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The companies from the latest batch (S18)

Name Batch Category Description Status
Abacus Protocol S18 Blockchain Investment bank for blockchain . Live
Ajaib S18 Fintech The first online wealth manager in Indonesia . Live
Allotrope Medical S18 Healthcare Advancing surgical precision through safe electrical stimulation. Allotrope Medical's platform technology diagnoses tissue dysfunction and identifies hidden anatomic structures prone to injury during surgery. . Live
Alpha Vantage S18 Fintech We provide accessible & affordable APIs for financial market data . Live
Anima App S18 Dev Tools We convert design to code . Live
AnnieCannons S18 Education A custom software development consultancy powered by survivors of human trafficking we have transformed into software engineers. We provide software-development-as-a-service on-demand. . Live
AskMyClass S18 Education The first voice assistant for teachers. . Live
Berbix S18 Dev Tools Identity verification and fraud deterrence as a service. Berbix makes it easy for companies to collect and instantly verify photo IDs. . Live
BHRD S18 Other SaaS BHRD ("Be Heard") helps public companies communicate with investors. . Live
BlueCargo S18 Other SaaS BlueCargo helps marine port terminals streamline container management in the yard area. . Live
Bot M.D. S18 Healthcare Bot M.D. is an A.I. assistant for Doctors. . Live
BrainHi S18 Healthcare An automated receptionist for doctor and dentist offices that rescues missed calls and chats with patients automatically. . Live
BuyCoins S18 Blockchain Cryptocurrency exchange for Africa . Live
Cambridge Glycoscience S18 Healthcare Cambridge Glycoscience makes sugar substitutes that actually work in food. . Live
Camelot.ai S18 Other SaaS The mobile app for eSports betting . Live
Canary Technologies S18 Other SaaS We bring offline hotel bookings online. . Live
CB Therapeutics S18 Healthcare We produce pure cannabinoids like CBD and THC using yeast and sugar. No plants involved. . Live
Cheerbox S18 Other SaaS We help large employers send thoughtful custom gifts for employees when they have a significant life event . Live
ClearView MD S18 Healthcare We deploy sensors and software that increase hospital efficiency. . Live
College Pulse S18 Entertainment Social polling platform for college campuses. . Live
CowryWise S18 Fintech CowryWise is a wealth management platform for young Africans. With our platform, they can plan and automate their savings and investments towards meeting their financial goals. . Live
CSPA S18 Other SaaS The Computer Science Proficiency Assessment (CSPA™) is a comprehensive standardized exam for software engineers. We find software engineers to take the test, and then share their assessment results with employers. . Live
Curebase S18 Healthcare Distributed clinical trials. . Live
Cytera CellWorks S18 Healthcare Cytera builds machines that automate the growing of human and animal cells for biotech. Cutting-edge cancer treatments as well as the clean meat industry are driving huge demand for these kinds of cells at scale . Live
Data Driven Bioscience S18 Healthcare Cancer Diagnosis 10X faster, 10X cheaper . Live
Demeanor.co S18 Entertainment Online courses taught by influencers. . Live
Dinesafe S18 Healthcare We crowdsource food poisoning reports and help detect and prevent outbreaks. . Live
Emojer S18 Entertainment Enabling anyone to tell unique stories through animations. Create and share animated emojis from real photos in seconds. . Live
Emptor S18 Other SaaS We help companies find and hire local facilities and maintenance providers like janitors, landscapers, caterers and HVAC repair technicians. You can think of us like Thumbtack for enterprise. . Live
ExceptionALLY S18 Education Affordable expertise for special needs parenting. . Dead
FameGame S18 Entertainment Live and interactive TV shows for mobile - starting with American Idol meets HQ Trivia . Live
Federacy S18 Dev Tools The first bug bounty platform built for startups. . Live
Fintual S18 Fintech Roboadvisor for Latin America . Live
