Y Combinator Other SaaS Companies

Name Batch Category Description Status
10 By 10 S17 Other SaaS 10by10 is building a unique marketplace in the recruiting agency industry for recruiters to match en... . Live
42 W14 Other SaaS Analytics stack for omnichannel retailers and brands . Live
500Friends W10 Other SaaS the best loyalty and retention marketing partner for CMOs. . Exited
70 Million Jobs S17 Other SaaS The first national, for-profit employment platform for people with criminal records. . Live
99minutos W20 Other SaaS The fastest shipping for online shopping . Live
Abacus W14 Other SaaS Making expense reports obsolete. Abacus is the easiest way for you to reimburse your team, reconcile... . Exited
Able Jobs W20 Other SaaS Job training app in India for roles in sales, support & marketing . Live
AccioJob W19 Other SaaS AccioJob is a college job board in India where universities sign up to expose their students to the ... . Live
Acunote W11 Other SaaS Acunote provides online project management and scrum software for enterprises. . Live
AdGrok S10 Other SaaS Easy SEM software. Acquired by Twitter in 2011. . Exited
AdThrow S09 Other SaaS AdThrow offers data processing pipeline for real-time ad targeting. . Dead
AeroFS S10 Other SaaS Secure Enterprise Collaboration. . Exited
Agnoris W20 Other SaaS Agnoris helps restaurants figure out what to sell, how to price and to how staff efficiently while d... . Live
Alana S19 Other SaaS Helping large companies in LATAM hire blue-collar workers . Live
All Screen W10 Other SaaS Connecting users with engaging video content across the web. Acquired by Zealot Networks for $85... . Exited
AllSome W19 Other SaaS Connects modern online merchants to virtual warehouses for cross-border e-commerce fulfillment. . Live
Allure Systems W19 Other SaaS AllureSystems uses A.I. to create stunning apparel images for eCommerce. Allure works with leading f... . Live
Ambient W17 Other SaaS Visual intelligence for the real world. . Live
Ambition W14 Other SaaS Coaching and gamification software for sales teams. . Live
Amiato W12 Other SaaS The BI bridge for unstructured data. We automatically bridge the gap between unstructured data sourc... . Exited
Amicus S12 Other SaaS Helps nonprofits & campaigns win more donors, more members, more votes . Dead
Amplitude W12 Other SaaS Amplitude is the comprehensive product analytics software for web and mobile . Live
Anasen W17 Other SaaS Anasen is an app that makes data analysis easy and accessible to non-technical business users. . Live
Anjuna W18 Other SaaS Full-stack hardware-level encryption without changing applications . Live
Apollo S11 Other SaaS We make Apollo, the leading GraphQL implementation. (We are also the team that built Meteor, the Jav... . Live
Apollo.io W16 Other SaaS Apollo is the foundation of your entire go-to-market strategy. . Live
Apozy W17 Other SaaS Use the Airlock Browser Defense Platform to disrupt phishing and malware delivery kill chains and pr... . Live
Appcanary S15 Other SaaS Appcanary tracks the dependencies you use in your apps and servers and notifies you whenever you're ... . Exited
AppHarbor W11 Other SaaS .NET Cloud Platform as a Service . Live
Apportable W11 Other SaaS iOS porting . Exited
Ardis AI W20 Other SaaS Building the foundations for Artificial General Intelligence. . Live
Armory W17 Other SaaS Continuous Deployment for the Enterprise. We help software teams ship better software faster while i... . Live
Asayer S19 Other SaaS Frontend Application Monitoring . Live
Askdata W19 Other SaaS Easy data search for employees through Natural Language . Live
Assembly S15 Other SaaS We build trust, reduce waste, and reward better labor practices. . Live
Asseta S13 Other SaaS Marketplace for industrial spare parts and capital equipment. . Live
Assorted Bits S12 Other SaaS A mobile calendar for all the fun stuff you do with friends. . Dead
Atrium W18 Other SaaS Modern law firm for startups powered by proprietary technology . Dead
Audiobeta W06 Other SaaS . Dead
Aura Vision W19 Other SaaS Visitor analytics for physical retail stores using existing security cameras. . Live
AutoHub S17 Other SaaS We help dealerships appraise vehicle trade-ins more efficiently accurately. AutoHub is the only appr... . Live
Automate Ads W15 Other SaaS On a mission to programmatically automate, optimize, and unify your digital advertising campaigns wi... . Dead
Avo W19 Other SaaS Ship faster without compromising data quality . Live
AXDRAFT W19 Other SaaS AXDRAFT helps corporations draft, negotiate and approve documents 10x faster . Live
BackerKit S12 Other SaaS BackerKit is crowdfunding software that helps project creators manage their 1000 biggest fans. . Live
BackType S08 Other SaaS BackType was a marketing intelligence platform acquired by Twitter in 2011. . Exited
Bannerman S14 Other SaaS Providing Security Guards for Every Business . Live
Battlecard W20 Other SaaS Battlecard helps teams organize and practice their playbook. . Live
BeatDeck W13 Other SaaS Music, Metrics... Meritocracy. (Upload Music, Connect your Social Media Accounts, Receive Metrics,... . Dead
Beetailer W11 Other SaaS Facebook stores. . Dead
Benepass W20 Other SaaS Benepass is the benefits card for startups and small businesses. We help companies offer tax-advanta... . Live
BHRD S18 Other SaaS BHRD ("Be Heard") helps public companies communicate with investors. . Dead
Bicycle AI W17 Other SaaS Bicycle AI provides customer support as a service. We work on top of existing helpdesks and respond ... . Dead
Binary Thumb S12 Other SaaS Redesigning spreadsheets for the mobile world . Dead
Bistrobot S15 Other SaaS We make robots that make sandwiches. . Dead
Bitmovin S15 Other SaaS Video Infrastructure for the Web . Live
Bitnami W13 Other SaaS The App Store for Server Software . Exited
Bitrise W17 Other SaaS Hosted Continuous Integration and Delivery for mobile apps . Live
Bizzy W15 Other SaaS Bizzy is omni-channel marketing for ecommerce businesses. . Exited
Blockspring S14 Other SaaS Blockspring automates data collection by connecting your favorite tools to APIs. . Exited
BlueCargo S18 Other SaaS BlueCargo helps marine port terminals streamline container management in the yard area. . Live
BlueCrew S15 Other SaaS BlueCrew is a web based staffing agency. . Exited
BlueLots W17 Other SaaS Source.com is a B2B marketplace for purchasing and selling excess inventory, wholesale, and liquidat... . Live
Bonfire W15 Other SaaS Bonfire is reimagining RFPs & bidding for gov procurement teams . Exited
Bonsai W16 Other SaaS All-in-one freelancing solution for the world's best creative freelancers. . Live
BookSolid W12 Other SaaS BookSolid is the opentable for tour operators. . Dead
Booktrope W15 Other SaaS Booktrope provides a software platform that makes it easy for creative teams to turn manuscripts int... . Dead
Boostable W14 Other SaaS Advertising platform tools for marketplace sellers. . Exited
Brace W12 Other SaaS Backlift allows front-end only developers to build entire websites and deploy them instantly via Dro... . Dead
Branch8 S15 Other SaaS Branch8 helps sellers to list and manage products on e-commerce marketplaces. . Live
BuildBuddy W20 Other SaaS BuildBuddy is a managed Bazel build system — it brings a Google-style dev environment to any company... . Live
Bulk MRO Industrial Supply W17 Other SaaS Bulk MRO is the Alibaba for Enterprises in India. We supply over 1.4m products across 5k brands to t... . Live
Bulletin W17 Other SaaS Helping retailers discover and shop the best brands on the planet . Live
Bus.com W16 Other SaaS The easiest way to charter a bus in North America. . Live
Business Score S19 Other SaaS Connecting businesses with finance . Live
Butter Systems S13 Other SaaS Replacing the paper restaurant menu with an interactive experience at the table. . Dead
Cadence W20 Other SaaS Collect and share team updates without meetings . Live
Calii S18 Other SaaS Automating the food supply chain in LATAM . Live
Canary Technologies S18 Other SaaS Modernizing the hospitality tech stack. . Live
Canix S19 Other SaaS Canix makes it easy to get and stay compliant as a cannabis business. . Live
Canopy Labs S12 Other SaaS Canopy Labs automates customer analytics for small and medium-sized businesses. We are developing a ... . Exited
Caper W16 Other SaaS Plug-and-play cashier-less retail powered by computer vision and AI . Live
CaptivateIQ W18 Other SaaS CaptivateIQ makes it easy to pay your sales teams' commissions. . Live
Carry S19 Other SaaS Carry plans, books, and supports corporate travel for all your employees over Slack, email, and SMS.... . Live
Casetext S13 Other SaaS We make the world's laws free and understandable. . Live
