Companies in Y Combinator S19 Batch

Name Batch Category Description Status
Actiondesk S19 Dev Tools Actiondesk is a spreadsheet software that lets you import and refresh data from SQL, Stripe, Salesfo... . Live
Adla S19 Consumer Lets college girls try on clothes at home for free. . Live
Alana S19 Other SaaS Helping large companies in LATAM hire blue-collar workers . Live
Apero Health S19 Healthcare Modern medical billing. . Live
Apurata S19 Fintech Small loans for the Latin American middle class. Customers access $100-300 loans quickly, safely, an... . Live
Arpeggio Bio S19 Healthcare Arpeggio builds technology to watch and learn how drugs work. Our RNA-profiling platform reveals the... . Live
Asayer S19 Other SaaS Frontend Application Monitoring . Live
Asher Bio S19 Healthcare We build better immunotherapies . Live
AudioFocus S19 Consumer Hearing aids that work in noisy places, like restaurants, using ML. . Live
basis S19 Real Estate We build sales tools for construction contractors . Live
Beacons S19 Fintech The best mobile website builder for content creators . Live
Binks S19 Consumer Convenient made-to-measure tailoring services for Indian women . Live
Blair S19 Fintech Financing education through Income Share Agreements . Live
Boost Biomes S19 Agriculture Boost Biomes is developing microbial products to sustainably improve food production and shelf-life . Live
Bouncer S19 Dev Tools SDK for scanning and verifying credit cards and photo IDs in mobile apps . Live
Brave Care S19 Healthcare Modern healthcare for kids. Pediatric Primary, Urgent & Remote Care. . Live
Breadfast S19 Consumer Breadfast delivers fresh bread, milk and eggs to customers' doorsteps every morning. . Live
BuildStream S19 Real Estate The labour marketplace for the renewable energy sector that pays for contractor training at no up fr... . Live
Business Score S19 Other SaaS Connecting businesses with finance . Live
Canix S19 Other SaaS Canix makes it easy to get and stay compliant as a cannabis business. . Live
Carry S19 Other SaaS Carry plans, books, and supports corporate travel for all your employees over Slack, email, and SMS.... . Live
Cloosiv S19 Consumer Cloosiv is an order-ahead app for independent coffee shops, cafés and bakeries. . Live
Coco S19 Fintech E-commerce SaaS platform for SMBs in LATAM . Live
CoLab S19 Dev Tools Jira + Pull Requests for Hardware . Live
Compound S19 Fintech Compound does financial management for people who work at and invest in technology companies. . Live
Courier S19 Dev Tools The smartest way to design & deliver notifications. . Live
Covela S19 Fintech The digital insurance broker for SMEs in LATAM . Dead
Cuboh S19 Other SaaS Cuboh helps restaurants use several delivery platforms like Doordash, Postmates, UberEats, and more ... . Live
Curri S19 Real Estate We provide on-demand material delivery for the construction industry. . Live
Dashblock S19 Dev Tools Turn any website into an API . Live
Data Mechanics S19 Other SaaS The simplest way to run Apache Spark . Live
Deepnote S19 Dev Tools A better data science notebook. . Live
Demand Curve S19 Education Demand Curve trains startups in growth marketing and vets growth agencies for referrals. . Live
Demigod S19 Healthcare Life coach in an app. Chart your future. . Live
Dex S19 Consumer Dex is a personal CRM that reminds you to keep in touch with the people you would otherwise forget. . Live
Digi-Prex S19 Healthcare Subscription pharmacy for patients with chronic diseases . Live
DirectShifts S19 Healthcare Marketplace for doctors to find short term shift work at hospitals . Live
Dover S19 Other SaaS Helping top companies source the best talent. . Live
EARTH AI S19 Resources EARTH AI is the world’s most efficient mineral explorer, we find new deposits of metals worth $10-10... . Live
Eden Farm S19 Other SaaS Delivering fruits and vegetables to multi-segment restaurants and grocery stores in Indonesia. We wo... . Live
Elpha S19 Entertainment Where women in tech talk candidly online . Live
