Companies in Y Combinator W17 Batch

Name Batch Category Description Status
ACLU W17 Nonprofit Defender of rights and liberties . Live
Aella Credit W17 Fintech Aella Credit provides Instant loans to Africans who can prove a source of Income either through their employers or individually. We are at the forefront of financial inclusion and empowerment of the underbanked. . Live
AlemHealth W17 Healthcare AI Radiologist in a Box - We provide a vertically integrated AI radiology solution for hospitals and radiology centres in emerging market to ensure access to radiology anywhere. . Live
Ambient W17 Other SaaS Visual intelligence for the real world. . Live
AON3D W17 Industrial Industrial 3D printers for manufacturing . Live
Apozy W17 Other SaaS Software that stops phishing and malware in the browser. . Live
Armory W17 Other SaaS Continuous Deployment for the Enterprise. We help software teams ship better software faster while improving the day to day life of an engineer through automation and engagement. . Live
Arthena W17 Fintech Quantitative Investment in Art Assets . Live
Arylla W17 Industrial A platform that combines anti-counterfeiting and customer engagement. We make invisible ink that is applied to luxury products so that authenticity can be verified by taking a photo with your smartphone. . Live
Beek W17 Entertainment Today: Biggest book review site in Latin America; Tomorrow: Biggest everything review site in Latin America . Live
Bicycle AI W17 Other SaaS Bicycle AI provides customer support as a service. We work on top of existing helpdesks and respond to repetitive and routine support requests. We’ve built a full stack solution that marries human & machine intelligence. . Dead
Bitrise W17 Other SaaS Hosted Continuous Integration and Delivery for mobile apps . Live
BloomAPI W17 Healthcare BloomAPI helps doctors share clinical data. Today most healthcare data is still sent by fax and mail. BloomAPI has built technology that can be set up in minutes and share this data in real time. . Live
boxouse W17 Real Estate portable, affordable, beautiful smart homes . Live
Breaker W17 Entertainment A podcast company. . Live
Bulk MRO Industrial Supply W17 Other SaaS Bulk MRO is the Alibaba for Enterprises in India. We supply over 1.4m products across 5k brands to the largest corporations of India. . Live
Bulletin W17 Other SaaS WeWork for Retail Space . Live
Buypower W17 Resources Buypower is the Paypal of Africa starting from Nigeria by making the purchase of electricity extremely easy for Africans. We light up homes at the click of a button. . Live
Cambridge Bio-Augmentation Systems W17 Healthcare At CBAS we are standardizing the hardware & software interface between the body and any bionic device. Our aim is to enable high functionality bionics for treating health conditions to be easily and cheaply developed & delivered to patients. . Live
Cartcam W17 Consumer Cartcam is an app for opinionated, deal-seeking shoppers. It gives people discounts for creating short video reviews. . Dead
Clear Genetics W17 Healthcare Clear Genetics is scaling delivery of Genomic services . Live
Clipboard Health W17 Healthcare We connect nurses with jobs they love and information they can trust. . Live
Collectly W17 Healthcare Collectly is a data-driven Patient Revenue Platform that helps medical groups & health systems solve the problem of patient billing errors, low patient collection rates, and poor patient billing experience. . Live
Cowlar W17 Agriculture Fitbit for dairy cows. Farms use cowlar's alerts & recommendations to improve dairy margins by 30%. We charge $3 / month per cow for the service. We are IoT & machine learning experts solving a real problem for dairy farms. . Live
Credy W17 Fintech Credy is a full stack lending company for India. We are a mobile credit line with customisation for specific end use . Live
Delee W17 Healthcare A medical device company who created a device capable of isolating Circulating Tumor Cells, 10x times faster than the nearest competence, label-free approach, and high purities . Live
DocTalk W17 Healthcare Paid WhatsApp connecting Indian patients to Indian doctors . Live
Dost Education W17 Nonprofit Getting kids ready for school in India. . Live
Faire W17 Other SaaS Indigo Fair connects independent retailers with the makers of products their customers are guaranteed to love. . Live
Fibo W17 Real Estate Scheduling, invoicing and financial insights for field teams . Live
Fiix W17 Consumer Fiix sends expert auto mechanics to your home, so you don’t have to waste time & money at the repair shop. It’s essentially an Uber for auto repair. . Live
Firsthand W17 Other SaaS Firsthand makes software-enabled, self-serve retail kiosks that carry high margin products. They average $120/kiosk in daily net revenue and cost $300/kiosk to make. Payback period is three days. . Dead
FloydHub W17 AI and ML Floyd is Heroku for Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Run and deploy your project to the cloud with zero-setup. . Live
Helix Nanotechnologies W17 Healthcare Using AI to cure genetic disease. . Live
Hivy W17 Other SaaS An end-to-end platform for office management. We enable office management teams to gather employees' requests, collaborate on projects and manage their vendors. . Exited
