Top 100 YC Companies by

Score between one and 100 based on the analysis of the quality of the photos on the company's homepage by a machine learning algorithm. The model is trained to identify features that are typically considered to form part of an aesthetically pleasing photo. Source: Snappr.

Chart Photo Quality Score for All Companies Chart Photo Quality Score vs. Other Metrics
Rank Name Batch Category Description Photo Quality Score
1 Snappr W17 Consumer Snappr lets you instantly book a pre-vetted photographer at a fixed price, only hours ahead of the shoot time, from $59. 81
2 Boosted S12 Consumer Simple, fun, and fast electric vehicles. 80
3 Ovipost W18 Agriculture Ovipost automates insect production 76
4 Volantio W09 Other SaaS Post-booking revenue and capacity optimization for airlines (previously/also Adioso) 75
5 Bear Flag Robotics W18 Agriculture Bear Flag Robotics is developing autonomous driving technology for farm tractors. Bear Flag allows growers to automate and optimize many of their most common tasks. This addresses the farm labor shortage and removes workers from hazardous conditions. 71
6 BlueCargo S18 Other SaaS BlueCargo helps marine port terminals streamline container management in the yard area. 70
7 Returnbase W17 Other SaaS We build software for reverse logistics. 69
8 Toymail W16 Consumer Connected toys that enable two-way voice messaging between children and their friends and family. 68
9 Fellow S16 Other SaaS API for Invoice Financing 68
10 DemocracyOS W15 Government Online space for deliberation, policy making and democratic participation. We bring institutions and citizens together. 68
11 Wufoo W06 Other SaaS Online form builder. 67
12 Jido Maps W18 Entertainment A lightweight API for persistent augmented reality. 67
13 Reebee S13 Consumer Flyer app. 67
14 OpenPhone S18 Other SaaS OpenPhone gives professionals a supercharged business phone app for calling and messaging. 66
15 One Degree W14 Nonprofit One Degree is a nonprofit organization that makes it easy for low-income and at-risk families to find and access the vital services and benefits they need for social and economic mobility. Click "Contribute" to help us scale our work. 66
16 MerryMint W14 Other SaaS The best local food & drink delivered for office celebrations 66
17 EventGeek S16 Other SaaS EventGeek in event intelligence. We help companies drive higher event ROI through competitive intelligence, team productivity and sales enablement. 66
18 Correlia Biosystems W18 Healthcare Next generation blood testing to provide 1000x more data to pharma companies 66
19 Imgix S11 Other SaaS Responsive images as a service, delivered by CDN. 66
20 Beetailer W11 Other SaaS Facebook stores. 65
21 JetLenses S18 Healthcare Most efficient online seller of prescription products. 65
22 Bizzy W15 Other SaaS Bizzy is omni-channel marketing for ecommerce businesses. 65
23 RentHop S09 Real Estate Apartment rental marketplace 65
24 Mystery Science S17 Education Fixing STEM education by giving elementary teachers a virtual science expert. 65
25 Popular Pays W15 Other SaaS Popular Pays is the largest, most active, and most reliable marketplace where social media creators and brands meet to create content worth sharing. 65
26 INKHUNTER S18 Entertainment Augmented Reality mobile app to try and buy tattoos 65
27 Rose Rocket S16 Other SaaS Rose Rocket is ERP software for trucking companies. 65
28 GrubMarket W15 Consumer GrubMarket is today's fastest-growing online farmers' market supplying fresh healthy local food directly from local farms and food producers, to local people, community and local companies, with affordable prices and convenient delivery. 65
29 Bankjoy W15 Fintech White-label credit union software 65
30 Team Apart S08 Other SaaS Team Apart is a real-time online group collaboration tool. 64
31 Kudi W17 Fintech Send money, pay bills in Africa. 64
32 BloomThat S13 Consumer Uber for Flowers. 64
33 STILT W16 Fintech We use technology to extend credit to immigrants. Our first product is a loan for visa holders (F-1, OPT, H-1B, etc). You can get our loans the first day you arrive in the U.S. 63
34 Joy S16 Consumer Joy is a tool that helps couples plan their wedding from engagement to honeymoon and everything in between. 63
35 Habit Labs S10 Entertainment Friends motivate one another: I'll do x if you do y. 63
36 Meter Feeder W16 Government Meter Feeder enables local government to accept credit card payment, for parking, without upgrading their infrastructure. 63
