Companies in Y Combinator W20 Batch

Name Batch Category Description Status
1build W20 Real Estate 1build helps builders win bids by converting blueprints into material shopping lists and cost estima... . Live
99minutos W20 Other SaaS The fastest shipping for online shopping . Live
Abalone Bio W20 Healthcare We discover antibody drugs others can't . Live
Able Jobs W20 Other SaaS Job training app in India for roles in sales, support & marketing . Live
Agnoris W20 Other SaaS Agnoris helps restaurants figure out what to sell, how to price and to how staff efficiently while d... . Live
Airboard W20 Dev Tools Whiteboard for remote work and remote learning . Live
Altay Therapeutics W20 Healthcare Altay develops therapies to treat chronic liver diseases . Live
Alude W20 Real Estate We offer free software that automates bureaucracy for real-estate brokers in LatAm, and monetise by ... . Live
Apartio W20 Consumer We provide short term rentals for business travelers in Latin America. . Live
Ardis AI W20 Other SaaS Building the foundations for Artificial General Intelligence. . Live
Art in Res W20 Consumer Art in Res is a marketplace that makes fine art affordable to almost anyone. Instead of paying hundr... . Live
Avion W20 Aerospace A drone delivery network which is live in Africa delivering medical supplies. . Live
Bamboo W20 Fintech Bamboo ― the first online brokerage service for Africans and their wealth managers. . Live
Battlecard W20 Other SaaS Battlecard helps teams organize and practice their playbook. . Live
Belvo W20 Dev Tools Financial API platform for Latam. The easiest way to connect bank accounts to an app . Live
Benepass W20 Other SaaS Benepass is the benefits card for startups and small businesses. We help companies offer tax-advanta... . Live
Breathe Well-being W20 Healthcare A digital well-being program to help people prevent or manage chronic lifestyle diseases (like Predi... . Live
Breezeful W20 Fintech A digital mortgage broker. Get the best mortgage, fast. . Live
Brokrete W20 Real Estate The 1st real-time delivery app marketplace for the concrete industry. . Live
BuildBuddy W20 Other SaaS BuildBuddy is a managed Bazel build system — it brings a Google-style dev environment to any company... . Live
BuildPlane W20 Real Estate Project automation for commercial construction. . Live
Cadence W20 Other SaaS Collect and share team updates without meetings . Live
Carupi W20 Consumer Carupi is a managed P2P marketplace for used cars, very similar to Airbnb, reinventing the archaic e... . Live
Castodia W20 Other SaaS Connect Google Sheets to databases and auto-refresh data on a schedule . Live
Chutney W20 Consumer Amazon for the next 300m Indians who are coming online now. . Live
Cortex W20 Other SaaS Explore, Understand, and Operate your Microservices . Live
Cotter W20 Dev Tools One-click passwordless login API . Live
Cron W20 Other SaaS Next-gen calendar for professionals and teams . Live
CrowdForce W20 Fintech Crowdforce is an app that allows any local merchant in Africa, starting with Nigeria to become a ban... . Live
Cyberdontics W20 Healthcare Cyberdontics is making robots to automate dentistry - starting with the most expensive, longest, and... . Live
Dashworks W20 Other SaaS The Fastest Internal Search For Teams . Live
Dataline W20 Other SaaS Access your ad-blocked customer data across all your analytics and marketing tools. . Live
Datasaur W20 Dev Tools Datasaur builds a data labeling workforce management platform for NLP. . Live
Datree W20 Other SaaS Datree helps engineering teams implement development & security policies in Git workflows on every c... . Live
Deep Meditate W20 Entertainment Deep Meditate is an app that helps you de-stress, sleep, and re-energize with personalized meditatio... . Live
DeepSource W20 Dev Tools DeepSource finds and fixes issues during code reviews. . Live W20 Fintech Digital bank for businesses in Latam. . Live
ditto W20 Dev Tools Manage the words across your team’s product from design to production. . Live
Dropee W20 Other SaaS Dropee is a SaaS-enabled marketplace that connects brands like Unilever and Nestle with local retail... . Live
Dropprint Genomics W20 Healthcare The better way to run single cell genomics . Live
Easyplan W20 Fintech Money-market account for the 250M middle-income Indians. . Live
Edlyft W20 Education Creating 1 million new computer science college grads . Live
