Y Combinator Entertainment Companies

Name Batch Category Description Status
3dot W15 Entertainment . Dead
9gag S12 Entertainment Make the world happier. . Live
Afrostream S15 Entertainment AFROSTREAM is Netflix for African-American and African content serving the European and African market. Afrostream targets the 15M people of African descent in Europe and 936M Africans in sub-Saharan Africa. . Dead
Answerly W10 Entertainment Each day we tweet the most entertaining, interesting and informative questions and answers from across the web, Twitter and http://t.co/T1lbLjstDH. . Dead
Anywhere.FM S07 Entertainment Anywhere.FM is a music player that enables users to upload music collections and play them anywhere from the web. . Exited
Ark W12 Entertainment Ark organizes the world's social information. . Dead
Assembled W11 Entertainment Pivoted to TenXList, a professional network of top college engineers. . Live
A Thinking Ape W08 Entertainment Mobile games. . Live
Audm S17 Entertainment Audm is a subscription service providing mini-audiobooks — word-for-word narrations — of longform articles from The New Yorker, The Atlantic, New York Magazine, POLITICO Magazine, WIRED, and many more publications. . Live
Awesometalk W14 Entertainment Free video calling without the hassle. . Dead
Beek W17 Entertainment Today: Biggest book review site in Latin America; Tomorrow: Biggest everything review site in Latin America . Live
Biographicon S07 Entertainment Biographicon is a wiki-based website containing biographies of famous and non-famous people. . Dead
Bitplay W10 Entertainment Effortless Video Meetings - Acquired by Jive Software in 2013 . Exited
Blitz Esports S15 Entertainment Blitz breaks down the complex world of esports and offers new perspectives on noteworthy, controversial, or impactful topics of the day. . Live
Blue Frog Gaming S07 Entertainment Blue Frog Gaming is a team of software craftsmen, pixel perfect artists, and game enthusiasts based in Ohio developing games. . Live
Bop.fm S13 Entertainment Canonical permalinks for songs. . Exited
Breaker W17 Entertainment A podcast company. . Live
Bump S09 Entertainment Bump, Flock, Photoroll (unreleased) => Google Photos . Exited
Cambly W14 Entertainment On-demand access to English tutors over video chat. . Live
Chillabit W16 Entertainment Chillabit is the best way to procrastinate! It’s a live feed of funny and relatable student stories that capture student life. From inside jokes to heart-felt stories, it is a place for sharing your thoughts and connecting around shared experiences. . Live
Claimspotting S08 Entertainment . Dead
College Pulse S18 Entertainment Social polling platform for college campuses. . Live
ConstructVR W16 Entertainment The simplest way to test, manage, and deploy VR/AR apps at scale. . Dead
Convore W11 Entertainment Hosted IRC and so much more. . Dead
Coub S16 Entertainment Coub is YouTube for video loops. You can take any video from YouTube, Facebook or upload your own. Trim it to the best part, mix it with other videos or add a soundtrack . Live
Couple W12 Entertainment App that connects two phones and creates a private timeline to share things with your girlfriend/boyfriend. It's somewhere between a Facebook timeline for your relationship, and SMS, so you have a more personal way to communicate. . Exited
Curious Fictions W18 Entertainment Patreon for professional authors. . Live
DailyBooth S09 Entertainment The daily picture taking social network. . Dead
Dating Ring W14 Entertainment In person matchmaking meets group dating. We do the work. You go on dates. . Dead
Deluux W08 Entertainment Deluux aims to relocate the center of people’s online identities to their personal websites instead of a single social network. . Dead
Demeanor.co S18 Entertainment Online courses taught by influencers. . Live
Divvyshot W09 Entertainment Divvyshot is a photo-sharing platform that enables users to share full resolution photos with friends. . Exited
Draftbit W18 Entertainment Draftbit is a new way to build cross-platform, native iOS and Android apps in minutes instead of months. . Live
Dropleaf S17 Entertainment Subscription service for all you can play indie PC games. . Dead
Echodio W09 Entertainment Echodio was the easiest way to sync and stream your personal music collection across multiple devices. Echodio was acquired by RealNetworks in 2009. . Exited
Emojer S18 Entertainment Enabling anyone to tell unique stories through animations. Create and share animated emojis from real photos in seconds. . Live
Escher Reality S17 Entertainment The backend for Augmented Reality. . Exited
