Companies in Y Combinator W15 Batch

Name Batch Category Description Status
20n W15 Healthcare Using AI to predict biochemistry for manufacturing and therapeutics . Dead
3dot W15 Entertainment . Dead
Akido Labs W15 Healthcare Akido Labs is a data technology company leading the transformation of healthcare and government institutions into modern, data-driven organizations. By building and connecting human services data networks, we'll create the equitable world we envision . Live
Atomwise W15 Healthcare Artificial intelligence for drug discovery. . Live
Automate Ads W15 Other SaaS On a mission to programmatically automate, optimize, and unify your digital advertising campaigns with incredible software. . Dead
Bagaveev Corporation W15 Aerospace Launch small satellites . Live
Bankjoy W15 Fintech White-label credit union software . Live
Bizzy W15 Other SaaS Bizzy is omni-channel marketing for ecommerce businesses. . Exited
Bluesmart W15 Consumer Bluesmart makes smart luggage powered by an app to empower people to travel. . Dead
Bonfire W15 Other SaaS Reimagining sourcing: Bonfire is the leading next-generation competitive bidding and RFx platform, empowering modern procurement teams to make faster, more strategic decisions. . Exited
Booktrope W15 Other SaaS Booktrope provides a software platform that makes it easy for creative teams to turn manuscripts into polished books and market them – at scale. . Dead
Bright W15 Resources SolarCity for developing world . Live
BuildScience W15 Real Estate The operating system for commercial buildings. With little to no additional hardware, we make buildings smarter by connecting to HVAC, lighting, metering, security and more. . Live
Chariot W15 Consumer The world's first private mass transit service providing a commuting experience that's faster, more reliable and more comfortable than public transit, while more affordable than ridesharing and driving. #commutesolved . Exited
Cinder W15 Consumer The World’s First Countertop Precision Grill – using two ceramic heating plates to cook your meal to a precise target temperature, Cinder allows you to create amazing meals every day. . Dead
Cleanly W15 Consumer Laundry & Dry Cleaning delivered. . Live
ClearMind Biomedical W15 Healthcare Medical devices that save lives and improve recovery for patients with brain hemorrhage . Live
Cribspot W15 Real Estate Tech-Enabled Real Estate Company (YC W15) . Dead
CyberFend W15 Other SaaS Cyberfend delivers robust, real-time web and mobile security by preventing account take-over, synthetic sign-ups and monetary fraud. In addition, Cyberfend's BotFender is the most comprehensive bot/automation detection service available today. . Exited
Dealyze W15 Other SaaS We are building the customer and employee engagement platform for franchise organizations. . Live
Democracy Earth W15 Nonprofit Incorruptible digital governance for small communities, corporations, large cities & whole nations. . Live
DemocracyOS W15 Government Online space for deliberation, policy making and democratic participation. We bring institutions and citizens together. . Live
Diassess W15 Healthcare Next Generation Disease Testing . Live
Direct Match W15 Fintech . Dead
DroneBase W15 Aerospace At DroneBase, we provide fast, affordable, and reliable data from the air so our customers can make better-informed, real-time decisions about their most critical assets. . Live
eBrandvalue W15 Other SaaS Real-time Nielsen ratings for Brands. Accelerate marketing and product through social. Inform customer interactions, find market opportunites, and spot industry trends faster—from science. . Live
EquipmentShare W15 Real Estate EquipmentShare is the best way to rent, track, and own construction equipment. Offering the newest fleet, 24/7 on-demand service and built-in telematics. . Live
Final W15 Fintech A credit card that drastically reduces payment fraud and gives consumers total control over their merchant relationships. . Exited
Flip W15 Consumer "eBay for the Snapchat generation" Fastest, guaranteed resale on specialty items. . Live
GitLab W15 Dev Tools GitLab is the first single application for software development, security, and operations that enables Concurrent DevOps, making the software lifecycle 200% faster and radically improving the speed of business. . Live
Giveffect W15 Other SaaS Fundraising, Volunteer and Donor Management SaaS for nonprofits. . Live
GiveMeTap W15 Consumer We produce & sell stainless steel water bottles that enables people to get free water refills from our partner shops which they can locate via our GiveMeTap App. For each bottle sold we’re able to give a person in Africa access to clean water. . Live
Glassjar W15 Fintech Clean app for check writing . Dead
GroupAhead W15 Entertainment Improve communications with your group's own mobile app. . Live
GrubMarket W15 Consumer GrubMarket is today's fastest-growing online farmers' market supplying fresh healthy local food directly from local farms and food producers, to local people, community and local companies, with affordable prices and convenient delivery. . Live
HigherMe W15 Other SaaS HigherMe helps retail and hourly employers find, screen, and hire better employees faster. . Live
