Companies in Y Combinator W16 Batch

Name Batch Category Description Status
Able Health W16 Healthcare Able Health gets doctors paid more for higher quality care . Exited
Algoriz W16 Fintech Algoriz is an AI based algorithmic trading platform that enables you to build robust algorithms by s... . Dead
AlphaFlow W16 Fintech AlphaFlow makes investing in real estate as easy as adding stocks to your portfolio. 100% passive wi... . Live
AmberBox Gunshot Detection W16 Real Estate Detect Gunshots | Inform Law Enforcement | Empower First Responders . Live
Anchor Health W16 Healthcare Modernizing home health care agencies with software, hardware, and operating systems . Dead W16 Other SaaS Apollo is the foundation of your entire go-to-market strategy. . Live
Astranis W16 Aerospace We're building small, low-cost, geostationary telecommunications satellites. Astranis satellites wi... . Live
Bonsai W16 Other SaaS All-in-one freelancing solution for the world's best creative freelancers. . Live
Boom W16 Aerospace Mainstream supersonic passenger airplanes . Live W16 Other SaaS The easiest way to charter a bus in North America. . Live
Caper W16 Other SaaS Plug-and-play cashier-less retail powered by computer vision and AI . Live
Carbic W16 Resources using ultrasonics + ml to analyze fluid behavior at infrastructure scale (targeting oil wells and pi... . Live
CareSkore W16 Healthcare CareSkore helps healthcare organizations better manage patient populations. . Dead
Castle W16 Other SaaS Castle analyzes user behavior to stop hackers . Live
Castle W16 Real Estate Castle manages rental homes for landlords using automation and on-demand labor. . Dead
Chatfuel W16 Dev Tools Platform to easily create chatbots to engage with audiences on messengers. . Live
Chillabit W16 Entertainment Chillabit is the best way to procrastinate! It’s a live feed of funny and relatable student stories ... . Live
Compgun W16 Other SaaS Sales commission software that grows revenue. . Dead
ConstructVR W16 Entertainment The simplest way to test, manage, and deploy VR/AR apps at scale. . Dead
Copia W16 Other SaaS Copia's a for-profit technology company that solves food waste & hunger at scale. Our technology-dri... . Live
Cover W16 Fintech The mobile-first insurance platform that makes insurance easy. . Live W16 Other SaaS The world's best API for live video: add video calls to your app or website with 2 lines of code. . Live
Deako W16 Consumer We make beautiful connected light switches that allow you to control any light in your home from any... . Live
Deepgram W16 Dev Tools Speech AI API for large scale, fast, and accurate voice transcription and understanding. We help voi... . Live
DevColor W16 Nonprofit We give Black software engineers support they need to advance in tech. . Live
DoseDr W16 Healthcare Helping diabetes patients use the correct amount of insulin, preventing the $150 billion in annual c... . Dead
Elucify W16 Other SaaS Elucify is an API that plugs into your CRM which automatically cleans your account and contact data.... . Dead
Embark Trucks W16 Transport We build self-driving semi trucks. . Live
Emburse W16 Fintech Emburse lets businesses issue virtual or physical debit cards to employees. With Emburse, companies... . Exited
Enflux W16 Healthcare Motion capture clothing for injury prevention . Dead
Envyl W16 Consumer Envyl enables a fast, reliable and cost effective peer to peer delivery for overseas shoppers. . Live
FightCamp W16 Consumer Think Peloton for Boxing and Kickboxing . Live
flexEngage W16 Other SaaS Dynamic transactional communications for physical stores to help retailers engage customers and incr... . Live
Focal Systems W16 Other SaaS Auto checkout from stores using computer vision . Live
Function of Beauty W16 Consumer Revolutionizing beauty through mass customization and personalization . Live
Gecko Robotics W16 Industrial We develop robots for industrial inspections. . Live
Georgette Packaging W16 Other SaaS Carbon neutral packaging for ambitious businesses. . Live
GetAccept W16 Other SaaS Track, engage & eSign all your sales and business documents with GetAccept. . Live
Gigwell W16 Other SaaS Gigwell streamlines the booking process between live entertainers and venues (Musicians, Comedians &... . Live
GitPrime W16 Dev Tools Visibility and analytics for software development leaders . Exited
GoLorry W16 Other SaaS Mobile marketplace for inter-city trucking in India . Live