37 MDacne W17 Healthcare An app that analyzes your selfie and delivers custom acne treatment. 62
38 Assembled W11 Entertainment Pivoted to TenXList, a professional network of top college engineers. 62
39 GOAT W11 Consumer Sneaker Marketplace 62
40 Meadow W15 Other SaaS Point of Sale and Compliance SaaS for Cannabis Dispensaries 62
41 Torch Leadership Labs W18 Other SaaS Torch is a virtual coaching platform that matches new managers with experienced coaches for personalized leadership development. 62
42 Fithub W10 Other SaaS Fithub provides streamlined communication, a mobile focused workout and nutrition plan delivery system. 62
43 Boom W16 Aerospace Mainstream supersonic passenger airplanes 62
44 BloomJoy W18 Other SaaS Associated Press for lifestyle content. 62
45 Phiar S18 Transport We are developing a revolutionary augmented reality navigation for driving app, with real-time artificial intelligence safety detections. This is self-driving computer vision technology working completely on a smartphone. 62
46 Callisto W18 Consumer We create tech to combat sexual assault and harassment. 62
47 RigPlenish S16 Healthcare On average each Ambulance run is two hours long, 40 minutes is spent on doing paperwork. Our vision is to reduce those 40 minutes to 4 minutes. 62
48 Simple Habit W17 Entertainment Simple Habit is the Netflix of meditation. The company has the world's largest curated library of 5 minute meditations, designed for different situations and moods. Try three months free @ 62
49 Modern Treasury S18 Other SaaS An API for moving, managing, and reconciling money 62
50 Caviar S11 Consumer Uber for food. 62
51 10 By 10 S17 Other SaaS 10by10 is building a unique marketplace in the recruiting agency industry for recruiters to match engineers with jobs. Recruiting agencies have relationships with proven experienced engineers that you can't find in self-service job boards. 62
52 Feather S17 Consumer Feather is a furniture subscription service for people who aspire to live light. 62
53 Sourceress S17 Other SaaS Sourceress is an AI recruiting platform that's reinventing how people and jobs find each other. Our goal is to create a world where all 7 billion people do fulfilling work, and work for companies that are solving meaningful problems. 62
54 Fivetran W13 Other SaaS Data infrastructure as a service 62
55 Token Transit W17 Government A mobile app to pay for public transportation. We sell a mobile ticketing platform for transit agencies. 61
56 Aptible S14 Healthcare Security Management and Compliance for Developers 61
57 Shoptiques W12 Consumer lets you shop the world's best local boutiques online. 61
58 Algolia W14 Dev Tools With 50 data centers in 15 regions, Algolia offers a developer-friendly and enterprise-grade search API. Designed to make every search interaction meaningful and rewarding, Algolia serves billions of queries weekly for more than 5,000 customers. 61
59 Kestrel Materials S17 Industrial Kestrel Materials makes temperature responsive fabrics for bedding and clothes. Thin when warm and thick when cool, the insulation of the Kestrel fabric changes with temperature to offer unrivaled thermal comfort. 61
60 Indee Labs W17 Healthcare Indee develops hardware for gene delivery. We are developing our uniquely scalable technology for short turnaround CAR-T development and manufacturing. 61
61 Pomello W15 Other SaaS Analytics software that helps companies measure organizational culture, screen talent for "fit", and drive high performance cultures. 61
62 NexTravel W15 Other SaaS NexTravel is a centralized travel booking platform that helps companies save time and money. 61
63 MyVR W12 Real Estate The open platform for the vacation rental industry. 61
64 Click & Grow S15 Consumer Click & Grow has developed the only farming technology that allows you to grow organic food locally and more cheaply than with traditional agriculture. 61
65 lvl5 W17 Transport HD maps for self-driving cars. 61
66 SPATE S18 Other SaaS Trends prediction for marketers 61
67 Shield Diagnostics S16 Healthcare Fighting antibiotic resistance with genomics. 61
68 Vanido S17 Entertainment Vanido is your personal AI music teacher, starting with singing. Available for iOS. 61
69 Proxy S16 Other SaaS We are on a mission to equip every person on the planet with a universal signal that augments them in the physical world. 61
