Y Combinator Consumer Companies

Name Batch Category Description Status
1000Memories S10 Consumer Memorial sites. . Exited
99dresses W12 Consumer We're creating every women's fantasy by combining the unwanted fashion collections of a potential 30M+ young US women into one massive Infinite Closet that can be accessed on demand. . Dead
Aalo W18 Consumer Lego-like furniture for design geeks. We create furniture that's hackable, reusable, and customizable to fit your space perfectly no matter how many times you move. . Live
Abundance Labs S16 Consumer Abundance Labs incubates and builds alternative currency marketplace businesses. . Live
Airbnb W09 Consumer Sharing economy. . Live
AirHelp W14 Consumer AirHelp helps air passengers get compensation for delayed, cancelled and overbooked flights. Proud to be hated by the world's leading airlines! . Live
Airshared S12 Consumer TBD . Dead
Aisle50 S11 Consumer Grocery deals. . Dead
And Comfort S17 Consumer And Comfort is a direct to consumer fashion brand for plus-size women. We make plus-size basics and sell then online at andcomfort.com. . Live
AnyList S10 Consumer The best way to create and share a grocery shopping list and organize your recipes. . Live
Anyvite S08 Consumer Anyvite is a free site allowing users to create event invitations and organize groups for parties. . Dead
Apollo Health S15 Consumer Apollo Health . Dead
AptDeco W14 Consumer AptDeco is a peer to peer marketplace for buying and selling furniture. Delivery included! . Live
Auctomatic W07 Consumer Auctomatic offers an auction and marketplace management system for individual sellers on the website. . Exited
Automatic S11 Consumer Automatic connects your car to the rest of your digital life. . Exited
Backpack S14 Consumer Marketplace to get stuff from overseas . Live
BarSense W12 Consumer Kid's first smartphone with web-based parental controls. . Dead
Bellabeat W14 Consumer Fashionable wellness . Live
BloomThat S13 Consumer Uber for Flowers. . Exited
Bluesmart W15 Consumer Bluesmart makes smart luggage powered by an app to empower people to travel. . Dead
Boosted S12 Consumer Simple, fun, and fast electric vehicles. . Live
Bountii S07 Consumer Bountii is a price search engine focusing on electronics. . Dead
Bufferbox S12 Consumer The future of package delivery. We are building a network of automated self-serve kiosks that allow consumers to receive parcels 24/7 from convenient locations. Say goodbye to failed deliveries! Acquired by Google 11/30/2012 . Exited
BuildZoom W13 Consumer BuildZoom is a better way to remodel. We connect homeowners to the most reliable general contractors in their area and make remodeling simpler, cheaper and more predictable. . Live
BUMP W18 Consumer BUMP is a peer-to-peer streetwear marketplace . Live
Burrow S16 Consumer Burrow sells luxury furniture for real life. Their first product is a modular sofa sold through their innovative eCommerce experience. . Live
California Dreamin W18 Consumer Cannabis infused beverages . Live
Callisto W18 Consumer We create tech to combat sexual assault and harassment. . Live
CarDash S17 Consumer Managed marketplace for automotive services. . Live
Cardpool W10 Consumer Cardpool is a gift card exchange service for individuals to buy, sell and trade their new or pre-owned gift cards. . Exited
Carlypso S14 Consumer Used car marketplace . Exited
Carsabi W12 Consumer We are building an index of every car on the internet to help find your next automotive purchase. . Exited
Cartcam W17 Consumer Cartcam is an app for opinionated, deal-seeking shoppers. It gives people discounts for creating short video reviews. . Dead
CarWoo S09 Consumer The best way to buy a new car. . Dead
Caviar S11 Consumer Uber for food. . Exited
Chaldal S15 Consumer Chaldal.com is an online platform for grocery and delivery based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. . Live
Chariot W15 Consumer The world's first private mass transit service providing a commuting experience that's faster, more reliable and more comfortable than public transit, while more affordable than ridesharing and driving. #commutesolved . Exited
Chirply S10 Consumer Crowdsourced design marketplace for paper goods. . Dead
Cinder W15 Consumer The World’s First Countertop Precision Grill – using two ceramic heating plates to cook your meal to a precise target temperature, Cinder allows you to create amazing meals every day. . Dead
Cleanly W15 Consumer Laundry & Dry Cleaning delivered. . Live