Fixers S18 Consumer Fixers is a travel and experiences marketplace. Our sellers range from yoga retreats in Mongolia, brown bear watching in Romania to music festivals in Croatia. Fixers helps you discover unique trips you can't find anywhere else. . Live
FREY S18 Consumer FREY is a line of exceptional laundry and clothing care products. FREY is meticulously designed to smell better, treat your clothing better, and generally be better: for you, for others, and for the planet. . Live
Goodly S18 Other SaaS Student loan repayment as an employee benefit. . Live
Grabb-It S18 Other SaaS Grabb-It is a location based Dynamic Digital - OOH advertising platform. We turn rideshare cars into digital billboards. We install small hardware in cars which displays advertisement to out of car audience.Brands/local business are our advertisers. . Live
Grin S18 Consumer Shared electric scooters for Latin America . Live
HeyDoctor S18 Healthcare HeyDoctor provides online primary care (like refilling birth control, hair loss prevention, UTI treatments, labs, and more) from expert doctors in under 5 minutes right from your phone or browser. . Live
Higia S18 Healthcare Higia is developing EVA, the first noninvasive wearable device for breast cancer detection . Live
HoneyLove S18 Consumer HoneyLove makes undergarments for women that apply compression to targeted areas to improve body shape and support posture. . Live
hypcloud S18 A tech-enabled commercial mortgage broker. hypcloud allows property developers to borrow amounts between 5m and 50m from banks. . Live
iLabService S18 Healthcare Monitoring & Analytics for Labs . Live
Incentivai S18 Blockchain Tool for simulating smart contract economies using Machine Learning agents prior to deployment onto blockchain. . Live
INKHUNTER S18 Entertainment Augmented Reality mobile app to try and buy tattoos . Live
Inokyo S18 Other SaaS We build cashierless stores that let people walk in, grab what they want, and just walk out. . Live
Inscribe S18 Other SaaS API to identify fraudulent documents. . Live
JetLenses S18 Healthcare Most efficient online seller of prescription products. . Live
JITX S18 Industrial Automatic circuit board design. . Live
Kinside S18 Other SaaS Child care employee benefits . Live
Klarity S18 Other SaaS A.I. Contract Lawyer . Live
Kobo360 S18 Other SaaS With Kobo's platform, companies now have easy access to a large pool of trucks with real-time tracking at affordable and flexible rates. Drivers conveniently find loads they want, are paid instantly and get reverse loads. . Live
Kunduz S18 Education Kunduz provides instant answers to students' test prep questions and makes test prep 10x faster and 10x cheaper than any private tutor. . Live
Kyte S18 Consumer India's first AI powered SMS Inbox . Live
Leena AI S18 Other SaaS We at Leena AI build a virtual assistant that answers employee's HR questions eg. How do I sign up for dental insurance, What's my 401k contribution? Why is my salary less this month? As a result, an HR professional can save 4 hours a day. . Live
LemonBox S18 Consumer Customized daily vitamin packs for Chinese consumers. . Live
Medinas Health S18 Healthcare Medinas Health helps hospitals redeploy and resell their excess medical supplies & equipment. . Live
Meru Health S18 Healthcare Meru Health is an online medical clinic for depression/burnout/anxiety treatment with remote licensed therapists, smart data-analytics to individualize treatment and a pay-only-for-outcomes business model. . Live
Modern Treasury S18 Other SaaS An API for moving, managing, and reconciling money . Live
MOMENTUS S18 Aerospace In-space flights between orbits . Live
Mutiny S18 Dev Tools Mutiny helps companies personalize their website for each visitor, in order to convert customers. . Live
Mylk Guys S18 Consumer Vegan Grocery Delivery. One stop shop for vegans and flexitarians - with the largest selection of vegan cheeses, meats and prepared meals. No need to read labels or visit multiple stores for your grocery needs! . Live
Numericcal S18 AI and ML Easily deploy, optimize and manage Deep Learning modules on IoT and mobile devices. . Live
OkCredit S18 Fintech Indian SMBs use OkCredit to track credit extended by them to their customers. We are building the biggest and fastest growing credit network in India where $500B of credit is still issued informally and handled on paper! . Live