Everyday.me S12 Entertainment Everyday.me - Record your life. Store it forever. . Live
Fabric S16 Entertainment echoworks is Arun Vijayvergiya and Nikolay Valtchanov, two former Facebook engineers. We make Fabric, an iOS app that automatically and privately catalogs your real-world experiences and interactions. . Live
FameGame S18 Entertainment Live and interactive TV shows for mobile - starting with American Idol meets HQ Trivia . Live
FamilyLeaf W12 Entertainment Bring your far-flung family closer together. Stay in touch with your family members' contact information, photos, and updates. . Exited
Fanvibe S10 Entertainment Fanvibe is a social platform for watching sports and communicating with others who are watching the same game. . Exited
FitFu W11 Entertainment New projects . Dead
Flagr W06 Entertainment Flagr enables users to share places, adding photos, video and descriptions from their mobile phone. . Dead
Focals W13 Entertainment Wearable computing hardware: biosignal gesture recognition . Live
Framebase S12 Entertainment API for video. . Dead
Fridge S10 Entertainment Disposable social networks. . Exited
FriendSpot S17 Entertainment FriendSpot is a group messaging app that helps you coordinate with your friends to meet up in the real world. . Live
Fuzzwich S07 Entertainment Fuzzwich is an online animation platform developed by Habit Industries. . Dead
Gamador W10 Entertainment Gamador develops social games and offers an analytics platform. . Dead
Gameday S17 Entertainment Play fantasy sports with friends on Facebook Messenger . Live
Gamelynx S17 Entertainment Competitive multiplayer mobile games. . Live
Genius S11 Entertainment Crowd-sourced explanations of song lyrics . Live
GlassMap S11 Entertainment Location sharing. Acquired by Groupon in 2013. . Exited
Goosebump S17 Entertainment Find the best electronic music events in a single message. . Live
GraffitiGeo S09 Entertainment We let you know where to go and what to get once you get there. (Acquired by Loopt in 2009) . Exited
Graffiti Labs S11 Entertainment Building game. http://playbuildy.com . Dead
Greo S17 Entertainment Greo is a mobile video app for conversations about current events. . Live
GroupAhead W15 Entertainment Improve communications with your group's own mobile app. . Live
Guggy S17 Entertainment Guggy is building the messaging app of the future with real time, NLP-based personalized GIFs . Live
Guilded S17 Entertainment Team management for eSports . Live
Habit Labs S10 Entertainment Friends motivate one another: I'll do x if you do y. . Dead
Her S15 Entertainment Social network for women who like women. . Live
Heroic Labs S15 Entertainment Social infrastructure for games and apps. We've built Nakama server. An open-source distributed server for social and realtime games and apps. . Live
Heysan W07 Entertainment Heysan was a mobile community and instant messaging service started in 2007 that quickly grew in popularity and raised seed and venture funding from Y Combinator, Khosla Ventures and Atomico. In May 2009 Heysan was acquired by Good Technology. . Exited
Heyzap W09 Entertainment Heyzap (acquired by Fyber for $45m in 2016) is one of the largest mobile mediation providers. . Exited
HighlightCam S09 Entertainment HighlightCam edits video, automatically! . Dead
Hipset S12 Entertainment The best way for artists to release new music and videos. . Dead
Humble Bundle W11 Entertainment Pay what you want for awesome games and other content while giving to charity. . Exited
Hungry Labs S11 Entertainment Now part of Snaplayer. . Dead
Hyperink W11 Entertainment Ebook publisher. . Dead
Hyperpad S14 Entertainment Hypercard for iPad. Allows non-technical people to create media rich interactive apps like mobile games then publish them to the App store as native apps with out writing a single line of code. . Live
iJigg S07 Entertainment iJigg offers a community-based platform that enables its users to listen, rate, and share songs with the other users. . Dead
Imgfave S12 Entertainment A fun image sharing community. . Dead
imHome S13 Entertainment We're creating technology to make families happier with a messaging app for the family . Dead
INKHUNTER S18 Entertainment Augmented Reality mobile app to try and buy tattoos . Live
InsiteVR W15 Entertainment Virtual Reality software for architecture and new construction. InsiteVR automates the process of going from 3D to VR and offers comprehensive VR presentation tools to help companies use VR to communicate new spaces and ideas to their clients. . Live
Jamglue S06 Entertainment Jamglue is an online community allowing users to listen or mix music from a library of user-contributed music. . Dead