Industrial Microbes W15 Healthcare We upgrade methane to chemicals using synthetic biology. . Live
InsiteVR W15 Entertainment Virtual Reality software for architecture and new construction. InsiteVR automates the process of going from 3D to VR and offers comprehensive VR presentation tools to help companies use VR to communicate new spaces and ideas to their clients. . Live
Instavest W15 Fintech Instavest allows you to replicate the world's best investments. . Dead
Kickback W15 Entertainment Gambling in Video Games. . Live
Kickpay W15 Other SaaS A marketplace for buying and selling invoices. Businesses improve their cash flow and don't have to wait 60 days to get paid, while investors get access to a whole new asset class which is extremely liquid, low risk, and has double digit returns. . Live
Labdoor W15 Consumer Labdoor is building the trusted online drugstore. . Live
Leadable W15 Real Estate Real Estate Leads . Live
Level W15 Consumer Software eats custom framing . Live
LogDNA W15 Other SaaS LogDNA helps engineering teams to debug and monitor production issues by aggregating server and application logs into our powerful platform. . Live
Lully W15 Healthcare Lully is developing an under-the-mattress technology that precisely controls sleep stages. We use this to avoid problems in sleep, such as bedwetting, snoring, and night terrors, by getting users into safer stages of sleep prior to the event. . Live
Lumi W15 Other SaaS Packaging for online brands. . Live
Magic W15 Consumer Upgrade your life with a 24/7 personal assistant . Live
Makrwatch W15 Other SaaS We connect brands with their audience through YouTube creators. Formerly themidgame. . Live
Mashgin W15 Other SaaS Self-Checkout using Computer Vision. . Live
Meadow W15 Other SaaS Point of Sale and Compliance SaaS for Cannabis Dispensaries . Live
Mobydish W15 Other SaaS MobyDish, a tech-enabled service, allowing anyone to place a catering order online to instantly feed groups from 10 to 1,000pl. We select the best restaurants, train our drivers & we're proud to have the best customer service in the space. . Live
Moltin W15 Other SaaS eCommerce building blocks through simple APIs for websites & apps. APIs include inventory, cart, checkout, payments and more. . Live
Nextop W15 Other SaaS Nextop optimizes the path between your app and backend. Client libraries + proxy server. Improves speed, reliability, and battery usage with no change to your backend. . Dead
NexTravel W15 Other SaaS NexTravel is a centralized travel booking platform that helps companies save time and money. . Live
NimbleRx W15 Healthcare Full Service Pharmacy . Live
Nomiku W15 Consumer Wave our food in front of your Nomiku and have dinner for everyone with different dietary restrictions and preferences! . Live
Notable Labs W15 Healthcare Personalized drug discovery for blood cancer . Live
Omniref W15 Dev Tools Sticky notes for code. (We're building a community-powered, code-based reference for programmers.) . Dead
Open Listings W15 Real Estate A better way to buy a home . Exited
Outbound W15 Other SaaS Create automated messages -- email, iOS/Android push, SMS and web notifications -- that we send in real-time as users take actions inside your product, then measure the effect of each message on user behavior. . Exited
Pachyderm W15 Other SaaS Pachyderm is “Git for Data Science.” We offer complete version control for data and give your data science team the same first-class development tools as software developers. . Live
Pakible W15 Other SaaS We make it insanely easy to design, price, and manufacture custom product packaging. Pakible is an unbeatable experience and price compared to brokers or direct manufacturers. . Live
Paperspace W15 Dev Tools Paperspace is a GPU accelerated cloud platform for individuals, startups, and the enterprise. . Live
Pigeonly W15 Entertainment Pigeonly is a platform that makes it easy for people to search, find and communicate with an incarcerated loved one. . Live
Platzi W15 Education Live streaming classes on design, marketing and code. Learn from industry leaders. . Live
Pomello W15 Other SaaS Analytics software that helps companies measure organizational culture, screen talent for "fit", and drive high performance cultures. . Exited
Popular Pays W15 Other SaaS Popular Pays is the largest, most active, and most reliable marketplace where social media creators and brands meet to create content worth sharing. . Live
Pretty Instant W15 Consumer Hand selected photographers for all occasions, nationwide. #NoSelfies We also build proprietary photo-marketing technology used by household brands & innovative startups across the country. . Live
Priime W15 Entertainment Priime is a company dedicated to advancements in technology around visual creative content like photography. We work heavily in native desktop, mobile, and web applications, as well as R&D in the blockchain space with the PRM platform. . Live
Quantierra W15 Real Estate Sourcing investment real estate . Live
Qventus W15 Healthcare We help hospitals run efficiently by predicting department resource needs and providing front line staff with real-time resource allocation guidance. . Live