Click & Grow S15 Consumer Click & Grow has developed the only farming technology that allows you to grow organic food locally and more cheaply than with traditional agriculture. . Live
Coco Controller S12 Consumer We're building a tactile gaming controller for mobile phones. . Dead
CocuSocial S17 Consumer Marketplace for local activities. . Live
Collections S12 Consumer Finder for the Cloud . Dead
Confident Cannabis S15 Consumer Online B2B platform for the legal cannabis industry powered by laboratory testing data . Live
Covetly S17 Consumer Collectibles marketplace . Live
Craft Coffee S14 Consumer Better coffee for less money . Live
Cue W10 Consumer Cue is a web and mobile app that pulls information from the users’ online accounts to present an overview of their day. . Exited
Curtsy S16 Consumer Curtsy is an app that lets women rent dresses from each other. . Live
dahmakan S17 Consumer dahmakan delivers ready-to-eat meals at below restaurant prices to the fast growing middle class in Asia. . Live
Deako W16 Consumer We make beautiful connected light switches that allow you to control any light in your home from any switch or your mobile phone, and we are at least 1/10th the cost of any comparable system. . Live
Directed Edge S09 Consumer Product recommendations. . Live
DoorDash S13 Consumer Restaurant delivery. . Live
Drive Pulse W14 Consumer Device tracks & monitors your car . Dead
Drivezy S16 Consumer Airbnb for cars in India. $120 k net revenue per month. $500 dollars average income per car / month Average income of an Indian is also 500 dollars. " car is an earning member of your family " . Live
Echo Locker S13 Consumer Android lock screen . Exited
Eight S15 Consumer Eight is a smart mattress cover. If you are cold at night, Eight makes you warm. If you are not sleeping enough, Eight will let you know. And Eight also makes sure you wake up at the right time each morning. . Live
Embark S11 Consumer Public transit apps. Acquired by Apple in 2013. . Exited
Envyl W16 Consumer Envyl enables a fast, reliable and cost effective peer to peer delivery for overseas shoppers. . Live
Exec W12 Consumer Exec is a house cleaning service that users can book from their iPhone or the web in real-time. . Exited
Farmstead S16 Consumer An AI-powered digital grocer that delivers in under 60 mins. . Live
Fat Llama S17 Consumer Fat Llama is the first fully insured peer-to-peer rental marketplace. The insurance allows us to focus on high end professional equipment such as DJ equipment, photography gear and more. . Live
Feather S17 Consumer Feather is a furniture subscription service for people who aspire to live light. . Live
Fetch S15 Consumer Marketplace for self-service truck rental. . Live
FightCamp W16 Consumer Interactive boxing and HIIT workouts with motion sensors on your wrists that track your punches and body-weight movements. . Live
Fiix W17 Consumer Fiix sends expert auto mechanics to your home, so you don’t have to waste time & money at the repair shop. It’s essentially an Uber for auto repair. . Live
Fixed S14 Consumer iPhone app to fight your parking tickets. . Dead
Fixers S18 Consumer Fixers is a travel and experiences marketplace. Our sellers range from yoga retreats in Mongolia, brown bear watching in Romania to music festivals in Croatia. Fixers helps you discover unique trips you can't find anywhere else. . Live
Flaviar S14 Consumer Try-at-home service for fine spirits . Live
FlightCar W13 Consumer FlightCar is the Airbnb of Car Rentals at Airports. We allow people to rent their car out to other travelers while they are gone, so they get free airport parking and make money. Renters get a cheaper rental. We also provide $1m of insurance. . Exited
Flightcaster S09 Consumer FlightCaster offers a service that predicts flight delays, enabling travelers to proactively plan based on the predicted flight delay. . Exited
Flip W15 Consumer "eBay for the Snapchat generation" Fastest, guaranteed resale on specialty items. . Live
Flytenow S14 Consumer Ride sharing for small planes . Dead
Fobo S11 Consumer Sell to people nearby. . Dead
Foodoro W09 Consumer Foodoro is an online marketplace enabling people to buy specialty food directly from artisanal producers. . Dead
FREY S18 Consumer FREY is a line of exceptional laundry and clothing care products. FREY is meticulously designed to smell better, treat your clothing better, and generally be better: for you, for others, and for the planet. . Live
