Companies in Y Combinator W17 Batch

Name Batch Category Description Status
ACLU W17 Nonprofit Defender of rights and liberties . Live
Aella W17 Fintech Aella Credit provides Instant loans to Africans who can prove a source of Income either through thei... . Live
AlemHealth W17 Healthcare AI Radiologist in a Box - We provide a vertically integrated AI radiology solution for hospitals and... . Live
Ambient W17 Other SaaS Visual intelligence for the real world. . Live
Anasen W17 Other SaaS Anasen is an app that makes data analysis easy and accessible to non-technical business users. . Live
AON3D W17 Industrial Additive Manufacturing with advanced materials . Live
Apozy W17 Other SaaS Use the Airlock Browser Defense Platform to disrupt phishing and malware delivery kill chains and pr... . Live
Armory W17 Other SaaS Continuous Deployment for the Enterprise. We help software teams ship better software faster while i... . Live
Arthena W17 Fintech Quantitative Investment in Art Assets . Live
Arylla W17 Industrial We connect products to the internet using an invisible, chip-less tag . Live
Beek W17 Entertainment Netflix for Audio . Live
Bicycle AI W17 Other SaaS Bicycle AI provides customer support as a service. We work on top of existing helpdesks and respond ... . Dead
BIOS W17 Healthcare At CBAS we are standardizing the hardware & software interface between the body and any bionic devic... . Live
Bitrise W17 Other SaaS Hosted Continuous Integration and Delivery for mobile apps . Live
BloomAPI W17 Healthcare BloomAPI helps doctors share clinical data. Today most healthcare data is still sent by fax and mail... . Live
BlueLots W17 Other SaaS is a B2B marketplace for purchasing and selling excess inventory, wholesale, and liquidat... . Live
Bountiful W17 Agriculture Farm smarter with actionable forecasting . Live
boxouse W17 Real Estate portable, affordable, beautiful smart homes . Dead
Breaker W17 Entertainment A podcast company. . Live
Brex W17 Fintech Brex is rebuilding B2B financial products . Live
Bulk MRO Industrial Supply W17 Other SaaS Bulk MRO is the Alibaba for Enterprises in India. We supply over 1.4m products across 5k brands to t... . Live
Bulletin W17 Other SaaS Helping retailers discover and shop the best brands on the planet . Live
Buypower W17 Resources Buypower is the Paypal of Africa starting from Nigeria by making the purchase of electricity extreme... . Live
Cartcam W17 Consumer Cartcam is an app for opinionated, deal-seeking shoppers. It gives people discounts for creating sh... . Dead
Clear Genetics W17 Healthcare Clear Genetics is scaling delivery of Genomic services . Exited
Clipboard Health W17 Healthcare We connect nurses with jobs they love and information they can trust. . Live
Collectly W17 Healthcare Automate, accelerate, and increase patient payments with ML . Live
Cowlar W17 Agriculture Fitbit for dairy cows. Farms use cowlar's alerts & recommendations to improve dairy margins by 30%. ... . Dead
Credy W17 Fintech Credy is a full stack lending company for India. We are a mobile credit line with customisation for ... . Live
Delee W17 Healthcare A medical device company who created a companion diagnostic test for cancer therapy management. . Live
Dost Education W17 Nonprofit Getting kids ready for school in India. . Live
Faire W17 Other SaaS Faire is a marketplace empowering retailers to discover and try products risk-free, while helping ma... . Live
Fibo W17 Real Estate Scheduling, invoicing and financial insights for field teams . Dead
Fiix W17 Consumer Fiix sends expert auto mechanics to your home, so you don’t have to waste time & money at the repair... . Exited
Firsthand W17 Other SaaS Firsthand makes software-enabled, self-serve retail kiosks that carry high margin products. They ave... . Dead
FloydHub W17 Dev Tools Floyd is Heroku for Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Run and deploy your project to the cloud wit... . Live