OpenPhone S18 Other SaaS OpenPhone gives professionals a supercharged business phone app for calling and messaging. . Live
Osh's Affordable Pharmaceuticals S18 Healthcare Making low cost versions of high cost generic drugs. . Live
Outvote S18 Government An app to get Democrats to go vote. . Live
Oxygen S18 Fintech Oxygen is banking and lending for the gig-economy. We use AI to analyze personal cash flow and credit report data to underwrite freelancers. Free FDIC-insured bank accounts, debit cards, and loans at Avg 27% interest. . Live
Papa S18 Consumer Papa connects college students to senior citizens for companionship, transportation, house help, tech lessons, and more. The students are like "Grandkids On-Demand." . Live
Penta Medical S18 Healthcare Smart hardware for injury recovery. . Live
Phiar S18 Transport We are developing a revolutionary augmented reality navigation for driving app, with real-time artificial intelligence safety detections. This is self-driving computer vision technology working completely on a smartphone. . Live
Plato Design S18 Dev Tools We provide design services to startups. Plato Design is building the first ML-enabled design firm, and we're excited to work with YC companies on their brand and product design needs. . Live
Public Recreation S18 Consumer A new type gym, 100% outdoors, offering unlimited fitness classes for $50/month. . Live
RealtyBits S18 Blockchain We tokenize U.S. Real Estate Investment Funds . Live
RevenueCat S18 Dev Tools RevenueCat is a simple API for managing in-app subscriptions. . Live
Scanwell Health S18 Healthcare Scanwell is the first and only FDA-cleared urine testing app. Our first test provides on-demand relief for urinary tract infections, allowing anyone to test their urine in 3 minutes and receive a prescription for antibiotics the same day. . Live
Seattle Food Tech S18 Healthcare Seattle Food Tech (SFT) is a food manufacturing technology and production company with a mission to make alternative meat production as affordable as factory-farmed animal-based meat. . Live
Send Reality S18 Entertainment We make virtual walkthroughs of homes for real estate. Soon, anyone will be able to create immersive 3D walkthroughs of any place, using just their smartphone. . Live
Shelf Engine S18 Other SaaS Shelf Engine replaces the grocery buyer and guarantees sales for the grocery store. . Live
Skydrop S18 Other SaaS A platform that connects LATAM businesses with shipping providers- consolidating volume to offer discounted rates and a managing shipping software. . Live
Snark AI S18 AI and ML Cloud for crypto and AI. . Live
Sparkswap S18 Blockchain Trade cryptocurrency without depositing funds on an exchange. . Live
SPATE S18 Other SaaS Trends prediction for marketers . Live
Spero Foods S18 Healthcare recreating dairy & eggs from plants . Live
Sterblue S18 Aerospace Software for drones to inspect power lines and wind turbines . Live
Tall Poppy S18 Other SaaS Protecting your employees against online harassment . Live
The Buttermilk Company S18 Consumer Instant, fresh ethnic food that actually taste homemade. We're disrupting the ethnic food market by turning crowdsourced recipes into easy-to-make and fresh food for the growing first/second-gen immigrant population., . Live
The Good Food Institute S18 Healthcare GFI is focused on working to make plant-based and clean meat, dairy, and eggs (real meat, dairy, and eggs, but produced without the use of animals) as delicious, price-competitive, and convenient as possible. Meet our team at www.gfi.org/our-team. . Live
Titan S18 Fintech Titan is the new BlackRock. We build, manage, and explain investment funds via our mobile app. . Live
Toybox S18 Dev Tools Create & share website edits. . Live
Ubits S18 Other SaaS Lynda.com for Latin America . Live
ZiffyHomes S18 Real Estate ZiffyHomes is a "technology driven home rental marketplace" to make lives better. We are a property management solution, offering ready to move-in individual rooms to tenants for long stays and freedom to move across our homes. . Live