Companies in Y Combinator W16 Batch

Name Batch Category Description Status
Able Health W16 Healthcare Able Health gets doctors paid more for higher quality care . Live
Acre Designs W16 Real Estate Acre creates homes that are built for life. We build future ready home that are sustainable, affordable, and inspired. . Live
Algoriz W16 Fintech Algoriz is an AI based algorithmic trading platform that enables you to build robust algorithms by simply typing your trading ideas in English. . Live
AlphaFlow W16 Fintech AlphaFlow makes investing in real estate as easy as adding stocks to your portfolio. 100% passive with unparalleled diversification. “You make 1 investment. We build you a diversified real estate portfolio. It's that simple.” . Live
AmberBox W16 Real Estate Detect Gunshots | Inform Law Enforcement | Empower First Responders . Live
Anchor Health W16 Healthcare Modernizing home health care agencies with software, hardware, and operating systems . Live W16 Other SaaS Apollo is the foundation of your entire go-to-market strategy. . Live
Astranis W16 Aerospace We're building small, low-cost, geostationary telecommunications satellites. Astranis satellites will help bring online the 4 billion people who are without internet access. . Live
Bonsai W16 Other SaaS All-in-one freelancing solution for the world's best creative freelancers. . Live
Boom W16 Aerospace Mainstream supersonic passenger airplanes . Live W16 Other SaaS The easiest way to charter a bus in North America. . Live
Caper W16 Other SaaS Plug-and-play cashier-less retail powered by computer vision and AI . Live
CareSkore W16 Healthcare CareSkore helps healthcare organizations better manage patient populations. . Live
Castle W16 Real Estate Castle manages rental homes for landlords using automation and on-demand labor. . Dead
Castle Intelligence W16 Other SaaS Castle analyzes user behavior to stop hackers . Live
Chatfuel W16 Dev Tools Platform to easily create chatbots to engage with audiences on messengers. . Live
Chillabit W16 Entertainment Chillabit is the best way to procrastinate! It’s a live feed of funny and relatable student stories that capture student life. From inside jokes to heart-felt stories, it is a place for sharing your thoughts and connecting around shared experiences. . Live
Compgun W16 Other SaaS Sales commission software that grows revenue. . Dead
ConstructVR W16 Entertainment The simplest way to test, manage, and deploy VR/AR apps at scale. . Dead
Copia W16 Other SaaS Copia's a for-profit technology company that solves food waste & hunger at scale. Our technology-driven service helps businesses reduce disposal costs, save huge on taxes, give back to the community while solving the world's dumbest problem: hunger. . Live
Cover W16 Fintech Cover is an Android and iOS mobile application that allows its users to insure anything by taking a picture of what they need to insure. . Live W16 Other SaaS Unlimited 1-click video calling, no time limits, no downloads, free dial-in, free 50 person calls, and recording. . Live
Deako W16 Consumer We make beautiful connected light switches that allow you to control any light in your home from any switch or your mobile phone, and we are at least 1/10th the cost of any comparable system. . Live
Deepgram W16 Dev Tools Speech AI API for large scale, fast, and accurate voice transcription and understanding. We help voice platforms and enterprises transcribe their calls and meetings with self-improving AI that achieves world leading accuracy and scale. . Live
DevColor W16 Nonprofit We give Black software engineers the support they need to enter and advance in the tech industry. . Live
DoseDr W16 Healthcare Helping diabetes patients use the correct amount of insulin, preventing the $150 billion in annual costs from diabetes complications and hospitalizations. . Live
Drive Motors W16 Other SaaS Online checkout for car dealerships. . Live
Elucify W16 Other SaaS Elucify is a free and crowdsourced database of business contact information. Want free leads? Let us know! . Dead
Embark Trucks W16 Transport We building self-driving semi trucks. . Live
Emburse W16 Fintech Emburse lets businesses issue virtual or physical debit cards to employees. With Emburse, companies can set spending controls on each card and simplify bookkeeping via automatic transaction categorization. . Live
Enflux W16 Healthcare Motion capture clothing for injury prevention . Live