Helix Nanotechnologies W17 Healthcare Using AI to cure genetic disease. . Live
Hivy W17 Other SaaS An end-to-end platform for office management. We enable office management teams to gather employees'... . Exited
Hogaru W17 Other SaaS Hogaru is a tech-enabled facility management platform in Latin America. . Live
Humi W17 Other SaaS Humi is an all-in-one (Payroll, HR, Benefits and Insurance) people platform for Canadian companies. . Live
Indee Labs W17 Healthcare Enabling T cell immunotherapy manufacturing with gene delivery. . Live
InnaMed W17 Healthcare Enabling remote optimization of therapy dosing to medical guidelines. . Live
KidPass W17 Consumer KidPass is the leading marketplace for parents to discover and book all types of kids activities and... . Live
Kudi W17 Fintech Making financial services accessible and affordable for all Africans. . Live
Ledger Investing W17 Fintech Marketplace for insurance securitization. . Live
LitHit W17 Consumer Smart Target for Shooting Sports . Dead
Lively, Inc. W17 Healthcare A modern health savings account (HSA) for employers and individuals. . Live
Loop Support W17 Other SaaS AWS for customer support . Live
lvl5 W17 Transport HD maps for self-driving cars. . Exited W17 Other SaaS speeds up computer programs by spreading them automatically onto several cores . Live
Marketfox W17 Other SaaS Marketing automation platform optimized for mobile and web. . Live
MDacne W17 Healthcare An app that analyzes your selfie and delivers custom acne treatment. . Live
Mednet W17 Healthcare Network of doctors helping each other treat cancer . Live
Millibatt W17 Resources Millibatt makes world's smallest and most customizable batteries. Millibatt's new small battery tech... . Live
Mirror AI W17 Entertainment App that turns selfie photos into thousand emoji that look like you and your friends. . Live
Move W17 Consumer A Brand New Supermarket . Live
NanoNets W17 Dev Tools Easy to use Machine Learning API. Needs 10 times less data. . Live
Neema W17 Fintech Neema is an app for unbanked workers, which provides a checking account, a debit-card and instant re... . Live
Niles W17 Other SaaS Knowledge Assistant for Work. . Live
No Lean Season W17 Nonprofit A bus ticket out of poverty . Dead
Origin W17 Other SaaS Keurig for healthy smoothies. . Dead
Paragon One W17 Education Paragon One is the platform that prepares students for the global economy by connecting them with sk... . Live
Pearl W17 Other SaaS The future of office coffee. Keurig convenience meets cafe quality. . Live
Peer5 W17 Other SaaS P2P delivery network that enables high quality video streaming at massive scale. . Live
Penny W17 Fintech Penny makes keeping track of your finances as easy as having a conversation. . Exited
Pilot W17 Other SaaS Payroll, benefits and compliance for remote teams. . Live
Pit.AI W17 Fintech Pit.AI Technologies aims at solving intelligence for investment management. . Live
Playment W17 Dev Tools Mechanical Turk for enterprises. . Live
Pulse W17 Healthcare Electronic Medical Records for India . Dead
RankScience W17 Other SaaS SEO Split Testing & Automation . Live
Reliance Health W17 Healthcare Reliance Health uses technology, insurance and clinical care to make healthcare in Africa cheaper an... . Live
Request Network W17 Fintech Request Network is a decentralized network for payment requests. Sort of Paypal 2.0 . Live
Retool W17 Other SaaS Build internal tools fast. . Live
REZI W17 Real Estate Rent Better . Live
Riley W17 Real Estate MailChimp for SMS . Dead
Rippling W17 Other SaaS Rippling makes it unbelievably easy to manage your company's HR and IT β€” in one system. . Live
Sandbox W17 Fintech Sandbox is a universal adapter that enables banks to quickly connect new fintech software with exist... . Live W17 Dev Tools The Universal API . Dead
