare Subscription model pharmacy focused on chronic diseases in LatAm. . Live
Volt Health W17 Healthcare Volt Health is developing medical devices that deliver electrical stimulation to the muscles of the ... . Live
Voyage Biomedical S19 Healthcare Using cooling to end brain damage during stroke. . Exited
Weilos S13 Healthcare Weight loss coaching. . Exited
Wink Health W15 Healthcare The digital sleep clinic . Dead
XGenomes W19 Healthcare XGenomes is building the sequencing technology of the future. The technology will be low-cost and si... . Live
X-Zell W15 Healthcare We make cancer a curable disease. X-Zell removes healthy cells from standard blood samples and visua... . Live
YourChoice Therapeutics W19 Healthcare YourChoice therapeutics is revolutionizing the contraceptive market by developing a first-in-class n... . Live
ZBiotics W18 Healthcare ZBiotics makes genetically engineered probiotics. . Live
Zenflow W15 Healthcare Medical device that provides a more effective, less invasive treatment for BPH (enlarged prostate), ... . Live
Z Imaging S19 Healthcare Augmented reality guidance for surgery. . Live
zPREDICTA S15 Healthcare Patient-derived 3D tissue reconstruction models for preclinical testing of therapeutic agents. . Live