Castle W16 Other SaaS Castle analyzes user behavior to stop hackers . Live
Castodia W20 Other SaaS Connect Google Sheets to databases and auto-refresh data on a schedule . Live
Celery S12 Other SaaS Celery is a platform for pre-orders (www.trycelery.com). Accept pre-orders easily and crowdfund on y... . Exited
Chargehound W14 Other SaaS Automate your chargeback dispute process. . Live
Chartio S10 Other SaaS Chartio is changing how companies work by building the best visualization interface to data. We make... . Live
Chaser W19 Other SaaS Your success playbook. Simple, elegant, and delightful workflow tools for Customer Success teams. . Live
Checkr S14 Other SaaS We're modernizing how background checks are done. . Live
Cheetah W13 Other SaaS Fastest, easiest, and most affordable way for small business owners to order their supplies with sam... . Live
Cherry W19 Other SaaS Cherry lets employees choose their own workplace perks. . Dead
Chute W12 Other SaaS Discover the photos and videos people are taking of your brand or products on any major social netwo... . Exited
Citus Data S11 Other SaaS Real-time. Big data. PostgreSQL . Exited
Clara Labs S14 Other SaaS Clara is a human-in-the-loop assistant that helps automate repetitive tasks. . Exited
ClearBrain W18 Other SaaS Causal Analytics for Growth Teams . Exited
Clerky S11 Other SaaS We build software to make legal paperwork easy for startups and their attorneys. . Live
Clickfacts S05 Other SaaS ClickFacts is a malware software solutions company providing services for online media buyers and sellers. . Exited
Close W11 Other SaaS Inside Sales and Sales Automation CRM for SMBs . Live
Cloudant S08 Other SaaS NoSQL Database-aaS. Acquired by IBM in 2014. Now IBM Cloud Data Services . Exited
Cloudkick W09 Other SaaS Cloudkick is a web-based control hub for cloud servers that offers its users with centralized server monitoring and management tools. . Exited
Cloudstitch S15 Other SaaS Power your website with Google Spreadsheets. Acquired by Instabase (instabase.com) in Q4 2017. . Exited
Clustrix W06 Other SaaS ClustrixDB is a SQL database engineered for the cloud built specifically to meet the unique performance demands of e-commerce merchants. . Exited
CoderWall W12 Other SaaS Assembly is a web collaboration platform that enables users to develop apps, widgets, platforms, and APIs with the help of other users. . Exited
Cognition IP W18 Other SaaS First tech-enabled patent law firm. . Live
CoinTent S16 Other SaaS Recover revenue lost to ad blockers . Dead
Compgun W16 Other SaaS Sales commission software that grows revenue. . Dead
Compose S11 Other SaaS We make it easy to run databases. PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, and RethinkDB. . Exited
Comradery W19 Other SaaS White-label Bookface for companies and communities! . Live
ContestMachine S07 Other SaaS Roll your own contest or giveaway. No longer in business. . Dead
Convex W19 Other SaaS Software and services to improve the way commercial service providers work. . Live
Convictional W19 Other SaaS Give retailers a way to source, onboard and integrate with brands. . Live
Convox S15 Other SaaS Open-source tools for deploying, managing, and monitoring cloud infrastructure. . Live
Copia W16 Other SaaS Copia's a for-profit technology company that solves food waste & hunger at scale. Our technology-dri... . Live
CoreOS S13 Other SaaS Enterprise Linux distribution that dramatically improves security and speed of application deploymen... . Exited
Cortex W20 Other SaaS Explore, Understand, and Operate your Microservices . Live
Coursedog W19 Other SaaS Enterprise Resource Planning Software for Higher Education . Live
Cratejoy S13 Other SaaS Cratejoy is the platform for subscriptions . Live
Cron W20 Other SaaS Next-gen calendar for professionals and teams . Live
Crowdery S13 Other SaaS [Now Clara, YC S14- claralabs.com] . Dead
Cryptoseal S11 Other SaaS Server key management, VPN as a Service, Privacy VPN. Sold to CloudFlare in 2014. . Exited
CSPA S18 Other SaaS The Computer Science Proficiency Assessment (CSPA™) is a comprehensive standardized exam for softwar... . Exited
Cuboh S19 Other SaaS Cuboh helps restaurants use several delivery platforms like Doordash, Postmates, UberEats, and more ... . Live
Custora W11 Other SaaS Custora is a predictive analytics platform for e-commerce marketing teams. We help retailers find hi... . Exited
CyberFend W15 Other SaaS Cyberfend delivers robust, real-time web and mobile security by preventing account take-over, synthe... . Exited
Cymmetria S15 Other SaaS Shifting the asymmetry of cyber security. . Exited
Daily.co W16 Other SaaS The world's best API for live video: add video calls to your app or website with 2 lines of code. . Live
Dashworks W20 Other SaaS The Fastest Internal Search For Teams . Live
Dataform W18 Other SaaS Manage data in Snowflake, BigQuery and Redshift . Live
Dataline W20 Other SaaS Access your ad-blocked customer data across all your analytics and marketing tools. . Live
Data Marketplace W10 Other SaaS Data Marketplace is a hub for buying and selling personalized data online. . Exited
Data Mechanics S19 Other SaaS The simplest way to run Apache Spark . Live
Datarank S13 Other SaaS Making sense of social data. (Acquired by SimplyMeasured.) . Exited
Datree W20 Other SaaS Datree helps engineering teams implement development & security policies in Git workflows on every c... . Live
Dealyze W15 Other SaaS Dealyze helps national retailers build exceptional customer and employee relationships with our in-s... . Live
Deel W19 Other SaaS Payroll for remote teams . Live
Delphia W18 Other SaaS Delphia allows people to co-invest their data alongside their money in order to accelerate their fin... . Live
Demodesk W19 Other SaaS Intelligent online meeting tool for inside sales & customer success . Live
D-ID S17 Other SaaS Protecting faces from being identified by facial recognition technologies. Helping governments, HLS ... . Live
Doblet S14 Other SaaS Doblet solves the phone battery problem. We're building the first truly mobile power network, with ... . Dead
Docker S10 Other SaaS App store for server configurations. . Live
Docucharm W19 Other SaaS Automate paperwork by turning documents into structured data. . Dead
Documents.Me W12 Other SaaS Client-side encryption for your devices and the cloud. . Dead
Double Robotics S12 Other SaaS Telepresence robots . Live
Dover S19 Other SaaS Helping top companies source the best talent. . Live
Draft S11 Other SaaS Making Draft. Super simple version control and collaboration for writers.http://draftin.com . Live
Dropbox S07 Other SaaS Backup and share files in the cloud. . Live
Dropee W20 Other SaaS Dropee is a SaaS-enabled marketplace that connects brands like Unilever and Nestle with local retail... . Live
Dubjoy S11 Other SaaS Dubjoy translates and voice-overs your video to any language . Dead
Dyneti Technologies W19 Other SaaS Reduce payment fraud . Live
Dyspatch W14 Other SaaS Two products to help everyone email better. Dyspatch.io - Email Production and Interactive Email Bui... . Live
Earbits W11 Other SaaS Google AdWords for music. Allowing bands and labels to bid for airtime and have their music streame... . Exited
EasyPost S13 Other SaaS Shipping API . Live
Eatgeek W19 Other SaaS We connect restaurant applications to drive more orders and better experiences. . Live
eBrandvalue W15 Other SaaS Real-time Nielsen ratings for Brands.Accelerate marketing and product through social.Inform customer... . Live
Eden S15 Other SaaS The Platform for Office Management. Eden provides top office cleaning, IT support, handymen, and sup... . Live
Eden Farm S19 Other SaaS Delivering fruits and vegetables to multi-segment restaurants and grocery stores in Indonesia. We wo... . Live
ElectroNeek W20 Other SaaS Robotic Process Automation (RPA) of manual processes like taking data from scanned docs to web forms... . Live
Elucify W16 Other SaaS Elucify is an API that plugs into your CRM which automatically cleans your account and contact data.... . Dead
Emailio W14 Other SaaS Mobile email app . Live
Emi Labs W19 Other SaaS Automating the hiring process for low-skilled jobs . Live
Estimote, Inc. S13 Other SaaS Location intelligence platform for developers . Live
Etacts W10 Other SaaS Etacts is a CRM tool enabling users to stay in touch with people in their address book. . Exited
Etleap W13 Other SaaS ETL for Big Data . Live
EventGeek S16 Other SaaS Virtual & in-person event solution for enterprise marketing teams . Live
Eventjoy W14 Other SaaS Fee-free ticketing, optimized for mobile. . Exited