Hogaru W17 Other SaaS Hogaru is a tech-enabled facility management platform for SMBs and homes in Latin America. . Live
Humi W17 Other SaaS Humi is beautiful, free HR software in the cloud. We make money by brokering insurance to the companies on our platform, and by charging for our more advanced modules (Applicant tracking, Employee performance, etc). . Live
Indee Labs W17 Healthcare Indee develops hardware for gene delivery. We are developing our uniquely scalable technology for short turnaround CAR-T development and manufacturing. . Live
InnaMed W17 Healthcare We're creating a connected home blood testing device to improve post acute care. . Live
KidPass W17 Consumer ClassPass for Kids Activities. A marketplace for parents to discover and book kids activities. . Live
Kudi W17 Fintech Send money, pay bills in Africa. . Live
Ledger Investing W17 Fintech Marketplace for insurance securitization. . Live
LitHit W17 Consumer Smart Target for Shooting Sports . Live
Lively, Inc. W17 Healthcare A modern health savings account for businesses and individuals. A 401(k) for healthcare. . Live
Loop Support W17 Other SaaS We do customer support as a service. . Live
lvl5 W17 Transport HD maps for self-driving cars. . Live W17 Other SaaS speeds up computer programs by spreading them automatically onto several cores . Live
Marketfox W17 Other SaaS Marketing automation platform optimized for mobile and web. . Live
MDacne W17 Healthcare An app that analyzes your selfie and delivers custom acne treatment. . Live
Mednet W17 Healthcare Network of doctors helping each other treat cancer . Live
Mere Coffee W17 Other SaaS The future of coffee. Keurig convenience meets cafe quality. . Live
Millibatt W17 Resources Millibatt makes world's smallest and most customizable batteries. Millibatt's new small battery technology delivers more than 2x higher energy density than existing small batteries. . Live
Mirror AI W17 Entertainment App that turns selfie photos into thousand emoji that look like you and your friends. . Live
Movebutter W17 Consumer Supermarket of The Future. We make the greatest groceries in the World and ship them all over the country. . Live
NanoNets W17 AI and ML Easy to use Machine Learning API. Needs 10 times less data. . Live
Neema W17 Fintech Neema is an app for unbanked workers, which provides a checking account, a debit-card and instant remittance to 90 countries, all for $3 a month. . Live
Niles W17 Other SaaS Knowledge Assistant for Work. . Live
No Lean Season W17 Nonprofit A bus ticket out of poverty . Live
Origin W17 Other SaaS Keurig for healthy smoothies. . Live
Paragon One W17 Education Online college career service. Parents pay $3,000 and our platform automatically connects students with professionals from successful companies who coach them on picking the right career and preparing for interviews. 100% of students get offers. . Live
Peer5 W17 Other SaaS P2P delivery network that enables high quality video streaming at massive scale. . Live
Penny W17 Fintech Penny makes keeping track of your finances as easy as having a conversation. . Exited
Pilot W17 Other SaaS Pilot lets companies build teams from our pool of vetted engineering and design talent. Our platform handles contracts, invoicing, payments and more. We’re trying to make adding talent to your team as easy as a single click. . Live
Pit.AI W17 Fintech Former Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan Quant, PhD in Machine Learning @ Oxford, paid for by Google, building AI Powered Hedge Fund, committed to charging 0% Management Fees. Return: 40%, Sharpe Ratio: 3.2. . Live
Playment W17 Dev Tools Mechanical Turk for enterprises. . Live
RankScience W17 Other SaaS SEO Split Testing & Automation Platform . Live
RelianceHMO W17 Healthcare RelianceHMO uses mobile phones, telemedicine and data science to make health insurance in Africa cheaper and easier to access . Live
Request Network W17 Blockchain Request Network is a decentralized network for payment requests. Sort of Paypal 2.0 . Live
Retool W17 Other SaaS Build internal tools dramatically faster. . Live
Returnbase W17 Other SaaS We build software for reverse logistics. . Live
REZI W17 Real Estate OpenDoor for leases . Live
Riley W17 Real Estate MailChimp for SMS . Live
Rippling W17 Other SaaS Throw away your new hire checklist . Live
Sandbox W17 Fintech Sandbox is a universal adapter for banks. It empowers financial institutions to quickly and safely connect new fintech software to existing systems. . Live W17 Dev Tools The Universal API . Dead
ScopeAI W17 Other SaaS Automatically extract valuable insights from customer service conversations using AI . Live
Scribe W17 Other SaaS Scribe is an AI based Sales Development Representative that you can hire in 10 minutes. Scribe automates an SDR's job, from finding leads all the way up till scheduling calls over email. . Live
ServX W17 Consumer ServX is India's premier mobile app for auto repairs. We connect drivers with vetted local garages, with high quality service and spare parts. . Live
Shipamax W17 Other SaaS Shipamax is on a mission to fix the ship booking experience. . Live
