Top 100 YC Companies by

Number of statuses posted on company Twitter account. Source: Twitter.

Chart Tweet Count for All Companies Chart Tweet Count vs. Other Metrics
Rank Name Batch Category Description Tweet Count
1 Product Hunt S14 Entertainment Hacker News for Products 119,932
2 Reddit S05 Entertainment The frontpage of the internet. 87,731
3 The Muse W12 Other SaaS The Muse is the ultimate career destination offering exciting job opportunities, expert advice, and a peek behind the scenes into fantastic companies and career paths. 71,525
4 Submittable S12 Dev Tools Submittable is the best way for organizations to create, promote, and manage their calls for submissions, applications and other opportunities. 67,148
5 Pebble W11 Consumer Watch that helps you get shit done and limit the mayhem of notifications 59,118
6 Impraise S14 Other SaaS Web & mobile platform for real-time performance check-ins, recognition & coaching 59,115
7 Tech in Asia W15 Entertainment Tech in Asia is a media, events, and jobs platform for Asia’s tech communities. 53,282
8 ACLU W17 Nonprofit Defender of rights and liberties 46,223
9 1000Memories S10 Consumer Memorial sites. 45,592
10 9gag S12 Entertainment Make the world happier. 44,807
11 SmartAsset S12 Fintech The easiest way to make and understand important personal finance decisions. 41,972
12 Instacart S12 Consumer Groceries delivered fast. 40,930
13 Platzi W15 Education Live streaming classes on design, marketing and code. Learn from industry leaders. 39,679
14 Airbnb W09 Consumer Book accommodations around the world 39,485
15 Vidyard S11 Other SaaS YouTube for business. 35,066
16 Kamcord S12 Entertainment Kamcord is a social media platform allowing its users to post and interact through video content. 31,141
17 GitLab W15 Dev Tools GitLab is the first single application for software development, security, and operations that enables Concurrent DevOps, making the software lifecycle 200% faster and radically improving the speed of business. 30,374
18 Genius S11 Entertainment Crowd-sourced explanations of song lyrics 28,491
19 Weebly W07 Other SaaS Web site editing platform. Over 40M people have launched their business on Weebly and every month 325M people visit a Weebly-made site, or 50% of the US. 26,925
20 Strikingly W13 Other SaaS The easiest way to create a beautiful, mobile optimized website. 26,462
21 One Month S13 Education One Month's affordable online bootcamps teach people how to code in just one month. Topics include Python, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, and Front-end Development. For a full list of courses, visit 25,533
22 Creative Market W10 Dev Tools Marketplace for ready-to-use design assets from independent creators around the world. Acquired by Autodesk in February 2014. Spun out again in July 2017. 24,309
23 Nambii W09 Entertainment Dating Mobile Application 24,259
24 Disqus S07 Dev Tools Add comments to your website. 23,974
25 Zapier S12 Other SaaS Zapier connects thousands of SaaS apps with customizable workflows via an easy to use editor. 23,362
26 Docker S10 Other SaaS App store for server configurations. 22,064
27 GiftRocket W11 Other SaaS Ecard + money 21,002
28 Stripe S09 Fintech Online payments. 20,225
29 Twitch W07 Entertainment Video game live streaming 18,856
30 Songkick S07 Consumer Songkick is a ticketing vendor and online database of concerts for music enthusiasts. 18,475
31 Codecademy S11 Education Codecademy teaches the world the skills they need to get the jobs they want. 17,761
32 Hipmunk S10 Consumer Hipmunk takes the agony out of searching for flights, accommodations, cars, and more. 17,732
33 Optimizely W10 Dev Tools A/B testing. 17,699
34 Rappi W16 Consumer Rappi delivers in minutes groceries, cash, clothing, burgers and more. Everything in Bogotá and Mexico delivered for under 1 dollar. Hyper local, Hyper fast. 17,482
35 Ready For Zero S10 Fintech Help people get out of debt. Simplified personal debt and credit management. Acquired by Avant in 2015. 17,098
36 Scribd S06 Entertainment World's largest online library. 16,628
37 TARA W15 Other SaaS AI project manager, leading software development. 16,487
38 Caviar S11 Consumer Uber for food. 16,457
39 Soylent S12 Consumer Soylent is a simple, nutritious, and affordable food that possesses all the essential ingredients a body needs to be healthy. 15,767
40 Her S15 Entertainment Social network for women who like women. 15,712
41 Shoptiques W12 Consumer lets you shop the world's best local boutiques online. 15,315
42 Authy W12 Dev Tools Authy is a Two-Factor Authentication platform for developers 14,417
43 Humble Bundle W11 Entertainment Pay what you want for awesome games and other content while giving to charity. 14,339
44 S14 Entertainment Quora/Cosmo for women 14,023
45 Shoobs W14 Consumer We help you find and book tickets to great entertainment events that match your taste. 13,362
46 WePay S09 Fintech Payments for platform businesses. 13,287
47 Teespring W13 Consumer Retail quality products on-demand. Teespring is a platform that enables anyone to create and sell unique apparel and items that people love, with no cost or risk. 13,049
48 Ambition W14 Other SaaS Performance management for the Millennial workforce. Transparency, accountability, motivation around daily activities to drive long-term results. 12,838
49 Gusto W12 Other SaaS Humans aren’t resources. Gusto reimagines payroll, benefits, and HR by automating the most complicated, impersonal business tasks and making them simple and delightful. Get three months free @ 12,710
50 Scentbird S15 Consumer Scentbird is Netflix for perfume + a luxury fragrance subscription service that sends you a 30-day supply of a designer fragrance of your choice for $14.95/month. 12,676