Explo W20 Other SaaS Data exploration and analysis without SQL . Live
Expo S16 Other SaaS Expo brings together the best of web (development speed, fast iteration cycles, easy deploys, and au... . Live
Eze W20 Other SaaS Eze is a commodities exchange for used smartphones. . Live
Fabricly W10 Other SaaS Fabricly is an online marketplace enabling designers to submit designs, and customers to pick and buy from apparel collections. . Dead
Faire W17 Other SaaS Faire is a marketplace empowering retailers to discover and try products risk-free, while helping ma... . Live
Fanchatter S09 Other SaaS FanChatter aggregates, amplifies and empowers fan content on every screen to promote any interest. . Dead
Farm Theory W20 Other SaaS India's first vegetable delivery service to restaurants with a hack . Live
Fastpad S17 Other SaaS Hiring Software for India . Live
FathomDB W08 Other SaaS FathomDB is a DBaaS-based platform supporting the management of day-to-day tasks of databases. . Exited
FileStack S12 Other SaaS Acquired by Xenon Ventures.We enable website developers to hook into various online content sources ... . Exited
Firebase S11 Other SaaS App success made simple. An app platform to develop high-quality apps, grow your user base, and earn... . Exited
Firsthand W17 Other SaaS Firsthand makes software-enabled, self-serve retail kiosks that carry high margin products. They ave... . Dead
Fithub W10 Other SaaS Fithub provides streamlined communication, a mobile focused workout and nutrition plan delivery system. . Dead
Fivestars W11 Other SaaS Marketing automation for small businesses. . Live
Fivetran W13 Other SaaS Fivetran redefined the data pipeline.Shaped by the needs of analysts, our fully managed pipelines en... . Live
flexEngage W16 Other SaaS Dynamic transactional communications for physical stores to help retailers engage customers and incr... . Live
Flexport W14 Other SaaS Flexport's mission is to make global trade easier for everybody. We are connecting humanity in a sea... . Live
Flightfox S12 Other SaaS We combine tech with human expertise to help your team travel better. . Live
Flo Recruit S19 Other SaaS ATS for in person recruiting events, like job fairs, hackathons, and networking events. . Live
Flotype W11 Other SaaS Third generation of web apps. . Dead
Flowbot S19 Other SaaS A natural language-driven programming assistant. . Live
Flowspace S17 Other SaaS On-demand warehousing for business. . Live
fly.io W20 Other SaaS We run app servers close to your users. . Live
Flynn S14 Other SaaS Flynn is an open source Platform as a Service (PaaS) . Live
Focal Systems W16 Other SaaS Auto checkout from stores using computer vision . Live
FollowUpThen S17 Other SaaS FollowUpThen is an email-based personal assistant that sends you exactly what you need at exactly th... . Live
Fond W12 Other SaaS Rewards and recognition SaaS for HR leaders . Live
Fondo W18 Other SaaS Bookkeeping and tax for startups. . Live
Fountain S15 Other SaaS Talent acquisition platform for gig and hourly workers . Live
Foxpass S15 Other SaaS Making enterprise security practices available for all companies. . Live
Framed Data W14 Other SaaS Predicted churn for enterprises. Acquired by Square in March 2016. . Exited
Freshpaint S19 Other SaaS Implement marketing and analytics tools without code. . Live
Freshplum S11 Other SaaS Analytics with action . Exited
Frogmetrics S08 Other SaaS Frogmetrics offers a touchscreen mobile device to gather customer feedback, enabling companies and researchers to capture data in real-time. . Dead
Front S14 Other SaaS Collaborative Inbox for Companies . Live
Frubana Inc W19 Other SaaS Everything store for restaurants and small retailers in Latam . Live
Fuzzbuzz W19 Other SaaS Fuzzing as a Service . Live
Gantto S10 Other SaaS Better Microsoft Project. . Exited
Gem S17 Other SaaS Like Outreach.IO + Salesforce, but for recruiting . Live
Gemnote S15 Other SaaS Premium, customized corporate gifts . Live
Georgette Packaging W16 Other SaaS Carbon neutral packaging for ambitious businesses. . Live
Geosite W19 Other SaaS Geosite is an enterprise SaaS platform for spatial data. Through pairing a marketplace with integrat... . Live
GetAccept W16 Other SaaS Track, engage & eSign all your sales and business documents with GetAccept. . Live
Gigwell W16 Other SaaS Gigwell streamlines the booking process between live entertainers and venues (Musicians, Comedians &... . Live
Ginza S10 Other SaaS SEO & Content Marketing Analytics. Enterprise-focused SaaS with customers in the US, Japan, and othe... . Live
GitStart S19 Other SaaS GitStart helps you hire the best remote developers by outsourcing small coding tasks from your backl... . Live
Giveffect W15 Other SaaS Fundraising, Volunteer and Donor Management SaaS for nonprofits. . Live
GiveSpark W12 Other SaaS Givespark was a celebrity charity fundraising platform . Dead
Glider W12 Other SaaS We filter distracting emails away from your inbox. . Dead
Global Belly W20 Other SaaS Global Belly is a platform that helps influencers and creators launch their own custom branded produ... . Live
Glowing.io W18 Other SaaS Unified, intelligent B2C messaging for leading brands of the world . Live
Gmelius S19 Other SaaS work together. everywhere. . Live
GO1 S15 Other SaaS GO1 is the world’s largest provider of employee compliance and professional development training. . Live
GoComm S13 Other SaaS Mobile communications platform for teams working on live events . Dead
GoLinks W19 Other SaaS Internal, human-readable short links for teams. GoLinks allows companies to increase productivity, b... . Live
GoLorry W16 Other SaaS Mobile marketplace for inter-city trucking in India . Live
Goodly S18 Other SaaS Student loan repayment as an employee benefit. . Live
Goodybag W16 Other SaaS An online tool for companies to order food from restaurants and caterers. . Exited
GoScale S12 Other SaaS Server Management as a Service . Dead
Grabb-It S18 Other SaaS Grabb-It is a location based Dynamic Digital - OOH advertising platform. We turn rideshare cars into... . Dead
Gravitational S15 Other SaaS Access and run cloud applications across environments, while meeting security and compliance require... . Live
GrepData W13 Other SaaS Big Data Analytics . Exited
GuruHotel W20 Other SaaS The Shopify for the hotel industry. . Live
Gustav S17 Other SaaS The marketplace for staffing agencies. Companies leverage the network of Gustav’s selected staffing ... . Live
Gusto W12 Other SaaS Gusto is a modern, online people platform that helps small businesses take care of their teams. . Live
Habitat Logistics W19 Other SaaS We Power Delivery for Restaurants . Live
Hackermeter S13 Other SaaS Replacing resume screening with code challenges. . Exited
HackerRank S11 Other SaaS Programmer IQ . Live
HackPad W12 Other SaaS A realtime wiki for getting things done. . Exited
Handl W20 Other SaaS Handl converts documents (invoices, income stabs, custom forms, etc.) into structured data through ... . Live
Handle.com W19 Other SaaS Construction software that solves late payments and access to funding. . Live
Hatch W19 Other SaaS Business SMS Messaging Platform for Brick and Mortar Businesses. . Live
Hatchways S19 Other SaaS We find overlooked engineers for startups through simulated work. . Live
Haywheel S16 Other SaaS Haywheel is an artisan food marketplace for restaurants and specialty food stores. . Dead
Headstart S17 Other SaaS Headstart uses Machine Learning to help companies decide on who to hire. We save recruiters up to 80... . Live
Heap W13 Other SaaS Heap automatically captures every user interaction in your mobile or web app, letting you generate a... . Live
Hellobill S16 Other SaaS Hellobill aggregates all your business bills, automatically, every month. . Dead
HelloSign W11 Other SaaS The #1 eSignature Software for Small and Mid-Market Businesses. . Exited
Helloverify W18 Other SaaS Helloverify is a background screening platform (Checkr for India). . Live
Herald W19 Other SaaS Herald is the best space for teams to collect, analyze, and collaborate on user feedback. . Live
Heroku W08 Other SaaS Heroku is a multi-language cloud application platform that enables developers to deploy, scale, and manage their applications. . Exited
Hickory S15 Other SaaS Hickory turns your employees into experts. . Dead
HigherMe W15 Other SaaS HigherMe helps retail and restaurant employers find, screen, and hire better employees faster. . Live
HiOperator S16 Other SaaS Customer support as a service. We augment your existing team. Plans are pay-as-you-go, scaling up or... . Live
Hipmob W12 Other SaaS Customer communication for iOS and Android developers - an in-app support portal and in-app live cha... . Dead
