Y Combinator Healthcare Companies

Name Batch Category Description Status
20n W15 Healthcare Using AI to predict biochemistry for manufacturing and therapeutics . Dead
7cups S13 Healthcare 7 Cups is an emotional support service that matches up people that need support with active listeners and therapists. . Live
Able Health W16 Healthcare Able Health gets doctors paid more for higher quality care . Live
AesculaTech W18 Healthcare AesculaTech is developing smart materials to enable next generation medical devices . Live
AgileMD S11 Healthcare Productivity software for hospitals; predictive analytics and prescriptive guidance embedded within the electronic medical record. . Live
Airo Health S16 Healthcare Airo is an AI to passively track and manage your mental health. . Dead
Akido Labs W15 Healthcare Akido Labs is a data technology company leading the transformation of healthcare and government institutions into modern, data-driven organizations. By building and connecting human services data networks, we'll create the equitable world we envision . Live
AlemHealth W17 Healthcare AI Radiologist in a Box - We provide a vertically integrated AI radiology solution for hospitals and radiology centres in emerging market to ensure access to radiology anywhere. . Live
AlgoSurg Inc W18 Healthcare We make software for surgeons to plan bone surgeries in 3D. . Live
Allotrope Medical S18 Healthcare Advancing surgical precision through safe electrical stimulation. Allotrope Medical's platform technology diagnoses tissue dysfunction and identifies hidden anatomic structures prone to injury during surgery. . Live
Alphacare S09 Healthcare A Universal mental healthcare system for psychedelic medicine . Live
Amulyte S13 Healthcare Remote monitoring & activity tracking system for seniors. . Dead
Anchor Health W16 Healthcare Modernizing home health care agencies with software, hardware, and operating systems . Live
Apprentice Health S18 Healthcare We deploy sensors and software that increase hospital efficiency. . Live
Aptible S14 Healthcare Security Management and Compliance for Developers . Live
ArchForm W18 Healthcare Replacing orthodontic braces with our clear aligner and software . Live
Athelas S16 Healthcare Rapid blood diagnostics through deep learning. We're primarily targeted at bringing new, powerful tools to oncology patients through modern Machine Learning. We are FDA cleared and rapidly scaling our customer base. . Live
Atomwise W15 Healthcare Artificial intelligence for drug discovery. . Live
Avro Life Science W18 Healthcare Skin patches for generic drug delivery. . Live
Benchling S12 Healthcare Collaboration & data management platform for life science research . Live
Bikanta S14 Healthcare Nano-diamonds for cancer detection . Dead
BillionToOne S17 Healthcare Prenatal genetic testing for every expecting mother . Live
BioRender W18 Healthcare The Adobe Creative Suite for Life Sciences . Live
BloomAPI W17 Healthcare BloomAPI helps doctors share clinical data. Today most healthcare data is still sent by fax and mail. BloomAPI has built technology that can be set up in minutes and share this data in real time. . Live
Blueberry Medical W18 Healthcare Unlimited, 24/7 access to pediatricians via your smartphone for peace of mind and avoiding unnecessary ER, Urgent Care, and doctor visits. . Live
Bodyport S15 Healthcare Preventing heart disease. . Live
Bot MD S18 Healthcare AI assistant for Doctors . Live
BrainHi S18 Healthcare An automated receptionist for doctor and dentist offices that rescues missed calls and chats with patients automatically. . Live
Brain Key W19 Healthcare AI + Neuroscience . Live
Caelum Health S17 Healthcare Caelum Health is replacing drugs with software. We use behavioral medicine, delivered digitally, to treat diseases where drugs don't work. We're starting with IBS, which affects 20% of the US and costs an additional $6,000 per individual each year. . Dead
Call9 S15 Healthcare Call9 Delivers On-Demand Doctors In Emergency Situations . Dead
Cambridge Bio-Augmentation Systems W17 Healthcare At CBAS we are standardizing the hardware & software interface between the body and any bionic device. Our aim is to enable high functionality bionics for treating health conditions to be easily and cheaply developed & delivered to patients. . Live