Embrace S19 Dev Tools We find and fix more mobile errors than anyone else for the apps you know and love . Live
Encellin S19 Healthcare Helping cells survive in the body, starting with Type 1 diabetes. . Live
Encepheal Therapeutics S19 Healthcare EncepHeal develops medications to treat substance abuse, starting with a small molecule for stimulan... . Live
EPIC AEROSPACE S19 Aerospace A network of space-tugs that move satellites in space. . Live
Ever Loved S19 Consumer Ever Loved helps families plan and pay for funerals. . Live
Fad Mania S19 Entertainment Games with friends . Live
FamPay S19 Fintech India’s first payments app for teenagers and their families. . Live
FeaturePeek S19 Dev Tools Supercharged deployment previews for all. . Live
Figments S19 Entertainment The next version of the WWE for esports. . Live
Fit to Form S19 Consumer Fit to Form is a site where women shop for dresses based on their exact measurements. . Live
Flo Recruit S19 Other SaaS ATS for in person recruiting events, like job fairs, hackathons, and networking events. . Live
Flowbot S19 Other SaaS A natural language-driven programming assistant. . Live
Flux S19 Fintech Flux is building the payment network for mobile wallets in Latin America. . Live
Freshpaint S19 Other SaaS Implement marketing and analytics tools without code. . Live
Gaiascope S19 Fintech Gaiascope is an energy quant fund that trades electricity. . Live
Gen1E Lifesciences S19 Healthcare GEn1E is a platform for curing inflammation and age-related diseases . Live
GitStart S19 Other SaaS GitStart helps you hire the best remote developers by outsourcing small coding tasks from your backl... . Live
Globe S19 Consumer Globe provides a real estate platform that allows people to live more comfortably. . Live
Gmelius S19 Other SaaS work together. everywhere. . Live
Gold Fig Labs S19 Dev Tools Version Control For Settings Pages . Live
GradJoy S19 Fintech Student loan manager — helping users save money and be debt-free faster. . Live
GreenTiger S19 Fintech Buy US stocks from India with zero commission. . Live
Hatchways S19 Other SaaS We find overlooked engineers for startups through simulated work. . Live
Heru S19 Consumer Tailor made services for the gig-economy workforce in Latin America. . Live
Hey Healthcare S19 Healthcare Hey Healthcare provides healthcare software designed to automate medical billing. . Live
Holy Grail Inc S19 Resources Superintelligence for complex research and optimization problems . Live
Hutsy S19 Real Estate Home Buying on Autopilot . Live
Hype and Vice S19 Consumer Fashionable college branded apparel for women. . Live
InEvent S19 Other SaaS Event analytics to transform attendees into customers . Live
Intersect Labs S19 Dev Tools Predictive analytics in 3 clicks . Live
Juno College of Technology S19 Education Juno is the technical university of the future. . Live
Jupiter S19 Consumer The last-meter delivery company. . Live
Kern Systems S19 Healthcare Using DNA to store data. . Live
Khabri S19 Entertainment India's Largest Podcast Platform . Live
Kraftful S19 Dev Tools Software for connected devices. . Live
KubeSail S19 Other SaaS KubeSail is a Deployment platform that you never outgrow. . Live
LAIKA S19 Consumer Online pets supplies for Latin America with over 4000 products & 20 services. . Live
Lazy Lantern S19 Other SaaS Automated product insights . Live
Legacy S19 Healthcare Legacy is the Fatherhood Company . Live
Lightwell S19 Dev Tools Lightwell was founded on the mission of ushering in a new era of interactive storytelling, engaging people in new and delightful ways. . Exited
LineLeap S19 Consumer LineLeap is the OpenTable for bars and nightclubs, selling line-skip passes, pre-ordered drinks, gen... . Live
Listle S19 Entertainment Listle allows people to listen to the best articles on the Internet. . Live
Localyze S19 Other SaaS International employee relocation as a service . Live
Lofty AI S19 Real Estate Using A.I. and unconventional data to predict real estate prices. . Live
