Top 100 YC Companies by

Amount of funding in USD based on funding data from multiple sources including Clearbit. May not include undisclosed or recently-raised funding. Source: Clearbit.

Chart Funding for All Companies Chart Funding vs. Other Metrics
Rank Name Batch Category Description Funding
1 Airbnb W09 Consumer Book accommodations around the world $6,000.3m
2 Cruise W14 Transport Self-driving cars. $5,668.8m
3 Instacart S12 Consumer The North American leader in online grocery $2,245.8m
4 DoorDash S13 Consumer Restaurant delivery. $2,100.0m
5 Dropbox S07 Other SaaS Backup and share files in the cloud. $2,057.2m
6 Stripe S09 Fintech Online payments. $1,635.0m
7 Rappi W16 Consumer Rappi delivers in minutes groceries, cash, clothing, burgers and more. Everything in Bogotá and Mexi... $1,392.0m
8 Flexport W14 Other SaaS Flexport's mission is to make global trade easier for everybody. We are connecting humanity in a sea... $1,304.0m
9 Brex W17 Fintech Brex is rebuilding B2B financial products $732.1m
10 Ginkgo Bioworks S14 Healthcare Our mission is to make biology easier to engineer. $719.1m
11 Zenefits W13 Other SaaS HR for small businesses: onboarding, payroll and benefits. $583.6m
12 Coinbase S12 Fintech Coinbase is a secure platform that makes it easy to buy and sell cryptocurrency $560.5m
13 Reddit S05 Entertainment The frontpage of the internet. $550.1m
14 Gusto W12 Other SaaS Gusto is a modern, online people platform that helps small businesses take care of their teams. $516.1m
15 GitLab W15 Dev Tools GitLab is a complete DevOps platform, delivered as a single application. $436.2m
16 Machine Zone W08 Entertainment Mobile games $390.3m
17 LendUp W12 Fintech LendUp is a socially responsible company on a mission to redefine financial services for the emergin... $361.5m
18 Docker S10 Other SaaS App store for server configurations. $345.8m
19 1000Memories S10 Consumer Memorial sites. $333.2m
20 Checkr S14 Other SaaS We're modernizing how background checks are done. $309.0m
21 North W13 Entertainment Wearable computing hardware: biosignal gesture recognition $299.6m
22 CoreOS S13 Other SaaS Enterprise Linux distribution that dramatically improves security and speed of application deploymen... $298.0m
23 Segment S11 Other SaaS Segment is the analytics infrastructure that helps collect and organize data so businesses make bett... $283.7m
24 Faire W17 Other SaaS Faire is a marketplace empowering retailers to discover and try products risk-free, while helping ma... $266.0m
25 Protocol Labs S14 Other SaaS IPFS -- new hypermedia distribution protocol to replace HTTP (git + bittorrent) Filecoin -- crypt... $255.0m
26 Rigetti Computing S14 Industrial Quantum coherent supercomputing. $254.0m
27 Optimizely W10 Dev Tools A/B testing. $251.2m
28 Boom W16 Aerospace Mainstream supersonic passenger airplanes $241.0m
29 MBX W14 Consumer Beauty/Personal Care $229.6m
30 Podium W16 Other SaaS Podium is an interaction platform for local businesses. $217.6m
31 Meesho S16 Other SaaS Meesho is the simplest way for Indie sellers in India to setup, manage and grow their business on Fa... $215.2m
32 Amplitude W12 Other SaaS Amplitude is the comprehensive product analytics software for web and mobile $186.0m
33 Relativity Space W16 Aerospace Relativity is creating a revolutionary autonomous platform to build the future of humanity in space.... $185.7m
34 Algolia W14 Dev Tools Algolia offers a developer-friendly and enterprise-grade search API $184.3m
35 Airware W13 Aerospace Airware provides end-to-end solutions that enable enterprises to digitize their business and turn ae... $184.1m
36 PagerDuty S10 Dev Tools Notify you about server troubles. $173.6m
37 MemSQL W11 Other SaaS The Cloud-Native, Operational Database Built for Speed and Scale $158.1m
38 Weave W14 Other SaaS Customer Communication and Payments Platform $152.5m
39 Atrium W18 Other SaaS Modern law firm for startups powered by proprietary technology $151.0m
40 Drivezy S16 Consumer India's largest vehicle sharing platform, turning people's vehicles into earning members of the fami... $149.3m
41 The Athletic S16 Entertainment Subscription sports media. $139.5m
42 Front S14 Other SaaS Collaborative Inbox for Companies $138.3m
43 GO1 S15 Other SaaS GO1 is the world’s largest provider of employee compliance and professional development training. $136.1m
44 Skip W18 Consumer Electric scooters for reliable last-mile transportation. $131.0m
45 ClearTax W14 Fintech Intuit of India. $130.3m
46 PlanGrid W12 Real Estate We build mobile applications for the construction industry $128.1m
47 Razorpay W15 Fintech A full stack payment platform for India $124.7m
48 Scale AI S16 Dev Tools API for Training Data $122.6m
49 GoCardless S11 Fintech The first global network for recurring payments $122.3m
50 SendBird W16 Dev Tools SendBird is the world's no1. chat API for mobile apps and websites. $120.7m
51 GrubMarket W15 Consumer GrubMarket is today's fastest-growing online farmers' market supplying fresh healthy local food dire... $120.1m
