Top 100 YC Companies by

Measure of how quickly a company is gaining traction at a given point in time. Inputs include a company's business metrics (such as employee count over time and publically announced funding) and the Mindshare Score (estimated web traffic, estimated mobile app downloads, inbound links from other websites, and followers/likes on various social media sites). These data points are weighted and the score provided is a rolling average over a 4-week period. Source: Mattermark.

Chart Growth Score for All Companies Chart Growth Score vs. Other Metrics
Rank Name Batch Category Description Growth Score
1 DoorDash S13 Consumer Restaurant delivery. 13,668
2 Airbnb W09 Consumer Book accommodations around the world 12,601
3 Instacart S12 Consumer The North American leader in online grocery 6,379
4 Twitch W07 Entertainment Video game live streaming 4,118
5 Rappi W16 Consumer Rappi delivers in minutes groceries, cash, clothing, burgers and more. Everything in Bogotá and Mexi... 3,307
6 Stripe S09 Fintech Online payments. 2,577
7 Seed W15 Fintech Mobile banking for small business. 2,268
8 Coinbase S12 Fintech Coinbase is a secure platform that makes it easy to buy and sell cryptocurrency 1,802
9 Cruise W14 Transport Self-driving cars. 1,722
10 Flexport W14 Other SaaS Flexport's mission is to make global trade easier for everybody. We are connecting humanity in a sea... 1,705
11 Gusto W12 Other SaaS Gusto is a modern, online people platform that helps small businesses take care of their teams. 1,346
12 Meesho S16 Other SaaS Meesho is the simplest way for Indie sellers in India to setup, manage and grow their business on Fa... 1,033
13 Dropbox S07 Other SaaS Backup and share files in the cloud. 924
14 ClearTax W14 Fintech Intuit of India. 876
15 Machine Zone W08 Entertainment Mobile games 864
16 PagerDuty S10 Dev Tools Notify you about server troubles. 812
17 GitLab W15 Dev Tools GitLab is a complete DevOps platform, delivered as a single application. 790
18 Cambly W14 Entertainment On-demand access to English tutors over video chat. 662
19 Podium W16 Other SaaS Podium is an interaction platform for local businesses. 650
20 Chatfuel W16 Dev Tools Platform to easily create chatbots to engage with audiences on messengers. 626
21 GOAT Group W11 Consumer GOAT Group represents the leading platforms for authentic sneakers, apparel, and accessories. 623
22 Reddit S05 Entertainment The frontpage of the internet. 601
23 ShipBob S14 Other SaaS Providing Amazon level logistics to e-commerce businesses. 576
24 1000Memories S10 Consumer Memorial sites. 570
25 LeadGenius S11 Other SaaS LeadGenius is an account-based marketing and lead generation platform. LeadGenius uses a unique comb... 565
26 PAYFAZZ S17 Fintech WeChat Pay for Indonesia 550
27 Hush S16 Consumer Hush is the top social commerce app in the United States. 530
28 Checkr S14 Other SaaS We're modernizing how background checks are done. 507
29 Algolia W14 Dev Tools Algolia offers a developer-friendly and enterprise-grade search API 487
30 W18 Dev Tools In 2 seconds, boot up an online programming environment for your favorite language. 477
31 Rigetti Computing S14 Industrial Quantum coherent supercomputing. 465
32 Weave W14 Other SaaS Customer Communication and Payments Platform 464
33 GoCardless S11 Fintech The first global network for recurring payments 447
34 Players' Lounge W18 Entertainment Play video games against other people for money 432
35 Paystack W16 Fintech Modern payments infrastructure for Africa 421
36 Razorpay W15 Fintech A full stack payment platform for India 405
37 PlanGrid W12 Real Estate We build mobile applications for the construction industry 398
38 Remix W15 Government We’re building a platform to empower cities to plan the best possible transportation system. 398
39 Segment S11 Other SaaS Segment is the analytics infrastructure that helps collect and organize data so businesses make bett... 392
40 Interviewed S15 Other SaaS Job simulations and assessments. See candidates in action doing the job they applied for whether th... 388
41 Plivo S12 Dev Tools APIs for Voice calls and SMS 373
42 Unbabel W14 Other SaaS AI Powered Translation as a Service 365
43 Mux W16 Other SaaS API to video infrastructure and analytics.* Mux Video: Stripe for Video* Mux Data: New Relic for Vid... 364
44 Snappr W17 Consumer Snappr lets you instantly book a pre-vetted photographer at a fixed price, only hours ahead of the s... 360
45 Guesty W14 Real Estate The management platform for the short term rental industry 351
46 Poll Everywhere S08 Other SaaS Interactive meetings and presentations 346
47 Authy W12 Dev Tools Authy is a Two-Factor Authentication platform for developers 338
48 Our World in Data W19 Education Research and data to make progress against the world’s largest problems 338
49 Verbling S11 Education Language learning through video chat. 328
50 PlateJoy S15 Consumer PlateJoy is building the technology to power disease prevention and treatment through digital nutrit... 326
51 Benchling S12 Healthcare Collaboration & data management platform for life science research 325