Lokal S19 Entertainment Local news, information and classifieds for India's small town users . Live
Lucid Drone Technologies S19 Aerospace We build industrial drones that clean buildings. We lease our drones to the more than 124,000 exteri... . Live
Lumineye S19 Government X-ray Vision for First Responders . Live
Marble Technologies S19 Other SaaS Marble enables cashier-free checkout for restaurants—order in-store via elegant kiosk software. . Live
Matagora S19 Other SaaS A platform allows online brands to instantly launch a physical storefront . Live
Mela S19 Consumer Mela is the Pinduoduo of India. A group shopping app where people can shop together with their frien... . Live
Metacode S19 Dev Tools Better code search. . Live
Microverse S19 Education We train software engineers in emerging and developing countries and connect them with remote and in... . Live
Mighty S19 Consumer Mighty makes Google Chrome faster & use 10x less memory. . Live
Million Marker S19 Healthcare 23andMe for environmental exposures . Live
Mindset Health S19 Healthcare Mindset Health is replacing drugs with app-based hypnotherapy. We help people improve issues like ir... . Live S19 Other SaaS The first integrated POS in Latam that let restaurants merge their online and traditional operations . Live
MoFE S19 Consumer Next generation Disney. . Live
Mudafy S19 Real Estate A tech-enabled real estate broker that makes it easy for people to buy and sell their properties. . Live
Multis S19 Fintech Multis is a bank to help companies use crypto and earn interest up to 10% p.a. . Live
MyPetrolPump S19 Other SaaS On demand fuel delivery service in India . Live
Narrator S19 Other SaaS Narrator provides a managed data system where all the data you need is in one table. . Live
NODE S19 Real Estate NODE builds sustainable homes fast. . Live
Nomad Rides S19 Consumer Nomad is the first commission free rideshare service. Instead of a 40% commission (like Uber and Lyf... . Live
Nonu S19 Healthcare We deliver hair loss medicines for Indian men on a subscription basis. . Live
Obie S19 Real Estate Insurance and Portfolio Management for Real Estate Investors . Live
Outtalent S19 Consumer We help top engineers in emerging markets get jobs abroad at companies like Google. . Live
PayMongo S19 Fintech Modern online payments for the Philippines . Live
Pepper S19 Dev Tools Nutrition APIs that help health, food, insurance, and technology companies build better user experie... . Live
PopSQL S19 Dev Tools SQL editor for teams . Live
Preclusio S19 Other SaaS We help companies comply with privacy laws like GDPR. Many of these laws force companies to track an... . Live
PredictLeads S19 Other SaaS Best in class company intelligence data. . Live
Prenda S19 Education K-8 microschools in your neighborhood . Live
Prolific S19 Other SaaS Infrastructure for research on the internet. . Live
Prompt S19 Other SaaS Helping busy professionals understand and maintain their relationships . Live
Proof Trading S19 Fintech Institutional equities broker-dealer . Live
Prowess S19 Dev Tools We translate your web app with human translators in under 30 minutes. . Live
Puzzl S19 Other SaaS API that automates instant payroll. . Live
Quorum S19 Consumer Whatsapp with community management built in . Live
Recidiviz S19 Government A platform to help reduce incarceration quickly and permanently . Live
Refinery Labs S19 Other SaaS Ship a new feature in an afternoon, not a week.We make it easy for developers to easily build, deplo... . Live
Rent The Backyard S19 Real Estate Helping homeowners make money from their backyards by building housing . Live
Revel S19 Entertainment The modern community for women over 50 . Live
ReverCare S19 Other SaaS Concierge for elder care . Live
Room Service S19 Entertainment Real time collaboration as a service. . Live
Rosebud AI S19 Entertainment Software generated photos for advertising and marketing. . Live
Sable S19 Fintech Mobile bank for credit-worthy, new-to-America internationals offering credit cards, checking and sav... . Live