Function of Beauty W16 Consumer Founded with the mission to revolutionize the beauty industry with customized formulations of shampoo and conditioners tailored to individual hair goals and needs, Function of Beauty celebrates individuality through technology. . Live
Futureleague W14 Consumer Engineering and Programming for Kids 6-12 with a focus on creativity, teamwork, and design thinking. In private beta, in-person, soon to be online . Dead
Gainful W18 Consumer Personalized protein powder, delivered directly to your doorstep. . Live
GetGoing S12 Consumer We are building a "transparent opaque" airfare and hotel booking site -- we work with a number of top airlines and hotels to offer discounted airfare and hotel rates (think Priceline's Name Your Own Price) without hiding the details of the booking. . Exited
GiveMeTap W15 Consumer We produce & sell stainless steel water bottles that enables people to get free water refills from our partner shops which they can locate via our GiveMeTap App. For each bottle sold we’re able to give a person in Africa access to clean water. . Live
Glio S13 Consumer Amazon Marketplace for Latin America . Dead
GOAT W11 Consumer Sneaker Marketplace . Live
Gobble W14 Consumer Daily meal delivery, personalized to your tastes. . Live
GoGoGrandparent S16 Consumer GoGoGrandparent is an automated concierge for seniors and their families that allows them to order rides, meals and groceries from a flip phone or landline. . Live
Goldbelly W13 Consumer We make the most regionally famous and downright awesome foods from across the country available for delivery to anywhere in these United States. . Live
Graft Concepts S13 Consumer Graft Concepts makes unique iPhone cases and other mobile accessories . Dead
Greentoe S14 Consumer "Name Your Price" for products . Live
Grin S18 Consumer Shared electric scooters for Latin America . Live
Grouper W12 Consumer We set up drinks between 2 groups of friends: 3 guys and 3 girls. . Dead
GrubMarket W15 Consumer GrubMarket is today's fastest-growing online farmers' market supplying fresh healthy local food directly from local farms and food producers, to local people, community and local companies, with affordable prices and convenient delivery. . Live
Halolife S15 Consumer Halolife is an online platform to find and plan a burial or cremation service that meets your needs, budget, and location. . Dead
HauteDay S14 Consumer Gaming Meets Women's Shopping. . Live
Hello Chair S07 Consumer Hello Chair focused on exploring opportunities in applied machine learning and internet advertising. . Dead
Hingeto W16 Consumer A B2B marketplace that connects inventory to online stores . Live
Hipmunk S10 Consumer Hipmunk takes the agony out of searching for flights, accommodations, cars, and more. . Exited
Homejoy S10 Consumer platform for home service professionals . Exited
HoneyLove S18 Consumer HoneyLove makes undergarments for women that apply compression to targeted areas to improve body shape and support posture. . Live
Hush S16 Consumer Hush is the top social commerce app in the United States. . Live
iCracked W12 Consumer On-demand smartphone repair in 3 countries and launching smart home installation. Think of us like a white labeled Geek Squad for retailers, Insurance Co's, and Telco's. . Live
Inporia W11 Consumer Fashion shopping email list. . Dead
Instacart S12 Consumer Groceries delivered fast. . Live
Instapainting W11 Consumer The most popular custom oil painting service in the world. Work with an artist to get a custom piece of hand-painted artwork in under 3 weeks. . Live
Ixiplay S13 Consumer Engaging, expressive & Android hackable robot buddy for playful interaction. . Dead
Jellyfish Art W12 Consumer Jellyfish Art develops jellyfish aquariums and supplies them with live jellyfish and accessories. . Dead
Jobspice S09 Consumer JobSpice offers an online tool that enables users to create web-based and PDF-versioned resumes in various styles. . Dead
Joy S16 Consumer Joy is a tool that helps couples plan their wedding from engagement to honeymoon and everything in between. . Live
Kicksend S11 Consumer Send and print photo albums with people you love. Acquired by Lyft . Exited
KidPass W17 Consumer ClassPass for Kids Activities. A marketplace for parents to discover and book kids activities. . Live
Kyte S18 Consumer India's first AI powered SMS Inbox . Live
L. S15 Consumer L. makes award-winning personal care products that improve the lives of women worldwide. L.'s products include 100% organic cotton tampons, pads & condoms. For every product sold one is given. Subscribe online or find us at Target, CVS & Whole Foods. . Live