Envyl W16 Consumer Envyl enables a fast, reliable and cost effective peer to peer delivery for overseas shoppers. . Live
FightCamp W16 Consumer Interactive boxing and HIIT workouts with motion sensors on your wrists that track your punches and body-weight movements. . Live
flexEngage W16 Other SaaS Dynamic transactional communications for physical stores to help retailers engage customers and increase sales; all while creating the ability to track offline customers and their purchases across retailers (i.e., offline cookie for the real world). . Live
FlowCommand W16 Resources using ultrasonics + ml to analyze fluid behavior at infrastructure scale (targeting oil wells and pipelines first) . Live
Focal Systems W16 Other SaaS Auto checkout from stores using computer vision . Live
Function of Beauty W16 Consumer Founded with the mission to revolutionize the beauty industry with customized formulations of shampoo and conditioners tailored to individual hair goals and needs, Function of Beauty celebrates individuality through technology. . Live
Gecko Robotics W16 Industrial We develop robots for industrial inspections. . Live
Georgette Packaging W16 Other SaaS Georgette Packaging powers the relationship between small businesses and packaging manufacturers. . Live
GetAccept W16 Other SaaS Track, engage & eSign all your sales and business documents with GetAccept. . Live
Gigwell W16 Other SaaS Building the first SaaS-Marketplace that streamlines the booking process between live entertainers and venues (Musicians, Comedians & Public Speakers). Our platform makes it easy to send contracts, build tour itineraries and collect online payments. . Live
GitPrime W16 Dev Tools Management platform for software engineering . Exited
GoLorry W16 Other SaaS Mobile marketplace for long-distance trucking in India . Live
Goodybag W16 Other SaaS An online tool for companies to order food from restaurants and caterers. . Exited
Hingeto W16 Consumer A B2B marketplace that connects inventory to online stores . Live
HistoWiz W16 Healthcare Accelerating Histopathology for Cancer Research . Live
Index W16 Other SaaS Mapping the world's professional relationships. . Live
InnoVein W16 Healthcare We cure intractable leg wounds with a prosthetic valve for veins. . Live
Instabug W16 Dev Tools In-app feedback and bug reporting for mobile apps. We're helping apps squash bugs in their beta apps and engage users in their production apps. If you're building a mobile app, we'd love to talk. . Live
Interstate Analytics W16 Other SaaS Interstate is a marketing analytics platform that makes it easy to automatically track return on ad spend across multiple channels and devices so you can spend less time in Excel, SQL, and ad reporting interfaces, and more time on optimizing spend. . Dead
Iron Ox W16 Agriculture Robotic greenhouses for cheaper, sustainable farming. . Live
iSono Health W16 Healthcare AI-powered platform for Accessible and Personalized Breast Health Monitoring . Live
Kip Health W16 Healthcare Therapy the way it should be: high quality in-person therapy sessions paired with digital support. . Live
Kisan Network W16 Agriculture Tech enabled and fully integrated PAN India agri produce supply chain . Live
Konsus W16 Other SaaS The Fastest Online Outsourcing Solution . Live
Landed W16 Fintech Landed helps essential professionals build financial security near the communities they serve. Our flagship product is shared-equity down payment support for public school educators so they can access a traditional mortgage and buy a home. . Live
Lattice W16 Other SaaS Modern performance management software. Goal management, weekly check-ins, and 360 performance reviews. . Live
LendEDU W16 Education LendEDU is a marketplace for consumer financial products. . Live
Loop Genomics W16 Healthcare Loop Genomics is a platform technology for long-read DNA sequencing. . Live
Luminist W16 Healthcare Luminist is developing a novel diagnostic platform for early detection of liver disease . Live
Lygos W16 Healthcare Lygos engineers yeast to convert sugar into high-value industrial chemicals. . Live
Lynks W16 Consumer Lynks is an e-commerce company that makes high demand products accessible to people in developing countries. . Live
MagicBus W16 Consumer We transport commuters between cities and suburbs. We do this by creating new bus routes every day based on where people want to go. . Live
Magic Instruments W16 Consumer Magic Instruments makes a high-tech guitar that is easier and more enjoyable to learn, that anyone can play instantly. . Live
