Y Combinator Entertainment Companies

Name Batch Category Description Status
3dot W15 Entertainment . Dead
9gag S12 Entertainment Make the world happier. . Live
Adventurous Co W19 Entertainment Stories through physical locations. . Live
Afrostream S15 Entertainment AFROSTREAM is Netflix for African-American and African content serving the European and African mar... . Dead
Allo W19 Entertainment Allo is an app that helps neighboring families meet and help each other out. . Dead
Answerly W10 Entertainment Each day we tweet the most entertaining, interesting and informative questions and answers from across the web, Twitter and http://t.co/T1lbLjstDH. . Dead
Anywhere.FM S07 Entertainment Anywhere.FM is a music player that enables users to upload music collections and play them anywhere from the web. . Exited
Ark W12 Entertainment Ark organizes the world's social information. . Dead
Assembled W11 Entertainment Pivoted to TenXList, a professional network of top college engineers. . Live
A Thinking Ape W08 Entertainment Mobile games. . Live
Audm S17 Entertainment Audm is a subscription service providing mini-audiobooks — word-for-word narrations — of longform ar... . Exited
Awesometalk W14 Entertainment Free video calling without the hassle. . Dead
Balto W19 Entertainment Contest automation software targeting the $150B sports betting market . Dead
Basement W19 Entertainment The social network for your close friends. . Live
Beek W17 Entertainment Netflix for Audio . Live
Biographicon S07 Entertainment Biographicon is a wiki-based website containing biographies of famous and non-famous people. . Dead
Bitplay W10 Entertainment Effortless Video Meetings - Acquired by Jive Software in 2013 . Exited
Blitz Esports S15 Entertainment Blitz breaks down the complex world of esports and offers new perspectives on noteworthy, controvers... . Exited
Blue Frog Gaming S07 Entertainment Blue Frog Gaming is a team of software craftsmen, pixel perfect artists, and game enthusiasts based in Ohio developing games. . Live
Bop.fm S13 Entertainment Canonical permalinks for songs. . Exited
Breaker W17 Entertainment A podcast company. . Live
Bump S09 Entertainment Bump, Flock, Photoroll (unreleased) => Google Photos . Exited
Buy Me A Coffee W19 Entertainment Helping creators monetize . Live
Cambly W14 Entertainment On-demand access to English tutors over video chat. . Live
Chillabit W16 Entertainment Chillabit is the best way to procrastinate! It’s a live feed of funny and relatable student stories ... . Live
Claimspotting S08 Entertainment . Dead
Cocoon W19 Entertainment Bring your most important groups closer together . Live
College Pulse S18 Entertainment Research and analytics company focused on college students. . Live
ConstructVR W16 Entertainment The simplest way to test, manage, and deploy VR/AR apps at scale. . Dead
Convore W11 Entertainment Hosted IRC and so much more. . Dead
Coub S16 Entertainment Coub is YouTube for video loops. You can take any video from YouTube, Facebook or upload your own. T... . Dead
Couple W12 Entertainment App that connects two phones and creates a private timeline to share things with your girlfriend/bo... . Exited
Curious Fictions W18 Entertainment Patreon for professional authors. . Live
DailyBooth S09 Entertainment The daily picture taking social network. . Dead
Dating Ring W14 Entertainment In person matchmaking meets group dating. We do the work. You go on dates. . Dead
Deep Meditate W20 Entertainment Deep Meditate is an app that helps you de-stress, sleep, and re-energize with personalized meditatio... . Live
Deluux W08 Entertainment Deluux aims to relocate the center of people’s online identities to their personal websites instead of a single social network. . Dead
Demeanor.co S18 Entertainment Now part of thentwrk.com . Exited
Divvyshot W09 Entertainment Divvyshot is a photo-sharing platform that enables users to share full resolution photos with friends. . Exited
DreamCraft S18 Entertainment A platform lets video game creators to create and monetize games without programming . Live
Dropleaf S17 Entertainment Subscription service for all you can play indie PC games. . Dead
Echodio W09 Entertainment Echodio was the easiest way to sync and stream your personal music collection across multiple device... . Exited
Elpha S19 Entertainment Where women in tech talk candidly online . Live
Escher Reality S17 Entertainment The backend for Augmented Reality. . Exited
Everyday.me S12 Entertainment Everyday.me - Record your life. Store it forever. . Dead
Everyme S11 Entertainment The #1 private social network . Dead