Hiptype S12 Other SaaS Hiptype is a marketing and analytics platform for eBooks. We can visualize where in a book readers m... . Dead
HireArt W12 Other SaaS We simulate the work environment to find out who's best for the job. . Live
HireSweet W20 Other SaaS Find and hire the best passive job candidates. . Live
Hive S14 Other SaaS Customer data and email platform used by thousands of brands to personalize and automate their marke... . Live
Hivy W17 Other SaaS An end-to-end platform for office management. We enable office management teams to gather employees'... . Exited
Hogaru W17 Other SaaS Hogaru is a tech-enabled facility management platform in Latin America. . Live
HotelFlex S17 Other SaaS The first flexible hotel booking model that lets you check-in and check-out of your room at anytime ... . Live
Hotspots W11 Other SaaS Real-time analytics (acq by TWTR, 2012) . Dead
Hublo S14 Other SaaS Hublo is making data-driven marketing simpler. It's a super simple tool, allowing marketers to set-u... . Dead
Hum S13 Other SaaS A chat program that integrates with email, with presence. . Dead
Human Interest S15 Other SaaS Human Interest is a digital 401(k) provider for startups and small businesses. Set up your 401(k) en... . Live
Humanly W20 Other SaaS Humanly automates candidate screening for companies with high applicant volume. . Live
Humi W17 Other SaaS Humi is an all-in-one (Payroll, HR, Benefits and Insurance) people platform for Canadian companies. . Live
Hunter2 W18 Other SaaS Hunter2 trains engineering teams in application security through interactive online labs. Developers... . Exited
imgix S11 Other SaaS Responsive images as a service, delivered by CDN. . Live
Impraise S14 Other SaaS Platform to manage the performance, development and engagement of employees. . Live
Index W16 Other SaaS Mapping the world's professional relationships. . Dead
inDinero S10 Other SaaS Financial dashboard for businesses. . Live
Indivio S17 Other SaaS Customize your digital video ads to be more relevant and improve performance quickly with creative t... . Live
InEvent S19 Other SaaS Event analytics to transform attendees into customers . Live
InfluxData W13 Other SaaS InfluxData is building the platform for collecting, storing, visualizing, and processing time series... . Live
Infogami S05 Other SaaS . Dead
Infoharmoni W10 Other SaaS Inforharmoni is a data visualization company that visualizes real-time social web and aggregates content. . Dead
Inkling W06 Other SaaS Inkling offers collective intelligence solutions for businesses to make operational and strategic decisions. . Exited
Inokyo S18 Other SaaS We bring physical stores to the digital age with cashierless checkout. . Live
Inscribe S18 Other SaaS API to identify fraudulent documents. . Live
InsideSherpa W19 Other SaaS Online courses for large companies to train, and then hire, college students . Live
Insoshi W08 Other SaaS Insoshi is a social networking platform. . Dead
Instantq S09 Other SaaS InstantQ allows restaurants to send Just-In-Time promotions to customers to increase foot traffic on slow nights. . Dead
Instawork S15 Other SaaS Instawork is the on-demand staffing app for hourly workers and hospitality businesses. . Live
Interana W13 Other SaaS Hadoop for impatient people. . Live
InterPrime W19 Other SaaS Cash Management Made Easy . Live
Interstate S11 Other SaaS Create & Share Product Roadmaps . Dead
Interstate Analytics W16 Other SaaS Interstate is a marketing analytics platform that makes it easy to automatically track return on ad ... . Dead
Interviewed S15 Other SaaS Job simulations and assessments. See candidates in action doing the job they applied for whether th... . Exited
Ironclad S15 Other SaaS Digital contracting platform for legal teams. . Live
Itemsy S18 Other SaaS Turn links saved to read later into a beautiful newsletter: personal, private or internal within you... . Live
jEugene S15 Other SaaS jEugene highlights undefined terms and unused definitions in legal documents. . Dead
Job Alchemist S08 Other SaaS JobAlchemist builds online recruiting software. . Dead
Joberator W08 Other SaaS Joberator is a search, recruitment and talent acquisition platform connecting skilled professionals with in-demand employers. . Dead
Jopwell S15 Other SaaS Jopwell is a holistic diversity solution enabling companies to connect and recruit Black, Latinx, an... . Live
Kaiya W19 Other SaaS Kaiya is a mobile platform for guided audio and video courses. We empower creators, coaches, and exp... . Live
Kalibrr W13 Other SaaS Kalibrr matches people to jobs on the basis of interests, experience and skills and we operate talen... . Live
Keychain Logistics S12 Other SaaS Software that connects the supply side of companies that ship product with independent carriers that... . Dead
Keynua W19 Other SaaS E-signatures with identity verification for Latin America . Live
Key Values W18 Other SaaS Helping software developers find teams that share their values. . Live
Kickpay W15 Other SaaS A platform to finance inventory for e-commerce companies. . Live
Kiko S05 Other SaaS We're the best online calendar solution to ever exist. Period. . Exited
Kinside S18 Other SaaS Child care employee benefits . Live
Kippt S12 Other SaaS Kippt is like GitHub for your online information. We help you to build your and your team's professi... . Exited
Kivo S13 Other SaaS Git for Documents . Dead
Klarity S18 Other SaaS Automated ASC 606 Contract Review for enterprise SaaS revenue teams. . Live
Kobo360 S18 Other SaaS With Kobo's platform, companies now have easy access to a large pool of trucks with real-time tracki... . Live
KubeSail S19 Other SaaS KubeSail is a Deployment platform that you never outgrow. . Live
Laserfocus W20 Other SaaS Laserfocus is Superhuman for Salespeople. It’s the fastest way to communicate and close deals in one... . Live
Latchel W19 Other SaaS 24/7 emergency maintenance department for property managers and landlords. . Live
Lattice W16 Other SaaS Modern performance management software. . Live
LaunchHear W10 Other SaaS LaunchHear was a startup attempting to make PR scale in the same way that Google AdWords made advert... . Dead
Lawyaw W18 Other SaaS Automating document-based workflows . Live
Lazy Lantern S19 Other SaaS Automated product insights . Live
LeadGenius S11 Other SaaS LeadGenius is an account-based marketing and lead generation platform. LeadGenius uses a unique comb... . Live
LeanMarket S12 Other SaaS Mobile advertising . Dead
Leena AI S18 Other SaaS We at Leena AI build a virtual assistant that answers employee's HR questions eg. How do I sign up f... . Live
Leon & George S17 Other SaaS Buying and owning indoor potted plants made easy. . Live
Lever S12 Other SaaS Lever is a Talent Acquisition Suite that combines ATS + Talent CRM . Live
Liftigniter W14 Other SaaS Machine Learning personalization for dynamic digital properties - predict user impression actions in... . Exited
Lightout W18 Other SaaS The Platform for Digital OOH Experiences . Live
Linkana W20 Other SaaS Linkana is a Compliance-driven Procurement software for companies in Latin America. . Live
Lob S13 Other SaaS Lob is on a mission to make the world programmable. We offer two core API products: Print & Mail and... . Live
LocalOn S13 Other SaaS Web marketing for SMBs & merchants associations. . Dead
Localyze S19 Other SaaS International employee relocation as a service . Live
Locent S15 Other SaaS Locent is an automated messaging platform for companies . Dead
LogDNA W15 Other SaaS LogDNA empowers engineering teams to debug and monitor production issues by aggregating server and a... . Live
Logiblock W13 Other SaaS Logiblock engineers electronics and development tools to dramatically accelerate your ideas into phy... . Dead
Loop Support W17 Other SaaS AWS for customer support . Live
Lowkey.gg S18 Other SaaS An amateur esports platform . Live
Lumi W15 Other SaaS Packaging for online brands. . Live
Maderight S15 Other SaaS Global Manufacturing, Simplified . Dead
MailTime W16 Other SaaS MailTime (Measurable) turns transactional email receipts into actionable consumer insights for inves... . Live
Maitian.ai W19 Other SaaS We make $1,000 Amazon Go stores. . Live
Makrwatch W15 Other SaaS We connect brands with their audience through YouTube creators. Formerly themidgame. . Live
Mamabear W16 Other SaaS SaaS . Dead
Manycore.io W17 Other SaaS ManyCore.io speeds up computer programs by spreading them automatically onto several cores . Live
Marble Technologies S19 Other SaaS Marble enables cashier-free checkout for restaurants—order in-store via elegant kiosk software. . Live
Marketfox W17 Other SaaS Marketing automation platform optimized for mobile and web. . Live