Rare Door W15 Consumer Empowering brick-and-mortar retailers to sell more and engage shoppers . Dead
Raven Tech W15 Other SaaS Our vision is to build the next generation of iOS or Android, to fundamentally change how we interact with our mobile devices. We start from Flow 1.0, you use voice to access hundreds of apps' data and services from the cloud in real time. . Exited
Razorpay W15 Fintech A modern online payment gateway for India . Live
ReadMe W15 Dev Tools ReadMe provides every company the ability to quickly and easily create beautiful documentation, and build loyal and productive developer communities. . Live
Remix W15 Government Helping today’s cities design their transportation future . Live
Replika W15 Consumer Replika is an AI friend that you grow by talking to it. . Live
ReSchedule Med W15 Healthcare We help medical residency programs create and manage their schedules, by providing end to end scheduling workflows. . Dead
Rescue Forensics W15 Government Actionable human trafficking intelligence . Exited
Sails Co. W15 Dev Tools Full-service web, mobile, & cloud studio providing professional support for the Sails framework and the open-source tools we build and maintain. . Live
Seed W15 Fintech Mobile banking for small business. . Exited
Shasqi W15 Healthcare Implantable hydrogel increases drug effectiveness . Live
Shift Labs W15 Healthcare Makers of simple, affordable medical devices for low resource healthcare settings. Our award-winning DripAssist Infusion Rate Monitor provides safe, continuous monitoring for gravity IV infusions to ensure proper medication dosage in any environment. . Live
Shift Messenger W15 Other SaaS Real-time communication solution for retail and restaurant employees. . Dead
SigOpt W15 Dev Tools SigOpt is an Optimization-as-a-Service platform that seamlessly tunes AI and machine learning models with state-of-the-art Bayesian optimization techniques behind a simple API . Live
SIRUM W15 Nonprofit SIRUM is a “” for unused medicine. We connect institutional surplus medicine with safety-net clinics. . Live
Smarking W15 Other SaaS Enable hassle free parking and highly efficient urban mobility. . Live
SmartSpot W15 Healthcare Live home fitness training powered by computer vision . Live
Smyte W15 Other SaaS Smyte stops bad actors on social networks and marketplaces. . Exited
Spark Gift W15 Fintech SparkGift makes it easy to send stocks and index funds as gifts to friends and family. . Exited
Spire W15 Healthcare Realtime mindfulness and chronic disease sensor platform . Live
Spoil W15 Consumer Spoil is gifting for the Snapchat generation. . Dead
Standard Cyborg W15 Healthcare The API for the Physical World . Live
Tab W15 Fintech Booking and payment platform for travellers abroad – cheaper and safer for travellers & tourist businesses. . Live
TARA W15 Other SaaS AI project manager, leading software development. . Live
TeamNote W15 Other SaaS Mobile Productivity (Slack for mobile workforces) . Live
Tech in Asia W15 Entertainment Tech in Asia is a media, events, and jobs platform for Asia’s tech communities. . Live
The Human Utility W15 Nonprofit The Human Utility seeks to eliminate water service disconnections for low-income and elderly people using crowds and data. . Live
ThinAir W15 Other SaaS Intelligent data security for teams . Dead
Transcriptic W15 Healthcare The robotic cloud laboratory for the life sciences. . Live
Underground Cellar W15 Consumer Wine deals without bastardizing brands. . Live
Valor Water Analytics W15 Resources Valor Water Analytics delivers a SaaS platform to utilities to detect and address water loss. . Exited
Vanhawks W15 Consumer We are making the smart carbon fibre commuting bike and platform for smart bikes. Valour, our first product has turn-by-turn direction, blind spot detection system, anti-theft and best route suggestions through data to take you from point a to b. . Exited
Vertical W15 Entertainment A.I. Software for augmented reality experiences . Live
Vest W15 Fintech Bringing wider access to financial derivatives. . Exited
VetPronto W15 Healthcare On demand veterinary house calls. . Exited
WayUp W15 Consumer Marketplace for college students and recent graduates to find and apply for jobs and internships. . Live
Wink Health W15 Healthcare The digital sleep clinic . Live
WorkLife W15 Other SaaS WorkLife is a SaaS application that helps teams have more effective meetings. . Exited
X-Zell W15 Healthcare We make cancer a curable disease. X-Zell removes healthy cells from standard blood samples and visualizes leftover circulating tumor cells on laboratory slides, seamlessly integrating into routine laboratory workflows. . Live
YesGraph W15 Other SaaS YesGraph recommends exactly who a user should invite to an app. Our API can help boost the performance of sharing, referral, and invite flows. If you have a social application or a referral program, we should talk! . Exited
Yhat W15 Dev Tools End-to-end data science lifecycle management platform. . Exited
Zenflow W15 Healthcare Medical device that provides a more effective, less invasive treatment for BPH (enlarged prostate), which affects almost all men at some point in life . Live