Labdoor W15 Consumer Labdoor is building the trusted online drugstore. . Live
Lambda Tea W18 Consumer We build self-serve bubble tea dispensers! :D . Live
Lanyrd W11 Consumer IMDB of conferences. . Exited
Lawdingo W13 Consumer Lawdingo provides virtual paralegal services to law firms. . Live
Lawn Love S14 Consumer Modern, on-demand lawn care service. Book a skilled, experienced lawn technician in under two minutes, and manage everything seamlessly from your phone or web browser. . Live
Layer By Layer S13 Consumer Acquired by MakerBot in February 2014. A marketplace for 3D printable products - just like the iTunes app store, but for 3D printing. We don't sell physical products, and we don't sell design files, but rather we sell single prints. . Exited
Leftronic S10 Consumer Business dashboards . Exited
LemonBox S18 Consumer Customized daily vitamin packs for Chinese consumers. . Live
Le Tote S13 Consumer Subscription service for women's apparel & accessories. . Live
LetsDoThis.com W18 Consumer marketplace for endurance events . Live
Level W15 Consumer Software eats custom framing . Live
Listia S09 Consumer Mobile marketplace for trading used goods. . Live
LitHit W17 Consumer Smart Target for Shooting Sports . Live
Livement S16 Consumer Livement is a mobile app that sells tickets and concessions for sports stadiums . Live
Lockitron S09 Consumer Lockitron makes electronic locks you can control locally from your phone or remotely through the internet. . Exited
Lollipuff W13 Consumer Online Auctions for Authentic (Women's) Designer Goods . Live
Looklive S16 Consumer Looklive is a community and marketplace for fashion. Users browse the style of celebrities and shop their looks. . Live
Lugg S15 Consumer Move anything, anytime, anywhere . Live
Lumoid S13 Consumer We are a try before you buy service for consumer electronics. . Dead
LUS Brands W18 Consumer Hair care products for curly hair. . Live
Lynks W16 Consumer Lynks is an e-commerce company that makes high demand products accessible to people in developing countries. . Live
Magic W15 Consumer Upgrade your life with a 24/7 personal assistant . Live
MagicBus W16 Consumer We transport commuters between cities and suburbs. We do this by creating new bus routes every day based on where people want to go. . Live
Magic Instruments W16 Consumer Magic Instruments makes a high-tech guitar that is easier and more enjoyable to learn, that anyone can play instantly. . Live
Markhor S15 Consumer Markhor is a direct to consumer brand that makes and delivers handcrafted shoes in​ ​3 days at half the price of luxury brands. . Live
Memebox W14 Consumer Full Stack Beauty Ecommerce . Live
Miso S16 Consumer Instantly book quality home cleanings in South Korea. . Live
Mosaix S16 Consumer Mosaix is building the language AI platform for emerging markets. . Live
Movebutter W17 Consumer Supermarket of The Future. We make the greatest groceries in the World and ship them all over the country. . Live
Move Loot W14 Consumer Move Loot is the most convenient and economical way to buy and sell used furniture online. . Dead
MTailor S14 Consumer Get measured by your phone in under 30 seconds for perfect fitting custom clothing . Live
Mylk Guys S18 Consumer Vegan Grocery Delivery. One stop shop for vegans and flexitarians - with the largest selection of vegan cheeses, meats and prepared meals. No need to read labels or visit multiple stores for your grocery needs! . Live
Mystro S17 Consumer Mystro is an app that makes on-demand drivers 30% more money by automatically accepting the most profitable fares across multiple apps. . Live
Nebia S15 Consumer Nebia is a breakthrough shower system, based on a premium experience, beautiful design, and 70% water savings. . Live
Necto W18 Consumer Internet Service Provider starter Kit . Live
Nomiku W15 Consumer Wave our food in front of your Nomiku and have dinner for everyone with different dietary restrictions and preferences! . Live
Nutrigene W18 Consumer Personalized liquid supplements based your health data . Live
Opez S11 Consumer Yelp for service pros. . Dead
Orangewood Labs W18 Consumer Orangewood Labs makes beautiful furniture quickly using robots. . Live
OrderAhead W11 Consumer Order ahead for pickup . Exited
Pando S16 Consumer Market network for home services. Hire great contractors recommended by friends and neighbors. . Live