EduRev W20 Education Exam Preparation App for 200Mn Indian students in the age of 15-23 years. Like a Netflix for Educati... . Live
ElectroNeek W20 Other SaaS Robotic Process Automation (RPA) of manual processes like taking data from scanned docs to web forms... . Live
Equator Therapeutics W20 Healthcare We are developing a drug to burn calories and increase metabolism without exercise. Our goal is to r... . Live
Exosonic, Inc. W20 Aerospace Developing the world's first quiet supersonic passenger jets that can fly supersonic overland withou... . Live
Explo W20 Other SaaS Data exploration and analysis without SQL . Live
Eze W20 Other SaaS Eze is a commodities exchange for used smartphones. . Live
Facio W20 Fintech Facio provides low-priced payroll loans to employees in Brazil. . Live
Fair Square Medicare W20 Healthcare Fair Square Medicare is a better way for seniors to purchase health insurance. . Live
Farm Theory W20 Other SaaS India's first vegetable delivery service to restaurants with a hack . Live
Felix Biotechnology W20 Healthcare Felix is focused on accelerating the deployment of novel biotherapeutics targeting urgent microbial ... . Live
FitnessAI W20 Consumer App offering AI powered workout plans with anytime access to coaches . Live
Flowdash W20 Dev Tools Quickly build internal tools to track and execute human-in-the-loop workflows. . Live W20 Other SaaS We run app servers close to your users. . Live
Fondeadora W20 Fintech We want to connect every single Mexican to the financial system, through a bank that lives in your p... . Live
GIGI Benefits W20 Fintech GIGI sells insurance + savings accounts to 150 million gig workers in India. We set aside a part of ... . Live
GiveAway W20 Consumer P2P marketplace for used things . Live
Glimpse W20 Entertainment 2 minute, one-on-one, video chats with your friends, and friends of friends. . Live
Glisten AI W20 Dev Tools ERP software for e-commerce . Live
Global Belly W20 Other SaaS Global Belly is a platform that helps influencers and creators launch their own custom branded produ... . Live
goDutch W20 Fintech Group payments product which lets people pay together at any offline or online merchant . Live
Grain W20 Fintech Grain transforms the debit card you already have into a credit card by linking it to a line of credi... . Live
GuruHotel W20 Other SaaS The Shopify for the hotel industry. . Live
H1 W20 Healthcare H1 is a global database of every healthcare professional and healthcare organization. . Live
Handl W20 Other SaaS Handl converts documents (invoices, income stabs, custom forms, etc.) into structured data through ... . Live
Healthlane W20 Healthcare OneMedical for Africa, and profitable . Live
HelpNow W20 Healthcare India's most reliable Ambulance service. (uber for ambulances) . Live
Hideout W20 Consumer A portfolio of delivery-only restaurant brands . Live
HireSweet W20 Other SaaS Find and hire the best passive job candidates. . Live
Homestead W20 Real Estate Homestead converts your unused space into a rental apartment. . Live
Hoss W20 Dev Tools We track and manage the APIs teams consume . Live
Humanly W20 Other SaaS Humanly automates candidate screening for companies with high applicant volume. . Live
HYPHY W20 Entertainment Hyphy is a marketplace where anyone can sell their original photos and videos to brands. . Live
Jamiphy W20 Entertainment TikTok for Musicians . Live
Jenfi W20 Fintech Jenfi lends to small businesses in Asia based on revenue . Live
Jet Admin W20 Dev Tools No code internal tool builder . Live
Karat W20 Fintech The Bank for Creators, Streamers, and Influencers . Live
Kosh W20 Fintech Turn creditworthy blue-collar workers into micro-lenders for their community in India. . Live
LabGrid W20 Healthcare LabGrid is supply chain logistics software for biotech . Live
Laserfocus W20 Other SaaS Laserfocus is Superhuman for Salespeople. It’s the fastest way to communicate and close deals in one... . Live
Legionfarm W20 Entertainment LegionFarm connects gamers with in-game training and assistance from professional players . Live
Lilia W20 Healthcare Egg freezing concierge; web app that helps women explore egg freezing . Live
Linkana W20 Other SaaS Linkana is a Compliance-driven Procurement software for companies in Latin America. . Live
Logarithm Labs W20 Dev Tools Decision Intelligence for Engineering Teams . Live
Loop Health W20 Healthcare Modern & comprehensive health insurance plan for employees in India . Live