52 Lever S12 Other SaaS Lever is a Talent Acquisition Suite that combines ATS + Talent CRM 324
53 OneSignal S11 Dev Tools Making engagement simple across push notifications, in-app, and email. 316
54 GO1 S15 Other SaaS GO1 is the world’s largest provider of employee compliance and professional development training. 307
55 Rainforest S12 Dev Tools Dead simple testing.The fastest, easiest way to test your website. Say no to manual QA! 298
56 ACLU W17 Nonprofit Defender of rights and liberties 295
57 Caviar S11 Consumer Uber for food. 290
58 Drip Capital S15 Fintech Drip is a digital trade finance startup enabling credit access to small businesses in emerging marke... 286
59 HackerRank S11 Other SaaS Programmer IQ 284
60 Humi W17 Other SaaS Humi is an all-in-one (Payroll, HR, Benefits and Insurance) people platform for Canadian companies. 274
61 Embrace S19 Dev Tools We find and fix more mobile errors than anyone else for the apps you know and love 270
62 Chariot W15 Consumer The world's first private mass transit service providing a commuting experience that's faster, more ... 268
63 Ginkgo Bioworks S14 Healthcare Our mission is to make biology easier to engineer. 264
64 Truebill W16 Fintech Truebill is auto-pilot for your personal finances. We let you manage your subscriptions, lower your... 261
65 Jopwell S15 Other SaaS Jopwell is a holistic diversity solution enabling companies to connect and recruit Black, Latinx, an... 258
66 Docker S10 Other SaaS App store for server configurations. 255
67 MessageBird S16 Dev Tools MessageBird is an API for sending Text, Voice & Chat messages. We offer the most advanced messaging ... 246
68 Oh My Green S16 Other SaaS We create workplace wellbeing 245
69 The Athletic S16 Entertainment Subscription sports media. 243
70 Universe W18 Entertainment Design and build any kind of website. On your iPhone or iPad. 241
71 May Mobility S17 Transport May Mobility is transforming cities with self-driving shuttles 240
72 RedCarpetUp S15 Fintech We lend to people in India that banks cannot see. 234
73 EquipmentShare W15 Real Estate EquipmentShare is the best way to rent, track, and own construction equipment. Offering the newest f... 230
74 Flock Safety S17 Real Estate Flock solves crime by building technology to capture evidence 228
75 Boom W16 Aerospace Mainstream supersonic passenger airplanes 224
76 WePay S09 Fintech Payments for platform businesses. 219
77 The Muse W12 Other SaaS The Muse is the ultimate career destination offering exciting job opportunities, expert advice, and ... 219
78 iCracked W12 Consumer On-demand smartphone repair in 3 countries and launching smart home installation. Think of us like a... 218
79 GitPrime W16 Dev Tools Visibility and analytics for software development leaders 218
80 Mixpanel S09 Other SaaS Mixpanel is the most advanced analytics platform in the world for mobile & web. 218
81 ZeroCater W11 Other SaaS ZeroCater is the #1 way companies provide family-style meals for their employees. 217
82 Drivezy S16 Consumer India's largest vehicle sharing platform, turning people's vehicles into earning members of the fami... 215
83 Ridecell W12 Transport Ridecell is the leading SaaS operating system to launch, operate, and scale autonomous and new mobil... 214
84 Breadfast S19 Consumer Breadfast delivers fresh bread, milk and eggs to customers' doorsteps every morning. 208
85 Weebly W07 Other SaaS Web site editing platform. Over 40M people have launched their business on Weebly and every month 3... 200
86 InfluxData W13 Other SaaS InfluxData is building the platform for collecting, storing, visualizing, and processing time series... 193
87 Front S14 Other SaaS Collaborative Inbox for Companies 192
88 Submittable S12 Dev Tools Submittable is the best way for organizations to create, promote, and manage their calls for submiss... 190
89 Vidyard S11 Other SaaS Video for business 188
90 Theorem LP W14 Fintech The mission of Theorem is to make credit safe and available. We use data science, machine learning, ... 188
91 BlueCrew S15 Other SaaS BlueCrew is a web based staffing agency. 182
92 Teespring W13 Consumer Retail quality products on-demand. Teespring is a platform that enables anyone to create and sell un... 181
93 Enflux W16 Healthcare Motion capture clothing for injury prevention 179
94 MatterPort W12 Entertainment Turn physical objects and environments into 3D models in seconds. 175
95 Outschool W16 Education Marketplace of live online classes for kids 174
96 Qventus W15 Healthcare We help hospitals run efficiently by predicting department resource needs and providing front line s... 174
97 Zapier S12 Other SaaS The easiest way to automate your work 172
98 Armory W17 Other SaaS Continuous Deployment for the Enterprise. We help software teams ship better software faster while i... 172
99 Poppy W16 Consumer Poppy makes it easy for parents to find high quality childcare with just a text. 172
100 uBiome S14 Healthcare Using Big Data and crowdscience to unlock the secrets of the human microbiome 170