Companies in Y Combinator S11 Batch

Name Batch Category Description Status
AgileMD S11 Healthcare Productivity software for hospitals; predictive analytics and prescriptive guidance embedded within the electronic medical record. . Live
Aisle50 S11 Consumer Grocery deals. . Dead
Apollo S11 Other SaaS We make Apollo, the leading GraphQL implementation. (We are also the team that built Meteor, the JavaScript framework.) . Live
Automatic S11 Consumer Automatic connects your car to the rest of your digital life. . Exited
Caviar S11 Consumer Uber for food. . Exited
Citus Data S11 Other SaaS Real-time. Big data. PostgreSQL . Exited
Clerky S11 Other SaaS We build software to make legal paperwork easy for startups and their attorneys. . Live
Clutch S11 Dev Tools An easy to integrate library for native iOS applications designed to help you develop faster and deploy instantly. . Exited
Codecademy S11 Education Codecademy teaches the world the skills they need to get the jobs they want. . Live
Compose S11 Other SaaS We make it easy to run databases. PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, and RethinkDB. . Exited
Cryptoseal S11 Other SaaS Server key management, VPN as a Service, Privacy VPN. Sold to CloudFlare in 2014. . Exited
Debteye S11 Fintech Automate credit counseling. . Dead
Draft S11 Other SaaS Making Draft. Super simple version control and collaboration for writers. . Live
Dubjoy S11 Other SaaS Dubjoy translates and voice-overs your video to any language . Dead
Embark S11 Consumer Public transit apps. Acquired by Apple in 2013. . Exited
Firebase S11 Other SaaS App success made simple. An app platform to develop high-quality apps, grow your user base, and earn more money. Acquired by Google. . Exited
Fobo S11 Consumer Sell to people nearby. . Dead
Freshplum S11 Other SaaS Analytics with action . Exited
Genius S11 Entertainment Crowd-sourced explanations of song lyrics . Live
GlassMap S11 Entertainment Location sharing. Acquired by Groupon in 2013. . Exited
GoCardless S11 Fintech Replace credit cards online. . Live
Graffiti Labs S11 Entertainment Building game. . Dead
HackerRank S11 Other SaaS Programmer IQ . Live
Hungry Labs S11 Entertainment Now part of Snaplayer. . Dead
Imgix S11 Other SaaS Responsive images as a service, delivered by CDN. . Live
Interstate S11 Other SaaS Create & Share Product Roadmaps . Dead
Kicksend S11 Consumer Send and print photo albums with people you love. Acquired by Lyft . Exited
Launchpad Toys S11 Entertainment Creativity at Play. Tablet toys. Acquired by Google, 2015. . Exited
LeadGenius S11 Other SaaS LeadGenius is an account-based marketing and lead generation platform. LeadGenius uses a unique combination of machine learning and human intelligence to help B2B marketing and sales teams find and connect with their ideal accounts. . Live
Leaky S11 Fintech Online auto and business insurance. (Acquired 2013) . Exited
MarketBrief S11 Fintech Generate stories from SEC filings. . Dead
MixRank S11 Other SaaS Data platform for sales, advertising, mobile, web, and business intelligence. . Live
OneSignal S11 Dev Tools OneSignal provides a simple interface to push notifications. OneSignal lets content creators focus on quality user engagement instead of complex implementation. Our goal is to democratize push communication for everyone. . Live
Opez S11 Consumer Yelp for service pros. . Dead
Origami S11 Entertainment Everyme and Origami were mobile apps helping you stay in touch with your favorite people. Acquired by eFamily, team acqui-hired by Nest in 2013. . Dead
Pagelever S11 Other SaaS Facebook analytics. Acquired by Unified in January 2013. . Exited
Parse S11 Dev Tools Parse is the easiest way to build apps. . Exited
PayDragon S11 Consumer Hyperlinking the real world. . Dead
PayStack S11 Fintech . Dead
Perfect Audience S11 Other SaaS Self-service display advertising for SaaS and online retail. . Exited
Picplum S11 Consumer Picplum is a photo printing service that is the perfect addition to any family with young children. . Dead
Pingm S11 Other SaaS Phone system for sales teams. . Dead
Proxino S11 Other SaaS Javascript proxy. . Dead
Quad S11 Education Quad is where college students get things done. . Live
Quartzy S11 Healthcare Marketplace for life science supplies. . Live
Realm S11 Other SaaS Better data structures = no DB. . Exited
Rentobo S11 Real Estate The easiest way to find a tenant. Rentobo is a tool that makes it easy for rental landlords and property managers to advertise their listings and accept rental applications online. . Exited
Ridejoy S11 Consumer Long-distance carpooling marketplace. Shut down in early 2013. . Dead
Science Exchange S11 Healthcare Science Exchange's mission is to enable breakthrough scientific research. We connect researchers and service providers through our online marketplace and promote scientific collaboration that will help improve the quality and efficiency of research. . Live
Segment S11 Other SaaS Segment is the analytics infrastructure that helps collect and organize data so businesses make better decisions. . Live
Sift Science S11 Other SaaS We use machine learning to power Trust & Safety for thousands of online businesses; eliminating chargebacks, fake accounts, account takeover, and spam, and reducing user friction to drive growth. . Live
Snapjoy S11 Entertainment Photo library. . Exited
Streak S11 Other SaaS Streak transforms Gmail into a customizable CRM and process management tool. Our products service thousands of businesses, we’re growing fast, we’re profitable and we’re still a small team. . Live
Stypi S11 Other SaaS Realtime collaborative coding . Exited
TapEngage S11 Other SaaS Tablet ad network, acquired by Dropbox in July 2012 . Exited
Vapor S11 Entertainment In-video advertising. . Dead
Verbling S11 Education Language learning through video chat. . Live
Videopixie S11 Other SaaS Marketplace for Video Production Services. We help you hire the best video creators for your projects. Just post a project and you'll receive 5-10 bids from pre-selected video teams. You pick the team with the best idea, style and price. . Live
Vidyard S11 Other SaaS YouTube for business. . Live
Zenbox S11 Other SaaS Brings dozens of SaaS's (Mailchimp, Stripe, Shopify, Salesforce, etc.) into Gmail. . Dead
Zeus S11 Real Estate Tech-enabled property manager focused on corporate rentals . Live
Zigfu S11 Entertainment Layer above Kinect. . Dead