70 Lattice W16 Other SaaS Modern performance management software. Goal management, weekly check-ins, and 360 performance reviews. 60
71 Reble S07 Entertainment Reble offers a software downloading solution for Windows that allows users to stream music from others who also havr Reble installed. 60
72 In Your Corner S14 Healthcare We've transformed traditional therapy into an experience that is affordable, approachable & anonymous. Through video + written consultations, we connect clients with licensed therapists online so you can get the support you need when you need it. 60
73 S14 Entertainment Quora/Cosmo for women 60
74 Comprehend W11 Healthcare SaaS to increase speed and quality of clinical trials. 60
75 Aalo W18 Consumer Lego-like furniture for design geeks. We create furniture that's hackable, reusable, and customizable to fit your space perfectly no matter how many times you move. 60
76 NimbleRx W15 Healthcare Full Service Pharmacy 60
77 Kinside S18 Other SaaS Child care employee benefits 60
78 PlateJoy S15 Consumer The healthy eating membership that makes weight loss effortless. We create a customized meal plan for you each week with optional, same-day delivery of ingredients from a local grocer without packaging waste. 60
79 Flotype W11 Other SaaS Third generation of web apps. 60
80 Cambridge Glycoscience S18 Healthcare Cambridge Glycoscience makes sugar substitutes that actually work in food. 60
81 ArchForm W18 Healthcare Replacing orthodontic braces with our clear aligner and software 60
82 Function of Beauty W16 Consumer Founded with the mission to revolutionize the beauty industry with customized formulations of shampoo and conditioners tailored to individual hair goals and needs, Function of Beauty celebrates individuality through technology. 60
83 Fabric S16 Entertainment echoworks is Arun Vijayvergiya and Nikolay Valtchanov, two former Facebook engineers. We make Fabric, an iOS app that automatically and privately catalogs your real-world experiences and interactions. 60
84 ReadMe W15 Dev Tools ReadMe provides every company the ability to quickly and easily create beautiful documentation, and build loyal and productive developer communities. 60
85 Nimble S17 Education A better applicant tracking system for schools 60
86 The Buttermilk Company S18 Consumer Instant, fresh ethnic food that actually taste homemade. We're disrupting the ethnic food market by turning crowdsourced recipes into easy-to-make and fresh food for the growing first/second-gen immigrant population., 60
87 PAYFAZZ S17 Fintech WeChat Pay for Indonesia 60
88 Medmonk W12 Healthcare A tool for pharmacists to find funding for patients who are unable to pay for their medications. 60
89 Chatfuel W16 Dev Tools Platform to easily create chatbots to engage with audiences on messengers. 60
90 Qulture.Rocks W18 Other SaaS Qulture.Rocks helps mid-sized companies implement 1:1s, goals, feedbacks and performance reviews in a heartbeat, with consumer-grade technology and hands on content that makes the process much easier. Our goal is to build Namely for Latin America. 60
91 Fond W12 Other SaaS Fond provides employee happiness solutions including Perks and Recognition solutions. 60
92 ROSS Intelligence S15 Other SaaS ROSS is an A.I. legal research assistant that allows one lawyer to do the work of ten. 60
93 RedCarpetUp S15 Fintech We lend to people in India that banks cannot see. 60
94 Starcity S16 Real Estate Starcity builds a new real estate product between hotel and housing, known as coliving. Our mission is to make great cities accessible to everyone. 60
95 7cups S13 Healthcare 7 Cups is an emotional support service that matches up people that need support with active listeners and therapists. 60
96 Peergrade S17 Education Students grade each other's work to save the teacher’s time and to learn more. 60
97 Scale S16 Dev Tools Scale is an API for ground truth data for AI. 59
98 Cardpool W10 Consumer Cardpool is a gift card exchange service for individuals to buy, sell and trade their new or pre-owned gift cards. 59
99 W18 Dev Tools In 2 seconds, boot up an online programming environment for your favorite language. 59
100 WheelStreet S17 Consumer WheelStreet is a Motorbike rental marketplace that connects motorcycle rental vendors in India with riders. The user can book any motorcycle in 30 cites across India through our platform. User can compare bikes on the basis of location and reviews. 59