Fabric S16 Entertainment echoworks is Arun Vijayvergiya and Nikolay Valtchanov, two former Facebook engineers. We make Fab... . Exited
Fad Mania S19 Entertainment Games with friends . Live
FameGame S18 Entertainment Live and interactive TV shows for mobile - starting with American Idol meets HQ Trivia . Dead
FamilyLeaf W12 Entertainment Help families stay in touch . Exited
Fanvibe S10 Entertainment Fanvibe is a social platform for watching sports and communicating with others who are watching the same game. . Exited
Figments S19 Entertainment The next version of the WWE for esports. . Live
FitFu W11 Entertainment New projects . Dead
Flagr W06 Entertainment Flagr enables users to share places, adding photos, video and descriptions from their mobile phone. . Dead
Framebase S12 Entertainment API for video. . Dead
Fridge S10 Entertainment Disposable social networks. . Exited
FriendSpot S17 Entertainment FriendSpot is a social app studio focused on helping teens spend less time scrolling through a feed,... . Live
Fuzzwich S07 Entertainment Fuzzwich is an online animation platform developed by Habit Industries. . Dead
Gamador W10 Entertainment Gamador develops social games and offers an analytics platform. . Dead
Gameday S17 Entertainment Play fantasy sports with friends on Facebook Messenger . Live
Gamelynx S17 Entertainment Easily watchable cross-platform competitive games. . Live
Genius S11 Entertainment Music Intelligence . Live
GlassMap S11 Entertainment Location sharing. Acquired by Groupon in 2013. . Exited
Glimpse W20 Entertainment 2 minute, one-on-one, video chats with your friends, and friends of friends. . Live
Goosebump S17 Entertainment Find the best electronic music events in a single message. . Dead
GraffitiGeo S09 Entertainment We let you know where to go and what to get once you get there. (Acquired by Loopt in 2009) . Exited
Graffiti Labs S11 Entertainment Building game. http://playbuildy.com . Dead
Greo S17 Entertainment Greo is a mobile video app for conversations about current events. . Dead
GroupAhead W15 Entertainment Improve communications with your group's own mobile app. . Live
Guggy S17 Entertainment Guggy is building the messaging app of the future with real time, NLP-based personalized GIFs . Dead
Guilded S17 Entertainment Chat for gaming communities . Live
Habit Labs S10 Entertainment Friends motivate one another: I'll do x if you do y. . Dead
HER S15 Entertainment HER helps lesbian, bisexual and queer people meet each other . Live
Heroic Labs S15 Entertainment Social infrastructure for games and apps. We build Nakama server. An open-source distributed server ... . Live
Heysan W07 Entertainment Heysan was a mobile messenger and community . Exited
Heyzap W09 Entertainment Heyzap (acquired by Fyber for $45m in 2016) is one of the largest mobile mediation providers. . Exited
HighlightCam S09 Entertainment HighlightCam edits video, automatically! . Dead
Highrise S18 Entertainment Highrise is a creative virtual world where people can express themselves in unique and authentic way... . Live
Hipset S12 Entertainment The best way for artists to release new music and videos. . Dead
Humble Bundle W11 Entertainment Pay what you want for awesome games and other content while giving to charity. . Exited
Hungry Labs S11 Entertainment Now part of Snaplayer. . Dead
Hyperink W11 Entertainment Ebook publisher. . Dead
Hyperpad S14 Entertainment Create, Share, Play Mobile Games on the iPad. . Live
HYPHY W20 Entertainment Hyphy is a marketplace where anyone can sell their original photos and videos to brands. . Live
iJigg S07 Entertainment iJigg offers a community-based platform that enables its users to listen, rate, and share songs with the other users. . Dead
Imgfave S12 Entertainment A fun image sharing community. . Dead
imHome S13 Entertainment We're creating technology to make families happier with a messaging app for the family . Dead
INKHUNTER S18 Entertainment Augmented Reality mobile app to try and buy tattoos . Dead
InsiteVR W15 Entertainment VR meeting software for construction teams to find potential field issues earlier. Our mission is to... . Live
Ixora S18 Entertainment We create the digital outdoor environment for a movie. . Live
Jamglue S06 Entertainment Jamglue is a music remixing community on the web. . Dead
Jamiphy W20 Entertainment TikTok for Musicians . Live
Jido Maps W18 Entertainment A lightweight API for persistent augmented reality. . Live
Jumpchat S06 Entertainment . Dead
JustSpotted S08 Entertainment Acquired by Google in 2011 . Exited
Kalshi W19 Entertainment Kalshi is an exchange where people can trade on anything with anyone. It can be on questions from "W... . Live
