Y Combinator Resources Companies

Name Batch Category Description Status
Advano S17 Resources Advano is a battery technology company that improve the longevity of lithium-ion batteries using adv... . Live
Airthium S17 Resources We make large scale (1MW+) thermodynamic energy storage systems. . Live
Bright W15 Resources Sunrun for the developing world . Live
Buypower W17 Resources Buypower is the Paypal of Africa starting from Nigeria by making the purchase of electricity extreme... . Live
Carbic W16 Resources using ultrasonics + ml to analyze fluid behavior at infrastructure scale (targeting oil wells and pi... . Live
EARTH AI S19 Resources EARTH AI is the world’s most efficient mineral explorer, we find new deposits of metals worth $10-10... . Live
GBatteries W14 Resources Enabling li-ion batteries to charge ultra fast without compromising cycle life. . Live
Green Energy Exchange W19 Resources We deliver affordable renewable energy direct to customers and are creating a business to make green... . Live
GTRACK Technologies S16 Resources Nanoparticle tracers for reservoir characterization during hydraulic fracturing. . Dead
Helion S14 Resources Breaking the Fusion Barrier . Live
Holy Grail Inc S19 Resources Superintelligence for complex research and optimization problems . Live
Hopper W18 Resources . Dead
Millibatt W17 Resources Millibatt makes world's smallest and most customizable batteries. Millibatt's new small battery tech... . Live
MineralSoft W16 Resources Data management platform for oil & gas assets . Exited
NextDrop S17 Resources NextDrop is the water marketplace for urban India. We connect water buyers with suppliers. . Live
Ohm S15 Resources Never jump start your car again. . Dead
Oklo S14 Resources Emission free, always on power. . Live
Oolu S15 Resources Oolu is a social enterprise that finances high quality solar products to rural West African househol... . Live
Pachama W19 Resources Marketplace for Forest Carbon Offsetting . Live
Prometheus W19 Resources We remove CO2 from the air and turn it into gasoline . Live
Reach Labs S15 Resources Long-range wireless power enabling the next generation of devices. . Live
Saratoga Energy W19 Resources We sell better carbon nanotubes at one-twentieth the price. Carbon nanotubes are used in a variety o... . Live
SINAI W20 Resources Enterprise software that defines a price on carbon emissions, manage carbon taxes and reduce emissio... . Live
Sunfolding S17 Resources Sunfolding builds next generation infrastructure for solar farms. By replacing mechanical parts wit... . Live
Validere S16 Resources AI & IoT intelligence to optimize oil and gas quality, logistics and trading . Live
Valor Water Analytics W15 Resources Valor Water Analytics delivers a SaaS platform to utilities to detect and address water loss. . Exited
WATERFX S17 Resources The world's first 100% sustainable water provider (aka alternative water utility). We use solar desa... . Dead