Papa S18 Consumer Papa connects college students to senior citizens for companionship, transportation, house help, tech lessons, and more. The students are like "Grandkids On-Demand." . Live
PayDragon S11 Consumer Hyperlinking the real world. . Dead
Pebble W11 Consumer Watch that helps you get shit done and limit the mayhem of notifications . Exited
People & Pages S08 Consumer People and Pages is a service similar to Google Groups, allowing group organizers to manage email lists and publish to the web in one . Dead
Petcube W16 Consumer Petcube is on the mission to improve lives of pets and pet owners using technology. Our first product, Petcube Camera, keeps people connected to their pets, allowing to watch, talk and play with pets remotely with a built-in laser toy. . Live
Picplum S11 Consumer Picplum is a photo printing service that is the perfect addition to any family with young children. . Dead
PlateJoy S15 Consumer The healthy eating membership that makes weight loss effortless. We create a customized meal plan for you each week with optional, same-day delivery of ingredients from a local grocer without packaging waste. . Live
PlayReader S08 Consumer . Dead
Poppy W16 Consumer Poppy makes it easy for parents to find high quality childcare with just a text. . Live
Pretty Instant W15 Consumer Hand selected photographers for all occasions, nationwide. #NoSelfies We also build proprietary photo-marketing technology used by household brands & innovative startups across the country. . Live
Project Wedding W06 Consumer Finding wedding vendors is hard. In 2007, a couple started Project Wedding to tackle this problem and eventually grew it into a . Exited
Proven W18 Consumer Proven is building personalization to e-commerce with technology. We’re launching in September 2018, fresh out of YCombinator, pre-series A with a killer Exec Team. Our mission is to revolutionize CPG that has fallen asleep at the wheel. . Live
Public Recreation S18 Consumer A new type gym, 100% outdoors, offering unlimited fitness classes for $50/month. . Live
PushBullet W14 Consumer Push things to your other things. . Live
Rappi W16 Consumer Rappi delivers in minutes groceries, cash, clothing, burgers and more. Everything in Bogotá and Mexico delivered for under 1 dollar. Hyper local, Hyper fast. . Live
Rare Door W15 Consumer Empowering brick-and-mortar retailers to sell more and engage shoppers . Dead
Reebee S13 Consumer Flyer app. . Live
RegistryLove S12 Consumer Cross-store wedding registry. . Dead
Replika W15 Consumer Replika is an AI friend that you grow by talking to it. . Live
Restocks W16 Consumer Buy sneakers and streetwear here . Dead
Revl W16 Consumer The Revl is the world's first stabilized 4K smart action camera to enable people to share videos of their passions and adventures. . Live
Ridejoy S11 Consumer Long-distance carpooling marketplace. Shut down in early 2013. . Dead
Roofr S17 Consumer Marketplace for roofing providing instant satellite roofing estimates for homeowners. . Live
Roomblocker S15 Consumer Hotel booking for groups and events. . Dead
Roomstorm S14 Consumer Real time B2B hotel room marketplace for various industries specializing in hotel and airline guest reaccommodations. . Live
RoverRide W13 Consumer A universal urban transit app. Given all transportation options available to you, Rover will give you the optimal route choice *right now*, using real-time data for each transit mode. . Dead
Scentbird S15 Consumer Scentbird is Netflix for perfume + a luxury fragrance subscription service that sends you a 30-day supply of a designer fragrance of your choice for $14.95/month. . Live
Senic S13 Consumer Premium Smart Home Devices . Live
ServX W17 Consumer ServX is India's premier mobile app for auto repairs. We connect drivers with vetted local garages, with high quality service and spare parts. . Live
Seva Coffee S15 Consumer We're changing the world of coffee, one personalized cup at a time. . Live
ShapeScale S15 Consumer ShapeScale is a personal 3D scanner and fitness tracker that digitizes your body in photorealistic 3D. Visualize on your phone where exactly you gain muscle or lose mass. Now on pre-order on shapescale.com! 👍 #fitness #health #hardware #IoT . Live
Sheerly Genius W18 Consumer The world's first pair of indestructible pantyhose. . Live
Shoobs W14 Consumer We help you find and book tickets to great entertainment events that match your taste. . Live
Shoptiques W12 Consumer Shoptiques.com lets you shop the world's best local boutiques online. . Live