Mashgin W15 Other SaaS Self-Checkout using Computer Vision. . Live
Matagora S19 Other SaaS A platform allows online brands to instantly launch a physical storefront . Live
Mattermark S12 Other SaaS Big Data Meets Startup Investing The best tool for tracking and benchmarking more than 200,000 st... . Exited
Mattermost S12 Other SaaS Open source, self-hosted Slack-alternative . Live
Meadow W15 Other SaaS Point of Sale and Compliance SaaS for Cannabis Dispensaries . Live
Meesho S16 Other SaaS Meesho is the simplest way for Indie sellers in India to setup, manage and grow their business on Fa... . Live
Meetingbird S17 Other SaaS Automated meeting scheduling for teams . Exited
Meitre W18 Other SaaS Opentable for the world's top restaurants; we help them increase profit as much as 30% by optimizing... . Live
Meldium W13 Other SaaS Simple password & identity management for teams. Acquired by LogMeIn in August 2014. . Exited
Memfault W19 Other SaaS Memfault builds developer tools for firmware engineers. . Live
MemSQL W11 Other SaaS The Cloud-Native, Operational Database Built for Speed and Scale . Live
MentalHappy S18 Other SaaS Life skills for emotional well-being. . Live
MerryMint W14 Other SaaS Team building for remote teams . Live
Mertado W10 Other SaaS Mertado is an online social shopping platform that allows consumers to discover and buy products from communities they frequently visit. . Exited
Metapacket S16 Other SaaS Metapacket is the first selective web gateway that stops malware by blocking non-human communication... . Dead
MicroEval S12 Other SaaS Changing the way companies review employee performance with quantitative, short, easy-to-do evaluati... . Dead
Middesk W19 Other SaaS Background checks on business entities. . Live
Mindori S16 Other SaaS Mindori builds white-label voice search for e-commerce apps. . Dead
MindsDB W20 Other SaaS MindsDB is an Open-Source AutoML that allows Developers to do machine learning in one line of code. . Live
Minefold W12 Other SaaS Simple multiplayer game servers. . Dead
Mipos.dev S19 Other SaaS The first integrated POS in Latam that let restaurants merge their online and traditional operations . Live
Mistro W20 Other SaaS Benefits + perks for distributed teams . Live
Mixpanel S09 Other SaaS Mixpanel is the most advanced analytics platform in the world for mobile & web. . Live
MixRank S11 Other SaaS Data platform for sales, advertising, mobile, web, and business intelligence. . Live
Mobydish W15 Other SaaS MobyDish, a tech-enabled service, allowing anyone to place a catering order online to instantly feed... . Live
Modal W16 Other SaaS digital commerce for the world’s largest auto retailers and brands. . Live
Modern Labor W19 Other SaaS Employer of Record as a Service . Live
Modern Treasury S18 Other SaaS Payment operations tools for money movement. . Live
Moltin W15 Other SaaS eCommerce building blocks through simple APIs for websites & apps. APIs include inventory, cart, che... . Exited
Motion W20 Other SaaS Chrome extension to improve your workflow in the browser, 0 setup . Live
Motionlead W14 Other SaaS Animated mobile ads. . Exited
Mth Sense S12 Other SaaS We're a mobile on-device profiling and ad-serving platform initially focused on in-app ads. We profi... . Live
Mux W16 Other SaaS API to video infrastructure and analytics.* Mux Video: Stripe for Video* Mux Data: New Relic for Vid... . Live
MyPetrolPump S19 Other SaaS On demand fuel delivery service in India . Live
Nabis W19 Other SaaS Nabis ships cannabis products for brands to retailers. . Live
Names & Faces S18 Other SaaS Fast, built for purpose, visual lists of the people in your organization. . Live
Narrator S19 Other SaaS Narrator provides a managed data system where all the data you need is in one table. . Live
Natero S12 Other SaaS Data-driven customer success platform for B2B SaaS. . Exited
NeoWize S16 Other SaaS NeoWize created a new type of machine learning algorithm and uses it to improve personalization algo... . Exited
Neptune.io S14 Other SaaS A self-healing platform to enrich and fix server alerts automatically . Dead
NetBeez W16 Other SaaS High Performance Network Monitoring for the Distributed Enterprise. . Live
Netomi W16 Other SaaS Self-Driving Customer Care . Live
Nettrons W19 Other SaaS AI candidates sourcing for recruiters . Live
Next Caller W14 Other SaaS Next Caller creates a positive customer experience through real-time call verification technology. W... . Live
Nextop W15 Other SaaS Nextop optimizes the path between your app and backend. Client libraries + proxy server. Improves sp... . Dead
NexTravel W15 Other SaaS NexTravel is a centralized travel booking platform that helps companies save time and money. . Live
Niles W17 Other SaaS Knowledge Assistant for Work. . Live
Ninite W08 Other SaaS Simple third-party app patching and deployment for Windows. . Live
Nova W16 Other SaaS Nova puts the power of AI to work for you, enabling a more continuous and more productive selling pr... . Live
Nowports W19 Other SaaS Nowports is a digital Freight Forwarder shipping ocean containers to and from Latin America. . Live
NuCypher S16 Other SaaS Cryptographic Infrastructure for Privacy-Preserving Applications . Live
NUMI W20 Other SaaS Import marketplace for Africa . Live
Nuvocargo W18 Other SaaS Tech-enabled freight forwarding, customs brokerage, and trade finance between USA and Mexico . Live
Observe.AI W18 Other SaaS Observe.AI is on a mission to enable human workforce in a call center to focus on complex, subjectiv... . Live
OctaveWealth S12 Other SaaS The honest 401(k). Helping employees keep more of their retirement savings. . Live
Oh My Green S16 Other SaaS We create workplace wellbeing . Live
Okteto W19 Other SaaS The missing application development platform for Kubernetes . Live
Olark W09 Other SaaS The best live chat software on the planet. We help you build relationships with website visitors, b... . Live
OmniVirt S12 Other SaaS OmniVirt is the leading VR Advertising platform for brands and publishers. We power VR experiences f... . Live
OneLocal S17 Other SaaS OneLocal is a CRM for local businesses. . Live
onetool W20 Other SaaS With onetool startups get all the software they need to run their business with just one single subs... . Live
Openland W18 Other SaaS Modern platform for chat communities . Live
OpenPhone S18 Other SaaS The new phone for business. . Live
OpenWrench S18 Other SaaS We help retailers and restaurant chains manage repairs and maintenance across all their locations. . Live
Optilly W12 Other SaaS InstallMonetizer is a software distribution adnetwork on the windows platform..... Mobile coming soo... . Dead
Orbiter W20 Other SaaS ML models automatically monitor business performance . Live
Origin W17 Other SaaS Keurig for healthy smoothies. . Dead
OurMenu W18 Other SaaS OurMenu provides an online food ordering service. . Dead
Outbound W15 Other SaaS Create automated messages -- email, iOS/Android push, SMS and web notifications -- that we send in r... . Exited
Overview W19 Other SaaS Computer Vision Platform for Manufacturing . Live
OwnLocal W10 Other SaaS OwnLocal automates marketing for over 129,000 SMBs through 3,300 local media partners in North Ameri... . Live
Pachyderm W15 Other SaaS Pachyderm: Data Versioning, Data Pipelines, and Data Lineage . Live
Padlet W13 Other SaaS Papyrus → Parchment → Paper → Padlet . Live
Pagelever S11 Other SaaS Facebook analytics. Acquired by Unified in January 2013. . Exited
Paid S14 Other SaaS Autopilot for Accounts Receivable . Live
Pakible W15 Other SaaS We make it insanely easy to design, price, and manufacture custom product packaging. Pakible is an u... . Live
Parallel Universe S12 Other SaaS Helping developers scale their applications with ease. . Dead
Partnered S12 Other SaaS Partnered is a digital platform automating business development partnerships between brands and star... . Dead
PartnerStack S15 Other SaaS PartnerStack is a full stack solution for partnerships. . Live
Patchwork Security W16 Other SaaS Security patch notifications for servers. Build it, deploy it, and we'll help you keep it secure. . Dead
Pave W16 Other SaaS Pave analyzes Google Analytics + marketing data and sends you reports on what's working, what's not,... . Live
Payable S14 Other SaaS Simple payments and tax compliance for your contract workforce. . Exited
PayTango W13 Other SaaS Simple invoicing . Dead
Pearl W17 Other SaaS The future of office coffee. Keurig convenience meets cafe quality. . Live
Peer5 W17 Other SaaS P2P delivery network that enables high quality video streaming at massive scale. . Live