MailTime W16 Other SaaS MailTime (Measurable) turns transactional email receipts into actionable consumer insights for investors and brands. . Live
Mamabear W16 Other SaaS Mamabear give you perfectly configured laptops, and they take care of them forever. . Dead
Mason W16 Industrial Mason is elastic mobile infrastructure -- like AWS but for hardware-oriented services. . Live
Meter Feeder W16 Government Meter Feeder enables local government to accept credit card payment, for parking, without upgrading their infrastructure. . Live
MineralSoft W16 Resources Data management platform for oil & gas assets . Exited
Mio W16 Dev Tools Mio powers seamless communication between workplace chat apps. . Live
Monthli W16 Real Estate Monthli is the first marketplace for homeowner associations. We offer free property management software to gain access to 360K HOAs and their 30M homeowners. We charge for premium services and connect vendors to these hard to reach customers. . Live
mRelief W16 Nonprofit mRelief has built an easy-to-use platform on web and SMS for low-income Americans to find out if they qualify for the most important social services, such as food stamps. . Live W16 Other SaaS Conversational AI Platform for the enterprise. . Live
Mux W16 Other SaaS API to video infrastructure and analytics. * Mux Video: Stripe for Video * Mux Data: New Relic for Video . Live
NetBeez W16 Other SaaS Detect network problems before users do. . Live
Nova W16 Other SaaS Nova helps salespeople write highly personalized, 1:1 emails at scale. . Live
NURX W16 Healthcare Nurx is the fastest way to get oral contraceptives and Truvada for PrEP. . Live
Open Motors W16 Transport Open Motors (formerly OSVehicle) is a B2B company that is developing EDIT a modular self-driving EV and provides a ready-to-use hardware platform which enables companies to produce complete electric vehicles in half the time and ⅙ the cost. . Live
OpenTrons W16 Industrial We are building the PC of life-science labs -- a $3K liquid handling robot connected to the 'app store' or 'github' of protocols, Mix.Bio, where scientists can download experiments to run on their OT-One. . Live
Outschool W16 Education Marketplace of live online classes for kids . Live
Patchwork Security W16 Other SaaS Security patch notifications for servers. Build it, deploy it, and we'll help you keep it secure. . Dead
Pave W16 Other SaaS Pave analyzes Google Analytics + marketing data and sends you reports on what's working, what's not, and how to improve. . Live
Paystack W16 Fintech Modern payments infrastructure for Africa . Live
Perlara W16 Healthcare Perlara is the first personalized drug discovery platform partnering with families and BioPharma around the globe to cure diseases thought too rare to matter. . Live
Petcube W16 Consumer Petcube is on the mission to improve lives of pets and pet owners using technology. Our first product, Petcube Camera, keeps people connected to their pets, allowing to watch, talk and play with pets remotely with a built-in laser toy. . Live
PhysioHealth W16 Healthcare An enterprise health benefits platform that rewards employees for living healthy and decreases healthcare costs. . Dead
Plato W16 Other SaaS We help engineering + product leaders develop soft skills and build better teams. . Live
PocketSuite W16 Other SaaS PocketSuite is a YC-backed mobile app for service businesses - fitness trainers, home cleaners, dog walkers, photographers, etc. - helping them message, schedule and collect payment from their clients. . Live
Podium W16 Other SaaS Podium is an interaction platform for local businesses. . Live
Poppy W16 Consumer Poppy makes it easy for parents to find high quality childcare with just a text. . Dead
Protonet W16 Other SaaS Protonet provides the easiest way for a small business to run its own private cloud. With beautiful (orange) devices and under 3 minutes of setup time! We aim to democratize cloud infrastructure. . Live
Pulpix W16 Other SaaS Content Discovery Inside Video . Exited
Quilt Data W16 Dev Tools Quilt is a Continuous Data Integration and Delivery platform that accelerates the creation, testing, and deployment of trusted datasets. . Live
Qurasense W16 Healthcare Qurasense Empower women to proactively track their health. . Live
Rappi W16 Consumer Rappi delivers in minutes groceries, cash, clothing, burgers and more. Everything in Bogotá and Mexico delivered for under 1 dollar. Hyper local, Hyper fast. . Live