Goodybag W16 Other SaaS An online tool for companies to order food from restaurants and caterers. . Exited
Hingeto W16 Consumer A B2B marketplace that connects inventory to online stores . Live
HistoWiz W16 Healthcare Accelerating Histopathology for Cancer Research . Live
Index W16 Other SaaS Mapping the world's professional relationships. . Dead
InnoVein W16 Healthcare We cure intractable leg wounds with a replacement valve for veins. . Live
Instabug W16 Dev Tools Real-Time Contextual Insights for mobile apps. We're helping apps squash bugs in their beta apps and... . Live
Interstate Analytics W16 Other SaaS Interstate is a marketing analytics platform that makes it easy to automatically track return on ad ... . Dead
Iron Ox W16 Agriculture Robotic greenhouses for cheaper, sustainable farming. . Live
iSono Health W16 Healthcare AI-powered platform for Accessible and Personalized Breast Health Monitoring . Live
Kip Health W16 Healthcare Therapy the way it should be: high quality in-person therapy sessions paired with digital support. . Live
Kisan Network W16 Agriculture Tech enabled and fully integrated PAN India agri produce supply chain . Live
Landed W16 Fintech Tools to build financial security for people with essential jobs . Live
Lattice W16 Other SaaS Modern performance management software. . Live
LendEDU W16 Education LendEDU is a marketplace for consumer financial products. . Exited
Loop Genomics W16 Healthcare Novel long-read DNA sequencing technology . Live
Luminist Labs W16 Healthcare Diagnostic platform for early detection of liver disease . Live
Lygos W16 Healthcare Lygos engineers yeast to convert sugar into high-value industrial chemicals. . Live
Lynks W16 Consumer Lynks is an e-commerce company that makes high demand products accessible to people in developing co... . Live
MagicBus W16 Consumer We make vanpooling easy for everyone. In the process we help companies and employees take cars off t... . Live
Magic Instruments W16 Consumer Magic Instruments makes a high-tech guitar that is easier and more enjoyable to learn, that anyone c... . Dead
MailTime W16 Other SaaS MailTime (Measurable) turns transactional email receipts into actionable consumer insights for inves... . Live
Mamabear W16 Other SaaS SaaS . Dead
Mason W16 Industrial Mason is elastic mobile infrastructure -- like AWS but for hardware-oriented services. . Live
Meter Feeder W16 Government Pay for parking by turning your car off. . Live
MineralSoft W16 Resources Data management platform for oil & gas assets . Exited
Mio W16 Dev Tools Mio powers seamless communication between workplace chat apps. . Live
Modal W16 Other SaaS digital commerce for the world’s largest auto retailers and brands. . Live
Monthli W16 Real Estate Monthli is the first marketplace for homeowner associations. We offer free property management soft... . Live
mRelief W16 Nonprofit mRelief has built an easy-to-use platform on web and SMS for low-income Americans to find out if the... . Live
Mux W16 Other SaaS API to video infrastructure and analytics.* Mux Video: Stripe for Video* Mux Data: New Relic for Vid... . Live
NetBeez W16 Other SaaS High Performance Network Monitoring for the Distributed Enterprise. . Live
Netomi W16 Other SaaS Self-Driving Customer Care . Live
Nova W16 Other SaaS Nova puts the power of AI to work for you, enabling a more continuous and more productive selling pr... . Live
NURX W16 Healthcare Nurx is the fastest way to get oral contraceptives and Truvada for PrEP. . Live
Open Motors W16 Transport Open Motors (formerly OSVehicle) is a B2B company that is developing EDIT a modular self-driving EV ... . Live
Opentrons W16 Industrial We make robots for biologists. . Live
Outschool W16 Education Marketplace of live online classes for kids . Live
Patchwork Security W16 Other SaaS Security patch notifications for servers. Build it, deploy it, and we'll help you keep it secure. . Dead
Pathmind W16 Dev Tools Pathmind is an optimization tool for industrial engineers and modelers who want to apply reinforceme... . Dead
Pave W16 Other SaaS Pave analyzes Google Analytics + marketing data and sends you reports on what's working, what's not,... . Live
Paystack W16 Fintech Modern payments infrastructure for Africa . Live
Perlara W16 Healthcare Perlara: n-of-1 for all . Live
Petcube W16 Consumer Petcube is on the mission to improve lives of pets and pet owners using technology. Our first produc... . Live