ScopeAI W17 Other SaaS Automatically extract valuable insights from customer service conversations using AI . Live
Scribe W17 Other SaaS Scribe is an AI based Sales Development Representative that you can hire in 10 minutes. Scribe autom... . Exited
Shipamax W17 Other SaaS Accelerating the next generation of supply chain . Live
Sigma Genetics W17 Healthcare Sigma Genetics is a biotechnology company that is building non-invasive electromagnetic devices that... . Live
Simple Habit W17 Entertainment Simple Habit is the Netflix of meditation. The company has the world's largest curated library of 5 ... . Live
Sinovia Technologies W17 Industrial Flexible printed OLED displays. . Live
Smart Alto W17 Real Estate Easiest way to set appointments with real estate leads . Live
Snappr W17 Consumer Snappr lets you instantly book a pre-vetted photographer at a fixed price, only hours ahead of the s... . Live
Solugen W17 Healthcare We make ultra-pure hydrogen peroxide from plants. . Live
Soomgo W17 Consumer Soomgo is Thumbtack for Korea/Asia. We are a marketplace that helps local service providers such as ... . Live
SourceBeacon W17 Consumer SourceBeacon is an on-demand procurement concierge for sourcing products from China. We connect your... . Dead
Speak W17 Entertainment An AI English tutor that is the best way to become conversationally fluent in English. . Live
Sudden Coffee W17 Consumer Crystallized coffee that's better than fresh Starbucks . Live
Supr Daily W17 Consumer Daily milk delivery service in India . Exited
Sycamore W17 Other SaaS Marketplace for companies to add a delivery driver in 5 minutes. . Dead
Terark W17 Other SaaS Fastest Storage Engine with the Best Compression, we enables direct search on highly compressed data... . Exited
Tetra W17 Other SaaS AI notetaker for phone calls . Exited
The Centre for Effective Altruism W17 Nonprofit We're your non-profit portfolio managers. We make giving to high-impact charities as easy as investi... . Live
Tizeti W17 Consumer ISP for Africa . Live
Token Transit W17 Government Payment processor for transit. . Live
Tolemi W17 Real Estate Tolemi is Palantir for city governments. . Live
Trade W17 Agriculture We're building Africa's Commodity Exchange. . Dead
Tress W17 Entertainment Tress is a social community for black women's hairstyles. We are building a social community for bla... . Dead
Upcall W17 Other SaaS Upcall provides outbound call professionals on-demand, through its communication platform & API, hel... . Live
UpKeep W17 Other SaaS We make beautiful, easy to use mobile software for maintenance teams . Live
VanGo W17 Consumer Uber for Kids . Live
Veryfi, Inc. W17 Other SaaS The world’s most experienced data extraction expert . Live
VoiceOps W17 Other SaaS VoiceOps is a platform for analyzing enterprise voice. Our mission is to provide easy access to cust... . Live
Volansi W17 Aerospace Autonomous Aerial Delivery Solutions. . Live
Volt Health W17 Healthcare Volt Health is developing medical devices that deliver electrical stimulation to the muscles of the ... . Live
Voodoo Manufacturing W17 Industrial Digitally-manufactured medical devices. . Live
Wavy W17 Entertainment Experience music and art in augmented reality . Exited
WaystoCap W17 Other SaaS We are Alibaba of Africa. We are building a marketplace for African businesses to buy and sell produ... . Live
Wifi Dabba W17 Consumer Wireless ISP in India. . Live
Wright Electric W17 Aerospace Boeing for electric planes . Live W17 Other SaaS Secure and intuitive face sign in for web applications . Live
Zestful W17 Other SaaS The easiest way for companies to give individualized perks to their employees. Give perks like Spoti... . Live
Zinc Platform W17 Fintech Insurance Distribution Infrastructure . Dead
ZipX W17 Consumer We allow anyone in South East Asia to instantly order any product they love from the USA, EU, UK, Ja... . Exited