Real Artists W16 Dev Tools We make a fast and native issue tracker for software projects. . Dead
Redspread W16 Other SaaS Version control for software environments . Exited
Relativity Space W16 Aerospace Relativity is creating a revolutionary autonomous platform to build the future of humanity in space. We are 3D printing entire rockets. We disrupt 60 years of aerospace tradition. Relativity's long-term goal is to print the first rocket made on Mars. . Live
Restocks W16 Consumer Buy sneakers and streetwear here . Dead
Revl W16 Consumer Revl is an AI powered video experience platform . Live
Salt Security W16 Other SaaS Salt detects and prevents zero-day API attacks with the power of AI. Deploys in minutes. No configuration required. Forever. . Live
Sanitation and Health Rights in India W16 Nonprofit SHRI fights alongside communities to end open defecation as a key step in an ongoing struggle for health equity. . Live
SendBird W16 Dev Tools SendBird is the world's no1. chat API for mobile apps and websites. . Live
Silver W16 Consumer Low cost consumer device for toxin detection. . Live
Skymind W16 Dev Tools Cloudera for Deep Learning. Open-core company that bundles popular AI tools like TensorFlow, Keras, scikit-learn, PyTorch and DL4J into an enterprise distribution that enables fast model training and easy, scalable deployment. . Live
SOUNDBOKS W16 Consumer We're creating the loudest battery-driven speaker on the market . Live
Spinal Singularity W16 Healthcare Devices to improve the quality of life for people with Spinal Cord Injury and Disease. . Live
Start Closing W16 Real Estate Start Closing is changing the way homeowners and contractors interact with and manage their insurance based restoration projects. . Live
Stealth Worker W16 Other SaaS Information Security (cyber security), compliance and privacy. If you need: policies, procedures, penetration tests (pen tests), auditors, part time staff, vendor management or privacy (incl GDPR and data protection officer (DPO)) help, ping me. . Live
Stilt W16 Fintech We use technology to extend credit to immigrants. Our first product is a loan for visa holders (F-1, OPT, H-1B, etc). You can get our loans the first day you arrive in the U.S. . Live
Streamup W16 Entertainment Streamup is a live streaming community for music. We make it fun and easy to watch, chat with, and support your favorite musicians. . Dead
StrongIntro W16 Other SaaS StrongIntro helps recruiters turn their entire company into a source for engineering candidates. We run sourcing sessions where we show employees all the engineers in their LinkedIn networks. . Dead
Thunkable W16 Other SaaS Thunkable is a drag and drop tool to build native Android and iOS Apps . Live
Tovala W16 Consumer Tovala makes home cooking effortless by pairing a countertop smart oven with a companion meal delivery service. . Live
Toymail W16 Consumer Connected toys that enable two-way voice messaging between children and their friends and family. . Dead
TRAC W16 Healthcare An end to end timing solution for any scale athletic event. . Dead
TrendMD W16 Healthcare Article recommendations for doctors. . Live
Truebill W16 Fintech Truebill is auto-pilot for your personal finances. We let you manage your subscriptions, lower your bills, and stay on top of your financial life. . Live
Unima W16 Healthcare Unima created a lab on paper technology which diagnoses infectious diseases faster and at a lower cost than available lab tests. We are solving the problem of lack of access to diagnostics for 3 billion people living in resource limited settings. . Live
Unnyhog W16 Entertainment Video game development company. We are creating unique and revolutionary games. We want to push game industry forward. . Live
UpLabs W16 Dev Tools UpLabs is a place where designers & developers come to share, discover and interact with the resources they need to build sites and apps. . Live
VINEBOX W16 Consumer Wine by the glass, at home . Live
Wakie W16 Entertainment WAKIE IS A VOICE CONVERSATION APP. Set a topic and call someone who is interested right away. . Live
WorldCover W16 Fintech Funding platform for global insurance, starting with crop insurance in the developing world. . Live
Yardbook W16 Other SaaS Marketplace & Software Revolutionizing Yard Care . Live
Zenysis W16 Government Building powerful data analysis software for developing countries. . Live