52 Kobo360 S18 Other SaaS With Kobo's platform, companies now have easy access to a large pool of trucks with real-time tracki... $120.0m
53 InfluxData W13 Other SaaS InfluxData is building the platform for collecting, storing, visualizing, and processing time series... $119.9m
54 Embark Trucks W16 Transport We build self-driving semi trucks. $117.1m
55 MatterPort W12 Entertainment Turn physical objects and environments into 3D models in seconds. $114.0m
56 Stilt W16 Fintech We use technology to extend credit to immigrants. Our first product is a loan for visa holders (F-1,... $113.5m
57 Blockstack S14 Dev Tools Blockstack is software for a user owned internet. It’s the easiest way to build Web 3 apps. $113.1m
58 Seneca Systems S16 Government Constituent system-of-record and service request management software for local government. $110.0m
59 uBiome S14 Healthcare Using Big Data and crowdscience to unlock the secrets of the human microbiome $109.9m
60 Sift S11 Other SaaS We use machine learning to power Trust & Safety for thousands of online businesses; eliminating char... $106.6m
61 Scribd S06 Entertainment World's largest online library. $105.8m
62 ZeroDown W19 Real Estate ZeroDown is creating a new pathway to homeownership by letting customers choose the home of their dr... $105.5m
63 Astranis W16 Aerospace We're building small, low-cost, geostationary telecommunications satellites. Astranis satellites wi... $103.6m
64 Ridecell W12 Transport Ridecell is the leading SaaS operating system to launch, operate, and scale autonomous and new mobil... $100.3m
65 Drip Capital S15 Fintech Drip is a digital trade finance startup enabling credit access to small businesses in emerging marke... $100.1m
66 Legalist S16 Fintech Tech-enabled legal asset manager $100.0m
67 S16 Other SaaS automates manual data entry, increases sales productivity, and provides actionable intelli... $100.0m
68 GOAT Group W11 Consumer GOAT Group represents the leading platforms for authentic sneakers, apparel, and accessories. $97.6m
69 Heap W13 Other SaaS Heap automatically captures every user interaction in your mobile or web app, letting you generate a... $95.1m
70 NURX W16 Healthcare Nurx is the fastest way to get oral contraceptives and Truvada for PrEP. $93.4m
71 Fivestars W11 Other SaaS Marketing automation for small businesses. $92.7m
72 Science Exchange S11 Healthcare Science Exchange's mission is to enable breakthrough scientific research. We connect researchers and... $92.5m
73 Unbabel W14 Other SaaS AI Powered Translation as a Service $91.2m
74 Standard Cognition S17 Other SaaS AI-powered checkout for retail $86.1m
75 Rescale W12 Dev Tools Cloud Big Compute Platform $84.5m
76 Ironclad S15 Other SaaS Digital contracting platform for legal teams. $84.0m
77 May Mobility S17 Transport May Mobility is transforming cities with self-driving shuttles $83.6m
78 OkCredit S18 Fintech Indian SMBs use OkCredit to track credit extended by them to their customers. We are building the bi... $82.5m
79 Human Interest S15 Other SaaS Human Interest is a digital 401(k) provider for startups and small businesses. Set up your 401(k) en... $81.7m
80 Tech in Asia W15 Entertainment Tech in Asia (YC W15) is the largest English-language technology media company that focuses on Asia. $80.7m
81 Zeus S11 Real Estate Tech-enabled property manager focused on corporate rentals $79.1m
82 Mixpanel S09 Other SaaS Mixpanel is the most advanced analytics platform in the world for mobile & web. $77.1m
83 Vidyard S11 Other SaaS Video for business $75.7m
84 Webflow S13 Dev Tools Professional website design and publishing platform. $74.9m
85 Clever S12 Education Clever is the platform that powers technology in the classroom. $74.3m
86 WePay S09 Fintech Payments for platform businesses. $74.2m
87 Tilt W12 Fintech Mobile crowdfunding: The easiest way to collect, fundraise, and sell with your community. $74.0m
88 Boosted S12 Consumer Simple, fun, and fast electric vehicles. $73.0m
89 Meta S13 Entertainment Augmented reality glasses. $73.0m
90 Lever S12 Other SaaS Lever is a Talent Acquisition Suite that combines ATS + Talent CRM $72.8m
91 Grow Mobility S18 Consumer Mobility and payments platform for Latin America $72.7m
92 Soylent S12 Consumer Soylent is a simple, nutritious, and affordable food that possesses all the essential ingredients a ... $72.4m
93 Genius S11 Entertainment Music Intelligence $71.9m
94 Clustrix W06 Other SaaS ClustrixDB is a SQL database engineered for the cloud built specifically to meet the unique performance demands of e-commerce merchants. $71.7m
95 Eight Sleep S15 Consumer The sleep fitness company. $71.0m
96 Axoni W14 Fintech The global leader in blockchain tech for capital markets $70.0m
97 Mattermost S12 Other SaaS Open source, self-hosted Slack-alternative $70.0m
98 Vouch S19 Fintech Vouch provides insurance and risk management tools for start-ups. $69.5m
99 Nova Credit S16 Fintech API for global consumer credit information $69.4m
100 Long Term Stock Exchange S17 Fintech The Long-Term Stock Exchange designs an SEC-regulated national securities exchange that aligns great companies and long-term investors. $68.7m