Cambridge Cancer Genomics S17 Healthcare CCG empowers clinicians to make personalised treatment strategies for cancer patients. We use blood monitoring to measure the effectiveness of cancer therapies and ML to tailor treatment decisions. . Live
Captain Tailor S17 Healthcare Captain Tailor is the Uber for tailoring. . Live
CareLedger S15 Healthcare CareLedger helps companies save money on healthcare expenses by aligning employee interest with the company's. . Dead
CareRev S16 Healthcare A Marketplace for Healthcare professionals to find shifts. . Live
CareSkore W16 Healthcare CareSkore helps healthcare organizations better manage patient populations. . Live
Carrot Fertility S17 Healthcare Customized fertility benefits for modern companies. . Live
CB Therapeutics S18 Healthcare We produce pure cannabinoids like CBD and THC using yeast and sugar. No plants involved. . Live
Centaur Labs W19 Healthcare Labeling medical images at scale . Live
Circle Medical S15 Healthcare Modern primary care . Live
Clear Genetics W17 Healthcare Clear Genetics is scaling delivery of Genomic services . Live
ClearMind Biomedical W15 Healthcare Medical devices that save lives and improve recovery for patients with brain hemorrhage . Live
Clipboard Health W17 Healthcare We connect nurses with jobs they love and information they can trust. . Live
Collectly W17 Healthcare Collectly is a data-driven Patient Revenue Platform that helps medical groups & health systems solve the problem of patient billing and post-treatment pricing transparency. . Live
Comprehend W11 Healthcare SaaS to increase speed and quality of clinical trials. . Live
Correlia Biosystems W18 Healthcare Next generation blood testing to provide 1000x more data to pharma companies . Live
Crohnology S12 Healthcare We turn Patients into Researchers. We empower every patient with tools to contribute towards research for their cure. . Exited
CrowdMed W13 Healthcare CrowdMed harnesses the wisdom of crowds to solve difficult medical cases online . Live
Culture Biosciences W18 Healthcare We run automated bioreactors as a service. . Live
Curebase S18 Healthcare Distributed clinical trials. . Live
CureSkin S17 Healthcare AI dermatologist for India . Live
Cytera CellWorks S18 Healthcare Machines that automate the growing of human cells for biotech. Cutting-edge cancer treatments are driving huge demand for these kinds of cells at scale . Live
Darmiyan S17 Healthcare Early detection of Alzheimer's disease . Live
Data Driven Bioscience S18 Healthcare Cancer Diagnosis 10X faster, 10X cheaper . Live
Dear Brightly W18 Healthcare DearBrightly makes personalized prescription skincare products, accessible to everyone. . Live
Delee W17 Healthcare A medical device company who created a companion diagnostic test for cancer therapy management. . Live
Diassess W15 Healthcare Next Generation Disease Testing . Live
Dinesafe S18 Healthcare We crowdsource food poisoning reports and help detect and prevent outbreaks. . Live
DoseDr W16 Healthcare Helping diabetes patients use the correct amount of insulin, preventing the $150 billion in annual costs from diabetes complications and hospitalizations. . Live
DrChrono W11 Healthcare Mission: Building the medical practice of the future. Products: EHR. Medical Billing. Healthcare API. . Live
Elemeno Health S16 Healthcare The first personal assistant for frontline healthcare teams. We get nurses, docs, and staff on the same page. Through just-in-time microlearning, we put best practices in their hands, and drive quality and consistency at the point of care. . Live
Eligible S12 Healthcare Healthcare Eligibility API . Live
Enflux W16 Healthcare Motion capture clothing for injury prevention . Live
Enzyme S17 Healthcare Software that helps life science companies with FDA approval and compliance. Think TurboTax but for companies that need FDA approval. . Live
Evry Health W18 Healthcare Better health insurance for companies with 200-1,000 employees that costs up to 20% less. . Live