51 Beek W17 Entertainment Netflix for Audio 12,668
52 Automatic S11 Consumer Automatic connects your car to the rest of your digital life. 12,322
53 Women Who Code S16 Nonprofit WWCode is a non profit with a set of programs that helps mid-career engineers get promoted. 11,870
54 Fanvibe S10 Entertainment Fanvibe is a social platform for watching sports and communicating with others who are watching the same game. 11,766
55 CodeNow W14 Nonprofit Our mission is to diversify the talent pipeline of students who pursue computer science and technology. We do this by providing free out-of-school computer programming training to students hosted at tech companies. 11,405
56 AirHelp W14 Consumer AirHelp helps air passengers get compensation for delayed, cancelled and overbooked flights. Proud to be hated by the world's leading airlines! 11,384
57 7cups S13 Healthcare 7 Cups is an emotional support service that matches up people that need support with active listeners and therapists. 11,336
58 GiveMeTap W15 Consumer We produce & sell stainless steel water bottles that enables people to get free water refills from our partner shops which they can locate via our GiveMeTap App. For each bottle sold we’re able to give a person in Africa access to clean water. 11,130
59 HackerRank S11 Other SaaS Programmer IQ 10,761
60 Olark W09 Other SaaS The best live chat software on the planet. We help you build relationships with website visitors, boost sales, and make your customers love you. 10,262
61 Future Advisor S10 Fintech The online financial management service for everyone. FutureAdvisor advises and manages all of a customer's financial goals together to help everyone achieve a better financial future. 10,144
62 Lever S12 Other SaaS Lever is an Applicant Tracking System + Talent CRM. It effortlessly fits the hiring needs of companies today. 10,111
63 Goldbelly W13 Consumer We make the most regionally famous and downright awesome foods from across the country available for delivery to anywhere in these United States. 9,737
64 InfluxData W13 Other SaaS InfluxData is building the platform for collecting, storing, visualizing, and processing time series data at scale. 9,657
65 Career Karma W19 Consumer Helps job training programs find qualified applicants. 9,654
66 Mattermark S12 Other SaaS Big Data Meets Startup Investing The best tool for tracking and benchmarking more than 200,000 startups from around the world. 9,324
67 Mio W16 Dev Tools Mio powers seamless communication between workplace chat apps. 8,808
68 Skymind W16 Dev Tools Cloudera for Deep Learning. Open-core company that bundles popular AI tools like TensorFlow, Keras, scikit-learn, PyTorch and DL4J into an enterprise distribution that enables fast model training and easy, scalable deployment. 8,744
69 RescueTime W08 Other SaaS RescueTime is a web-based time management tool that tracks the activities and duration of a users' computer usage. 8,507
70 Bellabeat W14 Consumer Fashionable wellness 8,505
71 GoCardless S11 Fintech Replace credit cards online. 8,171
72 Yhat W15 Dev Tools End-to-end data science lifecycle management platform. 7,855
73 Amplitude W12 Other SaaS Product Analytics 7,828
74 DrChrono W11 Healthcare Mission: Building the medical practice of the future. Products: EHR. Medical Billing. Healthcare API. 7,667
75 GO1 S15 Other SaaS A marketplace of onboarding, compliance and professional development training for your staff. 7,643
76 AirPair W14 Dev Tools Instant access to the world's best software experts via video chat and screen sharing. 7,506
77 Bitnami W13 Other SaaS The App Store for Server Software 7,400
78 Poll Everywhere S08 Other SaaS Live audience feedback 7,292
79 Jopwell S15 Other SaaS Jopwell connects Black, Hispanic / Latino, and Native American students and professionals with opportunities at America's leading companies. 7,220
80 WayUp W15 Consumer Marketplace for college students and recent graduates to find and apply for jobs and internships. 7,199
81 Zenefits W13 Other SaaS HR for small businesses: onboarding, payroll and benefits. 7,150
82 Zidisha W14 Nonprofit Direct P2P lending across the international wealth divide. 7,055
83 Experiment W13 Healthcare funding and collaboration platform for science 7,053
84 Omgpop S06 Entertainment OMGPOP is a leading developer of social games for facebook, iphone and the open web. 7,016
85 Bountii S07 Consumer Bountii is a price search engine focusing on electronics. 6,982
86 Realm S11 Other SaaS Better data structures = no DB. 6,973
87 Booktrope W15 Other SaaS Booktrope provides a software platform that makes it easy for creative teams to turn manuscripts into polished books and market them – at scale. 6,936
88 ClearTax S14 Fintech Intuit of India. 6,909
89 Replika W15 Consumer Replika is an AI friend that you grow by talking to it. 6,907
90 Front S14 Other SaaS Collaborative Inbox for Companies 6,728
91 PagerDuty S10 Dev Tools Notify you about server troubles. 6,622
92 Restocks W16 Consumer Buy sneakers and streetwear here 6,609
93 Drivezy S16 Consumer India's largest vehicle sharing platform, turning people's vehicles into earning members of the family. 6,590
94 Close W11 Other SaaS Inside Sales and Sales Automation CRM for SMBs 6,483
95 Interana W13 Other SaaS Hadoop for impatient people. 6,449
96 uBiome S14 Healthcare Using Big Data and crowdscience to unlock the secrets of the human microbiome 6,382
97 New Story Charity S15 Nonprofit We pioneer solutions to address global homelessness. 6,324
98 Padlet W13 Other SaaS Easiest way to put stuff on the Internet 6,193
99 Flaviar S14 Consumer Try-at-home service for fine spirits 6,167
100 BloomThat S13 Consumer Uber for Flowers. 6,159