Y Combinator Resources Companies

Name Batch Category Description Status
Advano S17 Resources Advano's silicon nanoparticles dramatically increase the energy density lithium-ion batteries 30-40% without sacrificing battery life or increasing the battery cost. Better batteries for ioT, consumer electronics, and EVs. . Live
Airthium S17 Resources We make large scale (1MW+) thermodynamic energy storage systems. . Live
Bright W15 Resources SolarCity for developing world . Live
Buypower W17 Resources Buypower is the Paypal of Africa starting from Nigeria by making the purchase of electricity extremely easy for Africans. We light up homes at the click of a button. . Live
FlowCommand W16 Resources using ultrasonics + ml to analyze fluid behavior at infrastructure scale (targeting oil wells and pipelines first) . Live
GBatteries W14 Resources Enabling li-ion batteries to charge ultra fast without compromising cycle life. . Live
Green Energy Exchange W19 Resources We deliver affordable renewable energy direct to customers and are creating a business to make green energy accessible to everyone. . Live
GTRACK Technologies S16 Resources Nanoparticle tracers for reservoir characterization during hydraulic fracturing. . Live
Helion S14 Resources Fusion, the future of energy. . Live
Hopper W18 Resources . Dead
Millibatt W17 Resources Millibatt makes world's smallest and most customizable batteries. Millibatt's new small battery technology delivers more than 2x higher energy density than existing small batteries. . Live
MineralSoft W16 Resources Data management platform for oil & gas assets . Exited
NextDrop S17 Resources NextDrop is the water marketplace for urban India. We connect water buyers with suppliers. . Live
Ohm S15 Resources Never jump start your car again. . Dead
Oklo S14 Resources Emission free, always on power. . Live
Oolu S15 Resources Oolu is the SolarCity for West Africa. We lease solar systems with bright lights and cell charging to some of the 25M households who now spend 2x more on candles and kerosene. . Live
Pachama W19 Resources Marketplace for Carbon Credits. We're bringing online the $80B carbon market, which is growing 50% YoY after the Paris Accord. . Live
Prometheus W19 Resources We remove CO2 from the air and turn it into gasoline . Live
Reach Labs S15 Resources Long-range wireless power enabling the next generation of devices. . Live
Saratoga Energy W19 Resources We sell better carbon nanotubes at one-twentieth the price. Carbon nanotubes are used in a variety of markets and applications such as aerospace, batteries, high-strength roads and concrete, as well as carbon fiber. . Live
Sunfolding S17 Resources Sunfolding builds next generation infrastructure for solar farms. By replacing mechanical parts with air, we eliminate installation complexity and maintenance headaches, leading to much lower end-to-end project costs over the lifetime of the farm. . Live
Validere S16 Resources Validere makes a handheld device that provides instant testing of liquid products to large industries. Validere brings lab testing to the field by replacing the need for trained technicians to conduct analytical testing. . Live
Valor Water Analytics W15 Resources Valor Water Analytics delivers a SaaS platform to utilities to detect and address water loss. . Exited
WATERFX S17 Resources The world's first 100% sustainable water provider (aka alternative water utility). We use solar desalination to generate fresh water from unusable water, anywhere in the world. . Live