PhysioHealth W16 Healthcare An enterprise health benefits platform that rewards employees for living healthy and decreases healt... . Dead
Plato W16 Other SaaS We help engineering + product leaders develop soft skills and build better teams. . Live
PocketSuite W16 Other SaaS PocketSuite is the app for anyone with clients. . Live
Podium W16 Other SaaS Podium is an interaction platform for local businesses. . Live
Poppy W16 Consumer Poppy makes it easy for parents to find high quality childcare with just a text. . Dead
Protonet W16 Other SaaS Protonet provides the easiest way for a small business to run its own private cloud. With beautiful ... . Live
Pulpix W16 Other SaaS Binge-watching technology for video platforms. . Exited
Quilt Data W16 Dev Tools Quilt is a Continuous Data Integration and Delivery platform that accelerates the creation, testing,... . Live
Qurasense W16 Healthcare Qurasense Empower women to proactively track their health. . Live
Rappi W16 Consumer Rappi delivers in minutes groceries, cash, clothing, burgers and more. Everything in Bogotá and Mexi... . Live
Real Artists W16 Dev Tools We make a fast and native issue tracker for software projects. . Dead
Redspread W16 Other SaaS Version control for software environments . Exited
Relativity Space W16 Aerospace Relativity is creating a revolutionary autonomous platform to build the future of humanity in space.... . Live
Restocks W16 Consumer Buy sneakers and streetwear here . Dead
Revl W16 Other SaaS Revl develops a 4K smart action camera designed to automate video experience. . Live
Salt Security W16 Other SaaS Salt detects and prevents zero-day API attacks with the power of AI. Deploys in minutes. No configur... . Live
Sanitation and Health Rights in India W16 Nonprofit SHRI fights alongside communities to end open defecation as a key step in an ongoing struggle for health equity. . Live
SendBird W16 Dev Tools SendBird is the world's no1. chat API for mobile apps and websites. . Live
Silver W16 Consumer Low cost consumer device for toxin detection. . Dead
SOUNDBOKS W16 Consumer We're creating the loudest battery-driven speaker on the market . Live
Spinal Singularity W16 Healthcare Devices to improve the quality of life for people with Spinal Cord Injury and Disease. . Live
Start Closing W16 Real Estate Start Closing is changing the way homeowners and contractors interact with and manage their insuranc... . Dead
Stealth Worker W16 Other SaaS Information Security (Cyber Security), Compliance and Privacy (GDPR & CCPA) . Live
Stilt W16 Fintech We use technology to extend credit to immigrants. Our first product is a loan for visa holders (F-1,... . Live
Streamup W16 Entertainment Streamup is a live streaming community for music. We make it fun and easy to watch, chat with, and s... . Dead
StrongIntro W16 Other SaaS StrongIntro helps recruiters turn their entire company into a source for engineering candidates. We ... . Dead
Superside W16 Other SaaS On-Demand Design Service . Live
Thunkable W16 Other SaaS Thunkable is a drag and drop tool to build native Android and iOS Apps . Live
Tovala W16 Consumer Tovala makes home cooking effortless by pairing a countertop smart oven with a companion meal delive... . Live
Toymail W16 Consumer Connected toys that enable two-way voice messaging between children and their friends and family. . Dead
TRAC W16 Healthcare An end to end timing solution for any scale athletic event. . Dead
TrendMD W16 Healthcare Article recommendations for doctors. . Live
Truebill W16 Fintech Truebill is auto-pilot for your personal finances. We let you manage your subscriptions, lower your... . Live
Unima W16 Healthcare Fast and low-cost diagnostics for real time disease surveillance . Live
Unnyhog W16 Entertainment Video game development company. We are creating unique and revolutionary games. We want to push ga... . Dead
UpLabs W16 Dev Tools UpLabs is the #1 marketplace for designers & developers to find design resources. . Live
VINEBOX W16 Consumer Wine by the glass, at home . Live
Wakie W16 Entertainment A social app for phone calls. Express yourself and make real friends. . Live
WorldCover W16 Fintech Funding platform for global insurance, starting with crop insurance in the developing world. . Live
Yardbook W16 Other SaaS Marketplace & Software Revolutionizing Yard Care . Live
Zenysis W16 Government Building powerful data analysis software for developing countries. . Live