Shopular W12 Consumer Deals, Coupons & Cash Back for your favorite stores. . Exited
Shout S14 Consumer Real-Time Classifieds . Dead
Shoutfit S06 Consumer . Dead
Silver W16 Consumer Low cost consumer device for toxin detection. . Live
Simetrik W18 Consumer UTMs and Google Analytics for revenue and payment recognition, reconciliation and live cashflow generation & planning in LatAm. . Live
SimpleCitizen S16 Consumer From signup to citizenship, only SimpleCitizen guides applicants through the entire immigration process, providing a truly comprehensive solution that's fast, accurate, and affordable. . Live
SimplyListed W11 Consumer Sell your stuff. . Dead
Skip W18 Consumer Electric scooters for reliable last-mile transportation. . Live
Snackpass W18 Consumer Skip the line at restaurants, collect points and send gifts to friends 🎁 . Live
Snappr W17 Consumer Snappr lets you instantly book a pre-vetted photographer at a fixed price, only hours ahead of the shoot time, from $59. . Live
Solve S17 Consumer We save travelers hours by meeting them at their arrival gate, expediting the immigration/customs process, and making sure they're safely off in their vehicle. We operate in over 500 airports worldwide and help with departures and connections too. . Exited
Songkick S07 Consumer Songkick is a ticketing vendor and online database of concerts for music enthusiasts. . Exited
Soomgo W17 Consumer Soomgo is Thumbtack for Korea/Asia. We are a marketplace that helps local service providers such as movers, piano teachers, and wedding planners find new customers. . Live
SOUNDBOKS W16 Consumer We're creating the loudest battery-driven speaker on the market . Live
SourceBeacon W17 Consumer SourceBeacon is an on-demand procurement concierge for sourcing products from China. We connect your product requests to our network of verified vendors and deliver quotes directly to you. . Live
Soylent S12 Consumer Soylent is a simple, nutritious, and affordable food that possesses all the essential ingredients a body needs to be healthy. . Live
Spoil W15 Consumer Spoil is gifting for the Snapchat generation. . Dead
SpoonRocket S13 Consumer Meals Delivered in 10 Minutes . Dead
SpotAngels S14 Consumer Waze for parking . Live
Squire Technologies S16 Consumer OpenTable for barbershops . Live
StoryWorth W11 Consumer StoryWorth is the most meaningful gift for your loved ones. StoryWorth makes it easy and fun for them to share stories with their family every week. At the end of the year, they get them all bound in a beautiful hardcover book. . Live
StyleBee S15 Consumer marketplace for beauty services delivered at the convenience of clients' location and cheaper than salons' services . Live
Style Lend W14 Consumer P2P dress rental. . Live
StyleUp W13 Consumer StyleUp brings effortless joy to getting dressed with daily, weather-appropriate advice tailored to suit your life and style. . Dead
Sudden Coffee W17 Consumer Crystallized coffee that's better than fresh Starbucks . Live
Suiteness S16 Consumer Get exclusive access to the best suites at luxury hotels. . Live
Sunu S17 Consumer Sunu develops devices that augments human capacities to empower the disabled. Our first product is a sonar bracelet enabling the blind to feel the obstacles around them and empowering them to move freely. . Live
Supr Daily W17 Consumer Daily milk delivery service in India . Live
Swapbox W13 Consumer Stop missing deliveries. Ship to Swapbox and pick up at our kiosks. . Dead
Tastemaker S12 Consumer Interior design marketplace and online retailer . Dead
Techmate S16 Consumer A technology concierge for your home. We provide on-demand support for all your internet-connected devices. . Exited
Teespring W13 Consumer Retail quality products on-demand. Teespring is a platform that enables anyone to create and sell unique apparel and items that people love, with no cost or risk. . Live
The Buttermilk Company S18 Consumer Instant, fresh ethnic food that actually taste homemade. We're disrupting the ethnic food market by turning crowdsourced recipes into easy-to-make and fresh food for the growing first/second-gen immigrant population., . Live
The Flex Company S16 Consumer FLEX is a new product that replaces tampons. . Live
The Lobby W18 Consumer 1-on-1 calls with company insiders to help you get hired. . Live
The Ticket Fairy S15 Consumer The Ticket Fairy is a full-stack enterprise marketing solution for events. The platform helps to mitigate the capital risk taken to produce events, increase/analyze their audience, realize post-event audience monetization and improve ad campaign ROI. . Live