Pengram W19 Other SaaS Indoor navigation through augmented reality on your phone. . Live
People.ai S16 Other SaaS People.ai automates manual data entry, increases sales productivity, and provides actionable intelli... . Live
Percept.AI S17 Other SaaS AI support agent for your business that actually works . Live
Perfect Audience S11 Other SaaS Self-service display advertising for SaaS and online retail. . Exited
Permutive S14 Other SaaS Platform for real-time personalization . Live
PersistIQ S14 Other SaaS PersistIQ is sales engagement software that's easy to use. . Live
PetaSales W09 Other SaaS Online advertising startup. . Dead
PiinPoint W14 Other SaaS PiinPoint tells retail businesses where to place their locations to maximize return on investment. . Live
Pilot W17 Other SaaS Payroll, benefits and compliance for remote teams. . Live
Pingm S11 Other SaaS Phone system for sales teams. . Dead
PipelineDB W14 Other SaaS Open-source time-series data analytics extension for PostgreSQL . Dead
Pixate S12 Other SaaS Mobile application prototyping. Now part of Google. . Exited
Plasticity S17 Other SaaS Natural language processing APIs for developers. . Live
Plate IQ S15 Other SaaS Seamless restaurant operations. We are redefining how restaurants operate and buy products at wholes... . Live
Plato W16 Other SaaS We help engineering + product leaders develop soft skills and build better teams. . Live
PocketSuite W16 Other SaaS PocketSuite is the app for anyone with clients. . Live
Podium W16 Other SaaS Podium is an interaction platform for local businesses. . Live
Point API W18 Other SaaS Point stores things you send over and over again and helps you re-use them instantly. . Dead
Poll Everywhere S08 Other SaaS Interactive meetings and presentations . Live
Polymail S16 Other SaaS Email productivity platform for business. . Live
Pomello W15 Other SaaS Analytics software that helps companies measure organizational culture, screen talent for "fit", and... . Exited
Popular Pays W15 Other SaaS Software for collaborating with content creators and influencers . Live
Portal Entryways W19 Other SaaS Portal Entryways upgrades disabled-accessible doors so they can be opened, completely hands-free, by... . Live
Posmetrics W13 Other SaaS Ultra-short feedback surveys on tablets mounted in businesses. Higher response rates allow more powe... . Exited
Post.fm S10 Other SaaS New email inbox. . Dead
PostHog W20 Other SaaS Open source product analytics. Self hosted, full underlying data access. Automatic event data captur... . Live
Postscript W19 Other SaaS Postscript is Mailchimp for SMS -- A text message marketing automation platform for ecommerce brands . Live
Preclusio S19 Other SaaS We help companies comply with privacy laws like GDPR. Many of these laws force companies to track an... . Live
PredictLeads S19 Other SaaS Best in class company intelligence data. . Live
Presto S10 Other SaaS Tablets on restaurant tables, so guests can order, pay and play games from their seat without waitin... . Live
Priceonomics W12 Other SaaS We help companies turn their data into great stories. . Live
Profig S12 Other SaaS The phone system for businesses. Manage everything from your company phone system to outbound sales ... . Dead
Prolific S19 Other SaaS Infrastructure for research on the internet. . Live
Prompt S19 Other SaaS Helping busy professionals understand and maintain their relationships . Live
Proof W18 Other SaaS Proof helps companies increase conversions online using personalization . Live
Prophecy Sciences W13 Other SaaS Predicting workplace performance through neuroscience . Dead
Protocol Labs S14 Other SaaS IPFS -- new hypermedia distribution protocol to replace HTTP (git + bittorrent) Filecoin -- crypt... . Live
Protonet W16 Other SaaS Protonet provides the easiest way for a small business to run its own private cloud. With beautiful ... . Live
Proxino S11 Other SaaS Javascript proxy. . Dead
Proxy S16 Other SaaS Reinventing identity . Live
Pulley W20 Other SaaS Pulley helps companies manage their cap tables. Use our platform to issue employee & investor equity... . Live
Pulpix W16 Other SaaS Binge-watching technology for video platforms. . Exited
Pulse W18 Other SaaS We're crowdsourced Gartner so IT executives can learn directly from each other via simple Q&A instea... . Live
Puzzl S19 Other SaaS API that automates instant payroll. . Live
Pyxai W19 Other SaaS HR software that screens and ranks job applicants for soft skills and culture fit without relying on... . Live
Quantstamp W18 Other SaaS Security auditing for blockchain smart contracts . Live
Qulture.Rocks W18 Other SaaS Qulture.Rocks helps mid-sized companies implement 1:1s, goals, feedbacks and performance reviews in ... . Live
RADAR W13 Other SaaS RADAR is building technology to completely transform the in-store experience for retail employees an... . Live
RankScience W17 Other SaaS SEO Split Testing & Automation . Live
Rapportive S10 Other SaaS Add profiles to email. . Exited
Raven Tech W15 Other SaaS Our vision is to build the next generation of iOS or Android, to fundamentally change how we interac... . Exited
Raycast W20 Other SaaS Speed up non-coding tasks for engineering teams . Live
Realm S11 Other SaaS Better data structures = no DB. . Exited
Redspread W16 Other SaaS Version control for software environments . Exited
Refinery Labs S19 Other SaaS Ship a new feature in an afternoon, not a week.We make it easy for developers to easily build, deplo... . Live
Regology S18 Other SaaS Regulatory compliance powered by AI . Live
Releaf S17 Other SaaS Selling quality crops to African food factories using novel hardware. . Live
reMail W09 Other SaaS Email search for iPhone. Acquired by Google in Feb 2010. . Exited
Replenish S14 Other SaaS Keurig machine for smoothies. . Live
RescueTime W08 Other SaaS Ridiculously Easy Time Management . Live
RethinkDB S09 Other SaaS The open source database for the realtime web. . Exited
Retool W17 Other SaaS Build internal tools fast. . Live
ReverCare S19 Other SaaS Concierge for elder care . Live
Revl W16 Other SaaS Revl develops a 4K smart action camera designed to automate video experience. . Live
Rickshaw W14 Other SaaS Same day local delivery, via API. Currently operating in SF. . Exited
Riot Security W20 Other SaaS Practical phishing training for your team . Live
Rippling W17 Other SaaS Rippling makes it unbelievably easy to manage your company's HR and IT — in one system. . Live
RoboHR S09 Other SaaS RoboHR builds HR software for companies. . Dead
Rocketrip W14 Other SaaS Rocketrip helps companies save money on travel expenses by aligning employee interest with company p... . Live
Rose Rocket S16 Other SaaS Rose Rocket is ERP software for trucking companies. . Live
ROSS Intelligence S15 Other SaaS ROSS is an AI-powered legal research platform that can read and answer complex questions about case ... . Live
Routable S17 Other SaaS We're building the simplest way to send and receive business-to-business payments. If you’re thinkin... . Live
Runa HR W18 Other SaaS Automating payroll for Latin America. Our software platform includes: payroll, employee management, ... . Live
SalesSift S14 Other SaaS Intelligent Lead Sourcing . Dead
Saleswhale S16 Other SaaS Saleswhale is an automated sales assistant that follows up with your stale and cold leads, engaging ... . Live
Salt Security W16 Other SaaS Salt detects and prevents zero-day API attacks with the power of AI. Deploys in minutes. No configur... . Live
Sapling Intelligence W19 Other SaaS AI writing assistant for customer-facing teams. . Live
Savvy S18 Other SaaS All the interactions across your work apps in one place . Live
Scanate S16 Other SaaS API for Invoice Financing . Dead
ScopeAI W17 Other SaaS Automatically extract valuable insights from customer service conversations using AI . Live
Screenhero W13 Other SaaS Collaborative Screen Sharing — you each get your own mouse, and you're both always in control. Acqui... . Exited
Screenleap, Inc. W12 Other SaaS One-click screen sharing with installation-free viewing on all devices. Also available as a service ... . Live
Scribe W17 Other SaaS Scribe is an AI based Sales Development Representative that you can hire in 10 minutes. Scribe autom... . Exited
Searchlight W19 Other SaaS Intelligent referencing software to hire the best teams . Live
Second Measure S15 Other SaaS A technology company that analyzes billions of anonymized purchases to answer real-time questions on... . Live
Segment S11 Other SaaS Segment is the analytics infrastructure that helps collect and organize data so businesses make bett... . Live
Selfycart S16 Other SaaS Selfycart - let's grocery shoppers scan items and checkout on their phone without waiting in checkou... . Dead