Jerpix S13 Entertainment Digital, asynchronous collectible card game. . Dead
Jido Maps W18 Entertainment A lightweight API for persistent augmented reality. . Live
Jumpchat S06 Entertainment . Dead
JustSpotted S08 Entertainment Acquired by Google in 2011 . Exited
Kamcord S12 Entertainment Kamcord is a social media platform allowing its users to post and interact through video content. . Exited
Kickback W15 Entertainment Gambling in Video Games. . Live
Kirkland North W08 Entertainment . Dead
Koduco S10 Entertainment iPad games. . Dead
Launchpad Toys S11 Entertainment Creativity at Play. Tablet toys. Acquired by Google, 2015. . Exited
Likebetter S06 Entertainment An online personality test game, where you look at two photos and choose which one you “Like Better”. . Dead
Lollicam S16 Entertainment The easiest and funniest video creation app to create beautiful moments with your friends and family. It will connect all the contents from movie, animation, cartoon, game and any you love with your everyday life. . Live
Loom W12 Entertainment Cloud storage for photos and videos (acquired by Dropbox). . Exited
Loopt S05 Entertainment Loopt is a mobile application and website that connects people to their community. . Exited
LVL6 W12 Entertainment We make mobile MMOs. . Dead
Machine Zone W08 Entertainment Mobile games . Live
MatterPort W12 Entertainment Turn physical objects and environments into 3D models in seconds. . Live
Meetyu S07 Entertainment . Dead
MessageParty S10 Entertainment Local chat. . Dead
Meta S13 Entertainment Augmented reality glasses. . Live
Midnox W12 Entertainment Developers of Luma - a smart video camera for your mobile device. . Exited
MightyQuiz W08 Entertainment MightyQuiz, an online collection of user-generated quizzes, enables users to answer and rate quizzes via a distributable widget and the web. . Dead
Mino Games W11 Entertainment Mobile games company . Live
Mirror AI W17 Entertainment App that turns selfie photos into thousand emoji that look like you and your friends. . Live
MixerBox W14 Entertainment Unified Music Player . Live
Mixwit W08 Entertainment Online mixtape service (create and share mixtapes). Launched as part of W08 batch, stopped at the end of 2008 due to negative forecast for "grey area" online music services. Formed new partnership in 2009 as cloud.tv . Dead
mojo W18 Entertainment Create stunning Video Stories . Live
Molly W18 Entertainment Molly answers questions about people using AI . Live
muzmatch S17 Entertainment Where 400M single Muslims meet . Live
Nambii W09 Entertainment Dating Mobile Application . Dead
Newcope W10 Entertainment Virtual goods commerce . Dead
NewsBlur S12 Entertainment NewsBlur is a personal news reader that brings people together to talk about the world. A new sound of an old instrument. . Live
Nowmov W10 Entertainment Please check out our new product @nowbox! . Dead
OhLife S08 Entertainment OhLife is a personal journal that you'll actually keep. Every day we send you an email asking “How'd your day go?” You type as much as you . Dead
OMG Digital S16 Entertainment Content discovery platform for Africa . Live
Omgpop S06 Entertainment OMGPOP is a leading developer of social games for facebook, iphone and the open web. . Exited
Omnisio W08 Entertainment Edit and enhance online video. Acquired by Google in July 2008. . Exited
Opearlo S17 Entertainment Opearlo produces voice apps for Amazon Alexa and Google Home. . Live
Opzi S10 Entertainment Q&A for businesses. . Dead
Origami S11 Entertainment Everyme and Origami were mobile apps helping you stay in touch with your favorite people. Acquired by eFamily, team acqui-hired by Nest in 2013. . Dead
Parenthoods S14 Entertainment Communities for expecting and new parents. . Dead
Picurio W09 Entertainment Picurio is web-based photo sharing and photo management software. . Dead
Picwing S08 Entertainment Picwing is a photo sharing platform that enables users to share their photos through print and email. . Dead
Pigeonly W15 Entertainment Our unique platform makes it possible for people to easily search, find and communicate with their inmate using our consumer facing products. . Live
Playbook W18 Entertainment We make it easy to hang out with college students around you. . Live
Players' Lounge W18 Entertainment A marketplace to play video games against other people for money. . Live
PlayingViral W18 Entertainment PlayingViral is building a Salesforce for Southeast Asia . Live
Plexus W18 Entertainment High-performance gloves for VR and AR . Live
Plurchase S09 Entertainment Plurchase is an online social shopping site that allows their customers to chat with others. . Dead