Kamcord S12 Entertainment Kamcord is a social media platform allowing its users to post and interact through video content. . Exited
Khabri S19 Entertainment India's Largest Podcast Platform . Live
Kickback W15 Entertainment Gambling in Video Games. . Live
Kirkland North W08 Entertainment . Dead
Koduco S10 Entertainment iPad games. . Dead
Launchpad Toys S11 Entertainment Creativity at Play. Tablet toys. Acquired by Google, 2015. . Exited
Legionfarm W20 Entertainment LegionFarm connects gamers with in-game training and assistance from professional players . Live
Likebetter S06 Entertainment An online personality test game, where you look at two photos and choose which one you “Like Better”. . Dead
Listle S19 Entertainment Listle allows people to listen to the best articles on the Internet. . Live
Lokal S19 Entertainment Local news, information and classifieds for India's small town users . Live
Loom W12 Entertainment Cloud storage for photos and videos (acquired by Dropbox). . Exited
Loopt S05 Entertainment Loopt is a mobile application and website that connects people to their community. . Exited
LVL6 W12 Entertainment We make mobile MMOs. . Dead
Machine Zone W08 Entertainment Mobile games . Exited
MatterPort W12 Entertainment Turn physical objects and environments into 3D models in seconds. . Live
Mayhem W18 Entertainment Mayhem is the easiest way to play with your gaming community. . Live
Meetyu S07 Entertainment . Dead
MessageParty S10 Entertainment Local chat. . Dead
Meta S13 Entertainment Augmented reality glasses. . Dead
Midnox W12 Entertainment Makers of Luma - a smart video camera for iOS. . Exited
MightyQuiz W08 Entertainment MightyQuiz, an online collection of user-generated quizzes, enables users to answer and rate quizzes via a distributable widget and the web. . Dead
Mino Games W11 Entertainment Mobile games company . Live
Mirror AI W17 Entertainment App that turns selfie photos into thousand emoji that look like you and your friends. . Live
MixerBox W14 Entertainment Unified Music Player . Live
Mixwit W08 Entertainment Online mixtape service (create and share mixtapes). Launched as part of W08 batch, stopped at the en... . Dead
mojo W18 Entertainment Create animated social stories . Live
Multiverse W20 Entertainment Multiverse is a web-based game creation system inspired by Dungeons & Dragons and Roblox with a mark... . Live
muzmatch S17 Entertainment Where Single Muslims meet . Live
Nambii W09 Entertainment Dating Mobile Application . Dead
Nestor S18 Entertainment Intelligent employee coaching tool . Live
Newcope W10 Entertainment Virtual goods commerce . Dead
NewsBlur S12 Entertainment NewsBlur is an RSS news reader with intelligence. . Live
North W13 Entertainment Wearable computing hardware: biosignal gesture recognition . Live
Nowmov W10 Entertainment Nowmov solving the video discovery problem. . Dead
Obsidian Labs W18 Entertainment Obsidian Labs focus on building blockchain products and developer tools for dApp ecosystem. . Dead
OhLife S08 Entertainment OhLife is a personal journal that you'll actually keep. Every day we send you an email asking “How'd your day go?” You type as much as you . Dead
OMG Digital S16 Entertainment Content discovery platform for Africa . Live
Omgpop S06 Entertainment OMGPOP is a leading developer of social games for facebook, iphone and the open web. . Exited
Omnisio W08 Entertainment Edit and enhance online video. Acquired by Google in July 2008. . Exited
Opearlo S17 Entertainment Opearlo produces voice apps for Amazon Alexa and Google Home. . Exited
OpenSea W18 Entertainment OpenSea is the first and largest marketplace for digital goods. . Live
Opzi S10 Entertainment Q&A for businesses. . Dead
Paneau W20 Entertainment Tablets inside Uber/Lyfts to advertise directly to riders . Live
Parenthoods S14 Entertainment Communities for expecting and new parents. . Dead
Picurio W09 Entertainment Picurio is web-based photo sharing and photo management software. . Dead
Picwing S08 Entertainment Picwing is a photo sharing platform that enables users to share their photos through print and email. . Dead
Pigeonly W15 Entertainment The affordable way to search, find & communicate with an incarcerated loved one . Live
Placenote W15 Entertainment A.I. Software for augmented reality experiences . Live
Playbook W18 Entertainment We make it easy to hang out with college students around you. . Live
Players' Lounge W18 Entertainment Play video games against other people for money . Live
Plexus W18 Entertainment High-performance gloves for VR and AR . Live
Plurchase S09 Entertainment Plurchase is an online social shopping site that allows their customers to chat with others. . Dead