Semantics3 W13 Other SaaS Data and AI based enterprise solutions for e-commerce marketplaces (catalog generation & enrichment,... . Live
SEND W20 Other SaaS Flexport for Africa - Digital Freight forwarder and Customs Broker. . Live
SendHub W12 Other SaaS Simple Business SMS. SMBs to Large Enterprise. . Exited
Sendoid W11 Other SaaS High speed peer to peer data transport technology for consumers (Sendoid) and enterprises (Expresso)... . Exited
SharpestMinds W18 Other SaaS Peer-to-peer mentorships through income-share agreements. . Live
Shelf Engine S18 Other SaaS Shelf Engine replaces the grocery buyer and guarantees sales for the grocery store. . Live
Shift Messenger W15 Other SaaS Real-time communication solution for retail and restaurant employees. . Dead
Shipamax W17 Other SaaS Accelerating the next generation of supply chain . Live
ShipBob S14 Other SaaS Providing Amazon level logistics to e-commerce businesses. . Live
Shipper W19 Other SaaS Shipper is a logistics platform that helps freight forwarders to deliver goods easily. . Live
ShopWith S18 Other SaaS ShopWith is mobile QVC for GenZ. . Live
Shotput S15 Other SaaS Shotput (S15) develops AI and robotics to completely automate e-commerce supply chains. . Dead
Siasto W11 Other SaaS Siasto is a collaboration tool designed for SMBs who use Google Apps, Dropbox, and Box. . Dead
Sift S11 Other SaaS We use machine learning to power Trust & Safety for thousands of online businesses; eliminating char... . Live
Simperium S10 Other SaaS Simplenote (simplenote.com) and the Simperium platform for syncing data. Acquired by Automattic (Wor... . Exited
SimpleLegal S13 Other SaaS Legal Operations for corporate legal teams. . Exited
SketchDeck W14 Other SaaS Graphic design on demand for marketing teams . Live
SkydropX S18 Other SaaS Logistic Management System for E-commerce & Retail in Mexico. . Live
Skypher W20 Other SaaS Cybersecurity compliance in a box . Live
Skysheet W09 Other SaaS Browser-based spreadsheet. . Dead
Slapdash W19 Other SaaS Work at the speed of thought. . Live
Slik S17 Other SaaS Slik enables the long tail to use email outreach. . Live
Slite W18 Other SaaS Documentation workspace for teams. . Live
Smarking W15 Other SaaS Digital infrastructure for the $131B+ US parking industry. . Live
Smyte W15 Other SaaS Smyte stops bad actors on social networks and marketplaces. . Exited
Snapboard W20 Other SaaS Snapboard is a software house that allows users to manage and link apps and platforms in a single, customizable dashboard. . Live
Snaptalent W08 Other SaaS Snaptalent is a distributed job advertisement network for developer listings. . Dead
Snark AI S18 Other SaaS Cloud for AI. . Live
Snipd S08 Other SaaS Snipd is a web-based application that enables users to save and share online content as they surf. . Dead
Sorting Robotics W19 Other SaaS We create automation technology for the cannabis industry. . Live
Sourceress S17 Other SaaS Sourceress is an AI recruiter that is reinventing how people find jobs. . Live
Sourcify W18 Other SaaS Sourcify is the fastest growing sourcing platform that helps hundreds of companies manufacture produ... . Live
Sparkboard S12 Other SaaS Sparkboard helps large, unwieldy crowds self-organize into small, focused teams. . Live
SPATE S18 Other SaaS Trends prediction for marketers . Live
Sphere Secure Workspace S15 Other SaaS Sphere Secure Workspace makes it easy for employees to securely use their personal devices at work. . Exited
Spire Law W19 Other SaaS Tech enabled business and employment litigation law firm . Live
Sqreen W18 Other SaaS Sqreen is the application security platform for the modern enterprise . Live
StackLead W14 Other SaaS Lead intelligence as a service. We want to be your personal lead consultants--email us at founders@s... . Exited
StackMachine S13 Other SaaS Instant sandboxed server environments . Dead
Standard Cognition S17 Other SaaS AI-powered checkout for retail . Live
Station W18 Other SaaS Station is building the browser for work. It is a native desktop application unifying within a singl... . Live
Statwing S12 Other SaaS Dead simple statistical analysis software. Like R or SPSS but easy to use. Acquired by Qualtrics ... . Exited
Stealth Worker W16 Other SaaS Information Security (Cyber Security), Compliance and Privacy (GDPR & CCPA) . Live
Streak S11 Other SaaS Streak transforms Gmail into a customizable CRM and process management tool. Our products service th... . Live
Strikingly W13 Other SaaS The easiest way to create a beautiful, mobile optimized website. . Live
StrongIntro W16 Other SaaS StrongIntro helps recruiters turn their entire company into a source for engineering candidates. We ... . Dead
Stryve W20 Other SaaS Async short form video phone screens and reference checks . Live
Stypi S11 Other SaaS Realtime collaborative coding . Exited
Sublime Black W19 Other SaaS Automating Cyber Security Incident Response Through Artificial Intelligence . Live
Substack W18 Other SaaS A place for independent writing . Live
Sunsama W19 Other SaaS Sunsama is daily task list for the top 10% of knowledge workers. YC founders use it with their teams... . Live
Superside W16 Other SaaS On-Demand Design Service . Live
Survata S12 Other SaaS We let brands measure consumer preferences & behavior. . Live
Swayable W18 Other SaaS Swayable measures how messaging changes public opinion, so marketers and campaigns can dramatically ... . Live
Sway Finance S16 Other SaaS Sway is bringing AI to the accounting industry . Dead
Swish W13 Other SaaS Kickstarter for physical products. Shop exclusive product launches. . Dead
Switchboard W19 Other SaaS Truck Freight Marketplace . Live
Sycamore W17 Other SaaS Marketplace for companies to add a delivery driver in 5 minutes. . Dead
Symple S16 Other SaaS Last mile logistics for delivery & service teams. We bring real-time collaboration to distributed jo... . Dead
Syndetic W20 Other SaaS Software for data sales and procurement . Live
Synthetic Minds S18 Other SaaS Program synthesis for provably correct code . Live
Taiv W20 Other SaaS A box that lets businesses replace commercials in live TV with their own content. . Live
Tajir W20 Other SaaS Marketplace for mom-and-pop stores in Pakistan to buy inventory. . Live
Talkable W11 Other SaaS Online store referrals. . Live
TalkBin W11 Other SaaS Instore feedback. . Exited
Tall Poppy S18 Other SaaS Protecting your employees against online harassment . Live
Tandem S19 Other SaaS Tandem is a virtual office for remote and distributed teams. . Live
TapEngage S11 Other SaaS Tablet ad network, acquired by Dropbox in July 2012 . Exited
Tapzilla S10 Other SaaS Woot for iOS apps. . Dead
Tara AI W15 Other SaaS The smart and free Jira alternative . Live
Taskade S19 Other SaaS Where Remote Teams Get Work Done. Taskade is building a real-time organization and collaboration too... . Live
teaBOT S15 Other SaaS A robot that makes tea! . Live
Team Apart S08 Other SaaS Team Apart is a real-time online group collaboration tool. . Dead
TeamNote W15 Other SaaS Mobile Productivity(Slack for mobile workforces) . Live
Teleborder S13 Other SaaS Dashboard for companies to manage immigration for their employees. . Exited
TellFi W11 Other SaaS Google Voice for business. . Dead
Templarbit S17 Other SaaS Protecting applications from malicious activity . Live
Tenjin S14 Other SaaS Mobile marketing analytics and infrastructure . Live
tEQuitable W18 Other SaaS tEQuitable's mission is to create work culture that works for everyone . Live
Terark W17 Other SaaS Fastest Storage Engine with the Best Compression, we enables direct search on highly compressed data... . Exited
Termii W20 Other SaaS Termii is Twilio for Africa. . Live
Termius W19 Other SaaS Termius is an SSH client that works on desktop and mobile. The reason sysadmins and DevOps love Term... . Live
Terusama W20 Other SaaS Terusama is a virtual logistics coordinator that offers self-service dock scheduling, digital driver check-in, and automated workflows. . Live
Tesorio S15 Other SaaS Tesorio is the cash flow performance platform that helps finance teams better manage, predict and co... . Live
Tetra W17 Other SaaS AI notetaker for phone calls . Exited
Thematic S17 Other SaaS Thematic analyses customer feedback to tell companies how to increase satisfaction and decrease chur... . Live
The Muse W12 Other SaaS The Muse is the ultimate career destination offering exciting job opportunities, expert advice, and ... . Live
ThinAir W15 Other SaaS Intelligent data security for teams . Dead
Thinkature S06 Other SaaS . Dead
Think Gaming S14 Other SaaS We provide market data on the mobile games business to developers, investors, and sales teams. . Live