Thread S12 Consumer Thread makes it incredibly easy to dress well. We do this by giving people their own personal stylist, for free. They help you save you time and find things that look amazing on you. Shopping will never be the same again. . Live
Ticket Stumbler S08 Consumer TicketStumbler is a search engine and comparison website for the secondary ticket market. . Dead
Tizeti W17 Consumer ISP for Africa . Live
Tovala W16 Consumer Tovala is a smart oven that sits on your countertop and is paired with a companion meal delivery service. . Live
Toymail W16 Consumer Connected toys that enable two-way voice messaging between children and their friends and family. . Live
Tributi W18 Consumer Automating tax filing preparation for individuals in Latam. Think TurboTax for Latam. . Live
Trusu W17 Consumer We allow anyone in Hong Kong/Asia to instantly order any product they love from the USA . Live
Underground Cellar W15 Consumer Wine deals without bastardizing brands. . Live
Unwind Me S14 Consumer Homejoy for massage . Exited
Upgraded S16 Consumer Upgraded helps retailers and carriers sell devices on Upgrade Plans. . Live
VanGo W17 Consumer Rides for teens . Live
Vanhawks W15 Consumer We are making the smart carbon fibre commuting bike and platform for smart bikes. Valour, our first product has turn-by-turn direction, blind spot detection system, anti-theft and best route suggestions through data to take you from point a to b. . Exited
Vastrm S12 Consumer Mass customized active apparel. We are building a full turn key technology and manufacturing platform that will allow other retailers and brands to be able to offer customized apparel to their customers. Get your corporate apparel with us :) . Live
Vayable S12 Consumer We're building a marketplace for unique travel experiences (it's AirBnB for the part of your vacation when you're not sleeping). . Exited
VaycayHero W13 Consumer VaycayHero is a marketplace of professionally managed vacation rentals. Acquired by RedAwning in March 2017. . Exited
Viacycle S12 Consumer viaCycle makes simple, inexpensive bicycle sharing systems that allow automated bike rentals using a mobile phone. Think ZipCar for bikes, but more fun and even easier to use. . Dead
VIDA & Co. S17 Consumer Platform for unique products produced on-demand at mass-scale . Exited
VINEBOX W16 Consumer Wine by the glass, at home . Live
Vive S15 Consumer Blowout subscriptions for last-minute appointments at the best salons in New York & Chicago, starting at $65 per month. . Dead
Wakemate S09 Consumer WakeMate is an electronic device that records users' sleep data and sounds within the 20-minute window prior to the set alarm time. . Dead
Weave S14 Consumer AI-assisted professional networking. . Dead
Wevorce W13 Consumer Changing divorce for good by making it a way less horrible experience for kids, couples and attorneys. . Live
WheelStreet S17 Consumer WheelStreet is a Motorbike rental marketplace that connects motorcycle rental vendors in India with riders. The user can book any motorcycle in 30 cites across India through our platform. User can compare bikes on the basis of location and reviews. . Live
Wheelys Café S15 Consumer Worlds smallest and friendliest café franchise. "The Bike-Powered Coffee Cart That Could Take On Starbucks" - Fast Company . Live
Whyd S16 Consumer We make a beautiful, great sounding, voice-controlled speaker. . Live
Wifi Dabba W17 Consumer Wireless ISP in India. . Live
Willing S15 Consumer The best way to make your legal will. . Live
Wing It W18 Consumer Discover weekend getaways near you via Facebook Messenger. Live in the Bay Area. . Live
Xberts S16 Consumer Xberts.com is a cross-border marketplace for Chinese hardware products. . Live
Yoshi S16 Consumer Gas delivered to your car so you never have to go to the gas station again. . Live
YourMechanic W12 Consumer Car Repairs, Reinvented: a. Mechanic comes to your home or work to fix your car b. Save 20-30% by working directly with mechanics instead of shops c. Total transparency and money back guarantee . Live
Zanbazaar S06 Consumer . Dead
Zenamins S14 Consumer Personalized health company doing customized vitamin packs on subscription and creating a platform for consumable health products. . Live
Zoomer S14 Consumer Outsourced, high volume food delivery. . Dead
ZowPow W14 Consumer Wireless toy game controllers for mobile games. . Dead