Pollground S06 Entertainment Online polls. . Dead
Polly S17 Entertainment Polly is a social polling app for Snapchat and Instagram stories. . Live
Popcuts S08 Entertainment Popcuts is an online music store where fans participate in the success of the music they love. Every... . Dead
Posterous S08 Entertainment Dead simple blogs by email . Exited
Posthaven S05 Entertainment Blogging forever . Live
Precious W18 Entertainment AI to curate your baby photos . Live
Precognate S08 Entertainment . Dead
Pribbit S10 Entertainment Like Twitter but you post others' status. . Dead
Priime W15 Entertainment Priime is a company dedicated to advancements in technology around visual creative content like phot... . Live
Product Hunt S14 Entertainment Hacker News for Products . Exited
Pro Player S15 Entertainment Pro Player is an e-learning platform for gamers that want to improve their skills and train for eSpo... . Dead
Pursuit S16 Entertainment Revlo helps broadcasters on Twitch engage and monetize their fan base. We do this by allowing broadc... . Exited
Quit Genius W18 Entertainment A mobile app that delivers personalised therapy to help people quit smoking. . Live
rct studio W19 Entertainment rct is a creative studio harnessing cutting-edge technology to offer a fully immersive, movie-like e... . Live
Ready Education S16 Entertainment OOHLALA is building the mobile OS for higher education. We power over 150 institutions in 7 countrie... . Live
Reble S07 Entertainment P2P Music Sharing . Dead
Recurious W09 Entertainment thesixtyone is a music discovery game that connects artists and fans. . Dead
Reddit S05 Entertainment The frontpage of the internet. . Exited
ReelSurfer S12 Entertainment Clip and share any video from any website. . Dead
Relationship Hero S17 Entertainment Professional dating & relationship coaching . Live
Replika W15 Entertainment Replika is an AI friend that you can talk to designed to make you feel better . Live
Revel S19 Entertainment The modern community for women over 50 . Live
Rhythmm W18 Entertainment Read interesting conversations . Dead
Room Service S19 Entertainment Real time collaboration as a service. . Live
Rosebud AI S19 Entertainment Software generated photos for advertising and marketing. . Live
Roundup W12 Entertainment Modern calendaring, for your phone. . Dead
Rune W19 Entertainment Rune connects mobile gamers on voice chat and finds them teammates . Live
Satchel S18 Entertainment Make more informed decisions about SaaS . Live
Scope AR S15 Entertainment Scope AR is the leading provider of User Guided Augmented Reality (AR) Solutions. We transform exis... . Live
Scribd S06 Entertainment World's largest online library. . Live
Seerslab S16 Entertainment We are providing AR technologies and contents to app developers . Live
Shred Video S15 Entertainment Shred Video builds automated video & photo systems that allow adventure tour operators to create and... . Live
Simmery S05 Entertainment . Dead
Simple Habit W17 Entertainment Simple Habit is the Netflix of meditation. The company has the world's largest curated library of 5 ... . Live
Sketchbox W18 Entertainment Wordpress for AR & VR . Live
SkyLights S16 Entertainment Premium immersive cinematic VR entertainment for captive audiences . Live
Slinkset S08 Entertainment Votable lists . Exited
Snapjoy S11 Entertainment Photo library. . Exited
Snipshot W06 Entertainment We sold Snipshot to Ansa in 2013. . Exited
Socialbrowse W08 Entertainment SocialBrowse is a Firefox extension for sharing links. It has been described as a Twitter for links. . Dead
Socialcam W12 Entertainment The easiest way to share videos with friends and family. . Exited
Socialmoth W07 Entertainment Socialmoth is an online community allowing individuals to post and share their thoughts and ideas anonymously. . Dead
SocialPicks S07 Entertainment SocialPicks was a platform where stock investors could exchange ideas, track stock performance, and ... . Exited
Speak W17 Entertainment An AI English tutor that is the best way to become conversationally fluent in English. . Live
Splashup S07 Entertainment Splashup is a web-based image editor that integrates with Flickr, Facebook and Picasa. . Dead
Squad W18 Entertainment Squad is a face-to-face messenger for sharing your phone screen with friends . Live
stoic. S19 Entertainment mental health tracker app. . Live
Stories Inc. S17 Entertainment . Live
Streamup W16 Entertainment Streamup is a live streaming community for music. We make it fun and easy to watch, chat with, and s... . Dead
Streem S12 Entertainment Acquired by Box in June 2014. We built: (1) a native win/mac filesystem to access files in the cloud... . Exited