Simple Habit W17 Entertainment Simple Habit is the Netflix of meditation. The company has the world's largest curated library of 5 minute meditations, designed for different situations and moods. Try three months free @ . Live
Sinovia Technologies W17 Industrial Flexible printed OLED displays. . Live
Smart Alto W17 Real Estate Messaging robot that helps real estate agents respond to leads. . Live
Snappr W17 Consumer Snappr lets you instantly book a pre-vetted photographer at a fixed price, only hours ahead of the shoot time, from $59. . Live
Solugen W17 Healthcare We make ultra-pure hydrogen peroxide from plants. . Live
Soomgo W17 Consumer Soomgo is Thumbtack for Korea/Asia. We are a marketplace that helps local service providers such as movers, piano teachers, and wedding planners find new customers. . Live
SourceBeacon W17 Consumer SourceBeacon is an on-demand procurement concierge for sourcing products from China. We connect your product requests to our network of verified vendors and deliver quotes directly to you. . Live
Speak W17 Entertainment An AI English tutor that is the best way to become conversationally fluent in English. . Live
Sudden Coffee W17 Consumer Crystallized coffee that's better than fresh Starbucks . Live
Supr Daily W17 Consumer Daily milk delivery service in India . Live
Sycamore W17 Other SaaS Marketplace for companies to add a delivery driver in 5 minutes. . Dead
Terark W17 Other SaaS Fastest Storage Engine with the Best Compression, we enables direct search on highly compressed data, making databases 200X faster random read with 10X smaller storage,resulting in larger scalability with lower cost for big data/cloud applications . Live
Tetra W17 Other SaaS AI notetaker for phone calls . Exited
The Centre for Effective Altruism W17 Nonprofit We're your non-profit portfolio managers. We make giving to high-impact charities as easy as investing with Vanguard. We're building a community of donors who put outcomes first and give with the head as well as the heart. . Live
Tizeti W17 Consumer ISP for Africa . Live
Token Transit W17 Government A mobile app to pay for public transportation. We sell a mobile ticketing platform for transit agencies. . Live
Tolemi W17 Real Estate Tolemi is Palantir for city governments. . Live
Trade W17 Agriculture We're building Africa's Commodity Exchange. . Live
Tress W17 Entertainment Tress is a social community for black women's hairstyles. We are building a social community for black women to discover hairstyle inspiration, find stylists, buy products and discuss their hair needs with an engaged community. . Live
Trusu W17 Consumer We allow anyone in Hong Kong/Asia to instantly order any product they love from the USA . Live
Upcall W17 Other SaaS Upcall provides outbound call professionals on-demand, through its communication platform & API, helping customers fuel their sales pipeline and engage with existing users in minutes. . Live
UpKeep W17 Other SaaS We make beautiful, easy to use mobile software for maintenance teams . Live
VanGo W17 Consumer Rides for teens . Live
Veryfi, Inc. W17 Other SaaS A new and better way to automate construction bookkeeping. Veryfi's all-in-one jobsite intelligence solution automates time & material tracking, eliminates data entry, and connects the field to the office. . Live
Vinsight W17 Agriculture We are building the world's real-time source of commodities supply through yield forecasts on crops. . Live
Vize Software W17 Other SaaS Vize is a SaaS solution that helps engineers perform data exploration for predictive maintenance and production optimization. It includes everything from data preparation to advanced statistical tools in an easy to use visual interface. . Live
VoiceOps W17 Other SaaS VoiceOps is a platform for analyzing enterprise voice. Our mission is to provide easy access to customer conversations. Our product analyzes sales and support conversations and generates insights on phrases that maximize success. . Live
volans-i W17 Aerospace B2B on-demand delivery service for time-critical shipments using high-speed long-range drones. . Live
Volt Health W17 Healthcare Volt Health is developing medical devices that deliver electrical stimulation to the muscles of the body to treat disease, starting with urinary incontinence. . Live
Voodoo Manufacturing W17 Industrial AWS for manufacturing. Our robotic 3D printing factory can make 1-10k plastic parts in less than 2 weeks, at injection molding prices. . Live
Wavy W17 Entertainment Experience music and art in augmented reality . Live
WaystoCap W17 Other SaaS We are Alibaba of Africa. We are building a marketplace for African businesses to buy and sell products giving SMEs access to commerce. . Live
Wifi Dabba W17 Consumer Wireless ISP in India. . Live
Wright Electric W17 Aerospace Boeing for electric planes . Live W17 Other SaaS Next generation Image Intelligence platform for Defence, Intelligence and enterprise sectors. . Live
Zestful W17 Other SaaS The easiest way for companies to give individualized perks to their employees. Give perks like Spotify, Netflix, Blue Apron, Corepower Yoga, StubHub and hundreds more - all without a painful reimbursement process. . Live
Zinc Platform W17 Fintech Insurance Distribution Infrastructure . Dead