Excepgen W19 Healthcare Excepgen produces difficult proteins at scale, quickly. . Live
Experiment W13 Healthcare funding and collaboration platform for science . Live
ExVivo Labs S16 Healthcare ExVivo Labs is developing a non-invasive skin patch for allergy testing, making the process safe, simple and certain. . Live
Forever Labs S17 Healthcare We bank your stem cells to help you live healthier, longer. . Live
Ginkgo Bioworks S14 Healthcare The organism company. . Live
Health Sherpa S12 Healthcare Private sector Healthcare.gov. . Live
Helium Health S17 Healthcare Electronic medical records for Africa's largest hospitals. . Live
Helix Nanotechnologies W17 Healthcare Using AI to cure genetic disease. . Live
HelpWear S17 Healthcare HelpWear is a healthcare platform that engages in developing products for medical technology industry. . Live
HeyDoctor S18 Healthcare HeyDoctor provides online primary care (like refilling birth control, hair loss prevention, UTI treatments, labs, and more) from expert doctors in under 5 minutes right from your phone or browser. . Live
Higia S18 Healthcare Higia is developing EVA, the first noninvasive wearable device for breast cancer detection . Live
HistoWiz W16 Healthcare Accelerating Histopathology for Cancer Research . Live
Human Dx S12 Healthcare The Human Diagnosis Project. . Live
iLabService S18 Healthcare Monitoring & Analytics for Lab Services . Live
Indee Labs W17 Healthcare Indee develops hardware for gene delivery. We are developing our uniquely scalable technology for short turnaround CAR-T development and manufacturing. . Live
Industrial Microbes W15 Healthcare We upgrade methane to chemicals using synthetic biology. . Live
Inito W19 Healthcare Fertility Clinic on your phone. . Live
InnaMed W17 Healthcare We're creating a connected home blood testing device to improve post acute care. . Live
InnoVein W16 Healthcare We cure intractable leg wounds with a prosthetic valve for veins. . Live
Instrumentl S16 Healthcare Instrumentl simplifies the grants process for researchers and nonprofits. . Live
In Your Corner S14 Healthcare We've transformed traditional therapy into an experience that is affordable, approachable & anonymous. Through video + written consultations, we connect clients with licensed therapists online so you can get the support you need when you need it. . Dead
iSono Health W16 Healthcare AI-powered platform for Accessible and Personalized Breast Health Monitoring . Live
JetLenses S18 Healthcare Amazon for medical products, starting with contact lenses. . Live
Kip Health W16 Healthcare Therapy the way it should be: high quality in-person therapy sessions paired with digital support. . Live
Klarismo S15 Healthcare Klarismo turns your body into an interactive experience. We built a fully automated pipeline for quantitative medical image analysis that unlocks the non-diagnostic value in MRI scans and empowers patients to take a fantastic journey into their body . Live
ListRunner S14 Healthcare Replaces paper patient lists for doctors. . Exited
Lively, Inc. W17 Healthcare A modern health savings account for businesses and individuals. A 401(k) for healthcare. . Live
Loop Genomics W16 Healthcare Loop Genomics is a platform technology for long-read DNA sequencing. . Live
Lully W15 Healthcare Lully is developing an under-the-mattress technology that precisely controls sleep stages. We use this to avoid problems in sleep, such as bedwetting, snoring, and night terrors, by getting users into safer stages of sleep prior to the event. . Live
Luminist W16 Healthcare Luminist is developing a novel diagnostic platform for early detection of liver disease . Live
Luminostics S16 Healthcare Smartphone adapter for DIY disease testing . Live
Lumos W19 Healthcare Lumos is an AI powered search tool for doctors that gives direct answers to clinical questions, using trustworthy sources . Live
Lygos W16 Healthcare Lygos engineers yeast to convert sugar into high-value industrial chemicals. . Live
Macromoltek W18 Healthcare Software for antibody modeling and analysis . Live
MDacne W17 Healthcare An app that analyzes your selfie and delivers custom acne treatment. . Live