Pollground S06 Entertainment Online polls. . Dead
Popcuts S08 Entertainment Popcuts is an online music store where fans participate in the success of the music they love. Every time someone buys a song you already own, you earn a part of those 99 cents – just for being a trendspotter. . Dead
Posterous S08 Entertainment Dead simple blogs by email . Exited
Posthaven S05 Entertainment Blogging forever . Dead
Precious W18 Entertainment AI to curate your baby photos . Live
Precognate S08 Entertainment . Dead
Pribbit S10 Entertainment Like Twitter but you post others' status. . Dead
Priime W15 Entertainment Priime is a company dedicated to advancements in technology around visual creative content like photography. We work heavily in native desktop, mobile, and web applications, as well as R&D in the blockchain space with the PRM platform. . Live
Product Hunt S14 Entertainment Hacker News for Products . Exited
Pro Player S15 Entertainment Pro Player is an e-learning platform for gamers that want to improve their skills and train for eSports competitions. . Dead
Pursuit S16 Entertainment Revlo helps broadcasters on Twitch engage and monetize their fan base. We do this by allowing broadcasters to create interaction opportunities for their fans at scale. . Live
Quit Genius W18 Entertainment A mobile app that delivers personalised therapy to help people quit smoking. . Live
Ready Education S16 Entertainment OOHLALA is building the mobile OS for higher education. We power over 150 institutions in 7 countries to improve student engagement and communication on campus. . Live
Reble S07 Entertainment Reble offers a software downloading solution for Windows that allows users to stream music from others who also havr Reble installed. . Dead
Recurious W09 Entertainment thesixtyone is a music discovery game that connects artists and fans. . Dead
Reddit S05 Entertainment The frontpage of the internet . Exited
ReelSurfer S12 Entertainment Clip and share any video from any website. . Dead
Relationship Hero S17 Entertainment Instant professional help for your romantic relationships via phone or live chat. . Live
Rhythmm W18 Entertainment Read interesting conversations . Live
Roundup W12 Entertainment Event organization, for your phone. . Dead
Scope AR S15 Entertainment Scope AR is the leading provider of User Guided Augmented Reality (AR) Training Solutions. We transform existing classroom manuals or documents into a simple, and intuitive visual instruction, based on a proven concept of “See-It, Do-It, Prove-It”. . Live
Scribd S06 Entertainment World's largest online library. . Live
Send Reality S18 Entertainment We make virtual walkthroughs of homes for real estate. Soon, anyone will be able to create immersive 3D walkthroughs of any place, using just their smartphone. . Live
Shred Video S15 Entertainment Shred Video builds automated video & photo systems that allow adventure tour operators to create and sell cinematic, shareable videos to their customers. . Live
Simmery S05 Entertainment . Dead
Simple Habit W17 Entertainment Simple Habit is the Netflix of meditation. The company has the world's largest curated library of 5 minute meditations, designed for different situations and moods. Try three months free @ https://www.simplehabit.com/redeem/YCFOUNDERS . Live
Sketchbox W18 Entertainment Photoshop for AR & VR . Live
SkyLights S16 Entertainment VR on planes as inflight entertainment . Live
Slinkset S08 Entertainment Votable lists . Exited
Snapjoy S11 Entertainment Photo library. . Exited
Snipshot W06 Entertainment We sold Snipshot to Ansa in 2013. . Exited
Socialbrowse W08 Entertainment SocialBrowse is a Firefox extension for sharing links. It has been described as a Twitter for links. . Dead
Socialcam W12 Entertainment The easiest way to share videos with friends and family. . Exited
Socialmoth W07 Entertainment Socialmoth is an online community allowing individuals to post and share their thoughts and ideas anonymously. . Dead
SocialPicks S07 Entertainment SocialPicks was a platform where stock investors could exchange ideas, track stock performance, and conduct research. Acquired by Financial Content in 2009. . Exited
Speak W17 Entertainment An AI English tutor that is the best way to become conversationally fluent in English. . Live
Splashup S07 Entertainment Splashup is a web-based image editor that integrates with Flickr, Facebook and Picasa. . Dead
Streamup W16 Entertainment Streamup is a live streaming community for music. We make it fun and easy to watch, chat with, and support your favorite musicians. . Dead