Super W18 Entertainment Super is an agent-led commerce app for Indonesia . Live
Supermedium W18 Entertainment Building VR utilities. . Live
Svbtle S12 Entertainment A publishing platform. . Live
TagMango W20 Entertainment TagMango is a marketplace to book personalized video shoutouts from your favourite influencers and c... . Live
Talkito S06 Entertainment Looking for people to talk with in your city? Enjoy a chat with the fun. COMING SOON . Dead
Talkray W12 Entertainment Instantly talk or text to one or a group of friends at once with the touch of a button. No setup nee... . Live
Tap to Learn W12 Entertainment Games For Education . Live
Tarjimly W18 Entertainment Tarjimly connects refugees and aid workers with realtime translators using Facebook Messenger. We al... . Live
Tech in Asia W15 Entertainment Tech in Asia (YC W15) is the largest English-language technology media company that focuses on Asia. . Live
Teevox S10 Entertainment Teevox . Dead
The Athletic S16 Entertainment Subscription sports media. . Live
The Juggernaut W19 Entertainment A premium publication for South Asian stories . Live
The Podcast App W18 Entertainment Discover podcasts that will make you 1% better, every day . Live
Thunderpod W20 Entertainment Social Fitness App where content is consumed in the form of challenges! . Live
Tingles W18 Entertainment Find content that helps you relax and fall asleep. . Live
Together W20 Entertainment Together is a privacy-first social app created by the former viral growth lead of Instagram . Live
TomoGuides S12 Entertainment Mobile travel guides done right. Personalized, context-aware, and offline-friendly! . Dead
Treehouse S08 Entertainment . Dead
Tress W17 Entertainment Tress is a social community for black women's hairstyles. We are building a social community for bla... . Dead
Tsumobi W07 Entertainment Messaging. . Dead
Twitch W07 Entertainment Video game live streaming . Exited
Universe W18 Entertainment Design and build any kind of website. On your iPhone or iPad. . Live
Unnyhog W16 Entertainment Video game development company. We are creating unique and revolutionary games. We want to push ga... . Dead
Upbeat S10 Entertainment Upbeat: Building the next generation of Public Relations (PR) . Dead
Vanido S17 Entertainment Vanido is a wellness company focused on the voice. . Live
Vapor S11 Entertainment In-video advertising. . Dead
Vectordash W19 Entertainment Play high-end PC games on your laptop by streaming them. . Live
Volley W18 Entertainment Voice-controlled entertainment on Alexa and Google Assistant . Live
Voxli W09 Entertainment Voxli offers browser-based group voice chat for gamers and teams. . Dead
Wakie W16 Entertainment A social app for phone calls. Express yourself and make real friends. . Live
Wanderlog W19 Entertainment Google Docs for planning leisure travel with your friends' recommendations . Live
Wavy W17 Entertainment Experience music and art in augmented reality . Exited
Whereoscope S10 Entertainment Location-aware smartphone application that enables parents to keep track of their children, without ... . Exited
Whirlscape W14 Entertainment Mobile keyboards + emoji + deep learning. We make Dango. We also made the Minuum keyboard. . Dead
Whitenoise W07 Entertainment Music industry social network . Dead
Wildfire S17 Entertainment Wildfire keeps you informed of important events happening nearby, & makes it easy to spread the word... . Live
Windwalk Games W19 Entertainment Enemy on Board is an online, multiplayer game that combines the deception of Mafia with the action-p... . Live
Withfriends W19 Entertainment Withfriends runs membership programs for small businesses. . Live
Women.com S14 Entertainment Quora/Cosmo for women . Live
WriteWith W07 Entertainment Writewith is a collaborative writing web app that supports users in writing, editing and publishing documents with a group. . Dead
Youlicit S08 Entertainment Youlicit is a recommendation engine that enables users to get relevant recommendations based on personal interests. . Dead
YumDots W08 Entertainment Mobile restaurant search site . Dead
Zelos W20 Entertainment A multi-game rewards program that allows gamers to earn points across different games and redeem in-... . Live
Zenedy W10 Entertainment Zenedy was started as a means to showcase information about obscure topics from around the web. . Dead
Zenith S19 Entertainment We're bringing Ready Player One to life with a massively multiplayer online world. Zenith is the fir... . Live
Zigfu S11 Entertainment Layer above Kinect. . Dead
Zipio W12 Entertainment Deal search service . Dead
Zip Phone S14 Entertainment Whatsapp for voice . Exited