Medigram W12 Healthcare We are making a HIPAA-compliant, Groupme app for doctors to communicate in the hospital, as an alternative to pagers. . Live
Medinas Health S18 Healthcare Medinas Health helps hospitals redeploy and resell their excess medical supplies & equipment. . Live
Medisas W13 Healthcare Medisas builds workflow & collaboration software for hospitals. . Live
Medmonk W12 Healthcare A tool for pharmacists to find funding for patients who are unable to pay for their medications. . Live
Mednet W17 Healthcare Network of doctors helping each other treat cancer . Live
Medumo W18 Healthcare We manage patient instructions for hospitals . Live
MedXT W13 Healthcare Radiology in the cloud. X-rays, CAT scans, MRI's, and ultrasounds. Acquired by Box in November 2014. . Exited
Memora Health W18 Healthcare Efficiency software that automates patient follow-up and improves nursing operations in hospitals . Live
Meru Health S18 Healthcare Meru Health is a digital clinic for mental health. We offer an app-based treatment program that is supported by remote licensed therapists, smart data-analytics to individualize treatment and a pay-only-for-outcomes business model. . Live
MetricWire S14 Healthcare Mobile surveys for researchers . Live
MicroHealth S15 Healthcare Real-world evidence to inform treatment decisions . Live
Mind Emulation Foundation W18 Healthcare Mind emulation enables your mind to continue to live on after your body has died. . Live
Modern Fertility S17 Healthcare Modern Fertility is an at-home fertility test for women who aren't ready for kids right now but want to check in on where they stand. . Live
Modern Health W18 Healthcare Modern Health is a mental health benefits platform for employers. We are the only solution to cover the full spectrum of mental well-being needs through both evidence-based technology and professional support from a coach or therapist. . Live
Modoo Technology W19 Healthcare Modoo develops safe and non-invasive tech to help mother-to-be to monitor fetal heart rate and movement. Mothers can benefit from safer and enjoyable pregnancy from its online consultation. Modoo is creating an AI system that prevents fetal distress. . Live
Multiply Labs S16 Healthcare At Multiply Labs, we use 3D printers to manufacture polypills - customized pills that contain multiple medications and release them at the right time. . Live
Nectome W18 Healthcare Building a way to preserve long-term memories. . Live
Nightingale S14 Healthcare App for managing care of autistic students . Dead
NimbleRx W15 Healthcare Full Service Pharmacy . Live
Notable Labs W15 Healthcare Personalized drug discovery for blood cancer . Live
NURX W16 Healthcare Nurx is the fastest way to get oral contraceptives and Truvada for PrEP. . Live
Oncobox S17 Healthcare Finding the right cancer drug for each patient. . Live
One Codex S14 Healthcare Genomic search and discovery. . Live
onederful W18 Healthcare API for dental insurance . Live
Osh's Affordable Pharmaceuticals S18 Healthcare Making low cost versions of high cost generic drugs. . Live
Patchd Medical W18 Healthcare Wearable devices which use Deep Neural Networks to predict and prevent sepsis (the #1 cause of hospital death). . Live
PatientBank S16 Healthcare Get medical records online—from any doctor or hospital. . Dead
Penta Medical S18 Healthcare Smart hardware for injury recovery. . Live
Perlara W16 Healthcare Perlara is the first personalized drug discovery platform partnering with families and BioPharma around the globe to cure diseases thought too rare to matter. . Live
Persephone Biome W18 Healthcare We are using the gut microbiome to cure cancer. . Live
PhysioHealth W16 Healthcare An enterprise health benefits platform that rewards employees for living healthy and decreases healthcare costs. . Dead
PicnicHealth S14 Healthcare PicnicHealth makes medical records useful for patients, doctors, and researchers. . Live
PreDxion Bio S17 Healthcare Fast blood test to save the lives of ER patients . Live
Psylaris W18 Healthcare We use VR to automate mental health techniques for B2C. Our mobile VR app reduces negative mood, anxiety, and stress, without the need for a therapist. Using insights from neuroscience and psychology, we improve your mental state and performance. . Dead