Menten AI W20 Healthcare Menten AI designs protein drugs and enzymes using quantum computing and machine learning. . Live
MindsDB W20 Other SaaS MindsDB is an Open-Source AutoML that allows Developers to do machine learning in one line of code. . Live
Mistro W20 Other SaaS Benefits + perks for distributed teams . Live
Modern Village W20 Consumer Modern Village is a collaborative lifestyle blog for modern parents. . Live
Moons W20 Healthcare Moons provides high quality orthodontic treatments in LATAM at accessible prices . Live
Morphle W20 Healthcare Microscopy Automation + Assistive Intelligence . Live
Motion W20 Other SaaS Chrome extension to improve your workflow in the browser, 0 setup . Live
Multiverse W20 Entertainment Multiverse is a web-based game creation system inspired by Dungeons & Dragons and Roblox with a mark... . Live
Newman's W20 Healthcare Indonesia's first digital health clinic for men . Live
nextmv W20 Dev Tools Dev platform for quickly building and testing logistics algorithms. . Live
Nexu W20 Fintech Financing platform for LatAm car dealerships. . Live
Nimbus W20 Transport Nimbus is making small electric vehicles for deliveries in emerging markets . Live
nplex biosciences W20 Healthcare nplex uses nanotechnology to measure proteins at scale. . Live
NUMI W20 Other SaaS Import marketplace for Africa . Live
Ochre Bio W20 Healthcare Genomic medicines that rejuvenate transplanted livers. . Live
Oda W20 Real Estate Oda streamlines access to residential property transactions through a new data infrastructure. We al... . Live
onetool W20 Other SaaS With onetool startups get all the software they need to run their business with just one single subs... . Live
Ophelia W20 Healthcare Medication & support to beat opioid addiction from home . Live
Orbiter W20 Other SaaS ML models automatically monitor business performance . Live
Pahamify W20 Education College entrance test preparation App for students in Indonesia . Live
Paneau W20 Entertainment Tablets inside Uber/Lyfts to advertise directly to riders . Live
Pantheon W20 Education A competitive community of the brightest students in the world . Live
Paragon W20 Dev Tools The easiest way to build, manage, and run API workflows. . Live
Pashi W20 Industrial Pashi builds software to operate and optimize production lines. . Live
PillarPlus W20 Real Estate Software to automatically create construction blueprints . Live
PostEra W20 Healthcare Medicinal Chemistry as a Service powered by Machine Learning . Live
PostHog W20 Other SaaS Open source product analytics. Self hosted, full underlying data access. Automatic event data captur... . Live
Pulley W20 Other SaaS Pulley helps companies manage their cap tables. Use our platform to issue employee & investor equity... . Live
Raycast W20 Other SaaS Speed up non-coding tasks for engineering teams . Live
Refund Giant W20 Fintech Fast, easy VAT (tax) refunds for tourists . Live
Release W20 Dev Tools Environments as a service . Live
Riot Security W20 Other SaaS Practical phishing training for your team . Live
Riya Collective W20 Consumer Riya Collective is building the first global marketplace for ethnic goods, starting with renting Ind... . Live
RoboTire W20 Transport Robotire is automating vehicle maintenance for today and future autonomous vehicles with robot and s... . Live
Savvy W20 Healthcare Health insurance for startups and remote teams . Live
Sayana W20 Healthcare Mental wellness app, with chat-based sessions and in-app community. . Live
Scout W20 Dev Tools Dead simple CI/CD for machine learning teams. . Live
Segmed W20 Healthcare High quality data for medical research, starting with AI Radiology. . Live
SEND W20 Other SaaS Flexport for Africa - Digital Freight forwarder and Customs Broker. . Live
Simple Strips W20 Healthcare Low-cost blood glucose test strips scanned with a smartphone camera instead of a dedicated monitor. . Live
SINAI W20 Resources Enterprise software that defines a price on carbon emissions, manage carbon taxes and reduce emissio... . Live
Skypher W20 Other SaaS Cybersecurity compliance in a box . Live
SnackThis W20 Dev Tools Figma for motion design . Live
Snapboard W20 Other SaaS Snapboard is a software house that allows users to manage and link apps and platforms in a single, customizable dashboard. . Live
SOMATIC W20 Industrial Bathroom cleaning robots for office buildings. . Live