Streem S12 Entertainment Acquired by Box in June 2014. We built: (1) a native win/mac filesystem to access files in the cloud directly via native desktop apps with no syncing required; (2) an on-the-fly adaptive bitrate video transcoder for web/mobile streaming. . Exited
Supermedium W18 Entertainment Browser for the VR Internet. Surf thousands of VR apps on the Web without having to install any of them. . Live
Svbtle S12 Entertainment Curated blog network . Live
Talkito S06 Entertainment Looking for people to talk with in your city? Enjoy a chat with the fun. COMING SOON . Dead
Talkray W12 Entertainment Instantly talk or text to one or a group of friends at once with the touch of a button. No setup needed. Fast, simple and free - TiKL turns your phone into the ultimate Push To Talk (PTT) Walkie Talkie with instant messenger capability. . Live
Tap to Learn W12 Entertainment Games For Education . Live
Tarjimly W18 Entertainment Tarjimly connects refugees and aid workers with realtime translators using Facebook Messenger. We allow bilinguals to volunteer their language skills to help refugees and immigrants struggling to communicate with doctors, lawyers, and NGOs. . Live
Tech in Asia W15 Entertainment Tech in Asia is a media, events, and jobs platform for Asia’s tech communities. . Live
Teevox S10 Entertainment Teevox . Dead
The Athletic S16 Entertainment Subscription sports media. . Live
The Beat Drop S17 Entertainment Polly is a social polling app for Snapchat and Instagram stories. . Live
The Podcast App W18 Entertainment The fastest growing podcast player . Live
Tingles W18 Entertainment Tingles is a video platform for relaxation. It's the best place to find content that helps you relax and fall asleep. Our main focus is a video genre called ASMR, the biggest and fastest growing relaxation technique. . Live
TomoGuides S12 Entertainment Mobile travel guides done right. Personalized, context-aware, and offline-friendly! . Dead
Treehouse S08 Entertainment . Dead
Tress W17 Entertainment Tress is a social community for black women's hairstyles. We are building a social community for black women to discover hairstyle inspiration, find stylists, buy products and discuss their hair needs with an engaged community. . Live
Tsumobi W07 Entertainment Messaging. . Dead
Twitch W07 Entertainment Video game live streaming . Exited
Universe W18 Entertainment Make an awesome website—from your phone. . Live
Unnyhog W16 Entertainment Video game development company. We are creating unique and revolutionary games. We want to push game industry forward. . Live
Upbeat S10 Entertainment Upbeat: Building the next generation of Public Relations (PR) . Dead
Vanido S17 Entertainment Vanido is your personal AI music teacher, starting with singing. Available for iOS. . Live
Vapor S11 Entertainment In-video advertising. . Dead
Vertical W15 Entertainment A.I. Software for augmented reality experiences . Live
Visor W18 Entertainment Visor helps every gamer improve by analyzing their gameplay in real-time . Live
Volley W18 Entertainment Voice-controlled games on Alexa and Google Home . Live
Voxli W09 Entertainment Voxli offers browser-based group voice chat for gamers and teams. . Dead
Wakie W16 Entertainment WAKIE IS A VOICE CONVERSATION APP. Set a topic and call someone who is interested right away. . Live
Wavy W17 Entertainment Experience music and art in augmented reality . Live
Whereoscope S10 Entertainment Location-aware smartphone application that enables parents to keep track of their children, without battery drain. Acquired by Zynga and Facebook in 2011. . Exited
Whirlscape W14 Entertainment Mobile keyboards + emoji + deep learning. We make Dango. We also made the Minuum keyboard. . Live
Whitenoise W07 Entertainment Music industry social network . Dead
Wildfire S17 Entertainment Wildfire is a hyperlocal news app that notifies you in real-time when a major event (from safety to a celebrity sighting) occurs near you! . Live
Women.com S14 Entertainment Quora/Cosmo for women . Live
WriteWith W07 Entertainment Writewith is a collaborative writing web app that supports users in writing, editing and publishing documents with a group. . Dead
Youlicit S08 Entertainment Youlicit is a recommendation engine that enables users to get relevant recommendations based on personal interests. . Dead
YumDots W08 Entertainment Mobile restaurant search site . Dead
Zenedy W10 Entertainment Zenedy was started as a means to showcase information about obscure topics from around the web. . Dead
Zigfu S11 Entertainment Layer above Kinect. . Dead
Zipio W12 Entertainment Deal search service . Dead
Zip Phone S14 Entertainment Whatsapp for voice . Exited