Pulse W17 Healthcare Electronic Medical Records for India . Live
Pulse Active Stations Network W19 Healthcare We are a connected network of smart health kiosks in India. . Live
Quartzy S11 Healthcare Marketplace for life science supplies. . Live
Qurasense W16 Healthcare Qurasense Empower women to proactively track their health. . Live
Qventus W15 Healthcare We help hospitals run efficiently by predicting department resource needs and providing front line staff with real-time resource allocation guidance. . Live
Rebellyous Foods S18 Healthcare Seattle Food Tech (SFT) is a food manufacturing technology and production company with a mission to make alternative meat production as affordable as factory-farmed animal-based meat. . Live
RelianceHMO W17 Healthcare RelianceHMO uses mobile phones, telemedicine and data science to make health insurance in Africa cheaper and easier to access . Live
ReSchedule Med W15 Healthcare We help medical residency programs create and manage their schedules, by providing end to end scheduling workflows. . Dead
Reverie Labs W18 Healthcare Building a pharma company from scratch, using machine learning. . Live
Rev Genomics S17 Healthcare Rev is a biotechnology company creating new strains of cannabis. . Live
Ribbon Health S17 Healthcare Ribbon Health provides accurate and comprehensive data on doctors, insurance plans, and costs of care for healthcare enterprises via an API. . Live
RigPlenish S16 Healthcare On average each Ambulance run is two hours long, 40 minutes is spent on doing paperwork. Our vision is to reduce those 40 minutes to 4 minutes. . Dead
Sage Care S16 Healthcare Get care at home for mom or dad from trusted professionals in their neighborhood. Manage visits through text and email. . Dead
Scanwell Health S18 Healthcare Scanwell is the first and only FDA-cleared urine testing app. Our first test provides on-demand relief for urinary tract infections, allowing anyone to test their urine in 3 minutes and receive a prescription for antibiotics the same day. . Live
Science Exchange S11 Healthcare Science Exchange's mission is to enable breakthrough scientific research. We connect researchers and service providers through our online marketplace and promote scientific collaboration that will help improve the quality and efficiency of research. . Live
Shasqi W15 Healthcare Implantable hydrogel increases drug effectiveness . Live
Shield Diagnostics S16 Healthcare Fighting antibiotic resistance with genomics. . Live
Shift Labs W15 Healthcare Makers of simple, affordable medical devices for low resource healthcare settings. Our award-winning DripAssist Infusion Rate Monitor provides safe, continuous monitoring for gravity IV infusions to ensure proper medication dosage in any environment. . Live
Shiok Meats W19 Healthcare Shiok Meats is a cell-based clean shrimp company, the first of its kind. We employ cellular agriculture to grow crustacean meat by using cells instead of animals. . Live
Shopagram W14 Healthcare Next Generation Home Shopping Network . Live
SimplyInsured W13 Healthcare We make it simple to buy health insurance online. Don't get confused by deductibles & coinsurances - we give you straightforward costs for your medical needs. . Live
Sixfold Bioscience W18 Healthcare Nanoparticles to deliver cancer cures. . Live
SmartSpot W15 Healthcare Live home fitness training powered by computer vision . Live
Solugen W17 Healthcare We make ultra-pure hydrogen peroxide from plants. . Live
SoundFocus S13 Healthcare We are giving you 20/20 hearing when listening to the devices you already own and love - no hardware required. . Dead
Spero Foods S18 Healthcare recreating dairy & eggs from plants . Live
Spinal Singularity W16 Healthcare Devices to improve the quality of life for people with Spinal Cord Injury and Disease. . Live
Spiral Genetics W19 Healthcare Large Scale Genomic Data Mining Software . Live
Spire W15 Healthcare Realtime mindfulness and chronic disease sensor platform . Live
SpringWit S14 Healthcare Brain health and awareness . Dead
Standard Cyborg W15 Healthcare The API for the Physical World . Live