Spenny W20 Fintech Acorns for India. Every time you swipe you make a digital transaction, we round up the amount to the... . Live
Stark Bank W20 Fintech Bank for tech companies in Brazil . Live
StayQrious W20 Education StayQrious helps kids in India learn through online group classes, starting with coding. . Live
Stryve W20 Other SaaS Async short form video phone screens and reference checks . Live
Sweeps W20 Dev Tools Sweeps makes any website 40% faster with a single line of code, by optimizing how it loads third-par... . Live
Swipe W20 Fintech Brex for Africa. First credit card for African SMBs. . Live
Synapsica Healthcare W20 Healthcare AI-enabled automation of diagnostic radiology workflow and reporting. . Live
Syndetic W20 Other SaaS Software for data sales and procurement . Live
TagMango W20 Entertainment TagMango is a marketplace to book personalized video shoutouts from your favourite influencers and c... . Live
Taiv W20 Other SaaS A box that lets businesses replace commercials in live TV with their own content. . Live
Tajir W20 Other SaaS Marketplace for mom-and-pop stores in Pakistan to buy inventory. . Live
Talyn Air W20 Aerospace Long range, battery electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft. . Live
Tambua Health W20 Healthcare We are developing a device – " called T-Sense", that uses sound to take a picture of the lungs, like... . Live
Teleo W20 Real Estate Teleoperated heavy construction equipment . Live
Termii W20 Other SaaS Termii is Twilio for Africa. . Live
Terusama W20 Other SaaS Terusama is a virtual logistics coordinator that offers self-service dock scheduling, digital driver check-in, and automated workflows. . Live
The Mercer Club W20 Consumer The Mercer Club is a subscription service that allows men to rent luxury streetwear and sneakers to ... . Live
Thunderpod W20 Entertainment Social Fitness App where content is consumed in the form of challenges! . Live
Tienda Dólar W20 Fintech Tienda Dólar is a digital foreign exchange platform which allows users to convert ARS into USD and t... . Live
ToDesktop W20 Dev Tools ToDesktop is an all-in-one platform for building and releasing desktop apps. We save companies month... . Live
Together W20 Entertainment Together is a privacy-first social app created by the former viral growth lead of Instagram . Live
Trimwire W20 Other SaaS Automated spend management software. . Live
TrueNorth W20 Other SaaS TrueNorth gives truckers a single place to manage their business. . Live
Trustle W20 Consumer Trustle gives parents of young children a dedicated expert in child development. . Live
Turing Labs Inc. W20 Other SaaS Turing AI helps consumer brands like Dove soap develop better product formulations faster. . Live
Upflow W20 Fintech Better cash collection for B2B businesses. . Live
UrbanKisaan W20 Agriculture Urbankisaan builds vertical farms in India and sells the produce via a subscription based app. . Live
Valienta W20 Other SaaS Valienta software makes it easy for any retailer to create, manage and deploy direct selling teams i... . Live
Visual One W20 Consumer AI for security cameras . Live
Viya W20 Real Estate Mobile first apartment rentals for LatAm . Live
Vori W20 Other SaaS Vori is a b2b wholesale app that streamlines ordering for supermarkets and wholesalers. . Live
Whatnot W20 Consumer Buy & Sell Authentic Collectibles . Live
Workbench W20 Other SaaS Modern manufacturing project management software (MPMS) . Live
WorkPay W20 Other SaaS HR and payroll processing from SMBs in Africa-Gusto for Africa. . Live
Yassir W20 Consumer Yassir is the leading Super App for French Speaking Africa targeting a population of 430M across 29 ... . Live
yBANQ W20 Fintech yBANQ is building a for India to simplify collections and reconciliation for large B2B busi... . Live
yearend W20 Fintech Optimize your equity and taxes in real-time. . Live
ZeFi W20 Fintech ZeFi is a global borderless USD account that enables people to send, receive and earn yields up to 7... . Live
Zelos W20 Entertainment A multi-game rewards program that allows gamers to earn points across different games and redeem in-... . Live
Zeo Auto W20 Other SaaS Route Planning and fleet management software. . Live
Zumo Labs W20 Dev Tools We use game engines to generate synthetic data for computer vision models. Diverse, unbiased, high-q... . Live
Zynq W20 Other SaaS Enterprise calendar built for efficient scheduling . Live