Threadable W14 Other SaaS Mailing lists 2.0. Threadable makes group email less noisy and more actionable. . Exited
Thunkable W16 Other SaaS Thunkable is a drag and drop tool to build native Android and iOS Apps . Live
Tipe W18 Other SaaS We make it so developers never have to manage text. . Live
Together Software S19 Other SaaS Modern enterprise software to manage and measure mentoring between employees. . Live
Torch W18 Other SaaS Torch is a leadership development platform with integrated coaching, software and feedback to raise high performers to the next level. . Live
Traces S19 Other SaaS We analyze thousands of video streams to find missing people or suspects. . Live
Trainzen W13 Other SaaS Educational assessments made easy. Eliminating paper-based exams in higher ed. . Dead
Traversal Networks S15 Other SaaS Enterprise Threat Detection: Tuning, Triage, and Analysis by Experts. . Dead
Traverse Technologies W19 Other SaaS AI driven professional engineering firm . Live
treble.ai S19 Other SaaS Treble.ai is an internet based company. . Live
Trella S19 Other SaaS Trella is a platform that connects shippers to carriers. Trella offers services and technology to em... . Live
Tremendous W11 Other SaaS Helping businesses reward and incentivize anyone in the world, easily and instantly, with gift cards... . Live
Trimwire W20 Other SaaS Automated spend management software. . Live
Triplebyte S15 Other SaaS Intelligent technical hiring. . Live
TRM Labs S19 Other SaaS TRM prevents cryptocurrency fraud for every financial institution. . Live
TrueNorth W20 Other SaaS TrueNorth gives truckers a single place to manage their business. . Live
Truora W19 Other SaaS Truora provides safe and reliable background checks and fraud prevention tools for Latin America. . Live
Turing Labs Inc. W20 Other SaaS Turing AI helps consumer brands like Dove soap develop better product formulations faster. . Live
Two Tap W14 Other SaaS Two Tap connects retailers to companies that want to sell their products, in apps or sites, domestic... . Exited
Ubiq S16 Other SaaS Screen-sharing for enterprise conference rooms . Live
Ubits S18 Other SaaS Effective reskilling and upskilling for employees in Latam . Live
Unbabel W14 Other SaaS AI Powered Translation as a Service . Live
Unicornly W14 Other SaaS Unicorn.ly makes fundraising more efficient for both angel investors and entrepreneurs. For angels, ... . Dead
Upcall W17 Other SaaS Upcall provides outbound call professionals on-demand, through its communication platform & API, hel... . Live
UpKeep W17 Other SaaS We make beautiful, easy to use mobile software for maintenance teams . Live
Userfox W11 Other SaaS User retention as a service. Drip email . Dead
UserGems S14 Other SaaS AI-powered sales solution based on your best customers . Live
Vahan S19 Other SaaS Helping on-demand companies in India hire workers using WhatsApp. . Live
Valienta W20 Other SaaS Valienta software makes it easy for any retailer to create, manage and deploy direct selling teams i... . Live
Vanta W18 Other SaaS Automated security and compliance . Live
Vendr.com S19 Other SaaS Vendr is the way companies buy software. . Live
Venuetastic W11 Other SaaS Venue marketplace. . Dead
Veryfi, Inc. W17 Other SaaS The world’s most experienced data extraction expert . Live
Viaopt W18 Other SaaS Uber pool for corporate trucking fleets . Live
Videopixie S11 Other SaaS Marketplace for Video Production Services. We help you hire the best video creators for your projec... . Live
Vidpresso W14 Other SaaS Help media companies make quality live video. [Acquired by Facebook] . Exited
Vidyard S11 Other SaaS Video for business . Live
Virool S12 Other SaaS Virool provides native video advertising experience for the biggest publishers on the web. . Exited
Virtualmin W07 Other SaaS Virtualmin is a web hosting control panel for Linux and Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) systems. . Live
Visly W19 Other SaaS Build React components visually . Live
VizeraLabs S14 Other SaaS Fabric projector furniture sales . Dead
VoiceGem S12 Other SaaS A simple and versatile voice messaging platform. (Acquired by Palantir - Feb 2013) . Exited
VoiceOps W17 Other SaaS VoiceOps is a platform for analyzing enterprise voice. Our mission is to provide easy access to cust... . Live
VOIQ S15 Other SaaS Conversational AI VoiceBots for Calling . Live
Volantio W09 Other SaaS Post-booking revenue and capacity optimization for airlines (previously/also Adioso) . Live
Vori W20 Other SaaS Vori is a b2b wholesale app that streamlines ordering for supermarkets and wholesalers. . Live
Wallarm S16 Other SaaS Application and API security for the modern web . Live
Wasmer S19 Other SaaS The Next Docker . Live
WaystoCap W17 Other SaaS We are Alibaba of Africa. We are building a marketplace for African businesses to buy and sell produ... . Live
Weave W14 Other SaaS Customer Communication and Payments Platform . Live
Weebly W07 Other SaaS Web site editing platform. Over 40M people have launched their business on Weebly and every month 3... . Exited
Well Principled S19 Other SaaS Well Principled is an A.I. Management Consultant that optimizes marketing and supply chain processes... . Live
Whirl S14 Other SaaS Pay instantly with your fingerprint. . Dead
Wingman S19 Other SaaS Wingman helps inside sales reps with real-time information and coaching while they're on a call. Thi... . Live
WireOver W12 Other SaaS Really secure file sending for big files. . Dead
Workbench W20 Other SaaS Modern manufacturing project management software (MPMS) . Live
WorkClout W19 Other SaaS SaaS tool helping industrial labor perform to their highest potential by centralizing on-the-job emp... . Live
WorkFlowy S10 Other SaaS WorkFlowy is a better way to manage information. It provides a simple mechanism - zoomable, searchab... . Live
WorkLife W15 Other SaaS WorkLife is a SaaS application that helps teams have more effective meetings. . Exited
Worklytics W18 Other SaaS Worklytics is productivity analytics for teams, gathered from data in tools like G Suite, Slack and ... . Live
WorkPay W20 Other SaaS HR and payroll processing from SMBs in Africa-Gusto for Africa. . Live
WorkRamp S16 Other SaaS The leading end-to-end training platform for educating employees and customers at scale. . Live
Wufoo W06 Other SaaS Online form builder. . Exited
Wundrbar W08 Other SaaS Wundrbar wants to improve upon the search bar experience by providing users with powerful inline commands. . Dead
XIX.ai W17 Other SaaS Secure and intuitive face sign in for web applications . Live
Xobni S06 Other SaaS Xobni creates complete and searchable social profiles of a user's contacts that include updates from LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. . Exited
Yardbook W16 Other SaaS Marketplace & Software Revolutionizing Yard Care . Live
YesGraph W15 Other SaaS YesGraph recommends exactly who a user should invite to an app. Our API can help boost the performan... . Exited
YouTeam W18 Other SaaS A platform for building offshore development teams. We helped more than 30 YC companies hire great e... . Live
Yumbin W14 Other SaaS App replaces office vending. . Dead
Zapier S12 Other SaaS The easiest way to automate your work . Live
Zen99 S14 Other SaaS Tax and insurance tools for independent contractors . Dead
Zenbox S11 Other SaaS Brings dozens of SaaS's (Mailchimp, Stripe, Shopify, Salesforce, etc.) into Gmail. . Dead
Zencoder W10 Other SaaS Video Encoding API, Open source video player (video.js) . Exited
Zenefits W13 Other SaaS HR for small businesses: onboarding, payroll and benefits. . Live
Zentail S12 Other SaaS Make commerce simple. Manage all of your sales channels, product information, inventory and orders i... . Live
Zenter W07 Other SaaS easy, professional presentations . Exited
Zeo Auto W20 Other SaaS Route Planning and fleet management software. . Live
ZeroCater W11 Other SaaS ZeroCater is the #1 way companies provide family-style meals for their employees. . Live
ZeroMailer S12 Other SaaS Easy mailing lists . Dead
Zestful W17 Other SaaS The easiest way for companies to give individualized perks to their employees. Give perks like Spoti... . Live
Zesty W14 Other SaaS Zesty serves delicious, healthy meals from the best local restaurants to your office. . Exited
Zinc W14 Other SaaS The secret backbone of e-commerce. The Zinc API knows all products for sale on the internet and lets... . Live
ZumoDrive S07 Other SaaS Media in the cloud . Exited
Zynq W20 Other SaaS Enterprise calendar built for efficient scheduling . Live
Zyper W18 Other SaaS Recreating social networks for brands. . Live