Stem Sugar S18 Healthcare Cambridge Glycoscience makes sugar substitutes that actually work in food. . Live
Stitch S15 Healthcare Care Coordination Platform for Healthcare . Live
Synvivia S16 Healthcare Synvivia develops engineered organisms that safely and effectively treat disease. . Live
TAXA Biotechnologies S14 Healthcare We enable cheaper, faster, and better genetic engineering of plants. We offer our platform both as a service and use it internally to develop our own engineered plants, eg fragrant moss. Currently raising money on www.wefunder.com/taxa . Dead
TetraScience S15 Healthcare Internet-of-Things for Labs . Live
The Good Food Institute S18 Healthcare GFI is focused on working to make plant-based and clean meat, dairy, and eggs (real meat, dairy, and eggs, but produced without the use of animals) as delicious, price-competitive, and convenient as possible. Meet our team at www.gfi.org/our-team. . Live
Totemic S17 Healthcare A hardware device for senior care to allow them to age in place and their loved ones can know they are safe. Using wireless signals and sensor fusion, our system detects activities and falls in a home without the user having to wear anything. . Live
TRAC W16 Healthcare An end to end timing solution for any scale athletic event. . Dead
Tradewind BioScience W18 Healthcare Tradewind BioScience is building therapeutics to attack the most deadly human cancers. Our current lead is a humanized antibody that inhibits ovarian cancer growth and metastasis. . Live
Transcriptic W15 Healthcare The robotic cloud laboratory for the life sciences. . Live
TrendMD W16 Healthcare Article recommendations for doctors. . Live
TrueVault W14 Healthcare TrueVault is the first data security company entirely focused on protecting consumers' Personal Data for enterprises . Live
uBiome S14 Healthcare Using Big Data and crowdscience to unlock the secrets of the human microbiome . Live
Unima W16 Healthcare Unima created a lab on paper technology which diagnoses infectious diseases faster and at a lower cost than available lab tests. We are solving the problem of lack of access to diagnostics for 3 billion people living in resource limited settings. . Live
Vena Medical W18 Healthcare Making a tiny camera that goes inside veins and arteries to help physicians navigate around the body . Live
Verge Genomics S15 Healthcare We find drugs to treat brain diseases 1000x more cheaply and quickly . Live
Vetcove S16 Healthcare Vetcove is the largest B2B marketplace for the animal health supply chain. Veterinary hospitals can compare prices and what's in stock across vendors, and buy their pharmaceuticals, biologics, equipment, and supplies from one website. . Live
VetPronto W15 Healthcare On demand veterinary house calls. . Exited
Viosera Therapeutics W19 Healthcare We solve drug resistance for cancer and antibiotics . Live
Volt Health W17 Healthcare Volt Health is developing medical devices that deliver electrical stimulation to the muscles of the body to treat disease, starting with urinary incontinence. . Live
Weilos S13 Healthcare Weight loss coaching. . Exited
Wink Health W15 Healthcare The digital sleep clinic . Live
X-Zell W15 Healthcare We make cancer a curable disease. X-Zell removes healthy cells from standard blood samples and visualizes leftover circulating tumor cells on laboratory slides, seamlessly integrating into routine laboratory workflows. . Live
YourChoice Therapeutics W19 Healthcare YourChoice therapeutics is revolutionizing the contraceptive market by developing a first-in-class non-hormonal unisex contraceptive. . Live
ZBiotics W18 Healthcare ZBiotics is a synthetic biology company that bioengineers probiotic bacteria for nutraceutical and other applications. . Live
Zenflow W15 Healthcare Medical device that provides a more effective, less invasive treatment for BPH (enlarged prostate), which affects almost all men at some point in life . Live
zPREDICTA S15 Healthcare zPREDICTA (formerly Ixchel Scientific) is creating cell-based biological models that predict how drugs will behave in the human body, eliminating the guesswork from drug development. . Live