Safely Deposit S19 Consumer An on-demand safe deposit box, we store and manage valuables without users ever having to step foot ... . Live
SannTek Labs S19 Healthcare We make a breathalyzer for cannabis. . Live
ScholarMe S19 Fintech Helping students apply for all their educational financing with one simple form. . Live
Sequence Bio S19 Healthcare Sequence Bio unlocked Newfoundland's genetic and medical data for drug discovery. . Live
Shift Health S19 Healthcare we help doctors get paid faster . Live
Shiru S19 Healthcare Shiru leverages ML to create proteins to feed the world sustainably. . Live
Short Story S19 Consumer Styling and shopping platform for petite women . Live
Sling Health S19 Healthcare Tech-enabled remote clinical care teams for healthcare organizations. . Live
spotLESS Materials S19 Industrial We make slippery coatings that repel sticky materials (liquid, sludge, bacteria, ice, mud, and beyon... . Live
stoic. S19 Entertainment mental health tracker app. . Live
Tandem S19 Other SaaS Tandem is a virtual office for remote and distributed teams. . Live
Taskade S19 Other SaaS Where Remote Teams Get Work Done. Taskade is building a real-time organization and collaboration too... . Live
TaxProper S19 Fintech taxProper saves homeowners money on their property taxes. We do this by accurately valuing real esta... . Live
Tensil S19 Industrial We turn machine learning models into custom chips that replace GPUs. . Live
The Custom Movement S19 Consumer Custom sneakers by independent artists. . Live
Together Software S19 Other SaaS Modern enterprise software to manage and measure mentoring between employees. . Live
Traces S19 Other SaaS We analyze thousands of video streams to find missing people or suspects. . Live
TradeUp S19 Healthcare We fund trade school students using income-share agreements. . Live
Tranqui Finanzas S19 Fintech Debt Consolidation & Investment Planning through payroll (deducted from salary) for Latin America em... . Live S19 Other SaaS is an internet based company. . Live
Trella S19 Other SaaS Trella is a platform that connects shippers to carriers. Trella offers services and technology to em... . Live
TRM Labs S19 Other SaaS TRM prevents cryptocurrency fraud for every financial institution. . Live
TrustedFor S19 Consumer TrustedFor is LinkedIn 2.0, where your professional profile features thoughtful recommendations from... . Live
Vahan S19 Other SaaS Helping on-demand companies in India hire workers using WhatsApp. . Live
Valiu S19 Fintech The first USD bank for LatAm. . Live S19 Other SaaS Vendr is the way companies buy software. . Live
Vitau S19 Healthcare Subscription model pharmacy focused on chronic diseases in LatAm. . Live
Vizy S19 Consumer An all-in-one virtual office for remote teams . Live
Vorticity S19 Industrial Custom silicon to Accelerate Scientific Computing . Live
Vouch S19 Fintech Vouch provides insurance and risk management tools for start-ups. . Live
Voyage Biomedical S19 Healthcare Using cooling to end brain damage during stroke. . Exited
Wasmer S19 Other SaaS The Next Docker . Live
Waves S19 Consumer A dating app that matches people with the same sexual fantasies, preferences, and fetishes. . Live
Well Principled S19 Other SaaS Well Principled is an A.I. Management Consultant that optimizes marketing and supply chain processes... . Live
Wingman S19 Other SaaS Wingman helps inside sales reps with real-time information and coaching while they're on a call. Thi... . Live
Wren S19 Consumer Wren is a monthly subscription to offset your carbon footprint . Live
Yummy Future S19 Consumer We are building an AI enabled robotic coffee shop. . Live
Zenith S19 Entertainment We're bringing Ready Player One to life with a massively multiplayer online world. Zenith is the fir... . Live
zeroheight S19 Dev Tools We let any company create a beautiful design system site . Live
Z Imaging S19 Healthcare Augmented reality guidance for surgery. . Live
Zippi S19 Fintech Neo-bank for gig workers in Latin America. . Live